Open Discussion: Ad Campaign Attacks Planned Parenthood for Targeting Blacks

Anti-abortion group, Life Always, issues some harsh blows to spread awareness on why one should choose life over abortion. The group believes that Planned Parenthood frequently targets Blacks and other minorities in their efforts and have released a series of ad campaigns lashing out against the group.

A billboard that reads, “The most dangerous place for an African American is in the womb,” has been placed in the heart of SoHo by Life Always™ as a part of a new national campaign to expose the truth about how Planned Parenthood targets minority neighborhoods as they perform over 300,000 abortions a year. This particular billboard is about half a mile from a Planned Parenthood abortion facility. Life Always board member Stephen Broden said that Planned Parenthood has had a devastating effect on the sustainability of the African American population. [SOURCE]

What do you guys think about abortion in general? Do these ad campaigns bother you? Post your thoughts!

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  1. tasha:

    Well its true and sometimes the truth hurts. Abortion is a MAJOR problem in the black community.

  2. alexis:

    Last time I checked Planned Parenthood wasn't putting a gun to peoples heads and telling them to get abortions, or to not wear condoms or use birth control.
    If you feel like a you want/need an abortion it's a choice for YOU, not anyone who else. These people trip me out trying to tell black Women what to do with OUR wombs, but are completely GHOST when we need financial assistance or better schooling's for our children.

    These people get a #GIRLBYE

  3. @Mcluvin6:

    This shit is offensive. Theres probably a higher percentage of Black abortion than other races but the way they phrased it IS offensive.

  4. @The_MJF:

    Disgraceful, tbh.

  5. Milo:

    No, sadly it's the truth & the truth hurts. It's not a lie, or some sort of ignorant stereotype. Is it blunt & harsh, yes.

  6. @missannabanna:

    There's a higher percentage for AA but that's only because we're a minority race. They're 14% is greater than our 50.2%. We don't make up the greater percentages of abortion cases.

  7. Arrielle:

    Abortion is an issue all across the board with ALL races. To target African Americans as if Black folks are the only ones having abortions is where the problem comes in. It is offensive because it wasnt directed towards everyone.


    Man mostly anything would offend black people. This right here is shoving the reality in your face. So that you may realize what is going on here. The truth hurts to much, its like a 12 inch blade ripping through your chest. You'd rather have the candy coated lie instead.

    "Black women make the best mother"
    "Black women are as strong as ever now with the choices they have"

    You rather see this instead….. But the truth is choices can sometimes hinder your path. And no one is telling anyone what to do with their wombs @alexis. Your womb is suppose to be reserved for the man that you decide to elope with. Not ray ray, Darnell, or Pookie sitting on the block. That's why women are with their hands out looking for assistance. No one is responsible for the welfare of your child but YOU. If your man ain't picking up the weight you say fuck it and get your own.

  9. manda:

    I am pro-choice. The ads don't bother me because it is for shock value. Hit dogs bark. I don't think that it will prevent abortions, but it does get people talking. AA women are the highest for abortions, AIDS, so it is dangerous for a child that is in the womb. I think we get too sensitive when it comes to race relations. While I am a proponent of abortion, I am also down for "forced" sterilization. I know a couple of girls who are younger than, about 24 who have five-six children. I think if you want to continue to receive benefits, either get sterilized or get your tubes tied. Simple as that.

  10. Bianca:

    Took the words right out of my mouth.


    Like I said previously, no one is killing babies faster and in large quantities than American Black women. Don't believe me, google the statistics. Other races have the choice but choose to raise their children through any hardship.

  12. @blasianFMA:

    What's offensive about this? Last time I checked abortion was the largest killer of African Americans. Not AIDS/HIV, not crime, and not heart disease. If you're in the womb, as a black child, you have a chance of being aborted, hence, the womb is the most dangerous place to be. They're simply bringing up the fact that there is a large percentage of black abortions.


    If your the minority, why is there a higher rate of abortion? Do you even read why you write. Why would a minority race wipe themselves out?

  14. hmmm:

    People have a right to make a choice. I refuse to judge anyone. Planned Parenthood offers a lot of services besides abortions. PPH offers a safer route rather than a wire hanger. Stopping the funding would NOT stop abortions. For example…you can't walk into Walmart and shut it down because you don't like the fact that they sell Lemons. Walmart has a lot more to offer than just Lemons right? Of course. Millions of people going for various reasons because that's not ALL Walmart sells.

    It will also raise teen pregnancy, STD rates, AND would also minimize early detection of certain types of cancer. Not everyone has a primary Doctor or OBGYN.

    Those ads are really ridiculous though.

  15. Ash:

    It's true though. it was even on BET as a commercial. African Americans highest cause of death is abortion. never is it targeting blacks , it's targeting the truth.


    Beautiful post, black women need to realize what their doing to themselves. Abortion is not suppose to be like fast food. You only abort if you were raped, have serious diseases or on a need to do basis. Not because some man forced you to do it. Not because your not ready for a baby. If you're ready to get fucked, you're ready for anything in my book. STD, pregnancy, AIDS, etc!

    Sex is not suppose to be fun. Its for responsible people who know the benefits and consequences that comes with this type of intimacy.

  17. STFU:

    Or they give them up for adoption

    Or they have a family member who's willing to take care of them. Look at the little white girls on these teen pregnancy shows.

  18. TeddyBear:

    Maybe it's just me seeing this. But, I don't believe this add is going after Black women and abortions in the way we're attacking it. It's going after Planned Parenthood and their deceptive ways in targeting Black women. That's why I personally like the ad. They're not pointing the finger at us, but rather THEM. Yes, we all know abortion is an issue all over the world no matter the race. But, it's no secret that 'they' want to keep whites in America the majority. There was a Native American tribe where the women were deceptively taken to a doctor that sterilized them. 'They' realize that the Black and Latino population is growing everyday, ESPECIALLY the Latino. If these GOVERNMENT funded organizations can help to keep the number of colored children being born down, they're happy and feel they've done their job. Stay informed people, this world (especially this country) isn't out for the betterment of the people, they're all about control and many of us are STILL blind to this.


    "It will also raise teen pregnancy, STD rates, AND would also minimize early detection of certain types of cancer."

    The teen pregnancy rate has increased because of these choices women have. Take away abortion and watch how many women straighten up and only decide to fuck men that they marry! I bet you this will happen in droves. But like you said Planned Parenthood does have other programs which benefit communities. But the fact that your institution has a good motive does not mean it can't pervert itself. And I agree with abortion but it needs to be regulated. Not just oh I got pregnant, time for abortion! No you deal with the consequences of having consensual sex! Rather it be AIDS, HIV, STD, etc..

  20. hmmm:

    What about the men that get these women pregnant? Are they excused because they don't have a womb?

  21. Dakenya:

    I love how everyone is so quick to defend this ad, but as for me, I think it's offensive. I understand statistics, ect, but this ad rright here (the first one) ? Like, is it really called for? What will young black girls think, whom are shopping in SoHo, and happen to see it? Will they understand it? Or will they feel that their womb is not as 'great' as their counterparts? I just feel that this ad has a hidden agenda aka SHADE!



    Who made these ads, I need to give them a handshake asap. Black women are the highest percentage of abortion rates in America. But black women don't want the truth. They want the lie, cause the lie looks cute.

  23. lexi:



    Men deal risks as well having sex. No one is exempt from disease or STD's……..

  25. @CasadelaOrange:

    lolol "Sex isn't supposed to be fun." well…you're having the wrong kind of sex imo. Js.

    The ad has a bit of truth and honest as well as lies and deception imo.

    This ad is aimed at black americans precisely because they have the highest rates of abortion, but it's more as a backway to fight for pro-life causes than to actually send the message of some sort of racial extinction.

    To me this ad is just using black america as a fighting ground for something they could really give a shit less about.
    Yes African Americans have a higher abortion rate but it has more to do with social and economic problems than it does with (as someone so eloquently put it ) "ray ray, Darnell, or Pookie sitting on the block."

    Also, why is there no talk of black men in this conversation, why is the blame being put on women? Last I checked you couldn't fuck yourself. Well, i mean you can but not in a way that would….ok, yeh this is awkward now.

  26. kale:

    So the girl posing for the billboard…..where is her mother? If I were her I'd demand it be removed.

    My take on abortion is If you don't believe in it then don't have one.
    Everyone wants to fight so hard for unborn fetuses but don't want to do shit for the kids we already have here.

    This ad offends the shit out of me because you have to dig deeper to see the point they are trying to make and no one is going to do that.
    They're going to see black child and abortion and then jump to every negative conclusion they can.
    In turn it perpetuates that bullshit myth that black people are having more abortions than anyone else.
    Either we are welfare queens burdening our system or we are having abortions left and right.
    Pick one.
    Cuz it can't be both.

  27. kimkam:


  28. hmmm:

    Yeah we know that…but you are preaching on how women need to take responsibility about who they are fucking and getting pregnant by BEFORE marriage. What about the men who get these women pregnant but decide not to take responsibility? Or even the men that pressure women into getting an abortion? Yeah it's about a personal decision but in all, that too is a factor. What consequences do they deal with? How do you feel about those men? You can't call the woman out on all the wrongs and leave that out like that doesn't matter or never happens.

  29. SandyBrown:

    The billboard ad in Soho is offensive. It attacks the black community and puts blame and shame on black women. If you believe the stereotypes, we black women are either having kids all over the place with several men, or we are aborting left and right. Either way, they're saying that black women can't be trusted. People please do research before you go telling people that abortion kills more black people than AIDS and everything else combined. Clearly, the little girl in the ad was not aware of how her image was going to he used, and that's wrong in and of itself. This is not about abortion. Whether you are for or against abortion, you can't say that this ad is not offensive. At some point, we have to stop giving people access to our wombs and what we should do with it.

  30. AnnT:

    I saw a sign like this when I was visiting home (Jacksonville, FL) last year. There was a big debate about it. Apparently, the funds used for the billboard came from money raised by a speaking engagement from Sarah Palin.
    I don't get their rationale
    How do they have the nerve to want to save Black babies, but fight tooth and nail to make sure community-based funding, child welfare and social services, and Medicaid get cut to those same Black babies born to parents who didn't even want them and have no means of taking care of them properly?
    Abortion is personal decision, I'm not one to judge. I don't know that woman's life. She could be an abuse victim, a drug addict, have mental issues, etc. Unless she's using abortions as a form of birth control, I don't have the right to judge her.


    "What about the men who get these women pregnant but decide not to take responsibility?"
    We do have laws for this, its called CHILD SUPPORT! If he's caught he can serve jail time…. But women are allowed to abort like its the thing to do.

    "Or even the men that pressure women into getting an abortion?"
    I mentioned those guys but you don't read all the way through my post to find out. You just probably read the first sentence and decide I'm an idiot like most delusion woman who don't want to see or hear the truth.

    Yes I can call women out on their wrongs cause men have to legally deal with our irresponsible behaviors. We are not free willy men this is not the 1930s.

  32. shalaquia:

    you think they just picked the child up of the streets and forced the mother to take the pic? no! maybe the mother was a mother who had considered abortion but decided to stand up and be a WOMAN and go through with the pregnancy.


    "REVMEUPMAN get the fuck out of here! are you a woman?"
    No ones telling you or any woman what to do with their body. You can fuck the world like lil wayne if you want to. I'm just saying thats to your detriment. A woman can fuck several guys and she would have to appear on Maury to find who the father is. Whereas a man can fuck several faithful woman and every lady knows who's the father of that kid is. Face it, there's pros and cons to each gender. Deal with your cons and stop bitching.

    "I wasn't aware that you were God's son reincarnated."
    Spare me the bible crap I am an atheist. I deal with rational thought, and thinking things through.

    "There was a time in American history where abortion was illegal."
    I never advocated for abortion to be illegal. You are so emotional that you don't take the time to read any of my posts. You just assume I'm anti abortion cause I don't agree with fast food abortion. I believe abortion should be regulated. Only on a need to do basis. Otherwise you can adopt to a family who is sterile and want children to raise. Or even gay families, who are more than willing to raise your unwanted children.

  34. shelly~:

    IN MY OPINION the billboards are a bit much, but I do think this abortion thing needs to be adressed. I know some people get raped or their lives could be at risk if they go into labor, but i'm not talking about cases like these. I know and have heard about too many women getting abortions just because they realized they made a mistake. NO! YOU need to live with that mistake! Atleast put the child up for adoption if you don't have the income to raise them, but to end a life because of a bad decision on your part…you already knew what you were getting into when you laid down and decided to have sex. Babies can happen, so you gotta live with your choices. I know a lot of people may disagree because a lot of people have had abortions, but I just see it as murder.

  35. Giggles:

    The truth is we make up 35%. Did you ever stop to question who makes up the remaining 65% and why their kids face isnt up there???????!!??

  36. RERE:

    what is this, anti-abortion month or something?? just a few days ago an organization did a rally at my school's campus and damn near scared the shit out of everyone walking to class with their 15 foot displays of aborted fetuses. with that being said, i am pro-choice (it's annoying when you have a billion organizations, plus the damn government trying to tell you what to do with your life) but i feel if a person can lay down and irresponsibly conceive when they know they aren't prepared to take care of another life, they should very well be big enough to face the consequences. the ad is a bit offensive, but hey, the truth hurts..


    "Also, why is there no talk of black men in this conversation, why is the blame being put on women?"

    Cause this is not a black man issue. Women are destroying their children. And we are suppose to look at you like your the life of the earth? LMFBAO….

    And men are held accountable for our actions. Ever heard of Child Support? If we fail to pay we can end up in prison for a couple of years. And come back out being your down low partner. So everyone wins right?


    If you make up 35% of the population. And you end up highest on the abortion total. What does that say for your race?


    he ad is a bit offensive, but hey, the truth hurts..

    Exactly, the truth hurts bad man…. No one wants to hear it or see it. If you think you old enough to fuck every girl or guy in the world. You should be old enough to deal with the consequences that comes with the territory.

  40. @BeautyNUniq:

    To be honest, these billboard irritate me. It's REAL easy to divert attention away from REAL issues, such as EDUCATION. We can make commercials and billboards and JUDGE someone for making a decision about THEIR body, but we CAN'T even take care of the ones that are here. They can miss me with all of that. Unless that have a MIRACLE financial plan or alternate homes lined up for all these UNWANTED children….they need to go back to the drawing board.

  41. hmmm:

    Yes I did read your whole post Sir. The "Yeah we know.." part was in regards to the STD's remark. Never did I just dismiss you as an idiot. If i were to I wouldn't have cared to respond or challenge you in a respectful way. So don't assume I am a delusional woman. I always get enjoyment out of a healthy yet heated debate. People have opinions right?
    You talk about how women are wrong for having sex before marriage and that's why they get pregnant..etc. That falls under the moral category right?

    Men are just as morally wrong. It's one thing sending child support to avoid going to jail than actually genuinely being there for your child. Not saying all men on child support are dead beats. The argument that women are crazy and don't allow the men to be there is also null and void. There are things called family court,visitation rights, and custody agreements.


    JUDGE someone for making a decision about THEIR body, but we CAN'T even take care of the ones that are here.

    Sweetie, if its your body you take care of whatever came out of it! Stop looking for assistance and assist your damn self. No one is going to hand you education and benefits. You have to go out there and attack the world for it. Which means educating yourself and your children. Decide your career path. And save and spend money wisely. Don't worry about the education system, if its that much of a problem home school your kids then!

  43. @Brebri715:

    This is just another ploy to make black women believe they aren't shit!

    If we aren't on tv shaking our ass, cussing somebody, or trying to find our baby daddy we're being told we have the highest rate of new hiv cases, the highest rate of teen pregnancy, heart disease, cancer, abortion and a plethora of other bullshit that i don't believe is true.


    Last time I checked we were the highest for teen pregnancies and unwed mothers so which is it?

    Yes, AA's are the least likely to have marriage with kids. And you are the most when dealing with teenage pregnancy. Does not mean those same teenagers don't find the nearest abortion clinic. Black people are all fucked up, and the sadest part is, no one wants to admit it but myself obviously. : (

  45. ,.]:

    i can't believe the number of posters on this blog who are so ignorant and uneducated.. can you people even read, let alone comprehend? the ad isn't targeting BLACK PEOPLE, or blaming black people for the fact that they have disproportionately large abortion statistics, it's targeting PLANNED PARENTHOOD for targeting black people. and it's true.. PP preys on the black community.


    Like I keep saying, women can fuck the world. But it would be to their detriment. Cause the kid would not know its origin. Men can fuck the world. And every woman he had sex with would know who the father is, unless she wasn't slutting like he was.. Morality is not the problem its irresponsible behavior. Men can act irresponsible as well but there are penalties for us men. Whereas its only choices for women. Women can abandon children as well. But they don't have to end up coming out the pockets for them. They just trash them and move on.

  47. hmmm:

    I must agree the system is really one sided when it comes to men and women.

  48. torontostaar:

    since we're targeting races in controversial issues can we take a big azz AD that read BEWARE OF WHITE MEN, FOR THEY ARE THE HIGEST FIGURES IN CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN, SERIAL KILLING, KIDNAPPING ECT?? and lets see how people like it. Shit white folkes act like they are so fuckin clean, wanna air out laundry lets goo ALLL the way in. smh

  49. j2201987:

    I blame Margaret Sanger.


    Exactly, but obviously people want to keep adding men to this equation like we are aborting children to. No we have no right to murder anyone, we only pay if you have them. Or say oh well if you don't.

  51. @dinastyinc:

    Well, there's the big picture.

  52. Giggles:

    I am not a fan of stats b/c they can be easily manipulated and I don’t believe the stats on AA abortion. Last time I checked we were the highest for teen pregnancies and unwed mothers so which is it? AA are the highest at killing and having babies? That dont make sense. Clinics dont report all the numbers to protect the white housewives who were getting abortions. TRUST if white “stats” were high or higher than the black “stats” we wouldn’t see a billboard w/a white child.

  53. @dinastyinc:

    "as a part of a new national campaign to expose the truth about how Planned Parenthood targets minority neighborhoods "

    I suppose most people didn't bother reading that.

  54. @dinastyinc:

    Planned Parenthood serves it's purpose, I suppose. I can't say much about it though because I don't have a child nor have ever needed their assistance.

    These billboards are extreme, but I also know that drug and alcohol campaigns have had some extreme billboards in the past as well. Their all serious issues, including abortion. I personally straddle the fence on the issue. Pro-choice in the case of rape, or complications, what-have-you. But there are always people that abuse the system. Go slutting around because they know the abortion option is there and it's a reality.

    Planned Parenthood may very well target minority (usually low-income) neighborhoods, which is probably where it's most needed on a grander scale anyway.


  55. STFU:

    I believe the point of them adding the website is in HOPES that people will go view the website to "find out more"….which is what I did before even reading the text portion on this post.

  56. Truth as I know it:

    Maafa-21 (Google it and watch the entire series) and borrow, buy or SOMEHOW get your hands on this book: The Choice: The Issue of Black Survival in America by Samuel F. Yette. This Black man speaks 100% truth. Google it as well. With those two pieces of knowledge in your mind, you should realize this campaign is telling the truth.

    Oh yeah: Look up Margaret Sanger (NOT the wikipedia entry; it's full of half-truths) and eugenics. Need I say more?

  57. AnnT:

    Maybe it's different in your area. The Planned Parenthood places in my city support a large number of college students across every demographic for birth control, condoms, and STD testing as well as referrals for abortions AND for people who want counseling before considering getting an abortion. Does the Planned Parenthood in your area only provide abortions and that's it?

  58. @BeautyNUniq:

    Clearly you COMPLETELY misunderstood my comment. I DON'T have any children and I work FULL TIME. Graduated from college December 2009 from the University of Alabama at Birmingham with my bachelors. When I speak on education, I'm speaking on the state of our PUBLIC EDUCATION system, which is in shambles in many parts of the nation. Primarily in predominately African American communities. And I don't see how someone can HOME SCHOOL their children while they're trying to provide for their children by WORKING. If you would actually take a break from your DELUSIONAL world and look at the reality the rest of us are living in, then maybe you would see why that's a problem. But then again that would require a little effort on your part.

  59. eze:

    I completely agree with you! The government is trying to sell us a mixed message: it's better for you to keep your baby but we're going to cut funding for all the social services for both you and your child. And they are cutting many services with these new budget bills!

  60. eze:

    I think she meant that the number of abortions are more amongst white women than black women. Because we are smaller in numbers, the percentages appear larger. She's talking straight numbers there, not what you're saying.

  61. DntWry:

    I sooOoo agree with you

  62. LoVDe:

    I would shake their hand too

  63. Shan:

    ok but why choose to show that truth, what not just expose the bigger picture the amount of abortions people in general are getting. Why just focus on Blacks….

  64. Drop down there:

    truth hurts…a black child is'nt safe from the womb to the tomb….its either abortion,black on black crime,domestic violence or aids… I pro-chioce but Im also pro wrap it up or use birth there are to many stds out there to be out here raw dogging. Unfortunetly we cant get mad at are own statistics..we nned to teach our girls how to keep there legs close how to protect themselevs..we also need to teach our young men self control

  65. LookBeyondtheMessage:

    This ad is not about black women seeking abortions its about planned parenthood's quest to eliminate a race of people thru abortion!!!

  66. Shan:

    I understand Jia, said that was their reasoning, But if she didnt give you that tid bit, would you have known it was for planned parenthood ir thought it was targeting Blacks?

  67. Shan:


  68. WoW:

    yea it does need 2 b regulated…i know of a female that has had 6 abortions


    And I don't see how someone can HOME SCHOOL their children while they're trying to provide for their children by WORKING.

    Ever heard of hiring a home school teacher? You don't necessarily have to teach your kids yourself. If your out earning that dollar hire someone to teach your kids curriculum the way you want it. Instead of letting the public school system babysit them and send them home.

  70. @itsLissaV:

    People learn your history on this! I always keep myself educated with sh*t like this. Margaret Sanger is the founder of planned parenthood and these ads speaks #'s! Wake Up my people please!

  71. @itsLissaV:


  72. WarrenTrenton:

    I had no clue black people were even having that many abortions. I mean since when did black people all of a sudden start having abortions? Usually we keep our kids. I don't even know where this is coming from. Besides if people choose to have abortions that is a choice they made and not something somebody forced them to make.

  73. WoW:

    abortion is a REAL issue

  74. CmD:

    You clearly have a problem with CHOICE. You CAN'T bear a child, so your opinion doesn't count when it comes to what someone who CAN decides to do when impregnated.


    NO ITS NOT!!!!!!!

    And look at all these dummies who agree with you. Just think for a second and ignore my harsh reality black people! If you are a minority race, why are YOU AT THE TOP OF THE STATISTICS OF MOST ABORTIONS? If your smaller in numbers, and highest in abortion totals. Doesn't that make you realize why your still the minority after all these years?CAUSE YOUR DECREASING IN NUMBERS!


    Sorry for yelling it just pisses me off that everyone's blind to obvious facts.

  77. SayWHUT?!:

    Child support will NEVER compare to pregnancy, childbirth or raising that child ALONE. Child support is getting off easy. This is why men have absolutely NO SAY when it comes to what happens inside of a woman's body. When you have to carry the burden you can have a say. Until then, toodles.

  78. TheInFamousLA:

    Yup, it's such a great idea to make abortion illegal… Let's make women (of any race or ethnicity) have children that aren't wanted or can't be cared for… We all know that you ain't living the life until your able to flash around your food stamp card… GIRL… And if that lavish lifestyle isn't for you force yet another child into the system… Foster care and group homes are working so well for the millions of children already in it… None of them turn up unstable, violent, or criminal…

    *** i hope i don't have to tell you that this post is filled with sarcasm***

    People are always so quick to judge others for their decisions… Apparently noone in this post knows what it feels like to know that you weren't wanted by your "parents" and no one cares about a child that grows up knowing they just weren't good enough for "said parents" to keep… Yea I'd def get an abortion before I put a child through that…

    Something that always bothers me when this topic is brought up….
    Do you realize how many rapes go unreported because of embarrassment, fear, or any other reason??? Do we force women that are traumatized and not ready to speak up to share their story just because "i don't approve of abortion any other time"??? Or should she be penalized again because she's not ready to talk???

    And even if a woman does say "I was raped" do we just take her word for it and believe it just because, or do we wait for the trial, judge and jury, and all that jazz??? SHH…. By then it will be too late and that victim will be forced to carry her attackers spawn… Im just saying… There's a lot of holes in everyones ideals… Not saying that it's cool to use abortion as birth control but you can't penalize people that need this for the lack of morals that very few have….

  79. Shesaid...:

    I totally agree. Nobody is concerned about these non-aborted little black kids with welfare mothers. Very LEAST OF ALL the people who made these ads!


    Child support will NEVER compare to pregnancy, childbirth or raising that child ALONE.

    Who says women have to raise children alone. They can abort or adopt, while men have to sit there and wait for her move. They can say help and watch the government hand them out assistance while their men are dying in useless wars in order to come home to a misandrous statement that you just made here. And you completely disreguard the fact that their are single men out here raising children on their own. You are the reason why the Black American Family is in shambles.

    "When you have to carry the burden you can have a say. Until then, toodles."

    If you call a pregnancy a burden you obviously don't appreciate yourself as a human being. Cause someone had to let you live to let you write this horrible comment about men. You act as if men don't sacrifice as well for family. There are deadbeats in each gender. The fact is women are a accepted deadbeats, while men are thrown in jail for it. But I guess that fits your little perverted mindset doesn't it? If men have no say about what happens to OUR SEEDS why should men care about your pregnancy, or paying child support? Which in your eyes, doesn't amount to anything?


    "You clearly have a problem with CHOICE."

    Why should woman have a choice to abort when men have no choice to abort child support? Ask me this million dollar question and maybe I won't have an opinion….

    If women can abandon children, men should be able as well.

  82. Frost:

    I had an abortion last year. I told myself that I would never have an abortion because I don't believe in it but then I got pregnant. Was I stupid? Yes. I should have taken the Plan B pill but for some reason that eludes me to this day, I did not. But could I keep my baby, who, even at only a month old, I already had bonded with and loved tremenously? No. It would have been selfish of me to do so. If I would have kept my baby, I would have been kicked out with no money and possibly no car. I would have moved in with my "baby daddy" into his parent's basement. I'm sorry, and I don't care if it's shallow or not, but I, and more importantly, my baby is too good for that.

    Part 1 of 2

  83. Frost:

    My baby deserves THE BEST and I refuse to settle for less and live on welfare and food stamps when I know that I am capable of better. A lot of people say if you get pregnant, deal with the consequences of your actions. I am dealing with the consequences. I suffer from the pain of the choice of having an abortion and I regret that I didn't take that Plan B pill to prevent the choice of abortion in the first place. If I would have kept my baby, my BABY would have suffered so it was the best choice for me given the circumstances.

    I wish I didn't have to have the abortion, but I did. But I am stronger for it, and I have learned my lesson and sometimes, that's what a person needs: to make a mistake firsthand because otherwise, people would never know better.

    Part 2 of 2

  84. anonymous:

    Pointing fingers is not going to do any good and if people are serious about wanting to change this fact then you need to determine why this is such a huge problem in the African American community and do something about it. All this judgmental, I-know-better-than-you BS does no good at all.

    As for me, I am pro-choice and think a lot about what happens to these kids that are born to people that seriously should never be allowed to have kids. So, if you want them to be here then you should also care about what happens to them when they get here.

  85. WarrenTrenton:

    I'm gonna say it because no one else will. Firstly all of y'all men on here need to shut the actual fuck up! I mean since when have black men been so freaking concerned about black women and their children? Where the fuck were y'all motherfuckers when half of these chicks got pregnant? Maybe if the women felt as if they would of had some support from half of these no good sons of misery then they wouldn't feel as if having an abortion was the only choice!

    Y'all Negroes wanna throw me some BS stats well here is some for your asses:

    40% of black men are in jail
    25% of black men are gay
    10% of black men are with non-black women

    Now which out of all three is actually on the money. If you guessed the last one your ass is correct! But look at the other two stats that I pulled up now I know a lot of you are quick to say hey that shit is wrong but then you will be ready to throw out EACH AND EVERY bad stat for black women!

  86. WarrenTrenton:

    Why is it when white people bring up or rather start some shit concerning black women black men either:

    A) co-sign like the uncle toms half of them are knowing they dont even want a black woman


    B) act all fucking concerned while still co-signing with the white people as if white people are the ones that are going to save the black women and the black children that suddenly some of these niggas are so concerned about again even though they probably got kids they aint seen since conception!

  87. WarrenTrenton:

    Why are you acting as if paying a freaking little check every month takes the place of actually being a freaking man and doing what you gotta do? If the chick chooses to keep the baby put your issues aside and raise the goddamn kid. Don't give me none of that 'she crazy' shit because if you really cared so damn much you wouldn't stop trying until you could atleast see your kids for two minutes a day! Stop trying to make an excuse for yourself!


    40% of black men are in jail
    25% of black men are gay
    10% of black men are with non-black women

    Those stats are correct except the gay one. There is no way of getting accurate information about homosexual black men cause most of them are in the closet. Trust me, I'm still in the closet to my parents except my friends so I know about that. But you are correct about those other stats. But what was the point of these statistics? To make black women feel better about themselves? This just further proves my point of the black community being in shambles cause NO ONE WANTS TO REALIZE WE ARE! We sweep dirty laundry under the carpet and expect it to go away. Truth is like the sun, you can avoid it for a while. But that bitch will eventually shine like there's no tomorrow! And just because the focus on this POST is about black women and abortion does not mean men of the same color have no issues of our own. Remember, each gender compliments the other. So if one side is having issues. THE OTHER FALLS RIGHT IN LINE WITH IT!



    White people did not bring this statistic up. And obviously black woman are not worried about the percentage of black men who date outside their race. Cause most black men date black woman according to your previous statistic. 10% aint shit, go somewhere with that boy. And PLEASE TELL ME, who is co-signing white people on this post. THIS IS A BLACK ISSUE, black women are the most at abortion clinics while they make up the minority of citizens in America!

    Tell me this, why would you be the minority population in a county. Yet you are the majority when it comes to abortion? Does this make any type of sense to you? If it does, you need a fucking cat scan asap!

  90. WarrenTrenton:

    Lol if you think those stats are correct then your ass is out of your mind. That all adds up to about 75% percent roughly if you leave out the gay one 60% then. Are you seriously gonna sit here as a black man and tell me 60% percent of black men are either in jail or with white chicks? Negro please…..

    But the point is that at any moment when forever whatever agenda white folk bring up stats about black women and black men co-sign without even considering how NONE of these numbers really are adding up. I brought up these BS stats about the men to show that as quick as the men are quick to 'amen' the BS about women there are about three or four BS stats for them they will say ain't true all day. This begs the question why black men are so ready to believe that there is something wrong with the women but forgetting white people are lying about their asses as well? Like they are so willing to believe that white people care about the state of the black community when it concerns the women but when that same "concern" is focused on them they get pissed.

    When you think it about it this is all BS!

  91. WellDamn24:

    They need to put up a billboard with a crossed out glock, if they are so darn concerned about the survival rate of Black folk. Everybody already knows that abortions were originally pimped to minorities as an organized, institutionalized form of genocide.

    Now, if what I've always believed is still true, aren't White people murdering their fetuses more than we are? So why don't they have these signs up in Whiteville, USA?

  92. WarrenTrenton:

    And also if you are gay why do you even give a shit?

  93. WellDamn24:

    Amen! They done filled their kid quota and then some.


    "If the chick chooses to keep the baby put your issues aside and raise the goddamn kid."

    You my friend, hate your gender and yourself. What the fuck did you just say? Let her have the decision of killing the child yet a man can't walk away from his mistake? If a man has to man up and take care of his "goddamn child" why can't a woman be a WOMAN and take care of her responsibility?

    Kill yourself……………

    Kill yourself immediately.

  95. WellDamn24:

    Uh, he has a problem with WOMEN.

  96. WarrenTrenton:

    Because it wouldn't serve their purpose. People pity blacks like we're the goddamn blue spotted tree frogs in the Amazon and there's only ten left!



    35% of black men in America are incarserated you fucking idiot. You got the stats correct and you didn't even know it lmfbao!!!!

    Aww man, black people are screwed!

  98. WarrenTrenton:

    How they fuck do black women make the majority of abortions and they only account for 35% percent of abortions? I mean really? Who the fuck is the other 65? Think!

    Also black people aren't the ones who made this statistic up. White people did AND half of the niggas on here are co-signing with that and this ad like all of a sudden they fucking care? Really? Now? Like I said before if y'all were so concerned about women having abortions why not think about some of the factors concerning women having abortions and usually one of the most recorded reasons is not enough adaquate support from the other parent.


    Ummm, gay people don't have opinions?

    Kill yourself man, no wonder no woman wants to bone your 6 incher. LMFBAO

  100. WellDamn24:

    You're funny, but telling the truth. But part of the problem is that we sip on self-pity and victimization as a regular part of our daily diet. Some of us will argue the world down if somebody says we aren't the most fncked up folks in the room. We trade on victimization to get attention from this country.

  101. WarrenTrenton:

    No what I meant is why would a gay person gay about abortions either way since OBVIOUSLY you are not going to be having any either way or reproducing anything so……to left please…..

  102. WarrenTrenton:

    I said 40 not 35. Please learn how to read.


    "How they fuck do black women make the majority of abortions and they only account for 35% percent of abortions? I mean really? Who the fuck is the other 65? Think!"

    Aye, be a dummy all you want…..
    The numbers don't lie!


    Round the fuck off dummy!

    You were correct idiot!

  105. WarrenTrenton:

    No that right doesn't make any sense. How can someone only make up 35 percent of something but then called the majority? The majority out of all minorities I might believe but point blank period? Oh hell no…..


    Umm, like I said, reporducing has nothing to do with having an opinion and exposing the truth to black people who are straight!

    You dumbass I can still have children…..


  107. WarrenTrenton:

    But at the same I call a spade a spade so if they want to talk about what is killing the black community let's talk about how many young black kids are unfairly placed in "special education" classes even though their ain't really shit wrong with them but people forget that if we really looked at it most classrooms should be special education point blank period if we used the same cirteria. They won't put that on a billboard. The problem I have with this billboard is that they act like we the only ones doing it.

  108. WarrenTrenton:

    If you are going to ACCURATELY round then it would be 36 percent and the stats on this by the way changes from around 40 to 50 whenever they feel it's convient enough for whatever agenda they are currently pushing.

  109. WarrenTrenton:

    Hellen Keller Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder all playing peek a boo could see that WellDamn24! Lol!


    OMG, you don't have to be accurate you were in the ball park with that statistic. SO I AGREED WITH YOU.

  111. WarrenTrenton:

    If I were to accurately round it would be from 35 to 36 not 40.

    Besides the stat changes from around 35 to 50 depending on which agenda they want to push..

  112. WarrenTrenton:

    Yeah I get what you mean but my problem with this ad is that really it's focusing on this problem only because it's trying to move forth a political agenda and it's not real concern. If there was any real concern about the survival about the black community they would be focusing on other issues not this one which people do willingly.

  113. WarrenTrenton:

    But why are you so concerned about abortions unless you are part of the reason someone is having an abortion? You obviously are gay or whatever the hell you are so really it's not like it's your problem. That's like me getting mad gay people can't adopt yeah that sucks but it ain't got shit to do with me so……

    Not saying gay people don't have an opinion but still.


    You can't lie about those stats…..

    When you enter the prison system you are accounted for….. You can review those stats man. Its not like those stats can't be quantified.


    And yes those stats change depending on the arrival and departure of black men in prison. It is counted each year…..

    There is no agenda there than to make black men realize they need to stop senseless crime.

  116. WarrenTrenton:

    Doofus I said if she keeps the child then the guy should go through flaming hoops to take care of the child and the whole i give a check thing is just a freaking excuse not to do more. A check does not tell a young boy what kind of man he should become, a check does not validate a little girl and keep her from seeking validation from other men, a check does not show to the children how a man loves a woman.

    Maybe you should take your own advice darling.


    So if the man never wanted the child he's just suppose to suck it up and take care of it? If that's the case then women should be able to suck it up and not abort children. Your rhetoric is stupid and unfair. If the man does not want to take care of a child, a mistake. Then a women should respect that. Cause obviously we know what women do to their mistakes don't we?

  118. WarrenTrenton:

    Listen to me very very carefully:

    REGARDLESS of what the actual stat is they are going to twist and usually bump it more than what it really is not to encourage black men to stop doing senseless crime because obviously that isn't doing nothing.

    What they do with these stats IS that their agenda is to create a scare a tactic. They want to scare black women mostly into thinking their options for a man is limited and there is amazing business opportunities that come from this because let us be honest white people do not give a shit about whether black men kill one another or not. If they did they wouldn't send out black music promoting it.

  119. WarrenTrenton:

    ALSO if you thought I was attacking you because you are gay I apologize which wasn't my intent but my point is why would a gay person care about an abortion since the primary way they would conceive is through someone who they have arranged to carry their child to term and then the gay person in question would raise the child themselves. So a black gay man really doesn't have much to lose whether or not black women are having more abortions because he can always get one to have his for him for pay. Sure he can have an opinion but it's not like it would directly affect him.

  120. WarrenTrenton:

    If she decided to keep the child and raise it there is no reason why he shouldn't take part in that. If she plans on aborting the sucker then hey he can bounce and the same goes if she put it up for adoption if he agrees to that. But usually the men don't have much say in the adoption process anyway.

    Anyway if the woman has the child and is going to raise it there is no reason why the man should not help raise it either. It would be different if she didn't want to raise it and went through a process to get rid of it or just gave it to him after it was born. But if the child is born and she is trying to raise he should not bail because obviously she is saying she is taking responsiblity.


    Black people in general are affected by this. Abortion is a serious problem when women come in droves to do this. It should only be on a need to do basis. Not just oh, pookie knocked me up. Time to kill his sperm with or without his consent.

    Get my drift, or do I need to say this in another language?


    What they do with these stats IS that their agenda is to create a scare a tactic

    YES, scare black men out of prison. Cause too many are in that system! And obviously black women options are not limited if they are the majority of abortion clinic visitors.

  123. WarrenTrenton:

    As long as the guy doesn't mind hey then blast the little sucker to oblivion but I don't get how black people in general are affected by this? If a gay person can pay for someone to have their child how does that affect them? Educate me.

    Generally speaking I doubt black women having abortions is gonna wipe out the race .


    Why can't he?

    If she's able to bail why can't he bail? OMG your so screwed in the head its priceless. So you saying if she decides to abort it then oh well move on nigga. But if she keeps it, be a responsible man. Even if you never wanted children? LMFBAO.

    Like I said, kill yourself if you are going to continue to have that perverted mindset about men.

  125. WarrenTrenton:

    And if it means keeping from having bad pookie's sperm from carrying on then hey that's what we gotta do.


    "If she decided to keep the child and raise it there is no reason why he shouldn't take part in that"

    Ok if he decides to take care of the child there is no reason she should abort, or adopt a child.

  127. WarrenTrenton:

    But that is part of the concept of making them feel like their options are limited. They feel as if black men will not be there to have their back or not their long enough and so some of them abort because they bought into thinking that they will be doing it alone and they don't want to do that.


    "If a gay person can pay for someone to have their child how does that affect them? Educate me."

    Who births gay children?

    Yes, women do, therefore it affects me, and anyone in the black community. Just because I'm not sexually aroused to a woman's touch does not mean I don't have opinions on new life! We should all have an opinion on this as black people. Cause this is an issue of BLACK PEOPLE IN AMERICA!

  129. WarrenTrenton:

    Well who is to say she wanted kids herself? But she didn't get herself pregnant. So basically because she is the woman she basically has to live with raising the kid by herself because he doesn't feel like being bothered? Who says she wants to be bothered? But she will do it anyway! So why shouldn't he?

    You obviously have issues against women.

  130. WarrenTrenton:

    I didn't mean her adopting the kid I meant giving the niglet up for adoption.

    And yeah if he wants it she can pop it out pass it to him and he can have primary custody and she visit or whatever. But if she and he don't want the kid what the heck is your problem?


    I don't know about the next man. But my father and mother was there during my childhood years. Only a weak person will let statistics get the best of them. If your options are limited, try harder to keep a relationship working. Don't just give up and say its inevitable, black women are fucked.

  132. WarrenTrenton:

    Hm that argument seems a bit shoddy for several reasons but I'm going to pick the one I feel like dealing with right now (I'm not even going to touch whether or not people are born gay):

    You keep missing the point yes you can have an opinion sure it's like assholes we get to have one but like assholes yours doesn't matter if it ain't your shit. That being said black women getting abortions doesn't directly affect black gay men especially concerning how their own children come into existence. Like I said sure have an opinion but how does this directly affect the gay blacks? Considering there is a HUGE dispute on how people become gay in the first place.

    Also some would argue that you being gay is counter productive to keeping the black race "alive". I am not saying that but that's one of the arguments out there.


    "But if she and he don't want the kid what the heck is your problem?"

    Your not taking all factors of the situation into consideration. What if the male wants the child but the woman decides to abort it. If this is the case the male should be able to abandon his responsibilities if he chooses to as well. That's my problem, your making men to be robots. Do as the woman say and shut the hell up about it. If the woman kills it, just move on. If she keeps it and he's not interested in having a child. Shut up and be a father to a child he does not desire to have. This is slavery in the 21st century. And your the sole promoter of it, and that sickens me!

  134. WarrenTrenton:

    That's very nice about your parents and my parents did the same thing. My dad has MS but that's neither here or there…..

    Anyway seeing as your argument is coming from a male prespective and mine female (despite my penis) I will argument from that premise.

    When you keep seeing the same numbers and the same message being fed to you and you already have insecurities about yourself and your possible future with any black men when a black woman sees something that confirms her fears and what she has been hearing her whole life automatically she starts thinking bout whether or not she has any REAL options. No one wants to be a single parent.

  135. WarrenTrenton:

    Honey that doesn't make any sense. If the kid is already aborted what does he have to abandon? Her at the abortion clinic?

    And you act like a lot of these sistas are getting knocked up by Hill Harper kind of guys. You know good and well some of these chicks are getting knocked up by Ro-Ro and Bloodbone. You really think them niggas are gonna do shit for her? Hell these chicks know ole dude bounced the moment he heard she was pregnant. And then what about them guys who are so adamant the women keep the babies but the jet faster then a 747 once little tyrone shoots the cooch?

    Yes some of these chicks are scandoulous but in a lot of these cases the girls know they would be shitty moms and the daddies might as well be imaginary.

    Are you coming from personal experience or something cause you getting way too heated over this.

  136. WarrenTrenton:

    *had MS.


    Honey that doesn't make any sense. If the kid is already aborted what does he have to abandon? Her at the abortion clinic?

    Your not getting it, men want kids as well. Some do, some don't, does not make them a fucking Hill Harper. Just a man who wants children. If the woman he conceives with decides to have an abortion. Why can't the Pookie on the block decide to abandon an un wanted child? I mean how many ways can I explain this to you. Your not getting it somehow.

    If woman are able to abandon their children via abortion, adoption, or leaving them near churches and police stations. Why can't a man decide to abandon his child as well, via no child support payment, and release parenting rights?


    (I'm not even going to touch whether or not people are born gay):

    If I never got a hard-on watching women or even experiencing women. But as soon as I see a cute guy my boner pops. Yes I am born gay, next subject please!


    "Also some would argue that you being gay is counter productive to keeping the black race "alive". I am not saying that but that's one of the arguments out there."

    False, like I said earlier gay men can have children! Just not your typical sex encounter how many times does this have to sink in? LMFAO. I'm not sterile I'm gay. HUGE FUCKING DIFFERENCE, MY SOLDIERS ARE NOT SHOOTING BLANKS.

  140. WarrenTrenton:

    Lol what I meant is you are acting like everyone is getting knocked up by stand up guys. Why the hell put a kid through a life where you know good and well the dad does not want that child don't act like the girl doesn't know and you know what I am talking about. And if she knows she will suck at mothering and because the dad is either supportive of her aborting or not around period to give input she is left to her own devices and if she wants to abort well then blast the sucker.

    But what I keep saying is if the girl is taking care of the child the man should be too. Unless he downright tells her to her face "I cannot do this I will be of no help to you. Good luck toots" his ass needs to be doing something.

    Of course a lot of these guys do not front up tell the moms they don't want to have part in the kid's life.


    "No one wants to be a single parent."

    Of course not, but this goes back to the fact that women in general should wait till wedlock to have children. Cause a man can't be a runner during that phase of the relationship. If he does he's going to jail. In order to decrease this. Women must come in the majority and wait to encounter sex until marriage. Or use all method of contraception until married.

  142. WarrenTrenton:

    As I said Im not going to touch on that topic because I had my own opinion on it.

  143. WarrenTrenton:

    No one said that but people who subscribe to this thought are basically saying "most gays whether they be butches or queens usually do not reproduce so their existence is counter productive to the black race".

    Not saying i believe that.

  144. WarrenTrenton:

    And there we go!

    Placing the burden on birth control on the women. Like it's that hard for a guy to use a condom? Sure they can be uncomfortable but still.

    And what makes you think he's going to jail just because he is fucking with chick but not married to her?

    And just out of curiosity but aren't you the same guy who was on the bisexual black guy open discussion saying how it's okay for a man to conceal his true sexuality from a woman to get her to sleep with him? Just curious….

  145. Bricbabay:

    I am pro-choice. I dont understand how we are the majority in everything bad in American when we are the minority.

  146. Mel:

    So we’re going to ignore the fact that white women get plenty of abortions as well but have the money to keep such things private?? Oh ok.
    And no, we aren’t the higher percentage. There are more whites than us and white women (with/without money) do get abortions just like blacks they just keep their shit quiet.

  147. Kale:

    It's a stock photo.
    The child's name is Anissa Fraser and her mother had a bunch of modeling pics taken of all her kids and this photo was sold by the agency to use in this ad.

    Needless to say she's pissed and wants the image taken down ASAP.

  148. Justin:

    …I'm a black male and I say why should we give a shit? Most of these same so called pro-lifers are the ones against public assistants…. so after the baby is born they don't give a damn about it or you…..

  149. Southerngyrl*:

    FYI – Do people realize that statistics can be formulated to support ANYTHING. I guess I am the only one who had to take stats classes?

    1. Important fundamental abortion argument that is never brought up is that usually abortions in these stats are done at public facilities, whereas if you have some CHANGE you would get an abortion where???? Private doctor maybe? They don’t need to submit stats like a public facility does.

    2. Black people believe anything
    3. PP doesn’t give a damn about black kids. GTFOH. This is part of a political agenda. If they cared, the right wing wouldn’t be trying to get rid of community based programs as we speak.
    4. Abortion is a personal choice, WHATEVER the reason.
    5. There is something unnatural about a guy arguing real fucking hard on an abortion argument. What is even worse is that the argument isn’t worth shit.
    6.PP ain’t preying on anyone. If you have a mind, you use it to make the choice that is good for you. and YES they ARE targeting black people. That is what the whole thing is about.
    7. Yes it does divert attention from education, though one poster mentioned that the solution was to home school your kids (see 5). SMGDH
    8. “live with your choices” is a pure shit argument when you are talking about bringing a baby in this world. A lady in my hometown hacked her 2 kids to death with an ax. Yates drowned her 5/6 kids. Oh yeah, everyone who gets pregnant should keep the baby (sarcasm). Then what? Kill the baby later? Babies should not be used as punishment.
    9. If you believe that abortion is the largest killer of AAs then not only are you ignorant, uneducated and a moron, but you are a naive hack who believes every stat that is regurgitated from some lightweight source. By the way, I have a bridge I want to sell you.

  150. Southerngyrl*:

    Ain't shit obvious about statistics fool. They can be chopped, screwed and manipulated any way you want. At least 60% of the population knows that.

  151. Southerngyrl*:

    I am still wondering where the truth is? You have taken statistics and turned them into facts. Facts and statistics are not the same thing.

    Black people are sheep for real.

  152. Southerngyrl*:

    AGain I ask, truth?

  153. Southerngyrl*:


    Fool, where are you living? The first abortion I ever heard about was from an 18 year old white girl at my college.

    She was upper middle class too. She didn't go to a damn clinic either.

  154. Southerngyrl*:

    YUP, probably mommy issues or something.

  155. Southerngyrl*:

    How is it true and how does it being on a BET commercial make it more true?


  156. Southerngyrl*:


  157. openyourmind:

    We do this to ourselves we create our own drama! Take this billboard if they had put this billboard up and nobody said a word… this billboard would not have made it on to millions of blogs and emails and news stations… nor would race relations and religious debates and attacks be taking place… take a step back… abortion calls for an action for it to occur… a miscarriage is a natural occurrence… we as humans always find a way to complicate things… we constantly strive to screw with the nature and the natural progression of things… take things way back… it wasn’t ok to just get sick and let your body naturally fight it off …

  158. openyourmind:

    no we had to screw with nature and create medicines etc that would speed up and ward off ailments…we weren’t okay with the simple natural remedies… we had to create a choice… one that only in turn created bigger monsters of diseases and medicines with side effects and immunities that create even more complications… what people don’t understand is that nature will find a way…it will win in the end… no matter how much we try to manipulate it to our advantage with our “choices”… the picture is so much bigger than this billboard and people don’t even see it…

  159. Southerngyrl*:

    Nah, YOU sir are all fucked up. That much I can agree on.

  160. brooklynfly:

    Let's ask a few questions here. Who is the group that put up this ad?

    I think it's suspicious that I can't find a website or any sort of information about them anywhere online other than the fact that they put up this ad. The Reverend Stephen Broden, who is apparently the group Life Always' leader is a right-wing Tea Party supporter. Yes THAT Tea Party, the same ones that have spent have their time yelling about how Obama is a Kenyan or Muslim or so combination of "other" that is not American. GTFOH. You guys are acting like this group of people, mostly white, give a hot damn about Black children or black people in general.

    He's a cohort of Glenn Beck (who has said numerous racist things) and there are youtubes of him on Beck's show talking about Obama's socialist agenda. You fools that support this ad have been had.

    Google is everyone's friend.

  161. Southerngyrl*:

    It is a choice. The issue comes with people who want to police the lives of others.

  162. brooklynfly:

    I wish people would google sometimes. Look up this group Life Always, think its suspicious that they don't have a website and they only mention of them is in relation to this billboard.

    Look up its founder Reverend Stephen Broden. He's a Tea Party backed, right-wing "pastor." He's been on Glenn Beck's show as the usual token black tea partier raving against Obama's socialist agenda. He's given speeches at Tea Party rallies. Yeah THAT Tea Party. The same fools that spend have their time yelling that Obama is a socialist/Muslim/Kenyan or some combo of the three.

    I really wish people would read and research before they came on here supporting this. You think these people care about black children or black people in general. No they have an agenda and the black community is not nor has it ever been a part of it. They used some provocative stats and photo and get people riled up about how PP is targeting black people. And the people who posted the billboard are often racist, xenophobic bigots themselves.

    Wow, read people. Just read.

  163. Southerngyrl*:

    Why are you going to pay a home school teacher when you could send your kids to public school? Why are some public schools better than others?

    For all of that you might as well pay for private school or boarding school? Do you have money for that? Shit, you are delusional. Making shoddy arguments to back up your crazy ass opinions.

  164. Southerngyrl*:

    I read it and sTILL think they are targeting blacks. and…?

  165. Southerngyrl*:

    Cause a man can't be a runner during that phase of the relationship?


    Men leave their wives too.

  166. Southerngyrl*:

    This right here is some ignorance. Pure and simple.

  167. Southerngyrl*:

    3 and 6 – The anti PP ad agenda makers, not PP themselves.


    Your not even reading both of our arguments correctly. She was making issue with the public education system. Therefore I told her about home schooling. There are different method of education like you just said Private, or boarding school. You agree with my post but obviously don't understand them…

    Ugh……. When will people learn to read ALL that way through : (


    Umm.. So wives don't leave there men?

    If you are married you have an obligation to be with them. That what I meant, but obviously the truth hurts too much for women like yourself….

  170. Brooklynfly:

    I wish people would google sometimes. Look up this group, "Life Always". Think its suspicious that they don't have a website and they only mention of them is in relation to this billboard?

    Look up its founder, Reverend Stephen Broden. He's a Tea Party backed, right-wing "pastor." He's been on Glenn Beck's show as the usual token black tea partier raving against Obama's socialist agenda. He's given speeches at Tea Party rallies. Yeah THAT Tea Party. The same fools that spend have their time yelling that Obama is a socialist/Muslim/Kenyan or some combo of the three.

    I really wish people would read and research before they came on here supporting this. You think these people care about black children or black people in general. No they have an agenda and the black community is not nor has it ever been a part of it. They used some provocative stats and photo and get people riled up about how PP is targeting black people. And the people who posted the billboard are often racist, xenophobic bigots themselves.

  171. WarrenTrenton:

    Lol probably. It makes sense he is not interested in women lol.

  172. WarrenTrenton:


    The baby aint got shit to do with the situation with this guy it's about punishing the mom and letting the dad off the hook!

  173. WarrenTrenton:

    No you don't have an obligation to be with them. That is why there is something called divorce. If you want to leave someone file the papers and jet. No one is obligated to stay in any relationship romantically.

  174. WarrenTrenton:

    Did you miss what I was trying to say?

  175. Allergic 2 BS:


    I couldn've said it better myself girl, co-sign!

  176. WarrenTrenton:

    What does this have to do with abortion?

  177. WarrenTrenton:

    Since when is BET the final authority on anything black or why does it make it more true?

  178. Allergic 2 BS:


    Now that's what I'm talking about….SAY IT AGAIN, because I don't know wtf he (or she) is talking about! F*ck a statistics, I GO BY FACTS. Where as Revemupman CLEARLY goes by hatred (not no f*cking "reality") that from reading his comments, he CLEARLY harbors towards women of color!


  179. WarrenTrenton:

    I agree with just about everything you said but number 5. I think it depends on which side he is on for instance I really don't care who has abortions because its not like I feel like having my tax dollars go to children nobody wants.

  180. bluzeta04:

    Not sure if any of you have seen them but there is a commercial that airs on Centric and GMC channel and its these people going around asking people what the number one killer of African Americans is..and they say the usual like Aids, Heart Disease etc. And finally the person reveals that no its actually "Abortion"..and its all black people in this commercial. When I say I had the damn stuck face at the end of it. I was sooo confused. And it wasn't through PP tho it was some other organization I can't remember. Im gonna search the net and see if I can find the commercial.

  181. Mr G:

    i SO agree!!

  182. Allergic 2 BS:


    AGAIN, where are you getting your facts….Oops, my bad, I meant "statistics" (as you so often put it)? NOT ONCE did I see you use the word FACT (because there isn't any, & ur obvious hatred 2wards women of color, doesn't count sweetie). #TakeANap!

  183. Southerngyrl*:

    Also, those quoting stats and "facts" should research "Life Always". This is the group behind the ads.

    No real info on them besides the billboard, but does say their leader is Rev Stephen Broden. A man who is backed by the tea party. He is one of the few black tea party folks. (yep, apparently there are black ones). He seems to be a regular on glenn beck apparently.

    Check any of these videos out

    Like I said, black people will believe anything.

  184. Southerngyrl*:

    beat me to it

  185. brooklynfly:

    sorry for posting multiple times…but it wasn't going through…just ignore the others!!!

  186. Southerngyrl*:

    Personally, when a man can carry a child to term, I would give the argument for credence. He acts like has a stake in it. Though, I find that men are sometimes the most vehement about their abortion stances. I think the whole concept is honestly shit. You can't have a kid but you are fighting hard to restrict a woman's right to have or not have one.

  187. brooklynfly:

    I agree. It's furthering their agenda by focusing on the black community. I'm sorry but I'm more worried about how are children are treated once they are out of the womb. But that's not this group's concern at all.

  188. Allergic 2 BS:

    "Sex isn't suppose to be fun."

    (((((((*crickets*))))))) I'm sorry, WHAT???????

    IF THAT ISN'T THE MOST RETARDED STATEMENT I'VE EVER HEARD IN MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE!!!!!!! See, now you're doing too too much boo! InFACT, that statement ALONE proves 2 me that not only are ur opinions on this particular post biased like a muhf*cka, but you're also full of sh*t, & I am SOOOOOOO done with your self-hating, brainwashed, uncle ruckus infected, no-fact having, ignorant a$$! The simple fact that you keep uttering (in most of ur comments) "black people, y'all, statistics & Google (of all things *smh*) etc;" tells me ALL I need 2 know….*raises left eyebrow*.

  189. bluzeta04:

    Ok I found it …here's the commercial that was on BET's Centric Channel

    I was soo confused afterwards.


    "But what I keep saying is if the girl is taking care of the child the man should be too"

    Dude, somehow your STILL NOT GETTING IT. What if that man wants nothing to do with the child? He should be able to blast the sucker like she can! Get it?


    "Well who is to say she wanted kids herself?"

    Dumbass if she don't want to raise kids herself she can abandon it. And not end up on America's most wanted like men are! You obviously don't understand the inequality here. He's suppose to deal with whatever she does with the child? NO, I'm a man and a human being. I should have say as to if I want to take care of this child or abandon it like women can and most defiantly do!


    Ok then, if you don't have the ends to pay for your child's education throw them in public school. The same school system that is everyone is complaining about. Its up to you to decide your child's education. Public School, Private school, Boarding school, home schooling. The options are there, that was the point of my argument. But people automatically see me as an idiot here so I can see why all the hate comes my way. Cause the truth will be hated.


    No you don't have an obligation to be with them. That is why there is something called divorce

    So a man is going to marry you, fuck you, then divorce? Its not that easy dummy. Man read and comprehend man, its the key!


    Placing the burden on birth control on the women.

    LMFBAO, No one's placing the burden of birth control on women. Women should know if their man is using contraception before letting them engage in sex with them. But since you bring that subject up. Contraceptives have many choices on woman's side. And we only have vasectomy's and condoms…. WOW, that's a whole lot of choices huh? LMFAO

  195. WarrenTrenton:

    Well if he consents to the abortion then fine.

  196. soulwithsass:

    Well- I had an abortion- more than one to be honest. And it wasn't because I was sleeping around or just not caring about birth control, but that's neither here nor there. Nonetheless- burn me in effigy if you want- but to this day- I do NOT regret the choices. I have a better requirement on the standard of living for myself AND any children I bear and bringing them into poverty and unstable circumstances just was not going to work. Sorry.
    The billboard has slightly racist undertones and the stats on abortions are seriously smudged. For instance- I had VERY good insurance/access to cash so my private doctor performed mine, therefore, I'm almost positive, I'm not counted in the "35%" statistic. Anyway- on my visit, there were 8 or 9 of us in the room….only one other Black girl, the rest White and an Asian (so she looked like.) You think their's are reflected in these totals, as well? Guess…

  197. WarrenTrenton:

    Yeah but where is the money gonna come from? You can say there are options all the heck you want but if people do not have the funds to explore those options then quite honestly your point is null and void. That's like saying I don't like ground beef and you tell me there's shrimp, chicken and pork. If im broke it doesn't really matter.

  198. Court-Court:

    THANK YOU! Mr. Reupman or whatever your name is kill yourself. Men kill me crying about child support. My mother put my father on child support when I was younger and you know how much money I received a month: $2–yes TWO DOLLARS. Since you're so incredibly smart you can add up how much I received in a whole year. And don't for a moment think he added anything to that total on the side. Now who's to blame for that, my mother for falling in love with a would-be loser and having a baby with him, society for not reinforcing in him to take better care of his child? You tell me who? Meanwhile my mother worked her ass off everyday, all day to put me in the best schools and make sure I wanted for nothing. You mean to tell me she SHOULDN'T have had that choice, like my father chose to not be apart of my life YET thought it ok that I only receive 2 double cheeseburgers from McDonald's worth of money each month?

  199. WarrenTrenton:

    Are you completely daft? If you are married to someone and no longer want to be married to them for whatever reason you can go through a divorce or atleast file for one. If I marry a woman and after a few years I feel like we've grown apart we could file for divorce. I don't have to stay with them if I don't want to just because we are married.

  200. WarrenTrenton:

    Exactly. Once we pop out the vagina they could give less than a shit.

  201. WarrenTrenton:

    Well I get what you mean but are you saying men who are for abortion have no stake in it? Personally I don't care what anyone does to a child that isn't mine. Have it, abort it, throw against the wall once you give birth to it, strap it to a railroad and stroke your evil moustache as the train comes. I don't care.

  202. brooklynfly:

    you lost me at BET…

  203. Allergic 2 BS:

    Basically, just like all black bashing statistics, it's full of sh*t! Yes, women of color get abortions, BUT so does women of other races! I DON'T GIVE FLYING F*CK if only 1 woman from each of the other races turned 2 abortion….Right is right & wrong is WRONG. Ain't no gray area pimpin! It is what it is, & the FACT (not no retarded a$$ statistic) of the matter is, there's PLENTY of females of ALL races who's (unfortunately) turned 2 abortion. My question is simple, why are black women (only) being targeted? Don't misunderstand me, a b*tch already knows the answer, but I decided (4 w/e reason) 2 ask anyway. Why are we the ONLY 1's being targeted? Why is it that everything in the "free" world that goes wrong, always fall back on black people….Well, black women moreso?

    Like SERIOUSLY….What is this? "When In Doubt, Blame Black Women!" WTF SON!

  204. Allergic 2 BS:

    And that's all these billboard ads are, another way 2 beat up on black women, & can't neah mothaf*cka convince me otherwise! And F*CK NO, this ain't no race card I'm pulling, this is FACT I'm speaking here, because it's "ALWAYS us"….US US US! I guess next, black women will be the "blame" for 9-11, the oil spill, Tsunami, Katrina & the Earthquake In Haiti & New Zealand…..Hey, I'll go you one better, why not blame black women 4 what happen 2 that poor defensless white reporter, who was attacked & sexually assaulted over in India (or wherever it happened). Why not, after all, we are the disgusting lowest of the low!

    Nevermind those women of OTHER races who've aborted their babies also. Not 2 mention the ones who've BRUTALLY killed their babies, like Susan Smith (white), Andrea Yates (white), Diane Downs (white) & Casey Anthony (white, & I barely even scratched the f*cking surface)….I don't see them making billboards about that sh*t, targeting white b*tches. And while we're on the subject, wouldn't I be wrong if I painted ALL White Women w/ 1 brush, because of something these^ few women did? GET IT???????

    "You mad?" No, I'M PISSED!

  205. brooklynfly:

    Good points. How are these "statistics" calculated? Do private doctors' who perform abortions report these statistics. There a number that do, especially here in NYC and something is telling that if those stats aren't being reported the number is being skewed a bit too high towards blacks and latinos.

  206. soulwithsass:

    I always love your comments. They are always blunt and to the point, no chaser. Don't know if I ever told you that- but you are correct in every thing you've just said.

  207. STFU:

    BET is just as bad as Planned Parenthood, they don't give two shits about Black people.

  208. soulwithsass:

    No, private doctors do NOT have to report these statistics because they are being paid through private insurance and/or cash, therefore, the identity's and usually procedures done by them for their patients can be held confidential and they are not bound to report their figures publicly.

    BUT places like PP are PUBLICLY funded and using taxpayer's dollars, therefore they ARE required to submit their statistics, races, etc., etc., etc. In any case, these numbers are totally inaccurate simply because they DON'T account for abortions done via private doctors, private insurance and so forth, which as we know, most AA's in the inner-city hoods where these abortions are occuring so often, do NOT have access to. So I wouldn't pay these figures any attention whether I was pro-choice or against it.

  209. Southerngyrl*:

    I replied to this BS "THIS IS A BLACK ISSUE, black women are the most at abortion clinics while they make up the minority of citizens in America! "America!

  210. Southerngyrl*:

    I am so men who are against abortion usually could give two shits about a baby. It is control. When a man can carry a child to term ( believe me I hope it is soon) then I would give any of their arguments more credence. AS of now, it smacks of ridiculousness to me.

  211. Southerngyrl*:

    TRUTH !

  212. Allergic 2 BS:

    I'm sorry, but that fool is way retarded….Matter fact, because he's (admittedly) an atheist (no surprise there *side-eye*), I'm NOT sorry 4 calling him exactly wtf he is….A retarded, (black) female bashing, whining a$$ b*tch n*99a, making LAME sorry a$$ excuses (4 men) 4 running out on YOUR responsibilities.

    And a little word of advice Mr. Revemup"man," having the last word doesn't necessarily make your so-called points valid. You can KEEP responding 2 each & every comment on this post (including mine) til the cows come home, & it STILL won't make your "statistics" a proven FACT, just a typical "no it all" a$$hole who loves 2 hear himself speak (i.e., doing alot of yapping, but ain't saying sh*t).


  213. @BeautyNUniq:

    She actually read the argument COMPLETELY right. My issue with the Public School system is that one SHOULD NOT have to hire some one to home school their child or get LOCKED UP for lying to trying to get their child in a better school system. It's REAL easy for you to offer up home schooling, when the majority of the people that Planned Parenthood target can barely take care of the children they have. But I digress….arguing with you is pointless.

  214. Allergic 2 BS:

    EXACTLY!!!!!!! We ARE the minority….So wouldn't that mean that this billboard (& it's co-signers) are contradicting itself?


  215. Allergic 2 BS:

    Thank you! I tried not 2 wild out, but GIIIIIIIRRRRRRRLLLLLLL, I can't even finish my sentence, but again, thank you :-)

  216. @NaCho_Che:


  217. AnnT:

    I'm trying to understand how you think they are only targeting Blacks. Are they withholding birth control and condoms from us in your area and only providing abortions?

  218. guest:

    That's why No wedding No Womb works for me.

  219. brooklynfly:

    I think you guys are talking past each other. I think Southerngyrl is saying she thinks the Billboard people NOT PP is targeting blacks and disagreeing with the original poster who doesn't see this as an assault on black people (the ad). I agree with you both.

  220. Majin:

    I feel like statistics should have been put with this put, but Jia runs this site how she wants to so I have no qualms with that.

    These billboards aren't extreme, surprising nor offensive. The #1 cause of infant deaths in the community of black people is ABORTIONS. This is called target marketing. Target the people who seem to not want to have kids. Planned Parenthood doesn't target them to this degree. They might, but if people of a higher income aren't getting abortions, why the hell would I build an entire center in an upscale community?

    If the ads make you mad, help black women take responsibility for their actions and take care of their damn kids. These people aren't lying and you should be mad at yourself for constantly getting mad at the damn truth. You know why black people are still the laughing stock of other racial communities here in America? Because we still make ourselves the comic relief. 246 years of slavery. 101 years of segregation. And black people have been on the decline ever since. Crime rate has been on the increase ever since. Divorce rates have been on the increase ever sense. Infant mortality by means of abortion is damn near a common faction. And you all still dare be pissed off. Stop acting like monkeys and they'll stop treating us like monkeys. Damn.

  221. WOW:

    that sign boiled my blood. if you are not ready for a baby dont have one. dont bring anyone on this earth whom you cant give a good life to sooth your own conscience. I read everyday about child abuse, the death of a child, police brutality it seems like the most dangerous place for a child these days is the world.
    other stats that we have when a child is born:
    1. it mostly a single family house hold
    2. most they are asking for government assistance which in this economy we do not have
    3.adoption isn’t an option because the odds of a couple adopting a black baby american born baby is slim to none.
    3.the babies that are left behind are to stay in foster care or group homes
    4. we already have problems with our prison rates and crime levels
    5. The fact that these babies are even conceived is not out of love. We also make up the bulk of HIV and AIDS cases in America which means we are just being careless with protection and Pregnancy along with STDs are apart of the results of it.
    None of these reasons mean have the baby.


    "My mother put my father on child support when I was younger and you know how much money I received a month: $2–yes TWO DOLLARS."

    lol, 2 bucks is not what the child support was. Unless your father was a jobless fool. YOUR ALLOWANCE WAS 2 BUCKS DUMMY!

    "Now who's to blame for that, my mother for falling in love with a would-be loser and having a baby with him, or society for not reinforcing in him to take better care of his child?"

    YES ITS YOUR MOTHERS FAULT! She decided to sleep with a man not knowing what his motives were. Falling in love, I bet you they weren't even in wedlock like my parents were, were they? LMFBAO! Stop looking for society to help deadbeats stop being deadbeats. LIKE I SAID: Deadbeats come in all shapes and genders. Not only men are deadbeat parents. Grow up and realize your father was a deadbeat. And your mom was the looser for having you with a deadbeat! She could of been a bigger deadbeat and aborted your remedial self, NEXT QUESTION!

    "Meanwhile my mother worked her ass off everyday, all day to put me in the best schools and make sure I wanted for nothing."

    DUH! My parents did the same for me you fool! In fact, my parents are helping pay my college tuition as I type! This is what parents, or in your case parent IS SUPPOSE TO DO. They are suppose to work hard to take care of their OWN! Is your mother suppose to deserve a crown, trophy, badge of honor for this. NO, SHE IS DOING HER JOB!

    "You mean to tell me she SHOULDN'T have had that choice, like my father chose to not be apart of my life YET thought it ok that I only receive 2 double cheeseburgers from McDonald's worth of money each month?"

    SHE DID HAVE THE CHOICE TO GET RID OF YOU! BUT SHE CHOOSE TO KEEP YOU INSTEAD. Your father wanted nothing to do with you besides give you $2 bucks and a happy meal cause he probably felt sorry for you lmfbao! Get over yourself, this situation could of been reversed where your mother left you and your father took care of you. But I guess your father didn't want children. So he did WHAT HE WAS LEGALLY OBLIGATED TO DO! Pay child support, to make your mother happy!

  223. Southerngyrl*:

    They might, but if people of a higher income aren't getting abortions, why the hell would I build an entire center in an upscale community?

    It has been said before, but if you are "upscale" you can afford to have a private doctor perform the procedure for you. You don't need a "center" that is publicly funded.

  224. Messiah:

    LMFAO, Rev you a fool for this one but you right……


    Reproduction does not actually require the act of sex to occur. Ejaculate and a womb is all you need to produce children. If sex were the only way their would be no such things as sperm banks now would they? Who ever subscribes to that thought needs to take biology up.


    IF YOUR BROKE THEN YOUR THAT'S YOUR BUSINESS. Get out there and attack the job market. Create ideas, invest the money that you do have into potential projects. Stop making broke an excuse……. Cause yes my argument is null and void. To the LOOSER WHO DOES NOT TRY TO BETTER THEMSELVES AND JUST SITS THERE COMPLAINING ASKING FOR HANDOUTS YOU WILL NEVER RECEIVE!


    Don't believe me, do your research then…… Go to the census website……

  228. Womp womp:

    63% of abortion providers are in predominantly non-Hispanic white neighborhoods

    12% are in predominantly Hispanic neighborhoods

    9% percent of abortion providers are in predominantly black neighborhoods

    1% of abortion providers are in other predominantly non-white neighborhoods

    15% of abortion providers are in neighborhoods where no racial group is the majority population

    "Target the people who seem to not want to have kids."
    Two-thirds of clinics are located in predominantly white neighborhoods. They should put a picture of little Brittany up on a billboard in a white neighborhood.


    "or get LOCKED UP for lying to trying to get their child in a better school system."

    If your talking about that previous post missjia had then I have to rebuttal on this. The public school that was on the block that women live near looses money if she decides to enroll her kids into another prestigious school. So IF YOUR ABOUT THE BETTERMENT OF PREDOMINANT BLACK SCHOOLS! She should of enrolled them in the school she lived nearby from so it can receive money for more books, teachers, and extra curricular activities. She enrolled her child in an already prestigious school which destroys her own cities learning institutions. So who's the real culprit, that women, or the school system. I'd say both are at fault on this. Fact is, the judgement may of been harsh cause my mom did the same with me. But she needs to be held accountable for not even trying to better her community. The system is like this, move to where you want your child education to be. If you don't have enough money and resources, try to better your community. Don't just sit there and complain. Complaining does nothing but complaining. And this is exactly what you are doing when you come on a blog site and complain about the education system. The cities with the most resources have better education. Donate some money to the school your children are in. Go to a PTA meeting like my parents did. Let your face and voice be heard. Otherwise find some other way to educate a child if the public school system is that bad to you. You have a Bachelors I thought you should know this already?


    You're the fool, for believing a 6000 year old deity which whole idea was stolen from African's themselves.

    "because he's (admittedly) an atheist (no surprise there *side-eye*), I'm NOT sorry 4 calling him exactly wtf he is….A retarded, (black) female bashing, whining a$$ b*tch n*99a, making LAME sorry a$$ excuses (4 men) 4 running out on YOUR responsibilities."

    I'm not bashing black women I'm telling the truth. If you read all the way through my comments I agreed that 35% of black men are in prison. So am I black male bashing there? No, cause people hate to hear the truth when it comes to women's issues do they? Your one of them, so I'm not surprised on your part. I can obviously see how you believe in a book which supports slavery, misogyny, slaughter, and even genocide…… Your a slave, I almost feel sorry for you. And like I said on many arguments, women can have as many abortions as they want. Just don't say that ad isn't true cause it is. If you think otherwise just read the U.S. Census report. Black women are the highest in abortion totals. And you are the minority when it comes to American citizens. In a couple more years there will be more Hispanics in this country than blacks. You hate the truth, but its not going away. I find it ironic how you are Allergic to BS yet the defecation that you spew on here is obvious bull shit.


    And again, a baby is used as punishment for bad decisions. You could be placing a baby in a situation where they are unwanted, neglected and abused just because you want the mother to "deal with the consequences".

    Your still not getting my argument. I never advocated for the abolishment of abortion. You should be able to abort, adopt, leave them at a church, police station till the wheels fall off. But if you are afforded these rights a man should be able to relinquish his paternal rights as well. Not even child support payments…

    That's all I'm saying…. Some men are willing to take care of their children, and some aren't let the deadbeats be deadbeats, regardless of gender. Now am I still bashing precious black women by stating this?

  232. AnnT:

    OK. Thank you for clarifying that for me.

  233. Majin:

    I didn't say anything about the racial demographics of the location of Planned Parenthood. I said LOW INCOME.

  234. Majin:

    That was in response to @dinastyinc's statement about Planned Parenthood targeting the black community. So, you're just agreeing with me and adding more to my point.

  235. TheINfamousLA:

    So there aren't any women serving overseas and dying for our country??? Really??? All we're doing is adopting and aborting fetuses??? we serve no other purpose at all in this world??? Please do not try to answer one "misandrous statement" with another


    "These people aren't lying and you should be mad at yourself for constantly getting mad at the damn truth."

    WOW, I never thought I'd see it!

    A person with sense is actually on Miss

    I need your autograph asap!

  237. Womp womp:

    Where they put the clinics are based on demand…so…the demand is high in certain negiborhoods. Going based off what you said they should also have one of these boards in a white neighborhood.

  238. WarrenTrenton:

    For a gay man you have a really fucked up mindset concerning women. I mean really dude. Straight women pretty much defend you guys at every possible turn yet you are so damn sexist.

  239. WarrenTrenton:

    Well not saying I agree with men who are against abortion but saying they have no say is interesting. In that case should women especially black women keep their noses out of men issues like the amount of black men going to prison and black men marrying white women.

  240. LAs:

    The ad is racist and it stigmatizes innocent people such as myself.

  241. LAs:

    Don't you mean make black men take responsibility and take care of their kids?

    It seems to me black women are the main and only ones taking care of black children.

  242. LAs:

    Abortions would not be necessary if black men took wore condoms
    and took care of their children.

    black men have the most kids in foster care.these kids are black and biracial.

  243. LAs:

    we need to teach black boys to use condoms.

    we need to teach black men not to prey on young girls

    we need to teach black men not to leave their children

  244. LAs:

    I just wanted to thank you Warren Trenton for making sense.I appreciate it.


    "It seems to me black women are the main and only ones taking care of black children"

    No ones telling these black women to raise kids single, so whats your point? Like I keep saying deadbeats will be deadbeats. Nothing will make a deadbeat black parent want to raise their unwanted children. Its up to black women to decide rather to keep those kids. Or head to their nearest abortion clinic…….

    You think that black women are stuck with no options. NO THEY ARE NOT, they have options, if not, MORE OPTIONS, than males do when it comes to being a single parent.


    LMAO, how am I sexist?

    Name one point in my comment that I was sexist in?

    Your insane……..


    OMG, who dies in war more, men or women?…

    Who is required to sign up at 18 for the draft, men or woman?

    And do you even know the definition of misandry? Obviously, by reading your sentence you don't! And I never said that all women are adopting and aborting fetuses. You said that, so obviously you think that!

  248. ????:

    And you're a brainwashed f*cktard whom can't spell!

    And it's YOU'RE!

  249. Allergic 2 BS:

    EXACTLY!!!!!!! BET???? GTFOOHWTBS!!!!!!!


  250. TheINfamousLA:

    Okay as a woman who served in the marine corps i found your statement very ignorant… You think you're entitled to this opinion because you had to sign up for a draft that will never be brought back, while these men and women serving around the world are putting their lives in danger everyday simply by wearing a uniform and going to and from work everyday… child please… don't ever bring up men dying in war as an argument for your hatred of women because on any military base around the world there are plenty of women and i'm sorry honey but bombs, ied's, and grenades dont see gender… i suggest you leave the military aspect to those that serve and those that actually give a damn about all of the members of the military and not just the men that serve… Belittling women that have the balls to do what you didnt just because your name is on a damn list… shhh…. boy!!! stay in school

  251. Lita:

    I'm growing tired of your uneccesary tirade, Revemupman. Please, tighten ur fingers in a clench of silence.

  252. Lita:

    I think as black americans we need to understand the politcial race war that is goin on. This has nothing to do w/ black women or black men, honestly. It's all politics. Every presidential election campaign there's always a debate on makin abortion illegal; there was never the reasoning being b/c "black women are 'killing' offspring". No, the reason is very black and white: America is a bible belt and religiously abortion is wrong. Abortion has only been legal for about 50-60 years, that is about as long as desegregation has come into existence.
    Dont be brainwashed by this. Because all it is is plain bullshit.
    This billboard is now going to be the new premise of illegalization of abortion b/c now people are gonna ask, "Arent you going to make abortion illegal b/c it is 'killing' the black community?"
    Am I the only one that notices that AAs have been attacked moreso in the media in the past 3 years? Again, this is brainwashing technique: dont believe the hype.

  253. @dinastyinc:

    I understand that, and I believe we were making the same point??

    They are in lower-income areas for a reason. The upper-crust of society can afford insurance and private doctors, so they don't necessarily need PP's services.
    At the end of the day, it's still a business just like any other company, and I'm sure they have stockholders and a board of directors who sit behind closed doors and come up with a "marketing" plan for the demographic that they serve. So in essence, they are targeting minorities, but it doesn't have to be seen in a harsh way.

    As someone else said, abortions aren't the only service they provide.

  254. Majin:

    No. Both parties need to take care of their kids and use preventive means to not get anyone pregnant in the first place. And black women ARE the main and only ones because of their fuckups and black men's fuck ups. Both parties are guilty as fuck. The majority of black women have a fuck niggas, get money attitude. The same for men. Men lack a respect of women because a lot women don't respect themselves. Neither wants to cohabitate with one another because they've both adapted a fuck-the-other-sex persona due to how they act. Women don't like the promiscuity and lack of commitment and trust commonly found in the black man while black men don't like the stereotypical angry black bitch attitude.

    If the foundation of how to be a real man and a real woman was instilled in children by parents from the get go, this wouldn't be a damn problem. Black people used to be proud people with parents in the homes, raising them alongside one another in the community. We were forced into that. Now that we don't have the means of force, we don't work together for shit. Generally speaking, the other minorities like Hispanics and Asians seem to all have the work-together mentality. While we're left with a chip on our shoulder.

    WE have to do better. ALL of us.

  255. imjustsaying:

    IMO it all abt choics point blank. Dnt think the billboard will do anything to curb abortions in general. The fact of the matter is that abortions are a legal way to terminate a pregnancy. My body my choice nothing to do with anyone else. If you disagree with abortions then dont have one…Real simply people…Is adoption an option sure but again not your choice…How dare u…people should focus on self…Again Choices!!!

  256. Majin:

    Black women let black men fuck them without condoms. They're both guilty.

  257. Justin:

    "Am I the only one that notices that AAs have been attacked moreso in the media in the past 3 years? Again, this is brainwashing technique: dont believe the hype." I knew I wasn't the only one to notice that. I thought I was being paranoid! Thanks for pointing that out!

  258. anonymous:

    You deserve nothing more than a stern STFU.

  259. Tabitha:

    I can agree that yes this is true when you're talking in terms of percentages, but when it comes to the actual numbers of each ethnic group it can hardly be prepared. Why not post an add saying 20,000 white women have abortions a year and 5,000 black women have abortions? It all depends on how you present your information and what you're CHOOSING to portray and the way Planned Parenthood intended to do is pathologize black people. BOTTLE LINE.

  260. mAD:

    umm nooo.. The white community is just as guilty… smh.. and others tooo

  261. Majin:

    Black people are a minority. Whites are the majority. The ratio of the population of whites and the number of them having abortions is less significant than the number of blacks having abortions out of their population. Black people make up less than 12% of the population so for a large majority of them being the ones to kill off an already low population compared to the US majority? It's significant.

  262. Majin:

    I think a lot of people don't see that this is an ad exploiting the fact that black women are more inclined to abort a baby as compared to other ethnic groups and how it poses a problem for the black community. I think a lot of you are offended more by the fact that it's about black people and it's not all sunshine, rainbows and black pride than the fact that it's a fact.

  263. Southerngyrl*:

    I think we would if they didn't blame us for shit too.

  264. Southerngyrl*:

    I am offended bt the fact that this tea party backed group with an agenda is putting a billboard up with a shoddy message. I am also offended that weak minded negros believe anything. Shit, you might as well be in the tea party too.

  265. Primrose6361:

    I think that this billboard is absolutely disgusting and offensive! I'm so sick of these ignorant, feeble-minded people attacking Planned Parenthood. This organization provides an array of services for millions of women each year that are underemployed, unemployed, and/or uninsured. I totally agree that Planned Parenthood targets the African-American population-TO USE SOME DAMN PROTECTION!!! I completed a grad school internship at a Planned Parenthood in PA, performing options counseling and pre-procedure/procedure abortion counseling. YES, women received counseling prior to terminating their pregnancies to ensure that they each were confident in their decisions. I had to send several home b/c they were ambivalent. I was even cussed out by a parent who was clearly forcing his teenage daughter to terminate her pregnancy. It's as if these crazy anti-abortionists want us to believe that this organization tries to push women into abortion! Counselors thoroughly assess why they each decided not to continue the pregnancy or choose adoption and why abortion is the right choice for them. Each woman makes HER OWN CHOICE! Period.

  266. Primrose6361:

    This particular Planned Parenthood even had a special program where women of a certain income level were able to receive FREE Implanon and IUDs. These are two of the most effective and expensive forms of birth control that were being provided after abortion procedures. But no, ignorant people just think Planned Parenthood wants these women both black AND white who have gone through such an emotional, trying experience to come back for another abortion…That's complete BS!!! Oh, and there was NOT a greater number of African-American clients. I noticed that the numbers were about the same. This may be only one Planned Parenthood but it's a pretty damn good example of how valuable this organization is! I think we should be focusing on black women having more respect for themselves and their bodies so they're not having unprotected sex resulting in unwanted pregnancies and STIs. Maybe if we take the time to address THAT, there would be fewer abortions and children born/raised who are emotionally neglected.

  267. Southerngryl*:

    No, they are not targeting anyone. If you can afford it you go to private care for these services. If you cannot, you go to PP. You are the ones who think it is osme PP agenda against black people, when the real tea party backed agenda is smack in your face.

  268. Majin:

    You're acting blind as hell. This is an anti-abortion ad blatantly exploiting the FACT that the #1 cause of infant mortality in African Americans is ABORTION.

    You sound like an ill-informed mess, throwing around "tea party" and "agenda". What's the agenda of the population of black women who spend between $365 and $650 to abort a child? Why is it so damn wrong and condemnable for a marketing scheme to bring the obvious truth to light?

    Oh, let me guess. These phrases are offensive because they bare a black face. Because the black person is always getting beat up. Well, fight back if you're so god damn upset about it. Teach your daughters to close their legs. Teach your sons to have more respect for women. Be a community of union instead of half assed judgements and snake-in-the-grass ass fools. If you're mad that some "tea party backed group" had the audacity to tell you "Hey, man. Black women are getting too many abortions. We need to save some lives here." prevent the need for a god damn abortion in the first place.

    You're a weak minded negro for falling in line instead of taking a stand. Man up and DO something about it if it's so bad.

  269. @dinastyinc:

    I wasn't saying that this "tea party" association doesn't have their own agenda as well. Nobody in this situation comes up smelling like a bed of roses, but I do give props to Planned Parenthood for finding ways to work within an already flawed system.

  270. Purp:

    I Know I'm late. My apologies but it sounds like you are contradicting yourself.
    "He's suppose to deal with whatever she does with the child? NO, I'm a man and a human being. I should have say as to if I want to take care of this child or abandon it like women can and most defiantly do! "

    Then you said "So if the man never wanted the child he's just suppose to suck it up and take care of it? If that's the case then women should be able to suck it up and not abort children. Your rhetoric is stupid and unfair. If the man does not want to take care of a child, a mistake. Then a women should respect that. Cause obviously we know what women do to their mistakes don't we"

    It "appears" that you are saying that men have the right to walk away from their child or what you call "mistake". It also sounds like you are saying men really don't have to be there to raise the child and that some check will suffice. Is that what you are saying? Men can walk away from being a father? As all of these women have told you some of these men pressure the girls into abortion in the first place. Some women get killed, beat up or threatened if they don't have an abortion. They like practicing for the "fun sex" (remember you said sex isn't meant to be fun in earlier posts) and then once responsibility hits some men decide to flee. That child didn't do ANYTHING not to deserve 2 parents. You said the woman should RESPECT that a man does not want to raise his child. A REAL MAN will be there to decide with the woman what is best for them to do, whether she have it or abort it. Fuck a check. Be a man and step up to the plate. Raise your sons to be men. Or are you saying if she is gonna abandon or abort the child then he should just leave. That makes no sense? Does that make sense? WHAT IF SHE WANTS TO TAKE CARE OF THE CHILD (she does NOT want to abandon or have an abortion) BUT HE DOESN'T? Seriously is that ok? To just leave.
    Most women do NOT abandon their children. How many black females do you know raising children ALONE? That's common in our society today. Carrying a child is NOT a burden its beautiful but its no picnic and no man will EVER know what it feels like to hold another life inside of him for 9 months and be the sole provider of the child for the REST of his or hers life CONSISTENTLY. I don't know if you are being sarcastic but walking away from a child that you do NOT want to raise is almost as close to a woman having an abortion. Most children in single parent households that have no father figure end up on the streets, in jail, doing drugs, having no future because they didn't have a MAN in their life. ON TOP OF THAT some people are just not ready to be parents. There are stories of people killing their children by drowning them, stabbing putting them in stoves…those people shouldn't have kids. As a man with no fucking uterus you have a lot to say for someone who wont ever birth a child and from previous comments seems like you would be ready to walk away from your child whoops I meant mistake whenever you pleased. You also have to think about the age group of the people having sex I am pretty sure MOST Of these abortions occur under the age of 18 and those kids are NOT ready to have a child. Sometimes its the parents that talk the girl out of having an abortion. Women get in trouble for abandoning kids all the time…leaving them in bathrooms and lobbies and shit. Come on. You are sexist. Your thoughts are skewed and biased. I'm done entertaining you.

    By the way are you an orphan?

  271. @Sweetarsenic:

    It might be the truth but stigmatizing a whole community is wrong… There are a billions other ways to send a message…

  272. brooklynfly:

    Do you really think the black population is on the decline? Have you checked the latest census figures? Even with our community being underreported in census results we are on track for a 3% increase in the black population in the next 10 years. Last time I checked that showed we are increasing in number, not decreasing. Not that population growth says anything about the strength of a community. One of the smallest minority community in the country are Asian-Americans and they don't have a significant pattern of growth and they seemed to be doing just fine.

    Can we worry about the real health of our children already here?

    You talk about infant mortality, what about the babies and kids that are born. What about the health of our children who are here? Their education, their survival. If you're priority is ranting about abortions, and false statistics at that, you have no real investment in our community.

  273. Southerngyrl*:

    How is it fact? Where is your information? Does it include private care physicians.

    Don't fucking call any BS piece of shit numbers, facts. You are doing yourself a disservice and showing your lack of education, comprehension and willingness to believe ANYTHING that someone puts in front of your face.

    Speaking of half assed judgments….do some actual research and reading. FOOL

  274. Court-Court:

    Shows how much EITHER of you know! You want to see an old check stub, $2.12 is what I was awarded every month. How can you possibly tell me different seeing as I was there and you weren't? It wasn't an allowance smart ass.

  275. @DmiLlz516:

    the board was actually put up by a black rev from texas. they started this campaign in ny and during blk history month purposely.

  276. @DmiLlz516:

    at amy time, a man can give up his rights as the childs father and simply not be legally bond to the child. so the opitions for men are: be a finanical deadbeat, be a man, give up their rights or just be a plan deadbeat.

  277. @DmiLlz516:


  278. @DmiLlz516:

    man can relinquish their paternal rights

  279. @DmiLlz516:

    but how is pph targeting black wmn? dont all races attend pph for their reproductive services? as well as men? when a person doesnt have the finanical support to have a private doctor, pph is where they go. and the only reason why pph is always targeted is bcuz their really arent any other of established clinics like that of pph.

  280. @DmiLlz516:

    im sorry but there's more tourist or nonblack individuals shopping in soho. in my opinion, this ad is only giving other races another reason to think negatively of us

  281. Majin:

    "The abortion ratio for black women (503 per 1,000 live births) was 3.0 times the ratio for white women (167 per 1,000 live births)."
    cdc . gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/ss5212a1. htm

    Please do me a favor and shut the fuck up. For life. You don't know me and you don't know the shit you type. Before you font at me sideways about facts and figures, learn the fucking facts and figures. Over 50% out of every 1,000 live births were aborted by black women as compared to 16.7% of every 1,000 caucasian live births. In case your black ass can't read.

    YOU do some actual research, FOOL.

  282. Majin:

    No one said they were getting MORE. I said the ratio was greater. You seem smart enough to know what that means so I won't explain. Take a look at the response low this for governmental facts and figures.

    In my original comment, I wasn't just talking about abortion. I touched on how the whole community needs to stop fucking. I spoke on crime and all that. I haven't been hoodwinked nor bamboozled into believing anything. I know good and damn well how fucked up the community is outside of abortion. Ever since crack broke out, gang violence and all types of shit has been on the decline. Black men and women of the 1960s and 1970s shit on the generations that followed. I said WE need to get it together. Not women. Not people aborting. Not you people trying to call me on MY shit when I'M right. Every goddamn body. And until we spend less time nitpicking about the truth, we can focus on the education of our kids. We can focus on cleaning the drugs out of our systems. We can focus on putting a book in a black man's hands rather than a glock. Until then, we're just going to fulfill the projected stereotype: lazy, good for nothing, savage, ignorant niggas.

    Read what I said at the very top and don't assume what I mean.

  283. Majin:

    Oh you hurt my feelings with that shit. Boo hoo.

  284. Majin:

    "If the ads make you mad, help black women take responsibility for their actions and take care of their damn kids"

    The ad is about abortion, not just the health and welfare of kids. I remained mostly on topic. My statistics come from governmental websites. Have you even looked or are you just calling bullshit on the fly?

    I never said black population was on the decline so you can fix that quickly. The ads don't even say that so what in the hell are you talking about?

  285. Jai:

    I don't agree with the campaigns at all! Why would they just direct this to African Americans when every race does this! and them putting them up during Black History Month doesn't make it any better! smh

  286. WarrenTrenton:

    It is so easy to say that but for people like myself who grew up poor investing money is not an option when you got 40 bucks to your name at the end of each month and you do not how you're gonna eat for the next two weeks. Poverty is an excellent reason why many people cannot do certain things like sending their children to private or broading schools.

  287. Margery Minger:

    Actually sounds like you’ve got …not simply springtime fever, but similar to early spring inspiration. This particular post made myself believe some thing inside me wants tweaking, a big change. Still it is actually a terrible, normally really hard to improve yourself all on your own. Little or nothing fascinating by any means. I am going to receive a bathe and also hit the sack, will likely make it all more suitable another day. Many thanks for the blog post, wonderful evening! ;-)

  288. Jenn:

    So true, we're a country in debt! We can't even take care of the kids that are already here in America, let alone the hundreds of thousands that would still be alive if not for abortions! People who yell pro-life need to get out in the streets and see what kind of life those kids would of had….Use condoms they say? Well most of them don't actually….but yeah I'm all for condoms, where can I get some? Planned Parenthood gives them away for free!

  289. finger scan:

    I have much thankful in my heart but I dont have chance to let you know by myself.

  290. strandwolf:

    What about the number of live births in the African American community? That might still be quite high despite a high abortion rate. I wouldn't worry about Blacks becoming extinct in the near future. I would worry about unwanted children and what they do when reacting against not being loved. Quality over quantity.

  291. Candigal88:

    If so many BLACK women are having abortions then how is it that they also have too many children and are on welfare? These statments and stereotypes that society has against black women are very contradictory. They claim we kill our kids yet at the same time we have too many. Don't believe the HYPE!

  292. Uradumbass:

    How are those SANE teenagers aborting their kids and having their kids…at the same damn time??

  293. Uradumbass:

    *SAME…excuse me

  294. @Kizz92:

    Women should have their own choices. A man can leave and never come back to help her raise her child. Birth control sometimes doesn't work properly and lets not forget men rape women and that can also end up in an unwanted pregnancy. As a pregnant woman myself i had to choose between abortion and keeping my child i am 33 weeks pregnant now but i will never judge another woman for her decision because i know it's hard i dropped out of college because of the stress i was facing with my child's father and have yet to find a job. So don't get all pro life on me because i love children but i also didn't want this for myself to be struggling with a child on the way and i don't expect every woman to make the decisions i did. Condoms and birth control was used and i still ended up with my little blessing and no man in my life to help raise HER…

  295. @Kizz92:

    i totally agree with you all women have been centered in making their own choices,. these politics are trying to make everything illegal even birth control so that abortions won't happen it's very sad.

  296. Pro Choice:

    Please READ and fully understand the article before commenting. This ad was not created by Planned Parenthood it was created by an Anti- Abortion Organization (Life Always) in defense of African American Women, whom they feel are being targeted by Planned Parenthood to choose abortion over adoption or other alternatives.

  297. Lauren:

    I understand what they were trying to say but it just came out all wrong. Their marketing team clearly did not think this all the way through.

  298. Ashley:

    Fuck that racist shit

  299. Debbie:

    OMG i love you thank you i dont see them putting billboards up like that crazy motherufcker, its always the white people you hear bout doing all these crazy thing like chopping people up into pieces and killing all their family in their sleep @REVEMUPMAN go that facts!!! THE truth hurts dont it ?

  300. Troll:

    I am totally against abortion. God is against abortion. Financial help??? Get a job and take care of your own children. You didn't need financial help when you were laying on your back conceiving. We are the chosen ones so why kill off our breed?

  301. Troll:

    I disagree, it's not offensive, it's a wake up call…

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