Open Discussion: Ethiopian Woman Says Black (American) Women are ‘Desperate’

An Ethiopian woman recently sat down on Youtube to express her views on Black American women, why they aren’t able to maintain stable relationships with non-Black men and her thoughts on our ‘desperation.’ Girl, I guess…

Thanks to @AResilientWoman for the link!

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  1. @Lesa_Turtle:

    Ok so one…is she aware that at first glance she too will be categorized as a "desperate black woman"….and the fact that she is saying all of this is just……….and is she aware that she is in in no position to judge…and her view is sooo off center..girl shut up

  2. Marie:

    I'M A BLACK WOMAN, and I don't deny everything she says. I feel that if you're upset about all the things she's saying then maybe she struck one of your nerves. Why must we as black women get upset everytime somebody criticizes us? We criticize people too. That's one double standard I hate. We're not so perfect where somebody can't say anything about us or call us out on some bullshit! SMH.

  3. well.....:

    Hmmm that's grandfather is filipino/indian and my grandmother was african american and they had 6 children and were together until she passed, so her point is……………….

  4. @Lesa_Turtle:

    @ Vickyy doe I was thinking the same exact thing (a black woman stole her man)!!

  5. Oahu_chic:

    Where the hell does this chick live that the black women want to be asian or be with an asian man?! I've never in my life heard that bull before. On the real, I know black women would PREFER black men over asian men simply b/c of the stereotype of dick sizes. Now, I'm an African American military brat and I'm open to any race as long as they respect me and love me as I love them, but in the end I PREFER a dark chocolate man with a beautiful smile… if you have those characteristics plus a sense of humor, goals and the drive to be successful, you are the epitome of a beautiful man (to me).

    It seems like her ugly self is bringing up her self esteem by downing others. She looks like she's from Ethiopia talking about black neighborhoods being the most dangerous places on the earth. Girl bye.

  6. MissTBlue:

    GIRL! This bish and her shifty ass eyes. I don’t know what black women she hangs w, but none of my black women friends are checking for any Jackie Chan ass men. Girl good damn day. Anyway, you can’t even take her seriously what with all the sweeping generalizations she made throughout the video. I suggest she find a YouTube tutorial on how to snatch that hairline back from on top of them eyebrows and have several f-cking seats.

  7. Vickyyy doe .:

    LMAO @ Jackie Chan .

    I agree . If I wanted that I would've fxcked my little finger smh .

  8. @Lesa_Turtle:

    She didn't strike a nerve with me…it is her pompous "I am better than you because I am African" attitude that is pissing me off..people are entitled to their opinion and I respect that however, for you to attempt to tear down all black women because of what ever self hate she has going on is an issue. Personally, I have no desire to be with an Asian man nor a desire to emulate Asian culture so with her generalizing and trying to say "all" of us are this way is outrageous. But, if you want to agree with her be my guest.

  9. MissTBlue:

    @Marie it isn’t about denying everything she said, but when she makes comments like “the majority of black women aren’t good women” her whole opinion is null & void. 1. Where did she get that statistic? 2. Being a “good woman” is a relative term. Relative to who you are, where you’re from and how you perceive certain behaviors. 3. Every generalization she made about black women can be said for all races. We aren’t the rule and they aren’t the exception.

  10. Kale:

    This self hater needs to not ever make a video again unless she plans on using cue cards. This video was all over the place and often times nonsensical.

    That being said, I can't stand bitches (yes bitches) like this.
    She speaks about Black women as if she is not one with the sole purpose of endearing herself to “the others”. Don’t fool yourself thinking that just because you have yourself an Asian man that you are better than anybody.

    Ma’am, women like you who, who speak with such disgust towards African Americans, marry outside of their race for the common goal of white washing your offspring so that you can continue to make yourself "not like them".
    Keep it real.
    You want nothing to do with them fine. But don’t explain with this nonsense logic that you have common goals that other blacks don’t have.

    This isn't a diss to interracial relationships. I just question any relationship that involves one person who spits such vitirol and hatred towards a characteristic of themselves.
    Doesnt seem healthy.

  11. jadorequi:

    lol what is her deal lmaooooo i dont want no asian dude im black american never ever dated an asian dude girl have a seat get that oil off your face im not concerned about what no one in my immediate circle has to say … she said were dangerous lmao and she is trying so hard to seperate herself chile…

  12. Dulcebella:

    This chick is pathetic and is clearly remedial. I can't even believe an ethiopian who is veiwed in america as being even lower than an african american would even let these words come out of her mouth. People all around the world imitate the hip hop culture and want to be with a black woman. Its obvious that she was raised by nothing ass wolves.

  13. NONO:

    GOT DAMN SHE UGLY AS FUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Marie:

    I didn't say I agree with everything she says and I didn't say her attitude wasn't disrespectful. What I'm saying is that we as black women tend to get upset everytime someone says something negative about us. My motto is "IF IT DON'T APPLY, LET IT FLY". We crticize people too, but when we do it nobody gets as angry as we do. That's a double standard that I hate!

  15. Cass:

    I just would like for her to step into a KKK meeting with her theory. Im sure they wont give a pass because shes not an "American" black. Im sure she would be brought down a notch or two.

  16. grafittix:

    I was going to watch it but then I decided no. This is the kind of thing people do purposefully, to get more hits on their YouTube account and get black women riled up all over the internet. I'm not playing into that b.s.

  17. Aaa:

    I just want to know where she got the idea that many Black women strive to be like Asian women, or want to be with Asian men.
    Something tells me there's some past historyhere in regard to the Asian thing…
    And her generalizations are killing me.
    I'm not mad, because I know she's not talking to or about me, but still….

  18. Soul Touch:

    Generalizations and stereotypes are serves zero justice to humanity. If anyone, particularly a person of colour, chooses to reduce themselves by limitations I don't feel angry for them, I feel sorry for them.

    As a Jamaican Canadian I understand that there are cultural differences between my American counter parts…not to mention the fact that though we are all displaced Africans, our histories of post-slavery livilyhood are different and in turn the cause and effect are different. But the idea that the "majority" of black women are not good woman is a foolish statement simply because it is very unlikely she has met every black woman across the great nation of America. And what is a good woman? As MissTBlue just stated, it's all relative. Who is she to decide what is a good woman…for all we know past men in her life could have pinned her as a failure.

    There are bad women in every race, she has a lot to learn.

  19. Vickyyy doe .:

    She looks like the ring .

    Judging by the glare on her forehead . And her fxcked up bottom teeth looking like something out of the slap chop commercial , you can tell a black woman stole her man .

  20. No butt pads here:


  21. No butt pads here:

    And I don't mean to be mean…But Miss Jia, can you please put some topic of warning on a picture like that so people like myself who are eating their lunch don't throw up on the damn keyboard….

  22. Girl Sit:

    I'm an Ethiopian women and I DO NOT agree with her! Case closed.

  23. @Kenster2076:

    Granted that this video talks about things that are hard to hear, but she makes some very valid points. From the comments that are posted on this site proves her point. Just because she says "all" doesn't mean you take that literally. When she talks about how other races don't aspire to be like us, she has a point. See, she has the advantage because she knows herself and her culture. At least she's married which most of us want to be. Clearly it doesn't matter how a person can bring these issue to light, there are going to be people that will take it personal and attack how the person looks instead of the content of the issue.

  24. AnnT:

    Although most of her argument was straight BS, hollow, and doesn't make a lick of sense, from the outside looking in, the media does perceive us as desperate.
    Just look at all of the blogs, books, news stories, open panel discussions, and statistical data dedicated to our 'sad plight'. From low income to high and siditty, we are perceived as not being able to get a man, keep a man, or want a man.
    You can't deny that.

  25. WarrenTrenton:

    Well shit y'all done just executed the girl! I ain't got shit to say! LOL!

    Jia girl you need to control your readers child! They a MESS!

  26. Southerngyrl*:

    Honestly, if she didn't mean "all" she should not say "all". That is just the basics right there.

    As for other races not aspiring to be like us? Umm, I think she is dead ass wrong. Tanning, lip and butt injections, our dialects, our culture, our songs, our dance….should I go on?

  27. eANDjAYY:

    She can't be serious.
    All of these "facts" she uses to validate her argument are extremely lacking to say the least.
    For the majority of the video I was kind of just sitting there with a raised eyebrow because most of the things she talked about sounded so off the wall.
    "Anyways. Good video." -____-

  28. WarrenTrenton:

    Wait what the actual heck is going on with her bottom set of teeth.

    Oh child please. M'am you are out of order!

  29. Girl Sit:

    I'm Ethiopian and it angers me because it's always the IGNORANT ones who want to talk out all loud and wrong and make all of us look bad. But the majority of us aren't like this smh

  30. @djned:

    She said "worser" I can't. She lost me well before that but still.

  31. Sierra:

    I don't want to generalize every Ethopian because it would be ignorant to think that all of them are the same, but most that I have met have a snide, over confident attitude like this woman. Like, they're better than black Americans. You can tell by the way she distinguished Africans slaves and said "west" African. Ethopians are usually raised that way to think other Africans/ Black Americans are lesser than. Anyways, she's been watching way too much television to think that a majority of blacks are like that. And to say that we want to adapt to other cultures because we don't have one, how about AMERICAN?! I am an American. I speak English,I pledge to the flag, pay taxes, and embrace American culture. My family has been here for more than 100 years and I can't claim my own country. I have to aspire to be something else…Complete BS. I love being a black AMERICAN and that is my CULTURE. I'm not from Africa, Haiti, or Puerto Rico. I'm black and I love it. Happy Black History month. and BTW, she needs to stop acting like all black women want Asian men just because she has one. They are at the COMPLETE bottom of the totem pole -_____- Asian women don't even want them.

  32. WarrenTrenton:

    Lol she needs to check herself before she starts trying to tear anyone else down. Ain't nobody stutting Asian men. Shit Asian women ain't stutting Asian men. Lol silly trick social debates ain't for kids.

  33. She:

    I couldn't have said this better!

  34. Soul Touch:

    I disagree on your point of other races trying to be like us…as stolen history has shown us, we are the alpha and omega. And further more, how do you explain tanning, butt implants, lip injections. It is my opinion that one does not want you to know your worth because they know your worth.

    There are bottom feeders of all races, we are people looking to them for example?

  35. @Chicha_Bonita:

    It's a white-owned that depicts us as desperate. Are you saying that everything the media depicts is true? Hell no! Media thrives off of depicting stereotypical images. Pick up any magazine geared towards white women, and you will see a cover-story offering tips to how to snag a man. This is the same for many blogs, books, and anything else. Look at the commercials. 9 out of 10, there's a white woman in it, selling some product, that is supposed to make her more attractive to men. We're not the ones who go to the plastic surgeon and buy cosmetic surgeries in bulk packages to attract men, but we're the most desperate? I think not

  36. Krys:

    She is really and ugly person on the inside. Who says shallow, swooping inaccurate bologna like that out loud? I'm calling INS on her and her whole crew. Miserable, unfulfilled low man on the totem pole trying to be relevant. Want a shallow stereotype? Ethiopians don't look like they are from the same tribe. You look inbred and often smell like adult diapers and spices. See how silly that was?

  37. @MsShaneice:

    If she wanted to down talk us, she should've kept it in her head. Don't talk shit behind a computer, if you can't back it up in the public. Yes, the world depicts us as bad or ignorant, but all of us aren't like Gucci Mane or Waka Flocka. Get your shit together lady. Just because you think we're not better than any other race doesn't give you the right to go in on us. B-tch, we're in sports, music, tv, news, the WHITE house, do i need to go on?

  38. Frieda:

    Chiefly among those lessons… she is the bad woman in her race.

  39. jaztheledgend:

    I thought I was under a rock or something until I read the comments… I have never hear a black woman.. that I have met, say they want an Asian man……ever… PLUS, I cant really take her seriously because she sounds like a arrogant ignorant person. She is doing nothing but generalizing and stereo typing. I would be a lie to say black american women have an excellent image, BUT, looks are deceiving. I wont go into details, but ill take the good with the bad and at the end of the day, I am a BLACK AMERICAN WOMAN and I wouldn't have it any other way…

  40. Mimi:

    "Don't aspire to be like us." Like us how? Stereotypically as in uneducated, underemployed, oversexualized. That's a stereotype and a notion of social construct or at least that's just you…

    "at least she's married"…dummy people get married and divorced all day. Married to what? Take being married off your list for now of goal and add self love and general lack of ignorance.

  41. @MelodiousMo:

    The only thing that really bothers me about this video is the authoritative position she takes and statistical data she throws about. Yes she entitled to her opinion but that IS all she has to offer.

  42. Lona:

    Crabs in a Barrel 2.0. Like people look at her with so much esteem. Respect and Equality for all. Happy Black History Month, Bi#&h!

  43. revemupman:

    Stop being mad ya'll she's telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help her God!

  44. AnnT:

    No, I'm said it was a perceived view in the end of the first sentence. Her arguments stems from a perceived view from the media.I didn't say we ARE desperate, I said that's our labeled perception from the media..
    White women are a majority, black women are a minority.
    Comparatively, we statistically have a higher percentage of unwed Black women because there are less of us. The percentage is lower for White women because there are more of them.

  45. @blasianFMA:

    And anyway, who made her Queen/Dr./Rev. "I know everything about black people and everything I say is true"?

    You said it yourself, she has a pompous ass attitude, and she's playing like she knows what she's talking about. All of the things that she mentioned were things that we as black people are ashamed to see ourselves. If you go to the person's youtube channel from which the video came, then you'll see plenty of examples of that. We can't deny that there are a lot of people out there that are "making us look bad." But we have to realize that we can't help the fact that people like the lady in the video aren't blessed enough to know some cool black americans. Poor her.

  46. @Kenster2076:

    Keep going because you haven't mentioned anything of true significance. Other than entertainment, what other aspect are other races are trying to be like us. We are viewed as coons by some people in the media. When someone is making a video, most people will generalize and make the mistake of saying all. Notice how she corrected herself by the end of the video where instead of saying all, she said most.

  47. AnnT:

    She looks like JigSaw for the "Saw" movies.
    Her under bite is so strong, I'm surprised she hasn't bitten off her upper lip already.

  48. @Kenster2076:

    Trying be like us physically is one thing, but we aren't leaders where it's important. Sure we maybe able to influence people of other races when it comes to fads, but we aren't accountable when it comes to electing the right people in local elections or participating in our children's schools.

  49. @Kenster2076:

    There's a point where the stereotype almost becomes a fact. Beyond the stats, you, MImi, may not be part of the ignorance in the culture. As for me, I see it where the people that are supposed to be educated, don't know how to take care of a community. In private conversations with blacks from other parts of the world, I've been told that we are closed minded. Yet my argument for them is that they aren't helping anything buy not injecting what they know in a positive view.

    The point about bringing marriage up is the fact that she's married. When the media point out that the majority of black woman aren't married, we need to take a step back and listen to the ones that are. No matter how crazy she sounds, look beyond the generalizations and take an honest look at how the stereotypes are affecting the view of our great race around the world.

  50. @Kenster2076:

    I wouldn't say the whole truth, but she makes very valid points.

  51. revemupman:

    Yea she's not telling the whole truth, but her points are valid. I see this everywhere with Black American woman in our society. And I'm a hatian man, so I feel what she is saying. These ladies on here aren't going to agree cause obviously she's talking about them lol.

  52. @hisprosody:

    WHAT THE FUCK IS SHE TALKING ABOUT!!!!!!!?????? I can't believe she really gives merit to her retarded ass thoughts. Girl, strop brushing your teeth with the sidewalk, then talk about desperation.

    Did she say "worser." And WHAT is she talking about asian's so much for? Girl…. bye.

  53. @Kenster2076:

    American Black women are everywhere, but not in the numbers where they should be. Just because she makes comments that are HER opinion doesn't mean she's wrong with what she's saying. The fact of the matter is this should be a wake up call for women to start acting like ladies and get your stuff together. We may not be like Gucci or Waka, but why are we promoting people like them instead of the woman that has her multiple degrees and owns her own corporation?

  54. @NaCho_Che:

    I blame Nicki Minaj.

  55. Brandy,IDntBlogH8:

    I try my BEST to try not to say hateful things on the blogs, BUT….

    She looks like the boy who played in "The Mask" (that movie when Cher played the mtr of a boy with a genetic anomaly)

  56. C.Blair:

    Did this food just say "worser"? Child Please!

  57. jamesa:

    *blank stare* ooooook ummmm this chic….I will say this I live in seattle and there is alot interracial dating going on and I have two friends that wanna date asian men, one friend thinks that asian men treat women better than a black men can(ignorant yes I know) and my other friend she don't discrminate love has no color lines in her mind, me personally I can't do it I loooove me some black men!! And this is why I don't like some african chicks they come off as soooo damn arrogant and act like they are sooo much better than us, Smh she needs to just go have a seat somwehre like now

  58. @Chocos_Kinks:

    She said "worser"

    I can't take anything else she said seriously.

    And besides, they fried her in the youtube comments anyways.

  59. Mr G!:

    i have nothing to say to this… what she was saying was SOO ridiculous!!

    black women want to be asian LFMAO!!! wow, just WOW!!

    though, i do give her props for being utterly shameless, and coming out sharing her ignorant views with us all (and i mean that sincerely)

  60. jnt.:

    Ugh bitch shut the fuck up!
    "Nobody aspires to be like Black Americans?!" Sit yo ass down!
    And I don't know any black woman that's checking for an Asian…BITCH BOO BYE!!

  61. @IntenseDesire:

    Other races & men kill me. You have no idea what it's like to be a Black Woman in America unless you're a Black woman in America. We are CONSTANTLY criticized, scrutinized, laughed at, and belittled, unless we're shaking our ass in a video.

    It pisses me off even more when it comes from other women, b/c women in general still suffer at the hands of Glass Ceiling politics…we have to fight hard to get on even playing ground ALL the time.

    Yes Black women can stand to grow, learn, prioritize better, BUT so could all of America…the shambles this country is in financially, health wise, relationship wise is not solely at the hands of EVERY Black woman in America…and ppl DAMN sure need to stop acting like it.

    If we magnified the ill shit that other races do as much as they magnify some of the ill behavior of SOME Black women…The country we live in would have us all killed. Anywaydoe I'm black, educated, hardworking, gorgeous, and not selling my soul for dick…so yea…I love my fellow black women!!!

  62. brit:

    stupid little agame troll. what the hell are you blabbering about. YOU are the one without a clue.

    why don't you go fix that fcked up country of yours before you run your mouth on african american women.

    african american are more emancipated in their tiny pinky than your whole country will ever be.

  63. Army Diva In Belgium:

    And to the lady in the video. Just FYI for you, here in Europe many of these men CAN'T STAND Africans!!! I have more than a few tell me that they can tell the difference between an African American female and an African female and they would NEVER do an African woman. Not saying its right, but it is what it is. As far as Asian men. When have we been checking for them? I can tell you this, when I was stationed in Korea they were jocking me and my homegirls too!!! In Iraq the same damn thing. You can't believe everything you see and hear in the media. There are bad apples in every race. I pay women like this no mind. Just because I can't trace my roots to east Africa/west Africa or any other Africa doesn't mean I am desperate and have no culture. You must live under a freaking rock if you can't see the influence of African American(men and women) has had on world culture. African Americans we have culture.

  64. hello:

    First,I am not even into dating. I am just in school minding my own business in this world. Dating is sooo far from my mind that people thin that I am a lesbian. She is sitting there on American soil and saying this mess as if she is better than anybody else. She is completely taking some of the videos that she is referring to and twisting it around. Also,she is saying MOST black women and we want to be Asian? Her statements are very broad and ignorant. She has not completed any studies. Dos she not know anything about her native land? How about a American women go onto Youtube and generalize Ethiopian woman? Most black American women aTheir re not good women" "Their very loud" We're rude and very loud. Is she fucking serious? I speak great English. People think that I am white(I know that it is sad,but it is true). When I talk to someone on the phone for a summer or anything that needs an interview,they meet me and their eyes bug out. If I meet a black girl who doesn't speak the best English,I am not going to think that they are stupid. I think that they never had the education . That is all that there is to it. I tutor and help the problem. I don;t go onto youtube and make it worse. Also,I see a good amount of foreign women bashing black women. Yes,I call it bashing because men are loud and whatever else she said about me as well. I bet she looks at black women and flips her hair and turns her nose. She judges too much. What a hateful bitch. Go back to where you come from and don't come back. She probably walks down the street and hears :nigger!!" and looks around and wonder who their talking to. She needs to Tiger Woods treatment. Tiger thought he was apart of the white boys club,but soon realized that it was a no no. No matter how great you talk or what school you've attended you'll always be a nigger. They don't care what country you're from.

  65. Army Diva In Belgium:

    You sit up in your video thinking you speakng truth when you are just speaking on ignorance. Where you getting your statistics from? Let me tell you this, I don't go by statistics, I go by experience. And in my experience WE as African American woman are some DESIRABLE women. I know this first hand!

  66. brit:

    jackie chan ass men! you brought me back to my seat with that one. bless you!

  67. brit:

    jackie chan ass men! you brought me back to my seat with that one. bless you!

  68. Nia:

    So, no one is going to mention how much she resembles "The Mask"? Fu** everything she is talking about. I want to discuss that shi*. Old flat face, smooshed nose, my nose and mouth move at the same time, I can read a teleprompter on my forehead ass Bit**. F everything she stands for.

  69. hello:

    I don't aspire to be married. I wish everyone would stop that bull$%#@ about black women being desperate of a man. Nope,I DON'T. I would like a nice guy to spend my life with,but with this divorce rate? Honey no!! I don't have to be married to be happy with a man. I don't want kids either. OMGAWG I know right. I know 60 year old people who were never married,but have been together since the mashed potato. Marriage os not onmy to-do list. It would be nice,but my health,family,peace,education and my money is first. She is not cultured she is full of shit. I go to school withe smuts liker her and they bring the hood out of me,but I just get my ET on and phone hone and get it off of my chest. I don't know how many times an exchange student has asked me how many kids that I have. They want to hand out with me because I am not "hood" Honey,I was partly raised in the hood before we moved,I wasn't born in the 90210 zip code. Don't let the speech fool you. Some of these men and women from other countries think that American blacks are useless.

  70. future:

    An african woman talking about black women… is she saying shes desperate as well? I’ll be honest I’m not listening to the video because I know its bullshit. Why doesnt she talk about how desparate Ethiopian ppl are for food? Thats what she needs to make a video about because from I see they dont have the basic means to live. I’m so sick of everybody trying to tell black women what they need to do to maintain a black man its not even funny. I’m tired of ppl trying to talk for every black woman, stay in your lane and worry about your own shit. they talk about black woman as if we’re an epidemic or something.

  71. hello:

    Uncle Ruckus is her daddy and Clayton Bigsby is her brother.

  72. Ngozie:

    I haven’t watched the video because I already know it’s a waste of my time (or read the comments) so if I’m wrong I will glady take my statement back. But from jia’s preview, it seems as if this woman is measuring success on if we can keep a NON black man as if that’s better then a black man (but your preference is your preference) which is enough to rule this video out as a waste of my time before even pressing play

  73. Army Diva In Belgium:

    I am so tired of people trying to tell African what we need or how undesirable we are. Thats a load of shit. I'm in the military and this is my 3rd time overseas. (Korea, Iraq and Belgium) Please believe me when I say this, men of other races and ehtnicities LOVE African American women. Trust and believe. People of other races tell you they don't just so they won't have any competition. And believe it or not Non African American men in America love us too!!! I have never had an issue with a man not wanting me because I am African American. I can't get these European men off of me.

  74. Uglycleanbroke:

    Everyone already went in….but I just have to speak my piece anyway.

    1. I thank this woman for saying what I have felt when coming in contact with African women. Most of them have a very snobbish attitude as if being African makes them "better." I am not loud or rude, and I speak proper English, so why do they still act that way toward me?

    2. How is she criticizing Black Americans' inability to speak proper English, while she had the nerve to say "worser"? Can we say, "Pot, meet kettle"?

    3. She can say what she wants about being a "first or second generation" African, but when she walks down the street, any other race will look at her as Black, just like the rest of us.

    4. I don't even know WHERE she was going with that "Black women want to be Asian" theory. Just because Nicki Minaj calls herself a Harajuku Barbie does not mean that we all want to be Asian. Which brings me to my next point: where in the hell did she get her statistics that over 50% of Black women are not "good women"? I'm usually willing to hear all sides in debates, but any time you bring up some left-field figure that you made up in your mind, your opinion is worthless to me from that point forward.

  75. @CasadelaOrange:

    I’m convinced she is just trolling the internet, no one can bee this stupid to categorize an entire race based on a few people but whatever..i got a few comments i wanna make in response to some things she said:

    “Black women are not good women.”

    To make comments like “black women aren’t good women” not only destroys the rights black women have to their own culture, person and body, but it blatantly tries to push an already developing idea that black women are less desirable. You see how that’s problematic? How can you say asian men (or men in general) don’t like black women because they are desperate, yet can’t see how saying “black women are not good women” creates said desperation? It’s a cycle. Enforcing an idea that black women are less desirable, creates desperation, which in turn creates less desirability.
    I could give an entire rant on media representations of black sexuality, particularly black female sexuality, and the racial, sexist undertones in her comments (yes, women say sexist shit too) but, I won’t because already this post is too fuckin’ long.

  76. Allergic 2 BS:

    @Marie, "I feel that if you're upset about all the things she's saying, then maybe she struck one of your nerves?" I'm sorry, WHAT???????

    NO, folks (myself include) are upset , because we're smart! I mean seriously, how could any SMART woman of color not be offended/upset? This ignorant, stupid b*tch is basically painting us all w/ 1 brush, calling us ghetto & desperate etc; DID YOU NOT JUST WATCH THIS^ VIDEO? AND IF SO, WTH WERE U DOING WHILE THE B*TCH WAS TALKING? PERFORMING OPEN-HEART SURGERY? I have every RIGHT 2 stand up 4 myself, when a clueless, ignorant, no fact having, self-hating "NO IT ALL" is spewing all of this untrue BS about me, & will MOST DEF continue 2 do so, because if I don't speak up, then who the f*ck will? You {*rotflmfao*}? Hell, the only mouth piece, spokes person Black Women
    have these days, are BLACK WOMEN! Ain't nobody else defending us, nor showing black women from A-L-L walks of life, but black women.

  77. @CasadelaOrange:

    “Black Americans don’t have a culture so they have to seek it out in other cultures”

    Does not this same argument apply with white people? Yoga… henna, manga, salsa dancing, tai-chi, karate, trips to the phillipines to “find themselves”(you know when they get that year off between high school and college?..and then again between college and work…yeah, who does that?)…etc., etc., etc. Yet somehow when black people do it it’s denying their culture? Get the fuck outta here. It’s called having interests, creating memorable experiences and learning something new.

    I wonder if she thinks her husband doesn’t like his culture since he married an ethiopian-american instead of an asian American?

    I have more to say but this is long as is. So, to general consensus of this video is :

    “ …. SIT’cho ass down “

  78. @CasadelaOrange:

    “Black Americans don’t have a culture so they have to seek it out in other cultures”

    Does not this same argument apply with white people? Yoga… henna, manga, salsa dancing, tai-chi, karate, trips to the phillipines to “find themselves”(you know when they get that year off between high school and college?..and then again between college and work…yeah, who does that?)…etc., etc., etc. Yet somehow when black people do it it’s denying their culture? Get the fuck outta here. It’s called having interests, creating memorable experiences and learning something new.
    I wonder if she thinks her husband doesn’t like his culture since he married an ethiopian-american instead of an asian American?

    I have more to say but this is long as is. So, to general consensus of this video is :
    “ …. SIT’cho ass down “

  79. Allergic 2 BS:

    ….And while we're on subject, "Why must "we" as black women get upset everytime somebody criticizes us?" B-E-C-A-U-S-E EVERY F*CKING TIME WE TURN AROUND, SOMEBODY'S ALWAYS COMING AT US SIDEWAYS, BASICALLY TELLING US HOW WORTHLESS WE SUPPOSEDLY ARE! Apparently you're not a regular viewer/reader, because if u were, than u'd know that we've come across thousands & thousands of post from THIS site alone, w/ a bunch of stupid ignorant self-hating mf's telling us how "worthless we r….i.e., Yung Berg, Mistah Fab, Slim Thug (you name it). And that ain't even half of it! So hell da f*ck yeah we pissed, & NOT because this ugly ass b*tch (who's upper lip irritates the piss out of me), "struck a nerve," this shamoo, sea-beast ain't strike sh*t! It's because she LITERALLY just joined a looooooong line of un-informed "no it all" mf's, who CLEARLY don't know shit about us at all! So HELL YEAH i'm pissed!

    "Struck a nerve" my ass!

  80. JamieLime:

    Like someone on YouTube once said, you can get black relationship degrees at your local CVS, Kroger, Walmart and Granmammy Phaedra Parks General Store. Lord, have mercy.

  81. Marie:


  82. Marie:

    Okay it may be null and void but like you said it's HER OPINION. You can't change that whether you like it or not. I understand where she's coming from with a few things she said but you're right she shouldn't put us all in a box.

  83. Marie:


  84. WarrenTrenton:

    Okay I just re-watched the video:

    1) Why oh why is her ass bringing up Asian men? White men I can see but Asian men? Nobody is checking for them.

    2) Why the fuck is she so concerned with what we do? She by her own admission is not an African American and she is not married to one so why the interest?

    3) Black women want to be like Asians? What the fuck? What black woman do you know that gives two shits about what Asians are doing?

    4) The only point she had is that blacks as a whole aren't succeeding as well as we should be but that's where it ends.

  85. Southerngyrl*:

    What is the true significance? We should aspire to be like asians because they're all smart? WRONG, but they do have high rates of suicide in their community. IWe should aspire to be like white people? How? Hispanics? What and how? Please list.

    I really want to know the significance. Though, you do need to stop feeding any to stereotypes and that old eugenics bullshit.

  86. jax:


  87. Southerngyrl*:

    Girl, that is all races, and has shit to do with emulation. That has more to do with the class system than anything else.

  88. Southerngyrl*:

    Sweetie, I know many black women who are married just to say they are. I am happy by my damn self. If I get married, fine. If I don't, fine. I am not going to die just because I don't have a husband.

    Real talk, I have less drama than my married friends. Thanks..

  89. Southerngyrl*:

    Who says we are not? You?

    Then you need to get out more. It seems you, like her, take sweeping generalizations from 60 minutes specials and apply that to an entire race of women. You need to get your stuff together.

  90. Southerngyrl*:

    You haitian?

    LOL okay. That explains some of your earlier posts. I get it now.

  91. Southerngyrl*:

    Tell em. I've been to Europe a few times. Each time…damn.

    I didn't even address that argument because I know that to be a lie.: )

  92. shannwithana:

    Hold up. HOLD UP. Don't we have a BLACK AMERICAN First Lady of the United States. Don't MOST WOMEN aspire to be as ambitious, intelligent, and stylish as her. Was she NOT an "eligible women" who got scooped by our CURRENT PRESIDENT and LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD.

    What the hell is this girl talking about? And why, oh why, is she hating so hard. Clearly a black girl stole her man, bike, something… I really feel sorry for her. Her future will not be bright having attitudes like that towards a population (Black women) growing so quickly in strength and power. Where does she work?? I'm sure there's a black woman in charge that will have her ass fired from the RACIST, IGNORANT rant.

    Thank you.

  93. Rhapsody:

    Thank you for your expert opinion on something you know nothing about. Thank you for saying "Um" and "Ok" over 70% of your video. I see EXACTLY why I should take your opinion to heart. lmao

  94. @The_MJF:

    Her bottom teeth and hairline bother me.

  95. shelly~:

    There's nothing wrong with Asian men in my opinion. As long as the guy treated me right and all of that, I'd date him. I don't see them as being on the bottom of anything.

  96. plaidstripes:

    so wait, that must mean there are no Black/asian people running around? Oh.

  97. LetsGetitt:

    Everything this young Ethiopian woman has stated is the truth!!!!!!!!Black woman are the worstt and the sad shit is this is a African woman is telling you whores this. Black women everywhere on television, in the streets, online/ ghetto gaggers everywhere is just embarrassing our people. You can’t debate the fact we are in the best country in the world and still at the fucking bottom because black bitches can’t get it right!!!Our backbone the black womannnnnn can’t get this shit right!!!!You can’t really blame the men because shit they came from your ass black woman!!!!You conditioned these young boys to be doing what they out here doing today!!!Can’t get mad at this ethiopian women she telling the truth . And it hurtttttttt.Thats why yall all on her shit

  98. omfg_wtf_itsMo:

    Flat lined at (Who's upper lip irritates the piss out of me) LMBO

  99. omfg_wtf_itsMo:

    LMFAOOO slap chop though .? Hahaha toooo funny .!

  100. omfg_wtf_itsMo:

    ASIAN though .? Like really miss…….REALLY .?
    It would have made a lot more sense to me (Not really) if she would have said WHITE .!
    But asian .?
    Even though i am a lesbian i never EVER thought to date an asian man or woman .!
    I LOVE my AMERICAN culture and wouldnt trade it for the world it is who i am .!
    So all that bullshits for the birds .!

  101. LAs:

    OKAAAY?Can someone please tell me where I as a half Jamaican half African American woman stand in all this?She said she wasn't talking about Jamaican women.I'm from Jamaican and African American union what does what she said mean to me?Am I half good half bad?

    I mean this chick is nuts.

  102. Smile_920:

    This video is funny..i see some of her points like urban decay and how some ppl may view us but..all her points are’nt vaild at all
    First of all just because someone explores another culture doesnt mean they want to be that culture… all theses White American celebs practice budism yet none of them are trying to be Indian .. its called learning expanding your knowledge..

    second: I hope she knows when her white and asian neighbors see her every morning they dont go o0o she’s ethiopian..she’s not like those american blk women..they dont give a damn what country she’s from she is still black (she has a little self hatered going on)

    third: if she would use the internet for more then just spreading igronance she would know that plenty of American black women have made great contributions to america and even Africa… From slavery even until today black women are excelling in plenty of areas

    forth: @Let’s get it.. there are balck women in college in the corp world who are not ghetto…gang banggers ..who are from two parent house holds who have common sense

    its a video i mean we cant get but so mad b/c as long as worldstar hip hop ois still around this is what some ppl will think
    I just wish black ppl from other countrie would stop coming to america thinking ppl view them as “the other blk ppl” when they pull you guys over they dont go o0o you from haiti or your from Africa ..yea keep driving htye go o0o0 your blk. And women from the islands and africa have some very nasty attitudes too…some of the means old ladies i’ve had to work with are from the islands or africa yea she gets some points but she gotta come a little harder with better facts..Happy black history month

  103. iammacktyson:

    She looks like…….

  104. LAs:

    Half Jamaican lady speaking here.I think what this chick said is bullshit and a lie.

    1.The main black women after Asian men are Jamaican and African women as they live amongst more Asian men than black American women do.

    I believe Asian men in America are a even smaller minority than black men.

    2.How can she tell a Jamaican, Haitian, or more recent African immigrant women from an African American woman when 1.There are black immigrants whov'e been in this country for many a few generations and have themselves assimilated to American black culture.You can not tell the difference between my Jamaican side of the family and my African American side of the family.The Jamaican side don't speak with an accent.

  105. LAs:

    Look at Angel lola luv she is Ethiopian and has assimilated to black american culture.

    Also the woman fails to mention the fact that

    1.Many Ethiopians have been starving for years

    2.Genital mutilation of women is rampant in Ethiopia

    3.Man of the people are not medically advanced so many women in Ethiopia have fistula births

    4.Sexism and abuse of women happens a lot in Ethiopia as well

    This is the image of Ethiopians

    Considering all this we could look at her being married to an Asian man as her trying to escape a bad situation herself

  106. LAs:

    Typical new age hating ass nazi n word.
    It's mighty sad when black men like yourself start talking a lot like their own oppressors.
    lying and distorting history and the truth just like the nazi's.

    I will say that I am glad that you will not prosper in life and the white man putting his foot in your neck is always going to be your reward.

    You kick people you perceive as weak while they are down and you look up and someone has their foot on your neck ouch!

    What goes around comes around

  107. omfg_wtf_itsMo:

    Her youtube channel is akat042001 and the comments on the video is obsurd .! And the things she says in the comments are just…..SMH

  108. chef:

    I'm not going to judge her appearance or voice mannerisms even though I could very easily. It seems her views on black women are based on her own negative experiences with black women. Its very judgmental although I don't think all of it is false it is wrong to judge a whole culture of women based on negative experience you had with a couple of people. When you live in a glass house don't throw stones.

  109. hointervention:

    What kills me about black people that are not American is that they act like everything is 100% where they from. If everything was kosher in their homeland, why are they here?

  110. Hrsparks:

    The only thing I can agree with her on is the fact that we do not have any traditions or sense of culture because our ancestor's were taken away from their villages. I don't agree with anything else she has to say though.

  111. LAs:

    That's a LIE.

    We have jazz.rock n roll soul funk
    Numerous inventors and inventions.
    We have our own history.
    We have had two of the first black billionaire women in the world.
    We have our own unique names,that people refer to as ghetto.
    Names where it's actually two names put together.
    We've got a black American first lady.
    We also have ways of finding out where our ancestry came from through dna and we can travel back to those places to learn about our ancestry.

  112. @Kenster2076:

    The reality of things is that if we did promote the right type of people and and aspire to be like these type of people, we as a culture would be in a much better place. We wouldn't talk about how things have eroded our communities. Sure you can be happy because that's you. You're a part of a collective that despite your happiness isn't shared by all. I'm not generalizing since I'm part of the community that's trying to make things better not only for Blacks, but all people.

  113. @Kenster2076:

    There are a lot of people that don't know their history nor will they take the time to find out. Sure we have an African American first lady, but ask a regular woman about what college she went to and what type of job she had before going to the white house and you will find that some don't know. These same people will cuss you out and talk about other things to defend the fact they don't know what Blacks have contributed to this great country. In fact, if you look at how people have reacted to this post, you'll find that they won't admit to the truth she speaks, but only about how wrong she is with her broad generalizations and the way she looks.

  114. Leah:

    say "ok" ONE MORE DAMN TIME!…… LMAO

  115. Xx.Lovely_Libra.xX:

    omg LMAOOOO. Too funny. She IS one funny looking bitch.

  116. EbonyLolita:

    *Sigh* Listen……….. if you're BLACK & you were born in America. YOU ARE BLACK AMERICAN. Now my father is Haitian & my mother is SOUTHERN so where would Ms. Ethiopia put ME!!! There is NO Black Women Asian Man agenda *ThrowsUpHands* She's only had experiences w/ "Certain" type of Blacks b/c she wanted to fulfill her STEREOTYPES. This is a class issue that she has. I can't with the fuckery of her or this video *Sigh*
    I HATE when Blacks from other areas do this…. Oh I'm not like "THEM" b/c I'm from "HERE" F'outta here!!! We ARE ALL BLACK!!! The only thing that distinguishes us are education/class/lifeexperience. Now…. when she has a daughter she will be looked at as BLACK AMERICAN!! WHY??? Because she was born in America and the world will see her as BLACK unless she's so pale she can "pass" Something tells me Ms. Ethiopia is the type of women who is NOT grounded in Black Pride & will push her daughter to pass.

  117. MzPW:

    I'm okay with criticsm. If I'm not taking advantage of the educational system, call me out. If I'm pissing away my future chasing a man, call me out. If I'm a poor example to my children, by all means, let me know.

    But please….don't dog me out because my "people" are not like your people. Don't try to put my culture down based upon some ridiculous stereotypes.

    Personally, it sounds to me like she was hurt because that very same Black American woman she speaks so….fondly…of was the one that stole away her precious Asian man, leaving her ever-so-proud Ethiopian self alone, angry, and forced to face the realization that she ain't as great as she seems. Tough.

  118. WellDamn24:

    I got this message when I tried to go to her YT channel "USBl05 has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations of our Community Guidelines." But somehow we can still see her videos.

    Chick hates Black folks. All her videos are of ghetto Black folks. She's special. Maybe she hates Black folks because she never got along with us. Who knows.

    I'm bi-cultural (African and African American parents) so when I say that she's culturally confused, please believe me. I've seen it before. Brown skinned, but she doesn't belong anywhere. She thinks she's too good for Brown people, but she isn't accepted by the man and her family that she's f8ckin'. So basically she found someone who she could dogg (ghetto Black folks) and she's making it her purpose in life.

  119. MzPW:


    Personally, I believe calling her out on her ignorance and using her stupidity as an example of what not to become when growing up would probably do more in this battle for respect that just "letting things slide"….just an opinion though….

  120. PDeuce:

    Oh my Lawdiness, hold the phone. I wasn't even halfway down the end of this scroll bar, and already some Black man is defending a woman debasing Black AA Women. I like how you guys try to Blacksplain shit when it comes down to hating on us. "Oh Slim Thug didn't mean it that way!". I'm tired of every Black man and everyone else in America trying to pacify the Black woman when she's been insulted.

    At least she's married?Maybe some of us DON'T want to get married. What kind of significance did THAT remark have? Are you trying to throw that in BW's face or what.

    Ok, the next time the White racists decide to say some dumbass shit about Black men don't come crying to us, demanding that we participate inn outrage and protest ,in spite of the fact many of you oppress US through racist misogyny. She knows herself and her culture? All the more reason her privileged ass should shut the flying hell up, and stop speaking as though she KNOWS what its like to be us. I don't go around barking about Black Hispanics this and Black Hispanics that. Races don't aspire to be like us because we are an opressed minority. Duh! And yes, I take the word "all" literally, like any intelligent person should.


  121. Vickyyy doe .:

    LMAOOO . Yes, bxtch looks like she can open three cans of tomatoes .

    Bottle opener teeth smh .

  122. Vickyyy doe .:

    Hannibal lecter bottom teeth smh .

    And she has a cheek to make a video about black women ? she needs to make one complaining about a dental plan .

  123. Vickyyy doe .:

    That child has more identities than a person with dual passports .

  124. vickyyy doe .:

    Yeah she's not good at arguing .

    She needs to argue about getting a dental plan ; but I can tell that failed *looks at her teeth and shudders*

  125. Army Diva In Belgium:

    I have to beat them off, LOL. I just don't understand the ignorance. Even in America, I have had men of many different ethnicities and nationalities tell me how beautiful I am and how attractive I am. Maybe you and I just don't have these crazy problems attracting men. I date both in and out my race with no problem. I don't know where this chick is getting her info, but like I said I don't go by whats reported I go by experience and my experience has beem good. Did I mention I am from GA and them southern men of non african american ethnicity love me too!!! :)

  126. @AsidKisses:

    So I guess from this it is safe to assume that all Ethiopian women are weak punks because she show'll snatched her account down! Couldn't handle the viral ass kickin' from these black women huh??

  127. Brooklyn:

    She looks Somalian..

  128. Truth be told:


    what ethiopian language does she speak?
    has anyone seen her speaking any ethiopian language?

  129. Allergic 2 BS:


    “Typical new age hating ass nazi n word.
    It’s mighty sad when black men like yourself start talking a lot like their own oppressors.
    lying and distorting history and the truth just like the nazi’s.

    I will say that I am glad that you will not prosper in life and the white man putting his foot in your neck is always going to be your reward.

    You kick people you perceive as weak while they are down and you look up and someone has their foot on your neck ouch!

    What goes around comes around….

    CO-SIGN 1 zillion%! I couldn’ve said it better myself!

  130. Allergic 2 BS:

    I-on know why she take the video down….If u can’t take the heat, get the f*ck out the kitchen B*TCH! I guess she couldn’t take the heat. Black women too much 4 you, huh? That’s how we do….We may have our little petty cattyness between us from time 2 time, but when it’s all said & done, if you come at us, b*tch, united, we coming back you a trillion times HARDER! Like I said b4, ALL WE GOT IS EACHOTHER….Which is sad, but on the other hand, it makes us THAT much stronger!

    Black Women Rock (f*ck w/ every1 else talking about)!!!!!!!

  131. @Jaiizwaii:

    she looks malnutrioned..she needs to be takins dietary supplements and worry about ethiopia…

  132. nellboogie:

    She is trying to backtrack now…

  133. WarrenTrenton:

    Lol Granmammy Phaedra Parks General Store!


  134. WarrenTrenton:

    Her punk ass got scared and then called herself getting enlightened. Silly trick…..

  135. @blasianFMA:

    Why does she look like the Crypt Keeper in that still shot?

  136. Kukojin:

    What ever to this chick. Sounds like another African who thinks of themselves as better than us. Why are we always trying to embrace the motherland, when they don't embrace us? I am in a relationship with an Asian woman, but I love and respect my Black female sisters. Why is Black viewed as so damn ngeative in the world? Are people too damn stupid not to one-dimensionalize any group of people?

  137. Dana:

    Yes black women have baggage, just like everyone else. My question is, where did you get your numbers from? 50% of black woman are desperate…really? That means, 5 out of 10 black woman I know are stupid, cannot talk correctly, and are just overall bad people (pause for a mental count) Nope, that stat is wrong. Next, do you know any black American Women? Right, didn't think so. So all this judgement is based on your hate and disregard. Okay, next, 'worser' is not a word….If you are going to slam another person or an entire race, please speak properly. This really bothers me because this is how I'm perceived, me with one degree and a master's in the process, me raised by a good family, me not from the hood but from the country and side note, I know plenty black ladies that came from the hood and are making it work. Another side note, I will take the dangerous part though, I'm dangerous to the ignorant people like you because I negate everything you think. Just saying.

  138. collected:

    see i could be all ignorant
    i really want to…like
    You're talking about African American women, we live in America and we have American Culture Related Problems…(not validating any of your dumbass remarks)

    Your People From Ethiopia they have worse problems, so why you worried bout what I'm doin wastin time on youtube, Heffer you could be helping your own people.

  139. Steve:

    amazing, simply amazing.

  140. holamamacita:

    I really just died laughing at the first comment which states the obvious LOL but I'm mad the video is no longer available so I couldn't see what she was talking about…ah well…


  141. Stacey:

    Black women can CERTAINLY have a successful marriage…my parents have been married 30 years…my grandparents will be celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary in October. So that is what it is. The reality is that most black women have chosen to thrive in their careers and academic success vs becoming stay at home moms and housewives. In my parents and grandparents day that was very popular…but in 2011 you may not see as many black women stepping into the role of wives but what you ARE seeing is more black female entreprenuers, politicians, business women, doctors, lawyers, CEOs…etc…. The rate of college educated women is higher than ever. Don't fool yourself…the black woman is more influencial than you realize.

  142. Southerngyrl*:

    What people should we (as an entire race and gender, according to you) aspire to be like?

    Now, since you want to talk about the erosion of communities can we at least debate the place that history has had on our communities as well? You know since you have this great knowledge of black communities and black history you should know how it all fits in a historical context, right?

  143. Southerngyrl*:

    There are a lot of people in fucking GENERAL who don't know their history. There are a lot of AMERICANS who don't know their history so your assumptions about black people again are there to feed your own negative self image. fool. SHIT, in England there was a poll where the majority believed Sherlock Holmes to be a real damn person. Seriously. You are pissing me off.

  144. Bri:

    wow this bitch is too funny! where is this on youtube???

  145. @DgldnRvn368:

    I would love to know who this chick is. It's so funny that the YouTube video was taken down and the person who posted it was blocked for accusations of copyright infringement by a person unknown.

    Honey (who ever you are), if you are bold enough to post these thoughts on the web, don't be a coward when you start getting angry responses.

  146. judith:

    i was feeling you until you started dissing Asian men. if we wanted to break stereotypes placed upon us, it is hypocritical to inflict them upon others……just sayin.

  147. @Kenster2076:

    Hence the reason I can simply debate with you calmly without using foul language. Do you think cussing makes you feel superior? What really makes you think I have a negative self image if I can openly talk about the problems this community faces? I'm not talking about AMERICANS, I'm specifically talking about the Black community.

  148. Aaron:

    Anyone who takes offense to this video needs to take a deep look into themselves… bcuz if u have never felt any of things she is talking about then why are your responses so emotional? when ever someone goes off on a hateful rant like this they are most often speaking to thier own insecurities… so instead of bashing her offer some help… or just be an example in ur daily life that shows that she is wrong, she wont see it, but someone will… the only thing these hateful comments do is put u on her level, and prove her right… pride pride pride…thats all i see on this page is pride… the deadliest of all sins

  149. istheTVon:

    This video was a mess. The apology was a HOT ass mess. It really bothered me that she talked so bad about Black African American women to only go back and say that she considers herself black. Girl Bang! So before you acted like you were royalty and African American women were peasants until your Black friend told you your shit was offensive? I cannot, will not!

  150. @ChrissygotJokes:

    Another ignorant comment. The reason why BW are on her shit is because we get talked about from EVERY CORNER of the gotdamn earth, and quite frankly, WE TIRED OF THE BULLSHIT ,MAYNE. Stop making BLACK women the ONLY ONE in the relationship responsible for the child rearing. It takes TWO people to make a baby. Maybe if some of these Black men (not all) would stop dumpster-diving for hoes and HELP take care of their wife and kids they wouldn't turn out so bad. And the funny thing about that is, you faux Mens Right Activist type of fuckdoodle ,braindead morons cry FOUL when the WOMAN gets FULL CUSTODY of the child after the divorce. Well if you would SPEND TIME WITH YOUR FUCKING CHILDREN and SITTING on your asses or CREEPING elsewhere you would've had a FAIR SHOT at getting full custody. A father is only an important role to a man if he WANTS it to be important,so let's stop the bullshit. She's married bruh, stop sucking on her chocolate titie and get a life!

  151. @ChrissygotJokes:

    And here we go again,another man.
    Why is it when someone has something bad to say about Black women on the videosphere or the blogosphere, ya'll come out of the woodworks like cockroaches?

    Just like I don't need to educate Whites on Blacks, I am not required or obligated to "help" her out. It's not about pride, it's about not being disrespected, which is what half of you men seem to fail to comprehend every time a Black woman is insulted. I get it though. You EXPECT us to be insulted because you guys think we aren't shit, so it's no skin off your backs whenever someone talks about us. And I don't want to help her,and I am sure she doesn't wanna help me. Hell since she is so much better than my caramel ass , SHE would be the one being TOO PROUD to accept help from a peasant like me.

    Too long,didn't read?

  152. Scarlett:

    This was honestly so offensive because this is only a selected handful of "black american women". First of all this ignorant bitch is black herself. It doesnt matter if you come from america or over seas or if your arent as dark as a majority of black people YOU ARE BLACK. To say all these rude and disrespectful things about people of your own descent is the most ignorant thing ive ever seen in my life. Inter-racial dating can sometimes be for financial purposes to some people but get real, maybe it is simply because they love each other and share similar interests and dont pay attention to skin color. I really dont know who decided to marry her unattractive ass but they obviously dont know what kind of fucked up person she is on the inside. I can honestly say i hope this bitch gets hers in the end.

  153. tia:

    Uh, what the f@ck are you talking about? Now Jesus is part of this convo? SO what if people have something negative to say, are you suggesting we should sit back and "let it fly"? Thats the dumbest sh!t I've heard all day, anyone has the right to defend themselves against FALSE accusations whether it "changes" the person's mind or not! That has EVERYTHING to do with having high self-esteem!

  154. tia:

    Omfg ur comments are murderous! Lmaooooo

  155. J-T:

    "You EXPECT us to be insulted because you guys think we aren't shit, so it's no skin off your backs whenever someone talks about us."

    Talk about selfish, and stereotypical.

  156. Lindsey:

    I'm just going to use this analogy Marie, because you brought it into the equation with the Jesus comment. What are Christians taught to do? Stand up for their beliefs, in spite of persecution, they are taught to PREACH the gospel in the effort to save(educate) Non-believers, because the only way to absolve someone from ignorance is to teach them better. So, yes her opinion is her opinion, but that doesn't mean that people that know better/differently shouldn't express this to her. Afterall, that is OUR opinion,which we have every right as her to express.

  157. Denv:

    How does she have point w/ her stating that other races don't want to be like us, when American culture is Black culture, how many Asian, White, Hispanic kids are so into hip hop culture and not just in this country but around the world. If other races have objections to Black culture it is primarily because of the stereotypical images of Black people in the media, while all of the good things that Black people have accomplished go unrecognized or only recognized during February…so your notion that no other races want to be like us is unfounded and you should have more pride in being Black, smdh

  158. Denv:

    I said the same thing!!!!!…In every single video and article I have ever seen or read where someone is bashing or stereotyping black women, there has ALWAYS been some black man ready and willing to co-sign, that's a damn shame

  159. Denv:

    Are Ethiopian women doing that much better than Black women or no?….don't worry I''ll wait -___-

  160. miller:

    I am an Ethiopian man and I am totally disagree with her. Not a single evidence can prove her saying. Not a single Ethiopian woman likes to date Asian man. I can assure you 100% that Ethiopian women prefer Black American man than any Asian, not racism but a fact.

  161. GodsChosen1:

    My goodness SMH. This woman is the one with the issues. For someone to take that much time to think of so much negative garbage about a race of women. I am an american woman who happens to be black. Last I checked God made us all to be fruitful and multiply. She and her mixture of races and the fact that I am considered black doesn't make her any different from me. I am black, strong , beautiful and very proud. Yes I have struggled as Asian and any other race. The greatest thing about my struggle, is I have learned to pray and even love for ignorant people who sets out to spread hurt and hate just as this woman. I am disturbed by those who even thought to repeat or re post such hate with all the hurt and pain in today's society. The last thing we need is more negativity to add to idol minds. Lord help us all! Keep living my black sisters and encourage our sisters of another race to do the same.

  162. MzPW:

    @ tia….thank you. I was kinda wondering myself where the Lord came into this convo. If anything, wouldn't He be kind of annoyed at the ignorance and negativity spread against His children?

  163. MzPW:

    Hmmmm…you do realize the man who conducted the first open-heart surgery WAS a Black man, right? Various original engineering inventions were brought to life, in a sense, through Black creators. We've set the standards in many sports (other than basketball)…..heck, even signs of the first civilization were found in Western Africa.

    Point: we absolutely ARE leaders in areas where it matters. I believe it's safe to say the the most powerful person in a group of people will probably the person with the least 'amount of friends', correct?

  164. Betty:

    She sounds disturbed. She needs help. Seriously, and like some others said here, some girl took her man. She is angry ranting something that does not make sense.

  165. Aaron:

    Feeling disrespected is all about pride actually. If it didnt effect your pride you wouldn't feel disrespected. I understand that you dont appreciate the things she has to say, i dont think any black american woman appreciated that, but it is how you respond that is most important. All i was saying in my post was that the best way to respond to this isn't bashing the ethiopian woman, how does that make u any different than her? instead be an example that says, NO not all black american women are like that! by the things you said in your response i can tell you took it personal. I wish you could see how truly great and powerful you actually are! if you could see your true beauty than you wouldn't let people like this get to you, however somewhere inside of you, u believe some of what she said. thats why it hurts you so much. and i dont think you arent shit, i think you are THEE shit! Chrissy as one human being to another, i love you, and you are capable of so much greatness, you are not a peasant, you are a beautiful creation! and i hope one day you can come to see your true inner beauty and worth so you can share it with the rest of us.

  166. james:

    she need jesus!!!!!!! am ethiopian am disagree what she say's we have nothing but love to everybody

  167. james:

    u know what because of one ignorant wommen sayingsuch stupid thing u dont have to insoulting whole ethiopian u dont know nothing abt it you only watch bbc or cnn so dont go there

  168. tedy:

    you and her are same non educated ignorant u we never been starve for years the onlyu know watcing bbc news theyy keep showing the same over n over making money by our name first google and get some knowlageabt ehiopian before u say anything stupid

  169. ruby:

    THANK YOU for not generalizing all Ethiopians that way because we're not that way. This woman has no idea what she's talking about; don't listen to her. I'll admit, Ethiopians are proud of where they come from, but they don't show that pride by degrading other people. She is just ignorant.

  170. T.T:

    I'm a black american female and I must say that I don't think the majority of black women are good, quality women. There are sooooooooo many reasons why, but most weren't raised well at all and it shows. They have unbelievably low self-esteem which demonstrates the mothers did not invest in them much. Not only that, growing up in incomplete homes has an unbelievable bad affect on girl children that's why most black women are or appear so promiscuous. Always showing everything and most are in such disgusting shape, there's nothing anyone wants to look at. Even if they were in great shape, they need to learn how to look and act modestly. Modesty is what is respectable and desirable. They also are unrefined and don't care about being respected because if they did, they wouldn't have babies unmarried. They need to develop self respect and appreciation and it comes with being fit and thin. This promotes discipline and a healthy lifestyle. Healthy habits show. Once they get their bodies in order, other things will fall into place but they really need work in terms of values – personal and family.

  171. T.T.:

    I also think black women need to stop looking at criticism an attack for being black. There's a reason why our community is in a disaster and it's because we let things go BIG TIME. Listen to what people are saying and ensure you do better individually. Most people have valid points because I see for myself.

  172. Jerry:

    What's going on in America has it's purpose. If you did the research you would find that the curruption of black women was a planned attack. That's why even though women have rights, only black women are to take advantage of it. Soon when the war breaks out, I wonder who are you going to run to. You might not want to believe it, but in your position you're as good as dead. She's like Aunt Ruckus. Lol wit a shiny forehead. Hate to diss but this angers me. I could say alot about Ethopian women, but why diss a race when you could research and find out why they are as they appear.

  173. maha amaan:

    I'm Ethiopian myself, and I have been subjected to all types of harassment, ignorance, and discrimination by BW, but I learned that an eye for an eye will leave everyone blind. I also believe that it's because of AA people's struggle that I'm here with rights and freedom fully protected, and I wish could say that about my own country. It seems like she might have been dissed by BW herself to make such stupid comments. I think it's important to understand there will be idiots everywhere, and for people to understand not all of us think alike. I also believe that people have their biases and ignorance because of media, lack of education, and ignorance. However there is no excuse for people to be dumb on purpose, in this rich country, people have access to all sort of resources to educate yourself about everything and anything.

  174. Ethiopian of NY:

    I just finished reading all the comments and also wathched most of the videos. I am not surprised to observe the hate born black americans have towards ethiopians and ethiopia. If ethiopians are materially poor in their country it is beacause of their historical freedom not their historical slavery. It is the lack of capital and technology because of white flight like in the hood. Don't just swallow what the media is feeding you about Africa. They don't show you african cities and modern life other than african nomands. And forget your Israelite and shem origin you can't prove historically, socially, archeologically or religiously. Ethiopia is a country with Hamitic/Cushitic original people not bastards or mixed races for born black americans to be proud of their african root. I am talking about religion,history, the beginning of civililization and human kind. To be Continued

  175. Ethiopian of NY:

    You talked about "the ethiopian woman" hate, how about your hate towards ethiopians and ethiopia in your text,video comments and in our daily social interactions? You know you don't own america , america owns you so why you keep asking imigrants why we are here?! I know what you are thinking, we are here to take your jobs and displace you. Who does not know that you are targeted by the system to be the bottom of the american society as a people ? I am not talking about individuals like OPRAH and some celebrities?! And don't deny the facat that you lost your original identity for slavery such as your language,culture,religion and names you had before you were brought to America stollen from Africa!!! Identity crisis, historical slavery and racism and discrimination is the core of black americican problems. Dejure slavery was abolished but the defacto is still intact to keep black america economically,socially and politically at the bottom of the social ladder. The prisons and the gehettos are dominated by black americans where as the suburbs, the universities and corporate america is dominated by white americans. Take a sample, go to Harlem hospital and compare the number of black american doctors and foreign or immigrant doctors.

  176. Ethiopian of NY:

    And go to harlem and compare the number of small businesses owned by black americans with that of others. Do you own your own community? What is the percentage of BMW (Black Man Working) compared to BMW (Black Man's Wish) to work? Black men were here in America before the Irish,Italian,Jewish immigrants and all others. Who and what arrested the development of Black Americans?! Who thinks God did not create all human beings equal? Not me and Ethiopians like me !!!
    End of my comments

  177. bacha:

    for the record am black, she is totaly right not hating just saying lets change our culture, n ya al are proving her right, u cant even come up with good words to disprove her instead insult her,

  178. kitten37ful:

    Please read All of the written comments before making such a statement. Everyone on here are not rude and shameful. Just read all the posts. Be blessed… Oh, there is no need to disprove such a person like this young woman, simply because I am a good person who is living a good life. I simply don't play into streotypes of any kind, from any race, sex, creed, religious background or ehnicity. And yes, I am a black woman…. Amen…

  179. gogoman:

    in the words of the great kool aid guy…..OH YEAH!!!!

  180. non-ya:

    I totally agree… another thing that's true most black people I've meet are awesome and just good friends to have… it's just that the media seems to always bring them down and cloud the view of most people and i think that really is bull cause most of them are just cool

  181. kim:

    Damn you black females are racist. This is why she made the statements she made. I’m a black female engaged to an asian man and he treated me better than any black man has ever treated. Im not saying that what she says is true, but the way how you all diss asian men and are racist with your loyalty to black men, this is why so many ppl look down on us. Sometimes, im embarrassed to be black cause of being grouped with these stereotypes on the consistent basis and these black females on this site only prove the stereotypes to be true.

  182. ทัวร์เกาหลี:

    What a beautiful story!!!! Made my eyes tear!!! I enjoy your blog, and I love your photos and antecdotes

  183. ทัวร์เกาหลี:

    I especially love your blogs, thank you for sharing the story.

  184. Russell:

    Arn't black neighborhoods the most crime ridden in this country?

  185. Asian mail order brides:

    What i don’t understood is in truth how you are now not actually much more neatly-preferred than you may be right now. You’re so intelligent. You understand therefore considerably relating to this matter, produced me for my part consider it from so many varied angles. Its like men and women are not fascinated except it is something to do with Lady gaga! Your individual stuffs great. Always handle it up!

  186. Marna Milosch:

    Sometimes I contemplate if folks truly take time to compose something original, or are they only just dishing out words to fill a site. This certainly doesn’t fit that mold. Thank you for taking the time to write with awareness. Once In A While I look at a page and question whether they even proofread it.Fantastic work with this article.

  187. KIA:


  188. KIA:


  189. kia:

    Yea they fucking think the are the shit. They think they are better than us. They are snotty and they look down on blacks over here. Every Ethiopian i have came in contact with their attitudes are as stank as their body odor.

  190. FFF:


  191. Johnny/Tibebe:

    Hey Guys,
    Me live in Asmara, Capital City of Eritrea and saw the video of a bitch insulting African American women.
    she happens to be a relative of this friend of mine and I couldn't understand why she said she was Ethiopian when her parents are from Eritrea.
    I know most Eritrean people hate Ethiopians and want to see the rest of the world hating them too.
    i was deported from Ethiopia when the war between the two nation broke out and i was forced to be separated from my girlfriend who is Ethiopian. i am not well come with eritrean people as i don't speak their language e well.
    i don't know why they hate Ethiopians this much. I hate the government of Ethiopia and not the people. when the police arrest me all my neighbors were crying and did everything they could to let me satay there. the people of Ethiopia must not pay for the crime of the government
    Peace and Good

  192. ethiopian:

    you guys african american, what is your problem. you don’ white, mexican, ethiopian, itiaian, irish. go to school and get a college degree. and the white man your master will hire you. what do u know about ethiopia. do you know, we ethiopian have the largest and best arlines in the world. google it idiot. america is not your country. idiot. you are a 3rd citzen after mexicans. you don’t even have a right to vote. congress has to ratifiy it ever 6 years. woman do. did you know that idiot.
    go sing hip hop that is what u do best and eat your fried chicken

  193. BlackBrainsBeauty:

    Wow!!!! I am surprised at such division between the people of color. MisJia, to make such a statement you would have to had experienced being in the presence of the majority of black women. This I really guarantee you have not. Our first lady is a beautiful black american woman who does not fit the stereotype you described. As well as many other black women of our past and present. I must say to the the Ethiopian woman who started this mayhem, it says a lot about the black american women you surround yourself with. And yes, all races and cultures have a subclass. When you make such a statement, it says you are not with the upper echelon of a particular race of people, you are with the crabs in a barrel trying to get out to be with those who have themselves together. Be careful of what you say because just a little of what you say can tell many of us a lot of where you are in life and where you been (It's not about money or you having a college degree….it's about your true intellect). I would suggest that you get out among the black women who are about something in life….then again, with what you had to say, you're not intellectually equip to be in such company. And stop hating on Black American women. If it wasn't for African American Slavery, you Ethiopians and such would not have a life here in the America slaves have built. Now go and educate yourself on Black History so you can be a learned person. I can suggest several books that may help where you are ignorant to the Black American historical culture.

  194. BlackBrainsBeauty:

    My apology to MisJia….she did not make the statement. Unable to make the correction. Re-posting with correction:
    Wow!!!! I am surprised at such division between the people of color. Ethiopian woman, to make such a statement you would have to had experienced being in the presence of the majority of black women. This I really guarantee you have not. Our first lady is a beautiful black american woman who does not fit the stereotype you described. As well as many other black women of our past and present. I must say to the the Ethiopian woman who started this mayhem, it says a lot about the black american women you surround yourself with. And yes, all races and cultures have a subclass. When you make such a statement, it says you are not with the upper echelon of a particular race of people, you are with the crabs in a barrel trying to get out to be with those who have themselves together. Be careful of what you say because just a little of what you say can tell many of us a lot of where you are in life and where you been (It's not about money or you having a college degree….it's about your true intellect). I would suggest that you get out among the black women who are about something in life….then again, with what you had to say, you're not intellectually equip to be in such company. And stop hating on Black American women. If it wasn't for African American Slavery, you Ethiopians and such would not have a life here in the America slaves have built. Now go and educate yourself on Black History so you can be a learned person. I can suggest several books that may help where you are ignorant to the Black American historical culture.

  195. blacky:

    I totally disagree what this lady said about AA and I address that directly to her in one of my note. However Dear Sierra you said, “they're better than black Americans.” Which flatly wrong and disagree with you. Is there a person Ethiopian origin thinks that way it might be, but putting such a statement like you did not fair. I meet so many AA who think they are much better than African origin blacks; I experience it. But I call this kind of people ignorant, luck of Education. So my dear I don’t know what experience you have/had with Ethiopian women but please don’t put everyone in the same basket and think all they think the same way…. Have a nice day

  196. blacky:

    Future, you are not better than her, if you believe what media said about Ethiopia and if you think 85 million people are starving you are not by any means better than this ignorant women, do we have to believe what the media said about AA? Anyhow I have so many AA friends, and used to date,,,, all I have love nothing else. So please think a few minutes before you write such a comment….

  197. blacky:

    I am not here by any means to defend this little ignorant. But when you refer you people from Ethiopia that does not make you any deferent than this lady. As an Ethiopian origin I have no problem let alone my own AA I don’t have any problem with any other race… she is one individual that has a problem and please address it to her.

  198. may:

    Bitch hell black women are no way desperate her nasty ass looks desperate as if she could get a man anyway.

  199. Melay:

    Africans always think they are awesome because they came from a third-world country

  200. uhhuh:

    ITA. I visited several countries in Europe, and the European men (and even some Baghdadi fellow tourists we ran across) were extremely attentive to us — moreso than men of ANY color here in the States. These were good-looking, well-to-do, young guys, too. Not just a bunch of broken down old geezers. It was a real eye-opener to say the least!

  201. uhhuh:

    She's no doubt bringing up the Asian nonsense because she's had Black women give her a hard time for being with a bottom of the totem pole Asian man. She's now trying to turn the tables by suggesting that all black women really do want Asian men but, unlike her great self, they can't get one….

  202. Emmy:

    please… she is not an Ethiopian, she is Somalia.what the heck , damn girl be yourself please,

  203. Solnlove:

    She is not from Ethiopia she is form Somali…Somalians hate Ethiopians that is why she post this kind of video by saying that she is from Ethiopia.

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