Open Discussion: Nivea the Company (NOT the Singer) Culturally Insensitive?

*face palms*

I hope that reps for Nivea are prepared for wig snatching because that’s precisely what’s on the mind of some after seeing the above ad on Twitter. Just in case your vision is a little cloudy, the ad showcases a black man, decently dressed but holding a face with an afro with the caption Recivilize yourself with Look like you give a damn just above it. This, according to some, suggests that Nivea is saying that if you’re rocking an afro/natural, you’re just not civilized.

Do you think that Nivea is being culturally insensitive? Is there a real need for anger on this? My personal opinion is yes, the ad IS offensive. However, the thing that irks me about it all is that even with all the anger and outrage, there will STILL be several people who will continue supporting the brand.

What do you guys think? Check out a closer version below (via Twitter).

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  1. Admin:

    Absolutely gross! Especially since WE are the ones who civilized the cave men!

  2. mandaboo:

    the fuck you mean look like you give a damn. NO nivea YOU look like you give damn that everybody does not want to look like yall asses….with yall stank smelling ass lotion.

  3. My Thoughts...:

    Was just having this conversation with someone and I will have to be honest..when I first saw the ad..I couldn't find the wasn't until I twitter searched the subject that I saw that the appearance of the head was an I went back to look at the ad..and one thing that popped in my head is if the man had been white holding a shaggy looking head..would be people still be upset? I want sit here and down anyone's opinion if they are genuinely upset about the ad..but as I see it..with so much blatant racism out there..I just couldn't see this as being that case..considering that the races could be very interchangeable

  4. Courtney:

    I think it's very culturally insensitive. The notion that "natural" hair or an afro somehow makes you less professional, civilized, etc. is ridiculous.

    Yet, at the same time, replace this young black man w/a young white man, holding a mask wearing a bandana and long hair–like a redneck, or with tattoos all over it, is it still as offensive?

  5. Savanah:

    I will not be buying this brand again. This advert is disgusting and to think that the marketing board at nivea thought this was appropriate is appaling as well as the magazine who published it.

  6. philyychick:

    its being misunderstood. when ANYONE is unshaven they look uncouth, uncivilized, the product is face shave. hes shaving his face. the ad coulda had a white hippy looking guy and the same thing would apply.

  7. @jorge527:

    It is slightly offensive.. I don't think it was on purpose! The man also has a wild beard/goatee/whatever. He looks like he "doesn't give a damn". Nivea products are saying they make you look like you give a damn… I don't think it was made with the intention to offend.

  8. @Ms_Toni:

    I definitely think this is culturally insensitive, ESPECIALLY in light of the fact that this ad series has 3 photos…and the other 2 photos allude to nothing of the sort. (IE, there isn't an unkempt white man vs a "civilized" white man). See it for yourself here:… I see nothing wrong with the first two ads and don't know why they went that route. Bad form.

  9. @jorge527:

    Also Jia, they aren't saying if you have a afro you look like you don't give a damn. They are also saying if you have an un-shaved faced, you don't give a damn. This isn't a REASON to go off.

  10. Juan4ev:

    When I saw it, I wasn't thinking natural hair debate… I think they were trying to make the guy look more clean cut instead of the stereotypical "black thug with his hair out in the street" which still is offensive too. "Look like you give a damn" definitely reiterates that. smh

  11. Dinasty2.0:

    No, unshaven guys do not look uncouth. It's ones that are unkempt that look uncouth.

    I can appreciate clean cut guys the same as guys with beards. It's clearly a preference of attraction. And if she chooses not to shave his face, just like I have chosen not to relax my hair anymore, who's to say that we are uncivilized and uncouth? So long as he is clean and is within the professional appearance guidelines of the company he works for, he's good on being "unshaven."

  12. @Nicoley410:

    what the shit????? lets see what Rihanna does……

    and for the 'philyychick' above me, dont make my city look bad with that dumbass comment. advertisers know what this image will send when they are doing the creative thinking for ads. wording ALWAYS has a purpose, there is never anything unintentional

  13. WarrenTrenton:

    I think it was culturally insensitive because they KNOW that hair is a hot button issue with blacks and ANYTHING that could be considered remotely degragatory means an ass whooping. They knew better.

  14. Kale:

    *deep sigh*
    It's already offensive but then in the corner they have the nerve to write "look like you give a damn"
    Really Nivea????

    Notice how his clothes are the same. He just had to take of fthe darker skin, afro and facial hair.
    I stopped using Nivea in 2000 when I learned to make my own butters but I'm definitely spreading the word about this bullshit

  15. Dinasty2.0:

    I literally have a problem with the wording in the ad, not the overall concept they were going for. I get it. BUT, look like you give a damn? Re-civilize yourself? So if you have an afro and a beard, (Questlove, from The Roots, any one?), you're uncivilized and truly don't give a damn about your appearance?

    And not to mention, the head has a menacing look on it's face. Eyes enraged, teeth gritted. What's that about?

  16. Jess:

    I’m sorry this is offensive. If its for shaving cream for your face then why not have the head be low cut like the model holding it with a full beard?? To think that people will not be offended by the Afro with the words stated is ridiculous. I won’t be buying their products even though I never did in the first place…

  17. @ChicFemme714:

    Yes, I do think that the ad is offensive. There is nothing wrong with selling skin bleaching cream or the product it's self, I use skin bleaching cream myself for dark spots (elbows, ankles, stretch marks). But the ad is clearly saying that a darker skinned, natural hair wearing black man is uncivilized. I heard that the ad is from South Africa if that is the case, Nivea knows what their doing by not advertising the product with this ad in America.

  18. WarrenTrenton:

    What the hell does Rihanna have to do with this?

  19. Dinasty2.0:

    Wow. And the other 2 ads don't have "re-civilize yourself" on them. Also, why is it that Black guy is the only one who got his own individual ad. The fact that they didn't do the same with the 2 white men speaks volumes.

  20. BlkG8r:

    If they were focused on a clean-shaven face, they would have had a decent dressed black man with a clean-shaven face and neatly picked afro. Fuck Nivea…both of those hoes!

  21. @AliseBanks:

    coloreds dont boycott so this will be forgotten by next week when basketball wives comes on.

  22. @AliseBanks:

    her california king bed song is in their ads.

  23. @AliseBanks:

    look like you give a damn is on all of their ads (black and white) for men lol

  24. nowsayitwithme:

    They messed up BAD…I liked the lotion :( *sigh* back to palmers…

  25. BlkG8r:

    Truth is, anything that has its origins in the Black culture (be it hairstyles, dress, music, etc.) is viewed as socially deviant. There is a positive correlation of Black culture and America's views of deviance. The most powerful weapon right now would be to boycott the company, but that's not going to happen. Beat my ass if I'm lying.

  26. Shaniqua:

    Exactly, You all thinking someone is always trying to be racist is uncivilized. Get a clue! You all probably look like the little heath head and that's why your offended. Are you also living off the government?

  27. Kale:

    LOL I just saw that somewhere else.

    I still don't like it! I know it's just one still shot ad but I can't get around the fact that his clothes are the exact same it's just that unruly negro hair that had to go for him to be "civilized".
    It rubs me the wrong way.

  28. Dinasty2.0:

    This is something they will totally be counting on. For us to be in an uproar for a day or two, and then completely forget about it once the next buffoonery comes up. But I will say that's with most companies, and Blacks just aren't the targeted audience.

    They count on Americans to be so caught up in their frivolous lifestyles (reality tv, the hot new cars, hot new songs, tabloid scandal) that we don't have time concentrate on real issues, political or otherwise, so they can continue to rape us blind. We, as an American people, not just African-Americans, truly need to wake up.

  29. Nik:

    Becky, is that you???

  30. philyychick:

    girl byr, the flashing mobs, clueless mayor and other mess is already making my city look bad'
    i stand by my statement, i dont think it was racist.

  31. Dinasty2.0:

    Aww, look. "You all" tells me that you must not be Black American. How 'original' of you to come up with the name Shaniqua all by yourself.

  32. Monica:

    So I guess my questions are: if it were a white man, with long dirty hair, and a scraggly beard, would we think that was offensive? I mean is it because of the picture or is it just not worded right for those offended? I don't believe they were trying to be insensitive, and I do understand why people are angry, but if the race were different, would it matter? Would we see it as insensitive?

  33. SMH1:

    really….welp, black folks are the only group of folks that will seat around and allow others to make fun, joke, insensitive remarks. especially the younger generation. there is no way in hell back in my grannies days would this kind of ish be allowed.

    best believe you cant stay ish about Jews or gays…i bet that! your ish would be shut the f-down.

  34. tiffani:

    It appears to me that the head was meant to be a caveman, a bad rendition, but a caveman none the less. Someone didn't think this ad through. "Look like you give a Damn" ???? Complete fail… however, I don't think it was meant to be racist, just bad taste.

  35. Ehhh NO:

    EXACTLY!!! He lost the beard AND the fro…This racism and the people who defend/make excuses for it, is killing me inside.

  36. Mis Tery:

    Exactly!! It was culturally insensitive and done on purpose. 1) to create controversy, and 2) to make the statement that black men look uncivilized with afros.

    I only find the ad to be funny because it was the black man that civilized these pale tribes. Encouraging any black person to shave off or chemically alter their crowning glory is to take away their power and strength because hair is actually antennas that pick up on the cosmic frequencies and energies (i.e. the biblical story of Sampson). The purpose of hair is to download that energy from the sky above and transforms it into energy and information the body can use. Our hair grows up and in coils as conductors of that energy.
    Excuse the ramble. LMAO!

  37. britchick91:

    Bloody cheek!!!They can't act like they didn't realise

  38. shes_solokey:

    I couldn't agree with you more! Just as you stated this ad could definitely be interchangeable with another race. Other races see long and wild hair as "uncivilized." It's just an unnecessary uproar. It seems as if blacks and gays find everything to be offensive!

  39. Mis Tery:

    Well, if it were another race, there wouldn't have been a third ad. The third one was done intentionally to draw attention and create controversy. Since people are running out of ideas on how to market their product, they have reduced themselves to shock marketing.

  40. Mis Tery:

    Isn't she a spokeswoman for their brand?

  41. justtia:

    I dont use Nivea Products anyway so I never had enough respect for them to lose in the first place. I definitely put my complaint in, can't speak for the rest….

  42. justtia:

    not to mention shes in one of their commerciats all by her lonesome

  43. chknqueen:

    I see this becoming an ongoing trend.

    1st it was the black woman punching the white woman while sitting on the bench. [eating healthy]
    2nd it was the black kid getting mad for some reason. [doritos? don't mess w/ my mama!]

    do you see what i see? can't we just let the ad be what it is? i mean, yeah we can give a damn about what companies are saying subliminally, but that's what they're getting paid for. selling and fucking people's minds. their ads won't affect me buying/not buying their products. hell, i've seen Food, Inc., and that didn't turn me away from eating meat. They're not paying me to dislike/like their products, nor is Nicki Minaj or Soulja Boy. The most I can do is say, 'oh nicki is fake', and 'soulja boy is wack', but they're still making millions despite what my small voice says. Same way Sex Sells. If I see a black woman/white man sucking/eating out a white man/black woman, I'm not going to get mad. I'll just flip the page & read what's on the next page. Some people find that racial in some weird way, so I used it as an example. Good or bad, whatever.

  44. Ehhh NO:

    They could have done an ad with three guys of different ethnic backgrounds all doing the exact samething.
    Black guy with a afro head.
    White guy with mohawk
    Asian/or Hispanic(latin) guy with long hair
    And give all three heads some sort of facial hair, and have the guys throwing them away. (for example: one throwing his head in the trash, one kicking his like a football, and another just tossing it (like in this ad). How hard would that have been for a company like Nivea???

  45. Ehhh NO:

    I also noticed that a lot of people who don't know anything at all about kinky texture hair, assume it's dirty if it's not straight.

  46. NG:

    I find this offensive because its NATURAL for black people’s hair to grow in a manner that the majority finds uncouth. White people have always deemed it necessary for them (in modern times) to be clean shaven & short cropped. Blacks have only done so in response to European beauty standards. Like others have stated, if the guy still had his Afro I wouldn’t be upset, but it’s the fact that we still have to alter our natural selves to be deemed acceptable.

    I think we need to stress for those who dont believe this is culturally insensitive the difference between that & racism. I believe they totally disregarded the former. I also am going to write my letter of complaint.

  47. Monica:

    Then the question becomes, who created this ad? Do we know it was a white person or another race other than black? And if it wasn't, and instead was a black man or woman, do we still fight it? Or do we let it go, because they know our struggle? This goes back to what happened around Black History month at a some television studio, someone put together a menu of soul food for the cafeteria, and we were all up in arms about it. It later came out that a black woman put that menu together. And everything was quiet again.

    Would it be less hurtful if this ad were done by a black person? Or would it be equally as offensive to people?

  48. Jay:

    Agree with those who say this could've been a long-haired, white, hippie with the same message. Making a stink about insignificant things like this cheapens actual racially insensitive arguments.

  49. NubianEmpress:

    It would still be offensive. It would imply that not having the hair/facial hair that is deemed 'socially acceptable' is wrong, uncivilized, and uncouth. if that's how it comes out of my head, why is it uncivilized?

  50. ericka simone:

    I mean, it woulda been more effective with a white guy cleaned up and him holding a scruffy white dude with a jewfro (no offence to the Jew-Tang Clan) head. really? i was more pissed about them featuring a @rihanna song about beds in an ad for lotion.

  51. Seriously people?:

    They are SELLING a shaving cream.. OF COURSE their postion is unshaven = bad.. I feel like ya, racism is going on here, and it from the people that are saying the ad is racist.. All you are doing is pushing society into fearing using any person that is not blond hair blue eyed for advertising. People love to be offended..If it was a white guy this would NEVER be an issue

  52. @wenchwire:

    I don't give a damn what colour the man's skin is – not everyone wants a man with NO Hair, some of us still like enough to hold onto, we just like it well groomed. As for scent – to heck with Nivea – get some HUgo boys.

  53. ericka simone:

    it woulda been less shocking/more effective with a cleaned up white guy holding the head of a scruffy white dude with a jewfro (no offence, Jew Tang Clan). really? i was more pissed about them featuring a @rihanna song about beds in an ad for lotion.

  54. msjeannettea:

    **SIGH** let's just face it y'all it's "en vogue" to be racist. What are we going to do about it. Nivea is owned by Beiersdorf a German company. FLOOD their Customer Service with complaints.. 1-800-227-4703. They are located at: Beiersdorf Inc/187 Danbury Road/Wilton, CT 06897. Enough is ENOUGH!

  55. Dominique:

    Having finally seen the ad close enough, I'm kind of upset but not FULLY pissed, as some of you seem to be. I see the racist aspect of it, the whole "natural hair and gigantic afros-keep in touch with your roots" thing. The outrage with that is understandable. However if this ad read the same, had the same clothing, same images project, just with a different skin complexion, I wonder if the disgust and frustration with Nivea's seemingly blatant racism would be the same. I'm not saying theyre right. I'm saying we have to examine things a little bit closely. NOBODY wants to lose money. And if they were to be sued on these grounds, they would CERTAINLY lose. I doubt the marketing reps would pull a stunt so grande… But I guess, in some eyes, they have.

    Now, with all the anger and upset around this ad, I can only wonder how many Black people will actually BOYCOTT Nivea? Or have many of us been bought with the Rihanna commercial?

  56. Monica:

    Although I don't necessarily see it the way you do, I can agree to disagree and completely respect your opinion. Just happy I was able to ask these questions, have them read, and respected without someone jumping on me. I see where you're coming from, and I respect that.

  57. Brittiany:

    I totally agree!

  58. brittiany:

    Ok but if McDonald's is advertising a cheeseburger, their position is gonna be tacos suck.. same diff..

  59. deejai:

    I think we are overly sensitive. Is this the only ad in the campaign? If so, then yes it was a ill advised decision.
    II don't think the afro was the focus of the ad, I think it was the "caveman" look. I don't think anybody in the marketing department of the 100 year old lotion company was saying "let's be racist". The should be a wake up call if anything, that we need less rappers/entertainers and more marketing professionals.

  60. Ericka:

    We are portrayed in the white media as some of our "men" portray themselves. I work at UPS & we were having a cook out and the white manager asked the young men if they wanted some more "sammiches". They were mad as hell, but I mean damn that is how they talk in front of him. He was trying to be down, I guess..

  61. Ericka:

    But my cousin, BJ, does look handsome in this ad though :)

  62. Dara:

    It’s obviously an ignorant ad but hey i wear my hair completely natural & i really don’t give a damn what they think so i guess there’s some ironic truth to that statement…but wait a sec…looks like a double dose of the irony seeing as they obviously need to take their own advice and learn that a part of being civilized is giving a damn about respecting differences

  63. Jasmyn:

    You're right in the since that black people wouldn't be upset if it was a white man, but then that wouldn't make any sense. It all comes down to historical context and stereotypes. There are none against the white man being uncivilized or ostracized for rocking their natural look. Sooooo it wouldn't be an issue, but because their is a strong history against black men and black people in this way then the ad becomes a problem when you use a black model. Same way as if McDonalds made a commercial about a new chicken sandwich and use black actors to gravel over how good it is. Black people would probably find something wrong with it it was a white family then not. Subject matter and emotions change depending on history and stereotypes.

  64. LG3:

    So they are saying if I decide to grow my hair out and rock an afro I'm uncivilized and don't give a damn about my appearance….really…have a seat, I don't know any black people that use Nivea anyway and I sure as hell won't be using it now.

  65. Jasmyn:

    black people wouldn't be upset if it was a white man, but then that wouldn't make any sense. It all comes down to historical context and stereotypes. There are none against the white man being uncivilized or ostracized for rocking their natural look. Sooooo it wouldn't be an issue, but because their is a strong history against black men and black people in this way then the ad becomes a problem when you use a black model. Same way as if McDonalds made a commercial about a new chicken sandwich and use black actors to gravel over how good it is. Black people would probably find something wrong with it it was a white family then not. Subject matter and emotions change depending on history and stereotypes.

  66. VanBranWilde:

    i really dont see how this is racist or what it has to do with rocking your natural hair. they just cut his hair not relax it. when i dont give a fuck i look just like that head no haircut and i wont shave but if i have something to go to i shave so i can look like something. Love the site but this i reaching just a little bit.

  67. Valencia:

    But, is this prom contribed by a African-American ad agency? Could be. This opinion could come from the black community which doesnt make it right but, just saying. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion about afros, dreads, and even relaxed hair. Some afro wearers dont associate with relaxer wearers so, everyone has their thing. Nivea could have been unaware of the backlash given it A-A ad agencies stance or could Nivea be sending an outright biased message to get their product boycotted. Big mistake of judgement, I would say.

  68. Opinions Matter:

    Whenever I am looking at racial issues, I try to visualize what X issue would be with other races. If this was any other culture, with pseudo-wild hair – naturally curly white women with frizz etc. … it wouldn't cause an uproar.

    I think it's a dumb campaign regardless – but with thought, I do not see it as offensive.

  69. ShannonRenee:

    I don't see racism or racial insensitivity in the ad. I don't see much of anything in the ad…I don't get it…I don't get it. Are we supposed to presume the tagline is referring to the head? Even if it is, why would someone take a mannequin's head? Further, the mannequin's head could easily be Latino.

    I don't get it.

    What would be racist, insensitive and ignorant would be to have a real person dressed in a manner that is suggestive of Black culture and use the tagline?

    Advertisers have gotten too smart for their own damn good, most ads don't even speak the products. #goodgrief

  70. @ritzjwill:

    I DONT find the ad racist, insensitive not so much either, grown men should not walk around with untamed hair in the business world. Entertainment maybe thats ok, but not for business. For women its ok because hair is like another accessory, BUT SOME OF YOU ARE MISSING THE POINT THE HEAD ALSO HAS A FULL UNTAMED GO(A) – TEE AND MUSTACHE, but no one is complaining about that just because its an “afro” its a BLACK “thing” . BUT BLACK PEOPLE MADE THE AD.. Dont assume that everything is white people against black. Thats JUST LIKE THE IDIOTS or IGNORANT(s) white people that are blind enough to BLAME OBAMA for the job loss right now when this was a build up that he had to take the fall for after BUSH. You think because you send an email about an ad that was placed in a magazine that you more than likely DID NOT PURCHASE… Your entitled to say who is right and wrong , You PEOPLE and I am african american, NEED TO STOP PLAYING VICTIM its 2011 .

  71. Kameron:

    This is beyond fucked up. Apparently we blacks have gotten too comfortable in our skins according to Nivea. The minute steps we take forward are constantly detracted by White America

  72. Sha:

    I think there are reason to be angry when it to this ad… The questions why would the pple of color who work in the company… Those who saw the ad before it was released… Think that it would be ok? Would the ad not have had the same meaning if the picture featured a white male holding a face of a “grunger” or “emo”?

  73. Desiree:

    This is unbelievable!!! Wow having natural hair is “uncivilized” & means you don’t “give a damn”??!!! Who do they have working at Nivea?? This is a disgrace!! & disgusting!!! There needs 2b a public apology and they need 2 hire socially concious black ppl 2 work 4 them asap!!

  74. rock:

    I see it as offensive. I wear my hair out and natural and I love it. The afro in the picture is something I would actually rock! It would be different if it was a matted hot mess of a mannequin, but its a simple afro and there’s a lot that goes into maintaining natural styles than they probably think. I wouldn’t trust any of nivea’s cheap products in my natural hair so boycotting them would not be an issue….but it is upsetting to see that this ignorant mentality is able to be spread through print and online without a second thought. White ppl wear their natural hair on a regular, why shouldn’t we?

  75. MochaLatte:

    I see people of all colors with tattoos and body piercings and tribal piercings as well I often wonder where these people work. So, the ad is out of line, if facial tattoos and Goth is o.k. so, why is my afro an issue ? and who decided it should make such an ad. I don't care how you try to spin it! It's brainwashing… have many black folks who will agree with this ad too… because it's what you have been taught. The natural state of our hair, dreads, and braids are somehow wrong in America. You need to look as white as possible….But, then spiked hair and orange tans and a botoxed face is acceptable? lol riiiight.

  76. Dinasty2.0:

    "Re-civilize" yourself is only captioned (as far as I've seen) on the ad with the Black man. When our ancestors were brought over on slave ships, they were groomed according to white society's standards to make them 'presentable', their way of "civilizing" us into their pre-existing culture, although we were considered less than citizens.

    I suppose that now that the natural look is making a comeback, we need to be "re-civilized"??

    Advertising has been and always will be meant to mindfuck the consumer, make you insecure and want to emulate the 'beautiful' people in the ad. They are out to sell a product only; being culturally sensitive does not play a part in that for some. Rest assure that this was meant to strike a cord. And it has not gone over well. Somebody clearly did not think the slogans nor the concept of this ad all the way through.

  77. Dilla:

    I don’t think that this is racist. When u don’t groom your hair it looks like that! The white cavemen on that commercial look just as bad. Shout out to the black actor that was hired for work which is scarce in Hollywood. Stop being so damn sensitive

  78. @Che_Petrillo:

    Sounds like he was trying to catch a law suit.

  79. Lisa:

    I don’t think that it’s meant to be racist. It is definitely culturally insensitive. To wear my natural God given hair is to wear an afro. So I am un-civilized if I don’t straighten my hair?

  80. Brandelah:

    If this shit ain't the EPITOME of culturally insensitive and downright racist…I don't know what is.

  81. word:

    I think the problem with using another race is that they don't share the same stereotypes that we do. If they used a white man with and "unkempt" appearance it wouldn't matter. The reason why is that white men control most of the country and a good portion of the world. They have more positive images of them than negative. Where as black people(doesn't matter that its a man in this ad) have so many negative connations on us. Especially when you look at the other ads from this line and they don't have the "white" men doing the same thing. Take for example video "models", now when a white or hispanic woman is in the video no one says anything bad about white women or hispanic women. That ONE woman may be a hoe but it doesn't reflect on the whole. While if there is one black woman in the video it then becomes that all black women need to get their lives together. So I guess all I'm saying is, is that we don't get looked at or treated the same way as other races.

  82. umyea:

    Isn't "like a Redneck" a comment that is racist in itself? Just sayin'

  83. um yeaa:

    This is crazy all this race stuff… When all the commercials used to include only white people… it was racist… Now that they include all races in the ads… Its all racist. COME ON with the race card already! White, Black, Hispanic, Indian… Chinese… Its just an ad showing a difference in clean shaven and not.

  84. um yeaaa:

    Its HAIR! should glamour ads with White skinny girls be considered racist and that all white people are to be skinny? Or how about the fat camp show… they always show more white people than black people… is that racist too?

  85. @Happy_Pills:

    Paul Mooney said it best: “If your hair is nappy, white folks ain’t happy.”

  86. @Happy_Pills:

    Paul Mooney said it best: “If your hair is nappy, white folks ain’t happy.” Exhibit A^

  87. Laci:

    Totally offensive!!! I remember seeing Erykah Badu at the mall in North Dallas once and she was sporting an amazingly HUGE twisted afro. And you know what? She looked amazing!! Ever since I was a young child, I wanted an afro. I'm a white girl with the straitest hair ever, but I have serious afro envy. How dare they?!
    Well, they won't be getting my money!

  88. LeenzieM:

    Yes and no… If they ARE saying that you can’t have natural hair / have an Afro without looking proper then that is upsetting and I will totally join in the boycot. I think what has sparked the anger though might the image itself: a “clean-cut” . Black guy holding an afro-wearing Black head. Just… Why?! So what, a guy can’t have a beard and/long hair and still look “civilized” as long as he keeps it neat? Ridiculous…. Not to mention a but on the racist side??? Unless they bring out a beard-wearing, long haired White head with a White guy doing the same thing then the race issue might not be a problem.

    However… How can you attack someone for looking the way they want? Again? If a guy wants to have long hair and a bears and he keep them beat, then what’s the problem? To each his own…

  89. Um Yeaaa:

    This is sooo silly… "Video girls" regardless of their race hold a sort of reputation. And to most it might just be that they are hot… Or "I want a body like that"… maybe "She's a good Dancer"… ITS TV No one actually thinks they are "hoes"

  90. Chan:

    Well damn!
    My skin is so dry that Nivea had been the only brand that worked. When I purchased my last bottle, I also picked up some Jergen’s. Just to try it. The Jergen’s works! Glad it does because Nivea is outta hea

  91. @Happy_Pills:

    Oh, and PS: If I read the word “sensitive” 1 more time….

    I wish (some) black folks would WAKE UP & stop trynna score brownie points with massa (in my strongest slave accent)! I get that your tired of hearing it, but as long as THEY keep putting it out there (like this ad 4 instance), we’re gonna KEEP exposing it. Y’all tired of hearing us
    “whine” about it? Well we’ll stop, when they stop! But until they do, we gon keep shining a BRIGHT a$$ light on it. We’re not gonna keep quiet like some “good little n*gger boys,” we gon keep putting they stankin a$$e$ on blast. Which is why missjia keeps posting stories like this^….NOT because she’s “whinny & sensitive,” but because like myself, she too has gotten the memo that we are free. Alot of you CLEARLY haven’t. Maybe y’alls have gotten lost in the mail or something, so I’mma spell it out for you. WE’s IS FREE!

    And if you guys are so tired of hearing us “whine” about it, then in the future, skip over posts like this 1 and click on Waka Flaka F*cka’s new booty popping track post.

  92. Kanye_dig_it:

    They might as well have done this:

    Somebody in Nivea's camp failed Marketing 101 and a few sociology/history classes to boot!

  93. Dave:

    You might want to read up on your anthropology! Also, if the ad was replaced with a white dude with dreads, then this ad wouldn't even be an issue. It appears that some are too culturally sensative. I am sure Nivea simply meant to use an unkept man, to compare against a clean shaven one. Also, they used a black man probably just to target the Afican American community with their product line.

  94. EducatedGirl:

    Did you look at the other two ads? Why didn't they go that route with the other guys?

  95. VictoriaM:

    …..white people told us our hair was shit for hundreds of years. There is a systematic breakdown of the black community's confidence with hair. All of these scenarios where white people say "would it be racist if….it was a…" who effing cares! It's not a….it's a black man-the man they've been using for HUNDREDS OF YEARS as an "uncivilized character"

    We have issues with it's view bcuz the racism runs so deep it's n our communities. So until white people are the ones with the history of BEING the victims, you will NEVER see what we see.

  96. @joshdamage:

    I honestly don’t care. A single ad can’t tell me as a black man I am not civilized. But that’s just me.

  97. VictoriaM:

    …..white people told us our hair was shit for hundreds of years. There is a systematic breakdown of the black community's confidence with hair. All of these scenarios where white people say "would it be racist if….it was a…" who effing cares! It's not a….it's a black man-the man they've been using for HUNDREDS OF YEARS as an "uncivilized character"

    We have issues with it's view bcuz the racism runs so deep it's n our communities. So until white people are the ones with the history of BEING the victims, you will NEVER see what we see.

  98. Baby Face Smooth:

    My people. Black people. I'm going to need you to once again for the 100th time. Understand who own's this and how much love and respect for you they have. Since you have people that don't like your Black Ass running ad companies and owning the corporations that you love to buy products from that will kill themselves before hiring you to work at the place making it. This will continue. Not saying everyone has to like you or you have to like them. But you can answer them with owning and making your own shit and not giving them your money. Last thing. What kind of Brother is shaving with anything besides Magic shave? You are going to end up looking like Edward James Olmos with Dragon skin bruh. Fucking around with creams and lotion on our beards don't work.

  99. word:

    WOW. Why so offended? They have been called video hoes for YEARS!!! But that wasn't really my point. #shrugs and walks away.

  100. @MacandRow:

    A better approach to this message would have been to forgo the hair option all together- this would be for the current ad and the long dirty hair idea. Instead show men with obviously dirty faces, beards long scraggly and with food and objects hanging out of them, be obviously unappealing. It's not race specific if the beard became the object of looking like you "give a damn". The fact that natural hair has made huge strides in the African American community and that (with the first Black President in Office) there has been so much talk about race relations both within the community and out, that in this day and age this made it past the cutting block, is what shocks us.
    But again, when you digest media that has images of people who look, talk, act and think like you on every sitcom, movie and commercial, why would the thought of cultural sensitivity ever cross your mind? They just don't know and for some reason we aren't in those board meetings telling them how it is. But that's another discussion all together :)

  101. Uglycleanbroke:

    Who are the people on these company's marketing teams? This is just as bad as that commercial where the black woman was beating the shit out of her man because he was eating unhealthy food. I agree with what another poster said, they must be looking for shock value because I know SOMEONE working for Nivea knew this would be controversial.

  102. TeddyBear:

    As a woman with natural hair…FUCK EM! I never bought or buy Nivea products, and I damn sure won't be putting any money into their brand EVER! How dare they? They're forever taking what's natural to us and making it out to be less than. I am sooooo damn tired of my people being disrespected. We need to take back our power and learn to stop supporting those that think we're inferior. Point blank!

  103. BeautyBeyond:

    This is the just yet another example of the truth hurting, so instead seeing what’s truthful about it, my ppl would rather direct attention from what's RIGHT in it, and nit-pick about the tiny things that are wrong. Ya'll know DAMN WELL this ad aint about no damn natural afro….This ad is about men who think it's ok to walk the streets looking like they just crawled out of somebody's dumpster with their drawers(or asses) exposed, and with a hairstyle that absolutely convinces you that they're too uncouth to realize that there's such a thing as being natural and NEAT at the same damn time. It's simply about knowing that at some point you'll have to learn how to present yourself in the corporate world. Don't get me wrong, Im a strong proponent of being natural, but natural doesn't mean looking like you don't give a damn, and I don't think this ad is even insinuating so. I think it is referring to the many, many African Americans who truly do walk around looking like they don't give a damn(not to say other races don't). As a black woman, if I could be as successful coming to work with a half-done head in house slippers as my co-worker who rocked neat curls and a business suit, then some mornings I'd probably try to pull it off. … (cont'd)

  104. BeautyBeyond:

    (cont'd)… If we lived in a country or world for that matter where whether or not you got the job, got accepted to that school, or weren't judged by your appearance(neat, clean-shaven, etc), then an uneven afro, baggy jeans, slang, and RickRoss beards would be acceptable everywhere….. But unfortunately, since we live in corporate America, and we aren't all business owners, at some point you’re gonna have to learn to pull up your pants, shave, and get ya head trimmed up enough to empress an employer. This isn't to say that you can't still rep African roots. You can to the fullest…. just neatly. Even rappers and athletes know that you eventually gotta transition outta that 16 year-old thug look and put on a suit sometimes. I know far too many ppl(not just black men) who think it's ok to walk around looking(and soundin) a mess all day long and then expect someone to give them a job…… Really? Let’s stop dodging the overdue public announcement they’re trying to give us black ppl. Instead of being offended about the ad, ya'll s/b embarrassed that someone else had to tell some of our GROWN asses this. IMO, they’re being to polite. Somebody need to just be like “GROW THE F*** UP, AND LOOK LIKE YOU GOT A JOB ALREADY!!!”

  105. adifferentpath:

    Yes. This ad is racist, prejudiced, culturally insensitive and fiscally stupid (ideally).
    why (ideally) fiscally stupid? as 12% of the population in amerikka, we spend billions of dollars in the cosmetic industry. i smile when i think of the changes we Could make….if even 1/2 of us agreed on a premise and used our wallets to express our point. …..also, this ad is not only offensive to me as a black woman in amerikka but may also be offensive to other people of color in the usa….and worldwide. tsk, tsk, tsk, if we could just stand together…or even a few feet apart and keep our wallets closed to voice our disapproval.
    yes, we may not be running the news, corporations or the other ilk but we sure do have SPENDING POWER a.k.a money a.k.a. duckets for what we love….or don't.
    be about it.

  106. Lucky13:

    ‘The answers don’t matter if they can get us to ask the wrong questions.’ – Author Unknown. Keep your focus – Eyes on the prize. Yes mainstream America knows our ‘hot button’ issues, and when they want to distract us – they know how to push those buttons. Much love family!

  107. Lucky13:

    ‘The answers don’t matter if they can get us to ask the wrong questions.’ – Author Unknown. Keep your focus – Eyes on the prize. Yes mainstream America knows our ‘hot button’ issues, and when they want to distract us – they know how to push those buttons. Much love family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. J-T:

    Is this offensive? Yes it is.

    I also think, what if it was in a female's position. A woman with straight hair, or weave, holding the head of a girl with an afro. Offensive? You all decide that one.

  109. Gaston:

    I think the bigger issue is the "Civilized" comment, considering its historical context with people of color (not just black but world wide) I think it definitely puts forth the wrong connotation. It's damned offensive and if they just took a second to research the target demographic, they'd have known otherwise so it demonstrates a real example of not "giving a damn" on their part. Yes, a black man not regularly grooming himself will, in time, have a scraggy looking afro with facial hair but that isn't to say that the afro itself is the problem, or teh facial hair; it's the lack of grooming, and if thats what they were going for they could have worded it or conceptualized it a LOT better.

    Is this highly offensive and something to be outraged over? Nah. But its worth writing in and telling them you don't appreciate it and if they don't do something about it, you'll think twice before you buy another product from them. You're giving them money, you DESERVE to have your opinion heard. Ultimately however, even if they *were* to have switched the races, the term "civilized" would *still* be negative just given its history: ie "civilizing backwater people, aka people with different cultural backgrounds than Europeans – See: Manifest Destiny and all that), so no I don't think the outrage is *too* exaggerated here. It's a jacked up term and they should drop it and re-conceptualize the ad. Well, that *is* if they wanted to look like they "gave a damn".

    Enough said.

  110. nword:

    all yall some nappy heady hoes

  111. Mr. Rogers:

    Wow….this was bold. I get the concept but the strategy was not very thoughtful..I would say that this probably got cleared impulsively and that it was a mistake….Should the company be Hung? No….but severely tongue lashed and redirected…I could see if they used a cave man…. The short answer is yes this was culturally insensitive…

  112. Dinasty2.0:

    I would be just as outraged if it was a Black female in the ad.

  113. Light:

    @Nword, boy, you sure told us….Retard.

  114. @happy_pills:


    I believe you meant “You all are some nappy headed whores.” H.E.A.D.E.D, not heady!

    Another Internet troll who has CLEARLY left school too soon. *smh*

  115. sgordon:

    Either you are exceptionally uneducated about the history of race in our country or you are just clueless in general. In our country since black people arrived, their natural appearance was degraded and ostracized and considered unclean, uncivilized and in many cases not even human. They were likened to monkeys and animals because of their kinky coarse hair and dark skin. The hair styles of both black MEN and WOMEN that you see now are not "African-American" or "African" hair styles, they are hair styles that black people have adapted to fit the White standards of beauty: short or chemically treated hair for men and chemically straightened and often artificially lengthened hair for women. This is not how black people look naturally. Black hair, generally speaking, is kinky and coarse and the connotations that black hair gets is that it's unattractive, unkempt, and unprofessional in it's natural state. So for Nivea to create an ad that promotes that ideal that black hair and beauty in its natural state is "bad" and "unattractive" caries a lot of historical clout and it is also tasteless and feeds into the idea that black isn't beautiful.

    People should really educate themselves because ignorance is not bliss.

  116. kathleen1:

    i agree 100% with the last part of your statement. if it had a white guys sporting long hair and a beard? white ppl should be offended… it is an offensive commercial no matter which way you put it because it is saying that you have long hair or a beard then you are not civilized.

    when i first saw this ad i was offended (and still am). but thinking about it….if it was any other race? hell as a black woman i still might have been offended because i look closely at the head….it is very clean looking and the beard doesnt look so damn bad. the model just happens to be black! i dont think this is an attack on black men i think it is an attack on all men because they could have easily put another race in that guys place with long hair and a beard and said the same thing. its a commercial to offend no matter which way u put it(or which race u put in).

  117. kathleen:

    errrr only replying because i accidentally gave u a thumbs down when i meant to give u a thumbs up lolz… sowwie! *tip toes away quietly*

  118. kathleen:

    so I'm guessing from your post that your probably think that a black woman that doesn't relax her hair or burn it with a pressing comb doesn't look like they have a job or look like they give a damn as well am i right?

  119. Mooshie:

    its for the black man to learn to ASSIMILATE. #CheckYourIngredients

  120. Civilizedastheycome:

    and proud of it (not the hoe part)

  121. Britchick91:

    I dont even like Nivea really str8 palmers cocoa butter 4 life :)

  122. Tiredofinjustice:

    While it may be true that some video girls of other races hold that sort of reputation…it is only true if they happen to be in a "black mans" video…For Example, no one would say a girl dancing in a maroon 5 or nickelback video was a hoe…but if they were dancing in a black rappers video ie; Lil Wayne it would be a whole different story so I thinks its based more on the race of the artist which still goes to show how much or country is based on race. There are even books on this issue to show you that people really do look at these women as hoes ….I dont think any woman should be called out her name…black, white, hispanic , asian etc.

  123. Tiredofinjustice:

    While I in no way agree with the idea that Black people in their natural state are uncivilized because truth be told…I go to a historically black college and each day I am blessed to see beautiful black people with fros, kinks, and coils that God so graciously blessed us with (let me not get into how Jesus had coarse wooly hair ) but I have heard some speculations of this being an Ad in South Africa and the thing is…..I for one have never been to South Africa so I do not understand how the living situation is there. Although America has been privileged enough to move past slavery and most racism (because it definitely still exists) ….doesnt mean South Africa has…so this being said this might still be the way of life in South Africa which is not okay but as someone previously mentioned we as a whole black community in America do nothing about it. So if you want to change the ad you should try to change the situation.

  124. Kristen:

    I DO find it to be offensive. They are saying that having an Afro is uncivilized and that’s not right. The worst part of this is it was probably thought up by a person of color, but I hope not. Or they will stress that it’s because the head was unshaven not necessarily the Afro.

  125. Imjustsaying:

    Not that I know this woman personally, but I always try to play devils advocate…I have several friends who decided to go natural and they look neat professional and ready to go with it! However, there is a difference between someone who maintains their natural hair well and someone who just leaves the house without brushing their hair….this goes for any race. If I were to see a white woman come to work with her hair all wild I would still wonder why they didnt brush their hair before they came into the work place. If I saw a black woman come into work with her weave half coming out I wonder why she didnt fix it before you came to work. All I am saying is no matter how your hair is…weave…..perm….natural whatever have the decency to come into a place like you've had some home training. Just as you shouldnt come into the work place with stains all over your clothes….or without brushing your teeth…caring about your appearance should just be second nature….they do have deep conditioners and styling oils and other tools to use to make your hair look well kept in its natural state. Again …this is not to offend because I too am Black and proud of it but I just think certain things are common sense.

  126. Mis Tery:

    LOL! And why exactly do you think I need to read? Reading up on it will only show and prove the original man's existence millions of years before the creation of mankind (i.e. pale tribes); and reading up on my history will show how the tribes were created in Patogonia by extracting the recessive genes within us and blending that dna with that of several animals. Then fast forward to them being barbaric and unable to participate in regular society thus being shipped off from around the world to the only place their kind could survive at the time, Europe. Then fast forward to the us having to go into Europe to civilize and educate them. LOL! What's your point?

  127. niecey:

    YES!!!!!!!.. Double Thumbs UP!

  128. Mika:

    Oh hell no, this is a mess…as a former natural lady (I switch back and forth through the years), I will not be buying any of their d*mn products. And that model needs to be slapped for even going through with that photoshoot.

  129. DJ42:

    yeah, but they didn't now, did they?

  130. Zardoz:

    This add is AWESOME! It's fantastic in soooo many ways… I want to be a black man buying nivea now.

  131. KeKe:

    One thing for sure I will never buy anything Nivea, I haven't in more than ten years and don't intend to.When stupid people come together they sure do come up with stupid shit with their one digit IQ mainstream look mentality. Maybe not so stupid coz they do the token shit with the white version advert but I can see through it coz it does not soften the insult. NIVEA, READ MY LIPS, I DON'T GIVE A DAMN!!

  132. Ogeechee Mac:

    Its racist to think this ad is racist.

  133. BeautyBeyond:

    Nope, dead ass wrong lol…
    I clearly stated that I was a proponent of natural and that there was a way to be "natural and neat" (It would probably help to read a post in its entirety before replying –jus sayin). I'm guessing the reason you got "a black woman that doesn't relax her hair or burn it with a pressing comb doesn't look like they have a job" out of what I said is probably the same reason you got "racism" out of this ad. Search within you Love….. Find what you're really feeling guilty about. There's no need to justify ur blackness to me or anyone. I accuse you of nothing.
    No need for "guessing". I think just what I stated in the post.

  134. BeautyBeyond:

    Nope, dead ass wrong lol…
    I clearly stated that I was a proponent of natural and that there was a way to be "natural and neat" (It would probably help to read a post in its entirety before replying –jus sayin). I'm guessing the reason you got "a black woman that doesn't relax her hair or burn it with a pressing comb doesn't look like they have a job" out of what I said is probably the same reason you got "racism" out of this ad. Search within you Love….. Find what you're really feeling guilty about. There's no need to justify ur blackness to me or anyone. I accuse you of nothing.
    No need for "guessing". I think just what I stated in the post.

  135. BeautyBeyond:

    @Imjustsaying: I agree. I think you got a better jest on what I was saying.

  136. Get Over It:

    I honestly think this whole historical context crap is dumb. When are black people, and yes I am black, going to get the heck over it!? The ad is interchangeable, actually, nivea is NOT the first company to have an ad like this as I have seen this ad for every race EXCEPT black people, just because of this stupid sensitivity. You know what? The sooner we get over it, the sooner we can move on. I just do not get it anymore. Yeah I could see my grandmother and great grandmother, but dang, have we not moved on by now. Every single ad for every single race shows shaggy, afro like, BIG, etc hair as being unkept for the professional market. Simple as that. I am tired of always having to be so dang sensitive to every little thing just because if it has to do with black people, watch out, they always have an uproar. get over it. Now, if they pull the ad, that is fine but why is there always drama with our race about every little thing? Quit it.

  137. Making Excuses:

    Yes Get Over It and I bet "some of your best friends are Black!!!"

  138. Naptural:

    This ad is for face AND Body, so the picture does allude to the thought that black men do not having good hygiene. What I dont understand is: Nivea is a white owned company that has NEVER targeted black people as a consumer group. All of thier products are for caucasians. ALL OFTHEM. So why use a black man when advertising for an all over body product-especially when he will be depicted as having bad hygeine? That is why it should be offensive. The message they are putting out whether on purpose or by accident is irrelevant. You can't un-ring a bell. They should know better.

    Now that the bell has been rung-it's up to us (you). Will we keep discussing racism with no action or will we finally understand the consumer power we have and STOP BUYING thier products. PERIOD. Not for a day, week, month, or year, but permenantly. Hit them where it counts. In the pocket. Nivea is not the only company that sells body products. IMO-they are too expensive anyway for sub-par products. Have you even read their ingredients?

    Spend the black dollar wiser. Don't support people who dont support us.

  139. WhiteOne:

    The ad is cool and there is nothing offensive!
    It would have been offensive if a white man was throwing the shaggy hair black guy. Even then there is nothing offensive…it's reality!! Come on….

  140. bibadiva73:

    Yes, it is offensive and in bad taste. Just like that stupid Summer's Eve commercial. Whoever is in the advertising and marketing department in these companies– they are an EPIC FAIL for coming up with these "concepts."

  141. WhiteOne:

    They should replace the shaggy hair head with Obama, not with someone determined!

  142. Gigi:

    But the thing is that isn't an image of a shaggy looking black man's head, that's just an image of a man with an afro, which is an afrocentric hair style that does not equal "shaggy" or "Uncivilized" as the ad implies. It is insensitive at best or blatantly anti-black at best.

  143. grego:

    they have the same add with a white guy… is that racist too? y'all need the sensitive nivea formula obviously.

  144. Minidulcera:

    The point is..that it clearly portrays an AA male holding an afro. If you can't see the insensitivity then alright. It dosn't have some hippie white man looking raggedy and telling him to give a damn.

  145. onpurpose:

    Not offended. Disturbed. Is suicide/decapitation the only route to civilization for a Black man per the sub-text of Nivea's message? Troubling. Very troubling. But perhaps because I saw The Help today – nothing they do surprises or offends me.

  146. imtonym:

    The ad was part of a campaign that included the same picture elements for a white guy. There was no cultural or racial reference. The only people who saw one are those who were looking to see one where none existed. A legitimate advertising effort killed by political correctness. Congratulations, instigators.

  147. VoiceofReason:

    WOW! If this is what we have come to in America (i.e., calling ads like this racist or culturally insensitive when it is just a good ad that makes a good point- when you are attempting to sell shaving cream), I think we are in trouble. Unfortunately, it seems many, if not most, people make their judgments based on emotion or misunderstanding, not by reason. I am sick and tired of comments being labeled racist when most of the time they aren't. I think someone needs to define "racist" and "racism" as objectively as possible and distinguish "racial" comments from "racist" comments. Making a racial comment (or a commercial using a particular ethnic or racial group) doesn't mean it is offensive, inappropriate or racist.

  148. Kurgee:

    I don't see anything wrong with the ad. Y'all need to clean yourselves up. You look like slobs. The oversized droopy pants thing is over. Take some pride in appearance all of yous.

  149. VoiceofReason:

    What? Do you even understand what you wrote? It has nothing to do with the ad or the discussion, and it doesn't make any sense. It was a great ad, and the ad made a good point. A well groomed and clean shaved man looks more civilized than a bearded man with messy hair. There's no racial connection- except by people who live their lives looking for opportunities to cry racial discrimination.

  150. Kurge:

    I agree with you. Too many brothers go out of their way to look "hard". Exactly when did prisoner wear become fashionable. It is time to clean it up people. You look like goddamn slobs.

  151. Lamar:

    Your remarks are disrespectful! How dare you disparage minority groups as "looking" for some issue. The issues are clear–for way too long dark-skinned people, women and gay people have had to "suck it up" and take it, because of the insensitivity of the dominant culture. Now you want to say that they are overly sensitive. The problem is that you take it for granted that insensitivity is okay . . . .

  152. Why U:

    Well said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  153. Elmo Pettigrew:

    It is not racist. There is the exact same NIVEA ad motif with a caucasian male. The fact is black people have become hyper-sensitive to any perceived slight, and have bought into the race-mongering propagated by the likes of Sharpton or Farrakhan. Try worrying about education, single motherhood or the epidemic of gun violence in the black community before you get all worked up about some nonsense like this so-called controversy.

  154. Nandy:

    Really?? You are REALLY, REALLY representing with your comment, which leads me to believe you have nothing relavent to say!!

  155. diamondpublicationz:

    yes because all whites are not like that either.

  156. diamondpublicationz:

    He doesn't need to have an afro. unshaven face yes the afro has nothing to do with it

  157. Sheila:

    I don’t find it offensive at all. It is more like out with the old, in with the new type of thing. If they had a Caucasian female with a head that had a beehive, would that be offensive? If it was a Caucasian male with curly hair and unshaven face would that be offensive? I think it is referring to cleaning up your “act” so-to-speak rather than making a racist statement. I like Nivea and it makes my skin feel softer but if I felt that they focused on the “looks” of a race or person I would certainly make my opinion known to them. I feel they meant no harm to any one. It doesn’t say don’t wear an afro! I know white males who used to wear their hair in afros. WHY do people jump to conclusions that everything is racist these days! Chill folks. It’s a skin care company!

  158. thedivagirl45:

    I agree with your posting. I notice that Nivea extended an apology. Of course we all know that if a company stands to face a possible lawsuit, they will do whatever it takes to cover themsleves. Life it's self is full of racist. As human being we should not have to be subjected to this. I remember when Tommy Hilfiger made the statement regarding afircan americans wearing their wear. People did not purchase their items for a while there. There are some who still will not buy their items. So what's good for the goose, is good for the gander. We are talking scared of a company loosing money. Best of luck Nivea, hope your sales go down. Is that not what they wanted?

  159. meekamorris:

    i agree with you nicole.

  160. rtt:

    Please don't equate gay people with race and heritage.

  161. Lia:

    This ad just show how ignorant whites are and how threatened they are by Black people in the natural non-europeanized state. They should get ready because myself and everybody I know personally are nappy naturals ! This is the one thing krackas cant take… and we all know how they love stealing and profiting off the back of Blacks.. I want to make every krakka I come in contact with uncomfortable so they know I'm not walking around looking any kind of way to make them feel comfortable! Fuck krakkas!

  162. jas:

    i totally agree with you. i think people have become just a little too sensitive with the issue. how many movies make fun of ethnic issues and people still swarm in to see them? how many latino comics make fun of latino issues and latinos just laugh? same goes for afro american comics….come on people. really?

  163. jas:

    come one people. we should be the better ones and pray for Nivea instead of wish ill towards them. that is what is wrong with America today–always lookin for stones to throw instead of throwing blessings

  164. jas:

    afro american people are not the only ones with shaggy hair.

  165. jas:

    i agree with you solokey

  166. jas:

    i have to agree with you on most of that, gordon. how many times have people looked at people with dread locks and assumed the hair was dirty and unwashed?

  167. jas:

    now, now, nandy…lol. i agree with you, but that will just start another arguement altogether…lol

  168. jas:

    i agree with you there jorge. society is at fault for putting clean cuts and trimmed beards a sign of cleanliness.

  169. jas:

    thank you Tiffani….someone that can look at the whole picture. you were truly raised a good day

  170. jas:

    I hope this does not keep the Model(Afro-American) from getting any more jobs. He, being AA did not seem to mind, why should anyone else?

  171. jas:

    Nivea. You do great work! This may not have been thought through completely, but all around you guys are good in my book.

  172. ivy:

    I, too, am bewildered by the 3rd photo, especially since so many other options were available to make the same statement. If, "a picture is worth a thousand words" the person that set up the African American picture may be reflecting his view of what a black man should look like applying to Nivea for a job or maybe not even as deep as that… I am a grandmother and maybe understanding photo is a generational thing. The picture leaves to much up to conjecture and I fear might stick in the minds of some as truth. Yes, we know some people in the larger society share this opinion. I think. However, seeing the disrespect communicated to a new generation of black men adds to the pain already spewed in the political speeches of those "ready to take back America."

  173. LadyRageNY:


  174. Jeanette:

    NIVEA, I am not sure who created this ad for your company, but they should be fired. The person or persons that approved this ad should also be fired. I am highly insulted by such an ad,
    anyone who believes in mankind, equality, and justice for all should be. Such an ad as this is and should be offensive to everyone, not just African Americans!!!

  175. Jeanette:

    The AA model is not to blame he like of lot of people in general will take the job because they are desperate for work! I am willing to bet my life on it he to was not in agreement with this ad. This guy needed a job, like you and me he has bills. No Nivea is to blame not him.

  176. gabe:

    whats is wrong with the ad?

  177. anon:

    it was probably black people in nivea that came up with this ad… any man or woman with unkept "natural" hair falls into the category of uncivilized…

  178. Al Gibson:

    Why all the fuss? Nivea may be planning to replace the black man with a white man with dread locks;
    Al Gibson

  179. AFO QUEEN:

    First of all I will NEVER buy NIVEA again. FRiends and Family feel the same way. .Nivea needs to make it a JOB REQUIREMENT that any Editor you hire , be educated on Afro Americans Diverse, and appearances. In our hair styles,dress and etc. We set the styles . Dont forget this ! THIS IS WHY YOU ALL LEARN ,HOW TO DANCE. AND COPY EVERYTHING BLACKS DO! Your uneducated editor who came up with this mess needs to be fired.This sounds like A Very Hateful Person That Hates Himself. and is soooooooooooooooooooooo JEALOUS of BEAUTIFUL BLACK PEOPLE! LOVE YA!

  180. Kurgee:

    Looks like this ad went over the head of most of you. It is obviously an attempt -albeit poorly executed- to juxtapose the image of an uncivilized caveman with that of a handsome modern man. There is no implied racial intent. The same ad was done with a white male model. Please quit viewing the world through the prism of race. It makes us look ridiculous.

  181. Shawn:

    Shut the fuck up. Sgordon, Afro's are for clowns and mo-hawks are for douches. Good luck getting a job if you look like a clown. You won't, because its bad for business.

  182. Shawn:

    That's because it is.

  183. Shawn:

    You should probably find a cliff and walk off of it. =)

  184. Shawn:

    Well we live in reality, and in reality, long unkempt hair = slob. Not good for business.

  185. Max G:

    Did we have this polemic if the model had been a white male?
    The ones to claim against, if any, are the bearded, long haired men. This discussion about the implicit racial message is silly and only adds up to set differences.

    Do you think Nivea does not want everyone buying their products?

  186. Jay:

    You all know good gotdamn well what they are saying. It’s not offensive. And you lady's know you would pass up a guy looking like that! Lets be honest with ourselves and think before we react. My goodness the self righteousness is nauseating! In some areas it’s acceptable to have a peezy fro and unkempt facial hair, but in most places its not. Like I don’t know A JOB INTERVIEW! Or maybe on a date, or like a corporate America or a small business that sells something other than shea butter. We pride ourselves on having that “Steve Harvey” lining, but you all gonna act like the “head” is ok.. It doesn’t look like he gives a damn! Wake up people lest we stay shackled to the past. If we keep jumping at every little thing, no one will ever take us seriously..

  187. CCC:

    your not civilized you fuckwit

  188. LadeeP:

    Def blatant racism here… The fact of the matter is THE MAN IS NOT WHITE… Come on now, how can you look at this and not see a problem. I where an afro, am I not civilized. Do I not give a damn— negative, I jus prefer to where the hair I was born with… If this doesn't upset you on some level, then something is wrong with U…

  189. LadeeP:

    Everyone keeps saying "What if it was a white man with shaggy hair?' WELL ITS NOT… Advertisments and their creators do it everyday… They keep shoving their bullshit in Our faces and We take it… Be skinny or You'll look like a slob, lighten your skin so You will be accepted, put this weave in so You look like everybody else, quite frankly I'm tired of it… And this ad went WAY to far… Wat is wrong with everyone, are We really accepting this?! People are supposed to look different, be different, thats what being human is about, excepting eachother for who and what We are. But we turn around and shun those who don't look how We want them to?! When they created this piece of garbage, they should've known it was going to cause an uproar… And any black person who had anything to do with this ad should be ashamed of themselves. It just keeps perpetuating all the negative feelings toward things that are REALLY African-American… I LOVE MY NATURALLY CURLY KINKY HAIR and I dare someone to tell me I need to go back to an unhealthy and hair damaging perm. If I see any of my friends with a Nivea lotion its getting chucked in the air… SHAME ON U NIVEA!!!!

  190. Big Jon:

    I agree that this ad says that if you rock natural hair (fro, beard, whatever) that not only are you not civilized, but you simply don’t care. The model asks if a white man was throwing a mask, would it matter. My response is no, but if he were throwing a head that represented his culture norm or history, that would indeed be an entirely different story. I for one have never considered the brand and most certainly will not in the future.

  191. Garland:

    What magazine was this featured in?

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