Video: Uncle Beats His Nephew’s A** for Faking His ‘Gangsta’ on Facebook

How embarrassing!? I know I’ll get stoned for saying this (and subsequently asked “What kinda household did YOU come from?”) but I do not believe in spanking children. I’m not going to say that I necessarily think that “time out” is the way to go but I have some time to figure out how I’d punish my child. Yes, I did get whoopings as a child but I’m afraid that I would take that whoopin’ too far. I don’t even want to test it. Judge me…it’s okay!

Anyway, apparently the nephew was on Facebook fakin’ his gangster. His uncle found out about it, turned on the camera and told the world that NO ONE in his family gets down like that and proceeds to beat the boy’s ass.

THEN he tells him, “Post THAT on Facebook!” Wow!

Props to @BigLilKim

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  1. @solovely2020:

    This is gonna be ma and my daughter should she decide to pull a Latarion Milton and do "hoodrat shit" with her friends. . . #judgemeifuwanna

  2. SIT:

    I'm sorry but the uncle did nothing wrong! The boy acting real hard on facebook can result him getting killed, but I bet he learned his lesson now. And Uncle didn't even really "beat" his nephew. That was mild lol. But how embarrassing!!!! lmao smh

  3. @lafleurquirire:

    good ol fashion discipline for ya. This had me rolling tho lol

  4. kale:

    You know white media, should they get a hold of this, is gonna tear that uncle a knew one, right?
    I expect charges of child abuse and endangerment.

  5. kale:

    *claps for this*

  6. kale:

    *new not knew

  7. trish:

    lol Uncle taxed that ass so good that mr. gangsta did the dougie at 0:21.

  8. @MJinatic:

    One: At least the kid won't be lying on his Facebook status anymore.
    Two: This will, unfortunately, probably end up on national news.
    Three: Where was the uncle's shirt? o_o

  9. The T.G.M.:

    Usual coon household. *shrugs*
    I still don't see how this is helping

  10. mztiny702:

    that lil dude coulda knocked his uncle out if he wanted to..u see how big he is! lol

  11. @dinastyinc:

    I agree with "SIT". That was mild compared to others.
    I was more embarrassed for the boy than anything. To have this broadcast on the internet. It was being passed around Twitter like a hot potato. Now on WSHH where millions will see it. He can't show his face anywhere now. I do get the uncle's point though. Since you wanna stunt online, get your punishment online.

    Growing up, I can maybe count on one hand how many whuppings I got. They were mostly for lying. My mom ingrained it in me that she didn't want me to lie to her. And people were surprised that I would always tell her the truth up front, even when it's bad. I don't think I did it to avoid a whupping, but more so I didn't want her to be disappointed in me.

  12. OMGTre!:

    I understand the uncles plight – he is trying his best to steer his nephew the best way HE knows how, however I think it's counter productive.

    He is using violence (yes violence) on his nephew for imitating a 'Gangsta' – and Ganstas do exactly what he is doing to his nephew – 'beat' (and do worse) so what is he really teaching his nephew?

    The belt whooping just says 'slavery' to me; I do not like it one bit. It's so common in our culture due to our history to 'whoop that ass' and think that is THE way to raise a child and timeout and other non-violent ways are the 'white people ways' – but we need to stop for a second, step back and ask 'how does it really help'.

    I'm from Jamaica, where if you get beat with a belt – you're lucky! It's tyres and all other type of shit – yet we have been 'murder capital or the world' so many times? <- (not proud). Black people are so used to 'whoopings' as a child yet we still top the prison list – obviously it's not a deterrent for wrong.

    Even though I say all of the above – I still give the uncle ratings in a way as he is really trying for his nephew not to go that 'gansta' route; it's unfortunate that he knows no other way.

    Sidenote: Did ya'll see the nephews face tho? Like he wanted to fly kick his uncle in the mole? The nephew's ego must be bruised and battered right now. (no pun intended).

    ETA: As Jia, I was also beat as a child. My daughter is well-behaved and I don't need to put my hands on her.

    Sometimes I wonder why is that children are the only group of people we are 'allowed' to beat? If you touch a dog, your ass go to prison yet you can beat a child? Nah, I'm not with that.

  13. DANJ!:

    Hey, better the uncle than some niqqas he went on FB and tried to get gangsta on. Pay now with an azz-whoopin’ or pay later with a beatdown or worse.


  14. cee shah:

    The Uncle gets my vote for CNN’s Hero of the Week

  15. Legend:

    I wish somebody would say this is child abuse. I couldnt bring myself to hit my kids, but thats just a parenting choice. I dont think that what HE did is wrong –at all–. Id rather see this posted the a pic of billy bad ass on the news for being killed for somebody proving how little a gangsta he really is!

  16. @sophistac8dlaD:

    I can't even be mad, triuthfully I like most kids got whoopings when I was a kid but personally, I don't believe they worked I still showed out when I wanted to. But that was just me, with the way kids are now days it really does seem as tho they need to take it back to the days when the guardian pulling out the ol skool bag of tricks of public embarrassment (hence the kids acting up in school & the parent coming up and disciplining them in front of class), I mean sometimes they need it. All this lil kids e-whoring and e-thugging knowing dayum well they nice christian parents is in the next room over thinking they kids doing homework when they really doing hoework. In essence, I think the uncle did a dayum good job of handling that situation bcuz I mean lets be real who can he continue to kid…he got his ass whooped on camera…I guarantee he won't e-thug no more

  17. Daisy:

    I don’t agree with the uncle. I understand that the nephew was wrong to glorify gangster behavior, but is humiliation really the answer? Now this boy will have self-esteem issues which may lead to behavioral problems.

    The uncle could’ve found an alternative way to discipline his nephew without embarrassing him like that.

  18. J2201987:

    “You know white media, should they get a hold of this, is gonna tear that uncle a knew one, right?”

    Exactly. Just like that father in Florida(?) who went off on those bullies on that bus defending his disabled daughter.

    I applaud this in the sense that his own Uncle (where the father btw?) cares enough to call him out on some BS that could have potentially endangered his life (or his family’s lives). Though the uncle’s half-nakedness and profane-infused rant sort of negates the effectivesness of this situation.

    LMAO @dude tryna remain hard while getting smacked. “naw put dat on dis f*ckin’ wall!”

  19. Uglycleanbroke87:

    I don’t know about anyone else, but that ass whooping seemed to be pretty counterproductive in trying to “teach him a lesson.” You’re saying all this “gangbanging” needs to stop, yet you’re looking like a thug by dropping the “F” bomb every 5 seconds and beating him with a belt.

    I agree with Jia, I don’t have any kids, but when I do I have no plans to use spanking as a form of discipline. I was spanked very few times during my childhood and my mother made the decision to stop spanking me and my siblings when we were young. What many people fail to realize is that spanking a child doesn’t resolve anything. You whip them a couple times, then send them on their way to do the same shit they were doing before. As someone else commented, often times spanking is a punishment for when children are violent toward one another….so essentially you’re still “teaching” them to be violent, whether it’s intentional or not.

    Unfortunately, physical discipline seems to be the standard for *most* people in the African-American community, because there is the assumption that any other form of discipline will “spoil” children.

  20. youdidgood:

    If I was the child I would be glad I got a beating he could be killed for posing as a gang member The uncle did right I rather him beat the child then the child getting shot over playing as something he wasn't.

  21. TeddyBear:

    Yasss. I see nothing wrong here. The old skool way is still proven to be the best way. The proof is in the pudding, just look at the kids in this generation. Now, I do feel there is a fine line between whoopings and abuse, but if you have control there should be no issue. I was whooped as a child, and I’m nowhere near violent nor do I despise my mother (I’m 22 and STILL a mommy’s girl lol). That’s just a bunch of pseudo-psychiatry when folks say otherwise. Because of my upbringing, I was never one to back talk my elders, was a pretty good student, never got pregnant, and graduated college. There were other elements in my upbringing, but still, the discipline I received (I feel) helped lead me down the right path. Spare the rod, spoil the child.

  22. Mello:

    I agree 100% with OMGTre! Plenty of these black gangstas, thugs, drug dealers, and prisoners got that ass beat and yet, still ended up going down the wrong path. Black people in general have the tendency to turn to violence as a means to get their point across. BEATING your child and especially putting it online for the world to see is NOT the way to go! It’s not cute and is unacceptable!!

  23. SoulWithSass:

    I applaud this uncle. We need more men in the community who WILL do this. Do you know what "real" gang members do to folks who fake like they're down when they're not?! His uncke whipped his azz and probably saved his life. I've probably gotten about 5-6 beatings as a child for different things….and each beating worked because i didn't repeat nary a thing again. Hell- I still run and sit down in a chair when my mom gives me a dirty look and I'm on the slope to 30!!

  24. Southerngyrl*:


    Lets put it like this, even now the main theme is that some kids should get spanked and others should not. I hate when one side condemns the other. My ass needed to be spanked because I was a bad behind child. Not every child is a bad behind child.

    The other side of this argument is people who don't discipline their kids at all so their kids end up disciplining them.

    Basically what I am saying is, that is YOUR opinion. Some kids need it and others do not. To say that no kids needs to be spanked is asinine. I have met some bad mofos in my day and they needed it. I have met some great and well behaved kids whose parents didn't even need to raise their voice. Don't push your own beliefs onto every child. You don't know every child or every family to say what they do or do not need.

  25. Miz D:

    I applaud this uncle for swift correctio! This nephew could get the whole fmily shot up!

  26. SoulWithSass:

    It doesn't need to be cute or acceptable to YOU, it just needs to work to correct the issue at hand. And I'm willing to bet that the young man in the video would have rather been beat and embarrassed for everyone to see than to have had some real "gangster" roll up on him and put one through his head. Ya'll better learn to start seeing the forest in spite of all these damn trees.

  27. SoulWithSass:

    Co-sign 100%. They worked like a charm for me!

  28. Mello:

    Thank you!!! You laid my feelings out so well!!! I could never put it into better words than you have!!!

  29. LouisianaBelle:


    Although, i feel like the uncle contradicted himself with the cursing & the sagging pants this was funny. It possibly even saved tht teens life

  30. Ash:

    Umm it's called child protective services for a reason. We are not "allowed" to beat our children. That is why parents beat them with a belt on places that can not be seen. If a child shows up to school with a bruise or suspicious markings, and the teacher asks what happened, best believe if child says he/she was beaten with a belt, child services will be there.

  31. Daisy:

    Although the uncle implied he was anti-gangster. His behavior seemed pretty "gangsta" and very low-class to me. Was it really necessary to speak to a child (or anyone for that matter) with such profanity? In addition, it's pretty low-class and trashy to have him on camera like that.

    I also agree with you on spanking being counterproductive. Look at all of these men (and women) locked up in prison. I'm pretty sure if you did a survey, most were disciplined with spankings as a child, and obviously, the spankings weren't that successful in curbing their deviant behavior.

    I'm not a parent, but I think once you spank your child, it's an easy and lazy way to "discipline" your kid. The parent is more likely to spank their child to correct behavior deemed unacceptable. It's like the statistic that says people with guns are more likely to use them.

  32. Mello:

    There is OBVIOUSLY an epidemic going on in the black community. So many black parents boast the fact that they "beat that ass". But like I stated before, so many black gangsters, thugs, teen parents, and prisoners were beaten as children but yet still end up doing the wrong things. Now if all these black parents are beating their kids and it supposedly works, then how in the hell is the black community in the sorry ass state that it's in now?!?!?! Riddle me that! Black parents will beat their kids REPEATEDLY for doing the same things over and over again. The beatings don't freakin work! How long do you keep doing something before you realize that it's obviously not working?!?! You damn right…YOU better learn to start seeing that forest, ma'am!

  33. Dakenya:

    "All that's fake, but this ass whoopin' aint gon' be fake" *throws laptop out the damn window* This gang related actin' young dude is CLEARLY big as a house, I just can't. How old is dude? I want to see the post that caused his ass to sting from a wack ass belt.

  34. @dinastyinc:

    Because there are things that should go along with the whupping. The child needs to understand WHY what he/she did was wrong. If you just hit them and leave it at that, they have no acknowledgment of there being consequences to their actions.

    My mom always told me the why. She talked to me afterward. There were times when I didn't get a whupping. She would just put me on punishment (and then take it back the same day lol). But I understood the outcome of the situation if I tried it again.

    Also, some people are just gonna make bad decisions, no matter what you do or say to them. They're hard-headed, gotta find out for themselves.

  35. @JaiizWaii:

    he was scared as shit look at him in the back lmao poor thing

  36. Uglycleanbroke:

    @Southerngyrl, how was I condemning anyone? Yes, I was giving MY opinion, which is that spanking is not the only way to discipline a child. To say that an opinion that is not your own is "asinine," seems to be asinine in and of itself, but I digress…..

    I hear a lot of people give the argument that some kids "need" to be spanked. I respectfully disagree. Like I said, my mother stopped spanking me and both of my younger siblings. My sister and I have pretty mellow personalities, but my brother was wild as hell and always getting into everything. However, my mother looked at alternative ways to discipline him when he was misbehaving.

    In no way was I suggesting that kids who are not spanked should not be disciplined at all. That's the reason I think most people resort to physical punishment, because they assume the only alternative is letting their kids get away with murder. Even though I wasn't spanked, when I acted up, I was on lock down for as long as my parents decided. Games, toys, movies, Internet, any "privilege" you could think of was taken away until I straightened up, and that hurt more than a few belt whippings ever could.

  37. Uglycleanbroke:

    @Daisy it's funny you mentioned the men and women who are in prison, and whether or not they were spanked as children. I know someone who is doing a study on spanking and how it relates to violent behavior as those children grow into adulthood.

  38. keenylicious:

    we can only give one "thumbs up' soooo…. thumbs up*1,000,000

  39. keenylicious:

    umm i think she means that society still considers it acceptable. obviously from a legal standpoint beating children is not right, but if you were to survey the whole country (black white, asian, purple w/e) the majority would STILL say it is acceptable to beat your child. and most times child services wont step in unless the parent is taking the beatings to extreme levels. that was the purpose of child services, to stop children from getting beat half to death, not to stop them from getting spanked.

    if a parent is beating a child to the point where the have long lasting bruises or marks, the child SHOULD be taken b/c the parent clearly has no control over their temper.

    but my point is just because something is considered illegal doesnt mean it's not accepted by society. the law tends to go above and beyond to make sure that they can protect as many ppl as possible, better safe than sorry.

  40. darkmidgetman:

    That boy is too big for a belt, when you 14-15 you too big it didn't even hurt him I mean it probably stung he gonna be embarrassed and it will be an annoyance for him but otherwise it's losses its effectiveness when kids don't jump around and cry and if you got a little kid who don't jump and cry then you beat them too much!!!!! and it lost its effectiveness too. Kids now become immune to beatings you beat them then they beat some kid at school.

  41. Kym:

    ROTFLLH!!! Trish you are a fool for that one. I didnt notice at first but this ish has my stomach hurting!

  42. keenylicious:

    i think a "whooping" (hate that term) is only appropriate when you EXPLAIN to the child WHY youre hitting them. even then, i think a few smacks would suffice, no need to chase them around with the belt. beating a child without explaining why they shouldnt do what they did is pointless, all it does is cause them to fear you (and other authority figures) and that fear may very well cause them to rebel and do wrong on purpose. also, not every damn wrong thing a child does warrants a beating, as Beccaria says (yea, i'm getting into criminology now, but it still applies), when the punishment for a "crime" is too harsh, the person tends to commit bigger crimes b/c the punishment will be the same anyway.

    with all that said, i don't REALLY think beating your child is necessary for every child. every child is different and simply taking toys away, or putting them in "time out" is more than enough for some children. you should know your child well enough to know what punishment has the best effect on them. if you beat your child every other day and they STILL do wrong, what the hell are you still beating them for? maybe you SHOULD try a different form of punishment, instead of saying "that's white ppl shit. i beat my child" (sn: WHITE PPL BEAT THEIR CHILDREN AS WELL. pls stop with the ignorance. if you'd actually talk to ppl outside of your race and stop clinging to senseless stereotypes and clinging to ppl who think,look, and act exactly like you, you would know that… yes, i'm judging).

    in any case, the important part of punishment is making sure the child knows why youre punishing them. punishment should be swift (as in soon after the act is committed), the child should KNOW that certain things WILL result in a certain punishment(don't beat them for lying one day and just let it go he next day) and the punishment should fit the act(do you really need to beat them for telling a lie?)

    just my two sense…

    but i commend the uncle for TRYING to lead the boy in the right direction

  43. keenylicious:

    i was wondering about #3 myself lol.

  44. misha:

    LMAO!! This is not child abuse but some may claim that it is. You can spank a child with an open hand to the buttocks as punishment but a belt may be claimed as a weapon and therefore called abuse. But I'm glad that that uncle beat that big boy's but. More kids need a good ol' fashion ass beating with a belt for the foolishness that they do. I give him a thumbs up.

  45. jacko:

    sorry do not believe in beating kids like that – especially with a belt. BUT i do have to admit… BUT HIS ASSWOOPING AINT GONNA BE FAKE.. had me pure rolling. sorry but being honest here.

  46. OMGTre!:

    This is exactly what I meant; thank you ;)

  47. @MsShaneice:

    Uncle needs to pull his fukking pants up, the boy was taking it like a G, and I lol'd when Uncle said 'this ass whooping ain't fake' & 'now put that on your wall'.

  48. followme:

    Wow that was my laugh for the day. That's what he gets for fronting. A lot o fthese kids get online acting a fool, saying outrageous shit, being racist. I want them all humiliated.

    Im on the fence about beating kids ass. I don't think it should be overdone.

  49. Ash:

    So if she means society thinks it's acceptable to beat children then exactly what society (black, white, asian, purple w/e) thinks it's wrong to beat dogs other than the law?

  50. Ash:

    when she said "If you touch a dog, your ass go to prison yet you can beat a child? Nah, I'm not with that. " she was clearly talking about the law…. *shrugs*

  51. shabookie:


  52. shabookie:


  53. Ya Boi:


  54. john:

    Teach me how to dougie

  55. Supa_sexy:

    LOL Uncle is a real G! I don’t blame him for beating that A**. Look in my house hold you keep it real, you don’t go out and about living your life as a life because you can get hurt or bring all types of negativity to your home. So Uncle says you live under my roof and we ain’t gangsta so take this beat down. I mean it is what it is. Some kids need their A** beat. Follow me at NaturalbeautyEP and I will follow you.

  56. Supa_sexy:

    TYPO LOL Uncle is a real G! I don’t blame him for beating that A**. Look in my house hold you keep it real, you don’t go out and about living your life as a LIE because you can get hurt or bring all types of negativity to your home. So Uncle says you live under my roof and we ain’t gangsta's so take this beat down. I mean it is what it is, some kids need their A** beat.

  57. Nicole:

    I agree! The boys whooping was not hard at all nor painful ,and the embarrassment will hurt more than any whooping his uncle has given him.

    The reason the boy didn't raise his hand to his uncle is because he probably has respect for his uncle. That is all!

  58. niecey:

    I personally LOVED the way he handled this…..BRAVO to him!

  59. Jay:

    I got beaten in front of my friends before. It only made me worse. Now I would think about that humiliation and get very angry, It made me rebel and want to fight my pops for putting hands on me. I had to save face by acting even more tough. I’m all grown up and I love my pops but it just doesn’t work. If you think about it, as a parent beating a child is just you letting out YOUR frustration on them. Any parent with a heart feels bad afterwards, no matter how right or wrong. So how about just not doing it? He shouldn’t have beat him on camera. PERIOD. I promise you this kid will resent his uncle forever for doing this. If he had a gun, ok, maybe, selling drugs, or being very disrespectful, then wup that ass within reason, but he could’ve recorded him scolding the boy instead of beating him because this will get millions of views

  60. @dinastyinc:


  61. notagain:

    I have a son and though I do not believe in hitting him for every small thing ALL PARENTS reserve the right for the one “a$$ whooping” card. You got to play it when the time is right. If I ever get a phone call about my son being in jail because of peer pressure, or bringing home a baby at a young age and deciding he wants to be a DEADBEAT, stealing my car, hell stealing other people $h*t, yes I will BEAT THAT A$$ because a simple time-out or taking away a phone isn’t suffice in all situations.

    With that said, I work hard (along with my husband) to make sure my son never has to grow up in poverty or feel abandoned and turn to gangs, drugs, etc. So if I catch his little behind fronting about that life that he has not experienced and jeopardizing our safety, I might have to pull out my “a$$ whooping” card for that too. Therefore, I applaud the uncle. Clearly he is the father figure in this boy life and HE DOESN’T HAVE TO BE. I doubt telling this boy no tv or sitting him in a corner would have worked either. EXRTEME ACTIONS CALL FOR EXTREME MEASURES! We don’t know HOW MANY TIMES THIS BOY HAS BEEN WARNED ABOUT THIS ISSUE NOW DO WE!?!??? It seems to me that this butt whooping was out of “I told you about this before but you keep fronting so I’m going to give you something to front about.” I BET you he won’t front on FB like that anymore.

  62. justtia:

    People like to make discipline out to be "ABUSE" and it isn't the same thing….a good whooping is what alot of these kids need and alot of these adults didnt get so their doing hoe shit. These new generation kids are all WRONG because the new generation parents didnt give them any morals and values to live by and let them do whatever the hell…… So as far as the uncle showing FB just how UNGANGSTA this child is does not bother me….*shrugs*. When your just whooping a kids ass for no reason, punching them and making them bleed everyday because your fucked up….then that to me is abuse….but different strokes for different folks i suppose

  63. TeddyBear:

    @dinastyinc That exactly what my mom would do, she'd either whoop me and tell me why she did it (which included her telling me it was outta love lol) or she would just lecture me/punish me (and then take it back later too lol). But, my mom never just hit me for the sake of hitting me. My mom had patience and her belt or hand for that matter didn't come swinging at me every waking second, it was usually when I crossed the line (which was rare, I was a pretty good kid) and words could not express the reprimand. But, she always told me why she did it, asked why did I do (___) and would I ever do it again. So @Mello, you're right there are a lot of black kids still being hit to this day, but some of the ones that you're talking about are coming from homes where no real love is expressed, and there's an all around lack of love and respect in the household. Your only way of disciplining cannot be raising a hand or a belt, it has to be more, you have to follow through with the "teaching" of your youngings or all else fails. There's much more to parenting, and LOVE has to be a huge part of it.


    spare the rod…spoil the child. . . im suprised none of u have said that

  65. justtia:

    Same for me…..I dont get it, once i received a whooping you didnt ever have to worry about my ass doing it ever again…..I was a good kid who got enough whoopings in my life to understand that I didnt want anymore…… It doesn't have to be everyday because that IS abuse and overkill, but a good ass whooping once a year will let that kid know that your not to be fucked with and he better get it together….

  66. millz:

    ok, so dont beat your child, child keeps bangin n goes to jail to get is ass beat in all types of ways… Timeouts dont get through kids heads trying to be cool.

  67. jax:



    There is no epidemic AT ALL, parents are less likely to beat their children now then before. The epidemic is that parents are way more dismissive in disciplining their children. A lot of parents these days let their children get away with a lot of things because they are too lazy to do what is necessary to put the child in his/her place whether it be beatings, timeouts, or privilege removals. I volunteer in a middle school as a counselor, the major of the children are black 10-14 year old students. Let me be the first to say that every time I am there I thank GOD that my children have a foundation at home. These children parents are lazy ass hell, and most times these kids get away with murder. When I speak to the parents, most times I cannot distinguish if I’m talking to the parent or the child because of the parent’s mentality to parenthood. .


    While some parents think that knocking their children around will do the trick, I always ask well “what do you do after you have knocked this child around?.” I also ask them whether or not they talked to the child before they decided to hit them, or did they explain what they did and what they should have done. Our community is falling to pieces right before our eyes, and people are too blind to see it. The white man has already won people


    Just the other day I was reading my daughter text message and saw that her and her friend was discussing some girl wanting to fight her. I was about to get in my daughter butt for not telling me and then I read my daughters “sent” messages. My daughter stated and I quote “I’m not going to fight her because my mother would whoop my butt if I did.” When the other girl asks what she was going to do my daughter’s response was “I’d rather go to the principal and tell then have my mom disappointed.” (of course this was all in text Ebonics) I have given my daughter maybe 5 whooping in her lifetime for serious things and put her on punishment for other things and she is 11 years old. I repeatedly talk to my daughter and take her on some of my volunteer work so she can see how bless she is. So when some of you say that whooping is counterproductive that may apply to some children. It is how you whooping your child, if you are just whooping them without explanation and devotion to the situation then I agree it is counterproductive.


    cosign 100%

    While I do not believe in child abuse, I do believe that sometimes whooping and spankings are effective. I also believe that putting your child on front street infront of the same people they are being cocky around is sometimes necessary as well. There should be a level of respect and authority a child must have for their parents and to me a child who would do things like this boy did shows he has not respect for her parents.


    Everyone is going to have different opinions on whether you should or should not whoop your children; my issue is the people who are hollering “our community.” From someone who is actually in the community trying to help “our community” I feel like if your not out there to make a difference then really what do you know about “our community.” I see a lot of statements and opinions about what black people are doing and how it is affecting our community, but the real question is what you are doing to help our community. I feel for this boy and his mother, his uncle is obviously the father figure in his life and sometimes people need hard love to get it through their heads. A lot of these kids in our community don’t even know love, so I give respect to this father figure for putting this boy on blast.

  73. ♫♥☆♪MoN!QU3♫♥☆♪:

    that vid looked fake 2 me

  74. richie:

    his pants was sagging because he was using the belt for its true purpose

  75. NoNoNo:

    A whooping is one thing, but posting it on the internet is another. This is why kids commit suicide and result to bad behavior. I don't agree with him posting this on the internet

  76. Jane:

    his behavior was unacceptable, he was ill-mannered…not "low-class". check your usage of low-class, it's offensive. you're implying all people who belong to the "low-class" do not have manners and/or have no dignity.

  77. americancalabar:

    People point out that lots of kids who got whooped are in jail as adults. And others point out how they got whooped and they are doing well. Obviously it is not as simple as "To whoop or not to whoop". Discipline is only one small aspect in parenting a child. Therefore whoopings alone are not making or breaking the child. I haven't done the research but I think the kids who still ended up in jail were missing something else besides discipline.

  78. AmericanCalabar:

    I got lots of whoopins as a kid from about age 4 up to about age 9. It was my grand-dad that was handing em down, he was born in 1903. But it was never just because, it was ALWAYS for insubordination. When he already told me to do something or not to do something and it happened again then it resulted in a whoopin every time. It gave me respect for authority, made me follow directions and think twice about doin somethin that was gonna get me in trouble, but I don't think some kids have these qualities. They don't fear the trouble they will get in if they act a fool in school, put in no effort towards their school work, talk to teachers disrespectfully. I think basically you need to show your kids that you care about the things they are doing. A whoopin alone will not do this, but it is something.

  79. classy1delight:

    I was so upset about this video. The violence, humiliation, the ppl saying this was great. I am thinking this is exactly why kids are so bitter, angry and violent. they imitate what they see. So many parents demand things from children and then do the very same thing. My mother raised us on her own in a very tough neighborhood and never used violence or cursed at us. She always talked real talk to us. My brother and I thank God turned out great. We never got involved in drugs and gangs so I know there is a better way to handle matters. We have to take the time and make the effort and be sure to real. Our children are no fools. They see us and know when we are being hypocrites.

  80. classy1delight:

    I am going to share something with you that I hope will help you see a full circle. My step sister go beat like this by her mom. Humiliated and after about 3 months she committed suicide. Not every child can handle this type of humiliation. We have to very careful to encourage this type of behavior. We do not know the ppl out there. We do not know his uncle. Someone honestly who is in their right mind and is sound in judgment would think something like this through. The boy could have rectified his wrong behavior. He could have made a video apologizing for lying and saying these things etc…The violence, curse words were not necessary and should not be made public. I hope that I do not offend you with this but I want to be sure you are able to possibly open your heart to other possible consequences on this matter.

  81. classy1delight:

    Well said. That child is humiliated for life and who is to say he will turn his ways. For all we know he could get worse. When the child lied I was more concerned about why he felt he had to lie about being tough and all. Is someone messing with him in school that he thinks I better pretend like I am tough so they won't mess with me. Who knows what was going to the child's mind. I rather have a true serious talk and then maybe make him rectify the things he said on FB. Have him admit he was wrong to say the things. Then monitor what he is doing. I see all the ppl applauding this and I think nobody knows the uncle. For all we know he is an abusive man and had a bad upbringing and therefor now is violent towards the child. My point is nobody knows so to assume he saved the boys life is a big assumption based only on a video. How do I know that the child was beaten before with something else or after the video. PPL encourage this behavior and don't realize there are some sick evil ppl out there who can really be encouraged by something like this and be crazy. I rather protect and discipline my challenge with love, respect and dignity. I have a lot of faith that this would be more powerful than beating a child.

  82. darkmidgetman:

    Well I probably worded that wrong but either way I stick to what I said. I didn't have a male figure in my life so my mom used to do the whoopings well my dad did to if we acted up while we visited him. I got my last whooping when I was like 13-14 and I was just like what,what r u doing? didn't really hurt it was my mom but I don't think it would've mattered. As far as over beating kids my lil cousin she was super bad but she got whoopings a lot to the point where we believe she got in trouble/ whoopings for attention. I think she was immune to yelling too LMAO! I didn't get whoopings a lot because I was a good kid maybe thats why I don't believe in beatings, whoopings whatever you want to call it. Maybe a pat on the butt when they little but no belts switches extension cords. Like Jia said I'll figure it out when the time comes. I mean I have a good ideal on how to raise a child and I wonder how effective it will be if I have a really bad kid LOL. Someone told me you are never to big for a whooping I said yeah right cause if that's the case skip the belt and assault me cause I'm grabbing that belt.

  83. AG's Girl:

    I agree with most of your response. YES YES YES, beatings, or whoopings are definitely a reenactment of slavery.

    My Mom beat me until I was around 8, maybe 9. I'm not sure why she stopped, but at some point she realized that her words were so much more powerful – or maybe she just gave up cause I was getting whoopings for the same things over and over again! LOL!

    I'm having a baby this year and I'm going to have 'the talk' with my Mom soon. Like I said, I'm not sure why she stopped with the whoopings, but I want to make sure that she knows that I will not raise my children in violence, and neither will she.

    I don't judge the parents that whoop their children, especially when that's all that they know – but I do think in this modern day and time, especially as you said, considering the prison and education statistics, at some point we have to recognize that these ways aren't working. Now I'm not saying 'time outs' are the appropriate measure either, but we have to consider other alternatives for child rearing.

    What's even more alarming in this video (at least to me) is the reason this young boy received the whooping in the 1st place. Again, like you said, a whooping may be counter productive, he may need that scared straight program! This is a boy who needs help far beyond a whooping. I would hate for him to be so embarrassed by this public flogging that he now goes out to make his fake thugging a reality….

  84. JustWondering:

    The proof is in the pudding? I don't mean in any way to be disrespectful, but where is this pudding that you refer to?

  85. JustWondering:

    I agree with you. I'm just wondering why some kids need to be beaten, and others don't….that is such a weird concept to me. It's like saying some children come into the world wrong somehow and the only way to 'fix' them is to beat them…

    I've never met a child (I'm in the juvenile justice sys and a married parent of 3) that needed to be beaten. Is she serious?? That's assinine!! My opinion, yes, my opinion is that parents need to be taught other methods of discipline. Most parents, IMO, are doing what was done to them, based on what was done to their parents, and so on and so on…Does it mean it works, maybe, but it certainly doesn't mean that any child NEEDS to be beaten! That is merely the method that was chosen by virtue of culture, history and heritage.

    It's funny…people who give this resounding credit of their lives to receiving whoopings…makes me wonder how many inmates received spankings too…I wonder if they give credit to whoopings on how their lives turned out…

    Also…I wonder why the focus becomes something is wrong with the kids. It's not like kids come with manuals. I wonder for those of us who had parents who choose alternative methods of discipline, but still got into just as much trouble (if not worse) aren't really the key to discipline. What would happen if the parents altered their behavior in order to alter their children's behavior?

    Just wondering…

  86. Seriously!!!:

    SERIOUSLY!!! That Uncle does a pretty good job of disciplining his nephew and embarassing him. Anybody who says that this Uncle was “out of line” or “abusive” is an idiot! These kids and teens, yes kids too, are learning that it’s cool to be like all these rappers who make millions because they see them on a music video. If they got disciplined in the first place, they probably wouldn’t as many problems with the violence that has been going on today. All of the people who live here in the U.S. and complain about BS like discipline and anti-war shit, these are the people that are making the Americans look like vaginas. We look weak because we have too many people who grew up in a household where discipline consists of a “timeout”. Timeouts should be ending at 5 years old. We need to wake up, possibly discipline a couple of these vagina parents who don’t want to do anything about their kids, cause normally they are the kids that I would like to whip with a belt standing outside of the movie theater acting like fools. Reenactment of slavery!!!!! Did you see that boy cry, I didn’t! Slavery my a$$! Thats the card every vagina pulls when they want their voice heard cause it catches media attention! Grow up and stop referring to everything having to so with slavery! Slavery still occurs around the world, maybe they shoud take the idiots on here, bring to a plantation and see what a slave is really treated like you dumb$h!t$ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. DementedBeauty:

    Man say what ya want… He needed that butt whoopin'!!!! Tired of folks saying, spankings doesn't teach the child anything… Really??? Well, we see what "time-out" did for the folks in Waco, Columbine, Jeffrey Daumer (sp?), etc…. Whatever!!!!! If I ever have a child and they do wrong, they will get the smack down from me…

  88. confused:

    coon? you are just as worse and probably grew up doing with you wanted to do all "thugged" out. coon? hmm, just f…..ignorant

  89. Maurice Moody:

    Excellent post!! My sentiments exactly. It does not take a genius to see that the Dr. Spock approach has been a detriment along with other variables of course. Among my two siblings, I was the one who was bordeline incorrigible. I am thankful that my mother whooped me every step of the way. I have no doubt that if she had not, I would not be the viable, productive citizen that I am today. It is because of my mother's love and strong hand that I am not behind bars today. I applaud this uncle; however, I question his language. But his action shows that he is engaged and love his nephew and family.

  90. John M.:

    I hope the young man learned a lesson. I was brought up that way, but my grand parent never had to take it that far. But, trust me they were more than capable. I appreciate the unlce's concern for the his family. Many may think this is 'CRUEL", in my youth it was very effective, one would give a lot of thought before doing something else"stupid". In the day, whupped ass first" and there was no need to ask questions later. Again many may not like it, make an example and everybody else gets the message………….RIGHT ON "BIG UNCLE"

  91. DisciplenDad:

    I'm a white father of four and I completely support this man for caring enough about his nephew to do what he needed to in order to show him how to behave and act. The punishment was completely within reason and not abusive as far as I am concerned.

  92. AmericanCalabar:

    I just noticed that between 0:25 and 0:30 the uncle says "You a gang member huh? You were smoking weed lastnight too huh?". The uncle is pissed because of his nephews claims of bein on some gangster shit and because he probably had claimed to be smokin weed or is under suspicion of smoking weed. So he is tryin to let his nephew know:
    A) You are not anything close to a gangster.

    B) The mere suspicion of you smokin weed has gotten your ass publicly beaten.

    C) So if I find out that you did in fact smoke some weed, I'm fightin you like a man I don't care if they take me to jail! Thats how much I love you nephew!

  93. elliott:

    This uncle was right that butt whooping was love and that kid respects and love his uncle for caring. It takes all of us to raise our children.The rata-ta-ta the thug gansta assault,drug,sex,bling lifestyle being glorified and drilled into the heads of our black youth by white corporate controlled social media is nothing more than modern black explotation . We adults can not continue to lose our brightest children killed walking from school,to get candy on college break or in the supposed safety of their homes by five cent worth of lead shot from the wannabe thug bangers gun. See the face (your son ,daughter,nephew) of the thug banger arrested in the paper on murder charges. who cared to spare the rod spoil the child?

  94. BitterSweet:

    The Uncle was not in wrong for doing that what so ever. Whatever happened to a village raising a child? Maybe if some of you neighbors quit acting so dag on scary and let the parent/guardian know of what is going on maybe it would not be so hard for a single family member raising a hard-head child (due to the parent is not willing to and/or even capable of doing so) would not be so hard. You tell me? I’ll whip the heck out my child let him/her step to me or society with a no respect level and act as though the world owes them something. Being beat as a child and grown up as a successful African American Woman was the best thing for me, because let my mother have just put me in time out. Time out makes a child crazy. You wonder why so many of these NON PUNISHED children today have anger problems. How in God’s name are you suppose to learn how to control deal with things talking to the dag on walls in front of your face? Walls don’t talk back. I have NEVER heard a child get a whooping and not be talked to and asked do they understand. Yea some get whipped more than others but there is a time to do it and a time to let them sit and think but still whip them. I’m getting TIRED of giving my money to the government to take care of multitudes of inmates because parents are lacking in parenting skills. So what, that’s the best he knows and I bet if he does it again and gets beat even harder maybe in front of his friends the embarrassment will set him straight. I’m all for whippings. I even spank my dag on dog, though it’s with newspaper. It’s the principle they know if they don’t like the feeling not to do it again. Don’t urinate on my European rug and you won’t get hit. I bet I’ll install common sense, respect, and independence in you (if you were in my custody).

  95. Tiffany:


  96. AMB:

    Wow, the uncle gets crucified for handing out some much needed discipline to a nephew that obviously needed it. Who gives a shit if he gets embarrassed. This country is raising a bunch of dumb ass kids who aint gonna be equipped to handle any kind of adversity. My mother came and threatened to beat my ass in front of my entire 3rd grade class. And guess what? My 3rd grade teacher had NO MORE problems out of me for the rest of the year. Parent your OWN children. What works for you may not work for others. In other words, MIND YA OWN DAMN BUSINESS

  97. Shelton:


  98. Norahs:

    I agree…. Those that are possibly 30 and above know what it's like to respect your parents and other adults because of the belt discipline we received at a young age. Growing up I never heard of child abuse because your parent/grandparent/aunts/uncle gave you a taste of the board of education.

    The law has given all the power to the kids and that's why their [law enforcement] jobs are secure. Kids today are doing any and everything under the sun and the parents are trapped.

    I commend the uncle for stepping in and educating his nephew by the game of life. In this day and age with technology, kids don't understanding what you post could get you killed. So, to have your child around until GOD decide to call him home there needs to be more Uncle like people out there to step up.

    As stated in the news today, the generation of kids that are below 20 will have a hard time functioning in society if they are not taught a better way of life. Guns, gangbanging, steeling, etc. is not the answer.

    God Bless….Keep praying for better days ahead.

  99. Camilla:

    Bravo!!!!!! We don't how long this uncle has been trying to keep this child on track….seems to me this ass whooping was the last resort. I'm glad he did it. A little humiliation is better than a coffin!!!!! Humiliate his ass some more.

  100. brown,l:

    Do what you have to do unc to keep him alive. Young should be thankful you have someone who care and shows concern about your well being. Your uncle is right and I would have responded the same way with my kids. Your family can sleep at night without having to worry about where you are and if you are coming home alive. I see far too many black boys dying senseless deaths and atleast your uncle care enough steer you right. You will understand one day and will feel the same way about future generations. The killings must stop!! so do what you got to do!! Congratulations unc!!

  101. bobo:

    all i know is yall are lookin too much into it , spare the rod spoil the child . If he does hoodrat stuff the end bang bang is much worse

  102. 1darkbrother:

    The Uncle did exactly what he was supposed to do. Satan and his advocates want us to not beat or teach our children when they are young so the police and the prison system can do it when they get a little older. The scriptures tells us to beat and teach them and we better do what it says or we will continue to lose our children to the streets. I speak from more experience than I care to express at this point! Learn the truth about what the Bible says; not according to religion

    Pr 22:15 Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child; but the rod of correction shall drive it far from him.

    Pr 23:13 Withhold not correction from the child: for if thou beatest him with the rod, he shall not die. Pr 23:14 Thou shalt beat him with the rod, and shalt deliver his soul from hell.

    Pr 29:15 The rod and reproof give wisdom: but a child left to himself bringeth his mother to shame.

  103. degee2009:

    maybe the uncle is the only parent he has now.we don't know the whole situation.the uncle could have custody of him and is doing his best to keep him out of the statistical reality of life.i had to beat my son with a belt a while back.i very seldom beat him at all.but when it came to school i was hard on him.i put him in timeout,tried to threaten him with taking him to an orphanage.anything to keep from beating him.but one day when he was about 9 yrs old he done something i wasn't to happy with.something of mine was missing that was worth a lot of money.i tore that ass he is 19 and haven't been in the system yet thank god.he has cousins that have been in and out of prison since of them is serving a thirteen year if that weak but whipping he got will make him stop lying.good for that uncle.we all know that didn't hurt him anyway.i hope it hurt his feelings if nothing else.surely his friends will laugh at him and you know that is a hurting feeling.he'll be the laughing stock of facebook for a while.until they see the crying little boy singing with his sisters until his dad told him he is not a single

  104. jeneen:

    The unlce should have just said what he had to say. If he wanted to beat him then he could have done that behind closed doors at the least. He has a good point the the so called beating was just dumb now what if the gangsta stuff was real wit him and the nephew beat his ass or the other gang members came to the uncle? What would the uncle do then? Now he more then likely cought a charge!!! Good thats what he gets!!!!!!!!

  105. americancalabar:

    Jeneen I think that is the dumbest statement I’ve seen yet! First of all I think the uncle knows his nephews character. If he was as at all hardcore he wouldn’t be getting his ass whooped with a belt and having it put online for everyone to see. And what even if he was on some gangster shit should the uncle let that deter him from disciplining his nephew. I guess you would just let the gangsters have your nephew?! Or you would do nothing because you’re scared your nephew would beat your ass?! I think you should forget about having any kids.

  106. jim jackson:

    i bet all the ppl that think its counter productive are white…..thats why your kids are soo effed up!!

  107. Disgusted:

    That's why our children are so effed up? That's not a white child up their pretending to be a gangbanger. That's not a white uncle up there publicly humiliating his nephew. Our prison systems are filled with more minorities than they are with whites.

    So who's really effed up in this situation?

  108. presmike:

    spare the rod , spoiled the child.

  109. presmike:

    So Mello, what do you suggest ? My bible say's spare the rod and spoil the child. If you are 0ver 35 you know what will happen if you even came home late, so you high tailed it home. Todays parents wants to be friends with the kids, they don't need friends , they need parents, who will guide them to the right path and when they veer to the left or right of that path, as a parent you put them back on it with words of wisdom, love and disciplinary action. No bad deed will ever go unpunish. Unpunish kids at home will be punish by the streets.

  110. bronx:

    The daddy should of been whoopin that azz that one of the problems wrong with our black community not enough men in the households holding it down.. i applaud the the uncle for standing up and taking charge of one of the young men in his family. uncle is a reall gansta indeed. lol

  111. @royuncg:

    I got whoopings as a child. And I never got one I didn't deserve. And once I got one, I never got another one for the same thing again. I learned my lesson. If you teach discipline early you won't have to beat them at 15

  112. Guest:

    I dont have any kids (but I do have 12 neices & nephews with one on the way) and have done a lot of babysitting and what I've learned is different disiplinary actions work for different children. Some kids learn from time out, some learn from beatings, some take both. My point is you gotta figure out what works for that person. If the same thing worked for everyone then there would be no need for different opinions, different options, different actions…

  113. Croc:

    Better a butt whippin than a bullet in his head, or him being forced to put a bullet in someone elses head to PROVE HIS GANGSTA! Kids dont throw their hands up anymore unless their gunfilled with plenty of bullets locked and loaded. it’s not about games anymore and these kids take this gangsta stuff to a whole new level. It’s definitely not something to play around with.

  114. coolMANDINGO:

    YOU DO KNOW he was USING THE BELT TO BEAT the boy RIGHT(the reason why his pants were sagging)?? smh

  115. coolMANDINGO:

    you must be WHITE?? kids these days need a new form of discipline foreal. since all you whites want to call police when kids get disciplined. this is a new form. everyone has been embarrassed. he disrespected his family and himself for perpetrating. more kids need to be disciplined. too many wanna be thugs out here. i applaud the uncle for not taking no isht .

  116. coolMANDINGO:

    2 words! SHUT UP! youre weither WHITE or another race that never got disciplined for acting up. this is corporal punishment at its finest. the little boy disrespected himself and his family for posing like a thug! good job UNC(uncle)

  117. coolMANDINGO:

    The kids NEED corporal PUNISHMENT these days!! TOO MANY parents want to be cool with kids instead of parenting them!! WE GOTTA CHECK these kids before they go LOOSE in these STREETS!! anyone that says this is CHILD ABUSE is either a WHITE person or someone that didnt except the discipline they got as a CHILD!! whats the difference in the kid posting gangster videos and the uncle whoopin that ass?? their wasnt any UPRISE when the kid posted the gangster video but when the uncle CHECKED his young ass ,now theirs a problem. When i was a kid my parents WARNED us if we TRIED calling the POLICE or CHILD ABUSE ,we better get our bags packed! LIKE the bible says SPARE the ROD spare the CHILD!! AINT NOTHING WRONG WITH A GOOD OLD FASHIONED ASS WHOOPIN! point blank

  118. foxthemox:

    thx classy1delight, you need to talk to your children everyday allday- not spank them when they do wrong at the last minute. And John M. If they "asked questions first" then there wouldnt be need for a whupping in most cases

  119. foxthemox:

    how do you know that poster is right, i hope you know that this video is EVERYWHERE!, He shouldnt have posted it- that was overkill

  120. foxthemox:

    corporal punishment at its finest is what they do in Asia- and I say again, some people actually thought this was humor, its not no matter what side you are on

  121. foxthemox:

    ummmm all three are bad examples- they come from extremely mental-disordered males and absent, mentally or physically, parents. Dahmer's parents die when he was young…

  122. manpleasure:

    oh wow a hebrew israelite, becareful some members of your community act like they had no training at all, cursing like sailors and using every word in the book

  123. foxthemox:

    he should have done it off camera- thats the point

  124. Don't spare the rod:

    What is wrong with this world???????? How and WHY is this uncle getting in trouble???? The judge need to dismiss this case immediately…………….great job unc!

  125. velvetgloves:

    Tre – yuh kno mi luv unno like mi daddy cornmeal porridge but COME ON. That boy hardly got a beating – it was more of the shame and humiliation of the camera recording the vid and the posting of said vid online that did the harm than anything. And rightfully so. Yeah blacks are the most incarcerated group in America (and most places overseas) but I bet you there are parents who wished they did take a belt or a switch to their kids behind before the state got a hold of them. I aint sayin corporal punishment works on all children because it doesnt. Obvious you have instilled some type of understanding with your daughter that you dont HAVE to put your hands on her. Me? I was a bad azz lil girl and I didnt understand until I got my lil behind tore up with the belt. Some kids are just hardheaded. If this boy had bucked up in the wrong persons face with that wannabe gangsta ish he couldve gotten himself hurt or worse, killed.

  126. velvetgloves:

    As far as the slavery reference I see what your saying and thats where it comes from – the slaves would rather beat their kids for thier transgressions rather than have their kid beat by massa. At best massa would beat their kid, at worse massa would sell their kid off to another plantation.

  127. Pitbull716:

    I agree with SIT, this was a very mild punishment. I am a white male and grew up in the deep southern parts of SC, and got my ass beat with alot of things except a belt (switches, water hose, etc). i have no sympathy for the kid.

  128. patt:

    because you and so many others just dont want to get it. its is a black man showing some tuff love for another young black man so the federal govt wont have to. whats wrong with the world anyway becoming so soft why our young men are dying in the street as we set back and just SMH in disgust.

  129. @phatboyinc:


  130. Nik:

    I understand what this man is trying to teach.

    You cannot reinforce behavior with the same BEHAVIOR you want to denounce.
    This reminds me of when that young white boy slapped his mom…she SLAPPED HIM BACK.
    THAT IS NOT HOW YOU extinct bad behavior. You have to use some other form of reinforcement that is not close to the behavior you want to end.

    If he wants his child to not be violent, and gangsta, you can't use the same violence and
    to 'teach him'. There's many forms of reinforcement of behavior, physical contact is the most counter productive out of all the forms of reinforcement.

    We have to do better.

  131. @willows3:

    Exactly! He had on jeans! lol He's lucky it wasn't bare butt! Seriously, if you count that as a beating, I'd like you to take a stroll in my fucked up childhood. That's uncle of the year right there! lol

  132. Glyn:

    Well played!

  133. MLee:

    I DON'T THINK SO. If you decide to step in as a Parent figure COME CORRECT, seriously that was his Uncle, pants hanging around his buttocks and was the cursing necessary.
    Young man it was wrong, not the best way to portray yourself, what you do and say reflects on you and your family. Uncle if you are stepping up and the male role model for your nephew clean up your own act first, how embarrassing. This is why everyone is posting material on the internet to be seen and heard good or bad….God Bless your sister

  134. GoodForTheUncle:

    So what he needed to get his azz whipped. Good for the uncle.

  135. kathy:

    we need more stronger black men to check these teens before the police get to them.I applaud uncle.

  136. jazzy'sgirl:

    I can understand what the uncle is trying to do but the fact that he's walking around on camera with no shirt, pants sagging and cursing up a storm does not help his efforts at all. I SOOOOOO agree that an online rebuttal to the nephew's 'gansta' wannabe act is in order but somehow show that your family really does NOT come from that sh*t. Start by refraining from using the cursing and looking presentable on the WORLD WIDE WEB!!

    I do, however, give the uncle BIG props for trying to correct his nephew's errant ways and caring enough to be bothered!

  137. SparetheRod:

    If you think about it, teens/young adults nowadays DON’T/DIDN’T get their arses whooped! They are a bunch of 80′s babies, from a largely crack-addicted era born to mothers and fathers either one or both addicted. And IF by chance you had the opportunity (remember, this was the Reagan Era – not a lot of opportunity -in fact we were in a recession, crack running through ever urban landscape you could think of, and recklessly overpowering many small-town black communities) to have a well-paying job, you likely worked so many hours….. NO ONE WAS RAISING THE KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To me, this is the problem with Black America. We have come farther, done more, but we still set ourselves back CENTURIES based on the youth of today. Sure, you were probably spanked more often than not if you were a youth back in the day, but ask most children today, and they will tell you they don’t or didn’t get spankings. It’s a generational curse, and this generation (X) is the worst yet.

  138. Jay:

    *claps hands* We need more of this. Its obvious he wasn't really beating this kids a$$. It was done to prove a point. Gang violence or claiming to be in one shouldnt be take lightly. This is a small consequence to what could of happened to this kid.

  139. Jay:

    *claps hands* We need more of this. Its obvious he wasn't really beating this kids a$$. It was done to prove a point. Gang violence or claiming to be in one shouldnt be take lightly. This is a small consequence to what could of happened to this kid.

  140. Jay:

    *claps hands* We need more of this. Its obvious he wasn't really beating this kids a$$. It was done to prove a point. Gang violence or claiming to be in one shouldnt be take lightly. This is a small consequence to what could of happened to this kid.

  141. brown:



    Okay, take a chill pill…. it's like a bully…… a majority of the time the only way to make them stop is to beat the shit out of them so they know you don't play… same thing with this grown child…. he was not 2yr old…. he was old enough to know right from wrong and he chose wrong…. now we both know damn well that if you try to sit him down and talk to him, he's only going to humor you… tell you what you want to hear and pretty much ignore everything you say…. so sometimes at that age we as parents gotta show these lil rug ragts whose boss…. and the good thing about it is that most of the time you only need to do it that one time… then they have the fear of GOD in them and they know if they do it again, the ass beat'n is only around the corner… it is what it is

  143. LALA:

    you garbage man.. wth he supposed to do give 'em a 2 min. time out in the corner? stupid man

  144. Ashley:

    He didn't because he has respect for him

  145. Reply:

    But yet in must urban home this is an everyday thing. Over 50% of African Americans "beat" or dicipline their children and charges will not go for all of them?

  146. jasmine:

    crtzy talk__

  147. jasmine:


  148. kevin:

    to the uncle i would have done the same thing to my kids my auntie didnt play with me so im not gone play with mine these children these days need they ass beat by there parents thats how i feel :) than ya!!!!!!!!!

  149. Red:

    Its a good ol fashion ass whoopin is exactly what was needed. Thats whats wrong with parents now a days saying there's no need for spankings.. I wonder how many of their kids actually are in jail. No discipline.. Letting them think its OK to get away with anything and have no consequences for their actions. Save America from their downfall. Oh and btw.. its not like the kid was 1 yrs old… He was old enough to know what he did was wrong and took his disipline like a man Took it and respected his Uncle for it. Nothing wrong there what so ever

  150. Faytx191:

    I agree fully with this ass beating. When i was younger my parents would tell me not to do things and ground me and i would do them again. But once my parents took further action, ass-whoopings, i immediately stopped. I think people remember pain much better then a word. I think this uncle did a very good job on straightening out his nephew, and for not becoming the pussification of america and is only showing other parents what must be done.

    Perfect example, your parents tell you "do not touch the stove, it is hot and will burn you". You as a child touch it anyways whether it be out of curiousity or disregard for ur parents words. You end up getting burnt, and through that pain you know no longer to touch it.

  151. Will:


  152. Cam:

    Wow…some liberal suberb shit right here

  153. Alvin Massey:

    ASS whippings not beatings ASS whippings saved my life! That is what the boy received, a good old fashion ASS whipping! You can not reach every kid, but you have to be willing to go to any length to try! I don't beleive for one minute that an ass whipping ever turned someone violent or negative that wasn't already!!!!!!!!!!!!

  154. Paige:

    now this just upsets me. this is clearly proving the stereotype of african american people. I dont think the uncle is setting a good example with his pants saggin. He look like a fake gangster. I understand the boy could get killed but constantly punishing a child will make them feel as if you hate them and may clearly lead to suicide and other things. And broadcasting it now that was to the extreme. I fi was in this position i wouldnt broadcast it to the world. He made himself look bad instead of the nephew…

  155. CeeCee:

    To all the folks criticizing the uncle because his pants were sagging, um, DO YOU HAPPEN TO SEE WHERE HIS BELT IS??

    Thank you.

  156. hoe:

    man fuck yaw dat mane was wrong for doin him lik dat wtf if i c his bitch ass i am gone sos (smash sum on sight)

  157. Guest:

    "The belt whooping just says 'slavery' to me" What a joke, it is a form of punishment. It doesn't matter what "cultural" background you come from, getting a spanking is a way to teach children not to do the bad things. Time out's aren't "white people ways" it is just a non-violent alternative. I mean people use to get fingers and toes cut off in Europe back in the middle ages, these days you just go to prison. Some forms of punishment just wont get the message across unless you show some sort of dominacy as an adult to teach your child to act more civil. Now your going to tell me that getting a switch to the rear is related to slavery?!

  158. Anonymous:

    WTF did you just say?

  159. Anonymous:

    You know what, I've seen white people do worse than just whip an ass – in public. As a child I saw a white woman hurl back and slap the stink out of her little boy. So, don't think there are not white people who believe in corporal punishment.

  160. Michelon:

    Let me tell all of you this… And I didn't read ALL the posts but… Anybody saying the uncle was wrong, appreciate your opinion, but please shut up! SIT thank you, you said it all. If this will keep the boy from ending up like a gangsta and/or getting himself killed, then this was the best ass whoop ANY youth can get! If he has to 'abuse' his nephew once in life, so he doesn't go out kiling/drugging/raping YOUR kids then I'm all for it.

    UNCLE, nuff respect!!!

  161. lajaune:

    i think thats what alot of young ppl need these days,a whoopin with a belt is nothin compared to what will happen to them if they continue to act out what they here in a song or off of somethin they saw on tv.i mean look at the youth of this country,they are misguided and in real trouble. saying that i don't agree with beatin a child sensless but a good ol fashion ass whoopin is probably what alot these kids need(like grandma used to give me)..i mean back in the day children respected their parents and theirselves,now a days it seems we let the media raise our kids and it's up to us parents to bring them back to reality…sometimes that may require a butt whoopin..some times not,but i totally respect the uncle that young man(like most young ppl) is caught up in some foolishness. oh btw why don't kids wanna act like some one other than a person of violence? think on it

  162. J-T:

    I understand that, but he didn't have to take off his shirt. That's like a woman trying to take off her earrings. lol

  163. J-T:

    Eh! I don't really know about this situation.

    I understand disciplining the child in this manner, but…..

    1. Did the uncle tell the son what he did wrong? Well, for being a fake gangsta? That sounds too vague. There had to be something more to it for that uncle to whoop him. If it was just for that, then that proves the uncle has some anger issues.

    2. He didn't have to put that out in public. Seriously. That boy's life is going to take quite a nose dive after that.

    3, There must have been a reason as to why he was acting this way? Being bullied, and just trying to fit in? Maybe.

    4. I don't know why when people thinks that this isn't the BEST way to discipline someone, he/she is labeled as "white". I don't want to pull the race card, but that right there is pure coonery.

  164. Mike Neville:

    slavery???really!! white people's way is time out? Your the one of many racist idiots of this country. More kids these days need their ass beat,, but idiots like you who say their child is well behaved ,,please kids just don't come out well behaved, its not in their nature,,look it up,,your kid is probably one of the hellions that everyone talks about under their breath saying," That kids parent needs to beat her ass,look how she's acting in public." go save the whales or something.

  165. Tazz:


  166. Tazz:

    I'm feeling you on that !! But that's why their at the grocery stores and malls getting called "Bitch," and can't control their kids. All in public, grown as fuck, and getting corrected, by somebody who living off them, begging every other day if not every day, ain't half their age, and ain't even close to graduation.(Majority of they kids ain't even in middle school and talking to their parents like they run shit)….Then they wondering what the world comming to when these ill-mannered not well raised ass kids robbing, an killing…Then ya'll wanna look for the parents….Backwards ass Hypocrits

  167. Tazz:

    Here you go!! O' Sensative ass! That ass whippin was gangsta, OK you grew up in a ruff neighborhood….you probably was scarey and stayed yo ass inside….sometimes the hood can help parents get'cha mind right….Good for ya'll that you all turned out fine… That man making sure his kids do the same…….That boi was big ass fuck, only thing really hurting him right now is feelings and his pride!!!…. I'm N.O bound my hood was ruff an i got ass whippins to help get my mind right!!

  168. Tazz:

    i agree wit you millz 100% what the fuck is a Time-Out! If ya childs was into sports and not foolishness wouldn't be no need for a ass whippin! Time outs get called on the fields and on the courts not in the house. We go a asswhippin for playin with balls in the house WTF wrong with some of ya'll talking about violence, R U fuckin serious!

  169. anoymous:

    trust me that kid was lucky! but his uncle is right as long as there are no scars or welps left on him its not abuse

  170. Xeno:

    awwww "poor thing", go pamper him mommy, it's ok to be an e-thug and act like an asshat to people on the internet. This right here with her statement is where parenting fails.

  171. Andrew:

    I would rather have received ass whoopins growing up then secretly wanting to be spanked the rest of my grown life.

  172. kenhp1:

    I guess most blacks really liked that. They probably saw nothing wrong with the uncles shorts down to his butthole. A real class act. The uncle could be a much better role model if he would pull his shorts up where they belong and speak English, not ebonics.
    Both, more than likely have been incarcerated many times. That will continue. This is the environment that keeps 80-85% of the jail and prison population BLACK.
    That is sad

  173. Cor Bryant:

    Hahaha, real gangsta. Tough guy. The uncle reminds me of an Eddie Murphy skit from years ago.

  174. kash:

    thats not cool.. i dont like that… he shouldnt have exposed him like that!! thats not cool.. I dont mind the lashing.. but exposing him on the media, not cool.. That will build up hatred

  175. @sakimawhite:

    I didn't really see anything wrong with what the uncle did except for the fact that he put it on the internet. Everyone doesn't need to see a child being disciplined. This was mild compared to the video with the seven year old having his head and eyebrows shaved. That was extreme and way over the top. I am not totally against corporal punishment but it's not the only form of discipline. I think people (Blacks in particular) think that's the way to go and if you're not physically disciplining your children you're not parenting. I don't spank my kids with a belt or other objects. There's much more to parenting than disciplining. Just because your parents did it and you feel like you turned out okay doesn't mean it was right. I have read where people stated they were hit with paddles, switches, extension cords, and even freaking frying pans. Sorry, but I don't agree with that. You can keep a child out of trouble with alternative methods. Beating your child's a** for everything is not effective in my opinion. ______________

  176. William:

    Beat that ass< My nephew is in jail now cause he needed his ass beat so do it unk

  177. Dwayne Rengers:

    View complete videos for absolutely free

  178. Ja Ja:

    Well now the boy was recently shot and killed in front of his house and they have yet to find the person who did it

  179. Anthoney:

    I think that the uncle should get, his ass kicked and let somone post it on th enternet then e will see how the child realy felt.

  180. LucidTransition:

    That is the best way. It's how i learned, and it WORKED.. To all you parents out there, Get off your fat asses, get off the cell phone, and whoop your kids. It can save them from a future of jail, drugs, robbery, and a serious lack of morals. Whoop them now so they don't get shot later.

  181. riproar:

    white media??? last time i checked there were just as many black reporters. And i agree the uncle didn't hurt the kid, the kids bigger than him, but he was sure embarrassed lol maybe it will hit home! I was hit as a kid and i turned out good, hit not beaten there's a difference .

  182. DaTruth:

    THAT KID GOT KILLED A WEEK LATER no lie look it upsoo sad

  183. brit:

    he was murdered in his front lawn because of this posting. ppl need a new culture to grow up in.. if you have to be bad to be in then u need to move on!

  184. YouDoneGoneAndDidIT:

    He shouldn't have done that. Just let the kid continue to do whatever he wants. Prison guards need jobs too. Honestly, I think as a society we have become too soft. The US prison population dwarfs other countries. Know why? Cuz we soft, that's why. I think our courts should be more like Thailand or wherever that dude got beat with a cane for the graffiti. He lived, but I bet he's not doing anymore graffiti in Thailand. Come on back to the good old USA and spray shit wherever you want.

  185. Angie:


  186. Krys:

    DaTruth: I dont think ppl realize that….It's sad when thats the end result of something that broung laughs to millions! Most don't know if you not from that area…

  187. C.G.:

    I think he is teaching his nephew that if you want to act like a gangster, that this is what will happen. Better his uncle them some real thugs pulling his card. Dont get me wrong Im not saying the kid deserved it but if he was really trying to act gangster on the internet he probably tries to act hard all the time. Eventually he would have got caught up in some real shit that could have gotten him really hurt or even killed…You may not agree with the uncles methods but at the same time he may have saved his nephew from something much worse.

  188. C.G.:

    plus have you ever had to deal with a child that was never whipped or disciplined. Im not talking about beating a child but spankings on the behind to put a child in place can save you and that child some great greif later on. You dont even have to spank a child hard just a few light swats on the behind to let them know certain behavior is not tolerated goes a long way in life.

  189. MissHey:

    That young man, died shortly after that. I guess the Uncle's attempts were futile. That's what's wrong with these kids today. I am not against whooping you child. However, these parents whoop their kids too frequently ( for stupid shit most the time) and punish too harshly. Dealing with kids takes a bit of psychology. Ass whoopings should be your last resort. Sometimes a well thought out punishment with harsh non physical consequences is just as good.

  190. Travis Kelly:

    I love it!!!!!! These kids today need strong stern male and female family members to step in and do the damn thing!

  191. isis:

    Too bad the kid got killed 2 years later by a gang

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