Dear Celebrity: Lil’ Kim

*Please note that the opinions reflected in the “Dear Celebrity” section may (or may not) be the opinion of Miss Jia! In other words….I DID NOT WRITE THIS or any Dear Celebrity letter to follow! Additionally, I am not a letter editor; the letters will, from this point forward, be posted just as they’re written. Everybody loves a good celebrity diss until their favorite’s involved…

Dear Kimberley “everybody has seen my coochie” Jones,

I really dont see the point in listening to a has-been who put out a “diss” record towards the new b-tch who is on the verge of having the biggest first week sales of any female rapper. While the old b-tch was interviewing ghostwriters, the new b-tch was holding a sold out show with the likes of Rihanna, Drake, Busta, Keyshia Cole and Kanye West.

I dont care about the ONE grammy you have! You didnt recieve that for YOUR ratchet music…you got it because you were on a song with pop stars! And that same song happens to be the ONLY number 1 you had. The next hit was a feature on 50’s song “Magic Stick” (which was my sh-t btw)! Anyways, that peaked at number 2. The highest SOLO song you have had charted was at number 18. The highest for Nicki? 14. Your album “Hardcore” took 14 years to sell 2 million records!!!! Im not suprised tho–that cd is wack to me. I kept 2 songs after downloading it.

Stop reverting to the past… Biggie is GONE, Junior Mafia is GONE…your career is GONE! You know whats the problem with female hip-hop…you! You remind me of the ratchet ghetto boppin’ hood rats that always had something stupid and ignorant to say in high school. Stop lettin’ every dude train and start appreciating the fact that people STILL know your name and that you have delusional stans who live in the past with you. I had NO problem with you until you decided to come for the queen—now you’re seeing just how much publicity you will never recieve for YOUR music. Now ask yourself…why am I talked about? You did DWTS (a show for has beens) and because you’re always trying to fight everyone. Why can’t you sit back and be the legend you claim you are? If I were you I wouldnt be trippin’ about the new up and coming b-tch on the block, I would question why I would put out a diss record on Thanksgiving….BITCH GET A FAMILY!

Now get off that operating table and shut the hell up. The ONLY people reporting on you are your stans and bloggers. The bloggers only do it because it has something to do with Nicki. I dont know about you but when is the last time someone reported a song from you that didn’t get turned off after the first minute mark? This Letter isn’t from a mad Nicki fan. It”s from an angry Female Hip Hop fan who cant grasp why you are always the hateful, bitter one of the group. Yes, you have been in the game longer. So? That just means your ass cant take a hint!

In conclusion, while Hardcore took 14 years to sell 2 million, Pink Friday will sell that or more in the upcoming year. Your dismissed. NEXT!


@IloveUrias =)

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  1. @RPinHD:

    The grammatical errors, though.

  2. So me:

    LMAO This letter had me laughing. So true though!

  3. Killahkey:

    I'm just weak at her comment… I have no words, only laughter

  4. Gail:

    LMAO!!! Remember "i" before "e" except after "c"



  6. Smirk:

    I concur………that is all.

  7. @LDotMarie:

    Well alrighty then. I am cracking up at some of the true points in this letter.

  8. VaunTV:

    "holding a sold out show with the likes of Rihanna, Drake, Busta, Keyshia Cole and Kanye West."<- GURL. It was Hammerstine Ballroom

    Lmaoooo this is funny though. *waits for Kim stans to attack*

  9. meme:

    lol couldn't even spell 'receive' correctly. ho have a seat, you're a hip hop fan but you're calling nicki minaj a queen? where is her grammy? oh.

  10. VaunTV:

    holding a sold out show with the likes of Rihanna, Drake, Busta, Keyshia Cole and Kanye West." <- GURL. It was Hammerstine Ballroom, even Day26 sold that shit out. <_<

    Lmaooo this is funny though. *waits for Kim stans to attack*


    hey not a nicki stan but i thought u should know nickis first album came out this past week..when was she suppose to get the grammy?


    i tried to thumbs up this comment twice i laughed so hard


    wait till STAR and the rest of lilkimzone gets wind of this…jia server bout to crash

  14. BK007:

    Nicki came in to the spot light subliminally going at all veterans, specifically citing those who have been in the game for more then 10 years. Come on, then get on radio and tv talking about how she loves everybody. A year 1/2 ago, she was saying once she makes it she'll have all the veterans feed her grapes at the pool side. So provided the shit is funny; there comes a day when the cameras go off and the real Nicki must stand up. You want to pop shit like you got a cock between your legs, you need more than a weak contribution, such as Pink Friday to add to the history of Hip Hop before being anointed Queen of Rap-and that’s just keeping it real. Moreover, you must surpass what the last queen did and that you haven’t done. Nicki on some instant Oatmeal shit, a fast rise, brings about an even faster fall. Earn your stripes vs taking the easy way out or though. Nicki really should be a pop singer then rapper not rapper then pop singer. She took the easy route because there was no other female rapper really out, she did not really want to compete.

  15. I guess....:

    Bottom line here's the truth: Kim is old school..Nicki is new school..the majority of the generation today know nothing about Kim and going to rock with Nicki there's people who knew about Kim and are still going to rock with Nicki..that leaves Kim with a few old school people who will cater to her delusions as being the best (sidenote: Kim should not even utter the word queen..that belongs to Lauryn Hill if anything) If Kim had of been smart..she would have got with Nicki that way she would have had her old school fans and shared some of Nick's newer generation also…but I guess that would be too much like right huh?

  16. BK007:

    Pink Friday is an artistic disaster and weak "hip hop" record, concept diversity is horrible, best thing going is delivery. Drake sold 500,000 in first week and then took several months to go platinum. With all the hype and PR around Nicki, anything less than 300,000 would have been a shameful and unacceptable massacre.

    As far as comparing Lady GaGa to Madonna, the difference is in the black community, to elaborate in Nicki point, the newbie always got to come in going at those that paved the way in some shape form or fashion and Nicki went to far along time ago, before Roman Revenge and the only reason why anyone cares about it is because Em was on it and she was talking about Kim (not that it’s a crazy hott record alone).

  17. THE REAL

    first off you aren't a female hip hop fan. If you were then you would have known Nicki Minaj when she was undergrount in 06/07/08. Cause if you did you know her then you would've have known she was coming at Lil Kim first on her mixtapes and features. YOUR NOT A REAL FAN

  18. divagia:

    Wow, some good points made. Still cant stand that manaj character but Kim needs to be easy n do her. I'm tired of the fake fuckery from both of them. Nicki cant spit, Kim always had a team so they both need to step up their game. I'm not sold by young money cosignin her manufactured image that she denies. I'm from queens so I've seen the real oneika. Get a new Nose, butt, boobs n sell yaself to the highest bidder. Kim should have stopped listening to her Rupaul stylist team a while ago n she'd still resemble herself. I'm done wit it. If nick would just say I'm Baribie bitch, yes I made myself into what you want to see, I could buy her manufactured image. Till then they both suck, kim is a lil more real yet jaded.

  19. bk007:

    Hip Hop is a fuck you, you can get it too culture, so yes respect to Kim for taking on the whole fucking Barbie land camp, that shit is straight BK all day. Remember Kim survived 2pac, eve, foxy, remy, shyne and 50. NO ONE HAS SURVIVED 50 Cent. This new shit will come and go and Kim just needs to get her record out, end of story.

    Also, in 7 out of every 10 parties a Lil Kim Track is playing, not only does Pink Friday only have 1 hit song, “My Love” which according to Nicki, she hated and thought would ruin her career, you will not hear a Nicki Minaj track playing even a year later then it’s release, let alone 10 years later. We comparing apples to rocks here. A princess yes, the queen never.

  20. Smirk:

    and if we're being fair..Kim's don't count because she has to share it with 4 other chics…one of them being Mya…so you know that doesn't mean much

  21. I guess....:

    Sigh here goes another person who thinks they know the history of Kim and Nicki by reciting what they heard off the radio……yawn

  22. GirlStop:

    Did she really tell Kim to get a family when she is obviously bleeding and mad as hell about a diss and petty beef between wo plastic dummies to the point to where she felt the need to write an essay about it?! Girl please take an English class and STFU! I went to her twitter page and she got Nicki all over it. So she is writing this as a Nicki STAN! LOL Kim is getting on my nerves too, but I wish all you barbies would blow your airless brains out. You are a waste of air in society. It is unhealthy to get so emotionally attached to celebrities that you allow yourself to feel personally attacked when they are. They don't give a damn about you. Nicki and Kim are trying to take care of their families and in the process that includes screwing with whatever brain cells or lack there of that you have by releasing the garbage music they put out.

  23. GirlStop:

    And BTW, this girl does a hell of a job with google. LOL She seems to be a psychic too. Regardless of what Nicki sells her first week or when it's all said and done, at the end of the day – literally – Kim is still more accomplished than Nicki, so WTF would you try to criticize Kim for bragging about a Grammy when Nicki has none. Even more importantly they both are obviously more accomplished than you or you wouldn't have taken all that time to research stats on Kim. Come on be smart. This is not that serious. Get a life Malibu! Get some business about yourself and quit e-thugging over these celebs, damn.

  24. guesshoo:

    Let the church say "ament", lmao!

  25. F_you_and_her_2:

    Kim wins Nicki lost…. Kim is the mother that birthed that hoe. Kim is the last female rapper to hit went platinum. Hard Core went double platinum in 2000 check the facts you dumb bum bitch!

  26. I guess....:

    I'm going to say this last thing then I'm out…but the reason we can't advance as a people culturally or musically is because the majority of our people have the ignorant thought that hip hop can't exist without beef…so yall are just going to forget where beef got Biggie and Tupac..2 people had a problem and instead of settling it…they let the public get involved and the public ultimately handled it…because they didn't kill each other…just think about that while you guys are hyping this BS

  27. meme:

    and i'm sure if nicki won a grammy for 'monster', you'd say it counts.

  28. F_you_and_her_2:

    Lets also keep in mind this is all in fun and is needed. Noone is checking for Nicki's songs that are not about Kim or your love part 1, 2, 3 ect. She is a gimmeck something like a collage…. Get that hoe Kim! She should not have done an interview and that roman mess.

  29. meme:

    do you know the history? oh.

  30. @ChicFemme714:

    I respect the opinions in the letter but I would have to disagree. Yes, I feel that Lil Kim needs to stop talking and being so worried about Nicki Minaj. Yes, Lil Kim needs to put out some new music. but to suggest that Lil Kim is irrelevant because Nicki is out now is stupid. To crown Nicki as the queen already when she has had only one album out and a few songs, NO. and that one album is HORRIBLE, I have yet to hear anyone say they like it besides her stans. Anyways this is just my opinion. Lets stop "crowning" artist queen, or the best until they have proven themselves. There always seems to be one requirement that stans seems to forget when they wanna call there artist the best………………………………LONGEVITY.

  31. gOLDIE:

    If Lil' Kim is so OLD and PAST IT…….then why has Minaj totally hijacked her look? Nuff said!

    That Pink Friday album is actually crap and not true hip-hop-it's Black Eyed Peas territory.

    Lil' Kim is infamous for her fashion style, her dirrty rap, her outlandishness-Alexander McQueen Bowed to her for cryin' out loud!!!!

    Lil' Kim is still relevant and Minaj is (seen it all before.)

    Without Kim there'd be no Minaj, but Minaj basically made up bullshit about Foxy talking to her to hype her own album—-MINAJ IS TRYING TO USE KIM TO SELL HER SHITTY ALBUM—-


    Minaj needs a slap round the head and Puff Diddy Daddy WTF needs to get ORIGINALITY!

  32. F_you_and_her_2:

    You hit it right on the F'in head. Kim has timeless classics the other chick is for right now. She is a burning match and the end is near like Kim said. Every black friday for now on I will think of Lil Kim. No hook, big feature, or big producer. She just ate that hoe…… lunch

  33. meme:

    "There always seems to be one requirement that stans seems to forget when they wanna call there artist the best………………………………LONGEVITY."

    that's because stans are like fairweather friends, hopping from one new gimmick to the next.

  34. meme:

    how many times are you gonna post this wack comment?


    i feel it girl..legends dont pay attention to petty bullshit. dumb ass should of went on tour together and watch both of they money get so tall barbies gotta climb it

  36. Quest:

    But the only way Nicki will win a Grammy is for one of the songs she is featured on so where's the logic?

    Hard Core certified double platinum on 03/14/2001 so where is this losers getting 14 years from?

    Pink Friday was selling on Amazon for $4.99, actually $1.99 if you used the $3 discount the site was offering. Mind you, Hard Core sold for probably $16.99 at the least.

    And if Kim has to shut up about Biggie then Nicki needs to STFU about Wayne.

    These losers are really hype about that bitch 1st week sales. Lets see if it goes double platinum. And lets see if her next album and the album after that reaches platinum.

    Kim already has that under her belt. Shit where is Nicki's American Music Award? Kim won in 2003 for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist. Nicki showed up this year looking a damn fool just to give somebody else their award.

    It's going to be hilarious when Nicki realizes how fickle people can be. Ashanti use to have stans who went hard. Those same stans now drag her every chance they get.

  37. GirlStop:

    If Kim's Grammy don't count then neither does the 20 collabs that Nicki may have received an award for that have hit the Billboards. She can no longer brag about having all those hits on the Billboard since they were collabs. Where is her solo work? You barbies need to find a clue.

  38. Binky:

    Couldn't agree more!! I f*ck with Nicki, but all these young'ns just don't realize that Nicki wouldn't even exist if it wasn't for Kim.

  39. I guess...:

    Don't remember offering a lesson…but if you happen to find an instance..I'll stand corrected


    get off my dick…i pressed sumbit once i cnt help what this server does

  41. Star:

    Have they NOT heard that wack ass pink friday album??? They can make Nicki rich all they want at the end of the day, she had the WORST female debut album. Not throwing shade but being honesty! So sad people just give in to what ever thrown at them cause Nicki just proved to us she cant hold on her own. Let her sell, SHE'S STILL WACK!

    Jia, I'm shocked you even posted this because this whole letter was so biased lol. Clearly this is a STAN for calling 'HardCore' wack when he/she praises pink friday lmaoo im done..

  42. TeddyBear:

    I guess these two fools never heard, "actions speak louder than words." ESPECIALLY KIM'S ASS! I think this whole damn thing is STUPID, along with the side choosing spectators participating in this fuckery. This is some of the most juvenile shit in the world. There's more things to worry about than who's the reigning queen of whatever (and like somebody else said, I give that title to Lauryn Hill who doesn't have to be nasty to create a message….oh I'm sorry, neither Kim nor Nicki have any messages). Both are too old for this, but Kim is a vet in the game, so she should have some wisdom under her belt. I can't stand folks who just don't seem to know how to let go. Everybody is not going to always be #1 on the charts with their mug on every magazine and tv station, it happens to the best of them…hell, look at Michael Jackson. But see, that's what happens when you feed off of attention…negative and positive. If Kim is so worried about her spot, why did she take her plastic ass to DWTS (which is for has-beens or never-beens)…why didn't she start churning out the music when she popped her little ass out of jail? Is that because no other female rapper was making an impact on the game, so she wasn't worried? Why does she give a damn about what a newcomer thinks when she is a vet and a 'legend' in the game? Why didn't she do like R. Kelly and simply speak her mind without being rude, and putting the young one in check as an "elder" should do? And Nicki, got damn, just make your little music and show her why you think you're the best…you don't have to say shit about it, just do it. I'm so sick of both these plastic ragamuffins. Please Lauryn…stop mysteriously making appearances and put out some music to show these folks what a REAL FEMALE MC IS!

  43. Star:

    Dont forget when Kim first came out it was sooo much controversy and people protesting not to buy her album because of the cover. No doubt Nicki will sell due to all the hype surrounding her, but is that album classic material? hell no. point blank.

  44. summertyme:

    Dude, i promise its not that serious! you really must have been to young to appreciate Hardcore because it was the shizz in for the entire summer of ’96. lol

  45. miss_deuces:

    "come for the queen"?

    yeah, okay.

  46. Walter:

    "I had NO problem with you until you decided to come for the QUEEN—now you’re seeing just how much publicity you will never recieve for YOUR music."

    Lil Kim tried it with the queen? Are you talking about Queen Latifah? Now I am confused!

  47. sweetie:

    Dear anonymous,

    Your dear letter is as wack as you proclaim kim to be. Nicki is not the new queen, just a new face in a game that has no competition for her right now.

    Whats gonna happen to her sales when all her fans buy up her album in two weeks, lol. Nicki is shining right now on default. Her style has been marketed before and was successful (i.e. Kim) and now she is just eating off of what was made popular before her.

    You sound very much like the Minaj stan, much like the stans you're calling Kim's fanbase. In reference to the past and careers gone, we'll definitely see if Nicki has the stamina by this time next year.

    Just as much as anticipated Drake's cd was, look how long it took him to go platinum. He and Nicki are in the same boat. Their anticipated debuts were a total let down. So do go proclaiming Nicki the queen of anything because her longevity in this game….chaaaa yah know what? lol won't last.

  48. SASSY:


  49. Melissa:

    This letter was wack as shit….

  50. OMGTré! - Blog:

    I wish people would realise that record sales is more about dominating the 'mainstream' market as oppose to true talent. Some artiste though have managed to conquer the mainstream while still honouring the craft (ie Beyoncé) but Minaj is not one of them.

    Nicki have a lot of young impressionable 'new school' fans/minions and remember she has the gays cosigning her.

    I used to like Minaj but the gimmicks were fresh once – now it's too much. Lil Kim is a truer artiste to Hip Hop and I rate that about her.

  51. Quest:

    Lauryn Hill is an R&B artists and also a one album wonder.

    Kim has always been considered "The Queen of Hip Hop" so stop.

    Female rappers look up to Kim. Nicki came into the game paying homage to Kim.

    Now she switches up who inspired her because the beef but we all know who made her.

  52. Life_Happens:

    SERIOUSLY??!!!! Please focus your attention on the things that matter. Did you hear about the Somali-American accused of plotting to bomb Oregon tree-lighting event? Probably not, I'm guessing Kim & Nicki was a more important topic. To all of the overzealous fans on either side, do you think they give two shits about you? You should "STAN" for someone who will reciprocate. Remember, "If you put a small value on yourself, rest assured that the world will not raise your price." Albert Einstein

  53. Brandito:

    Um…if you wanna get into it, Missy Elliot is actually the best selling female rapper of all time. Lauryn Hill has the most grammy's

  54. Allergic 2 BS:

    Hm….Interesting letter (I’ll just leave it at that). I would however, like 2 address the “biggest first week sales of any female rapper,” & the “I had NO problem with you, until you decided to come for the queen” lines….Um….biggest sales? Queen? *cocks head 2 the side, like a dog* Seriously??????? TECHNICALLY, Kim herself isn’t actually “The Queen of hip hop,” let alone Nicki! Lauren Hill is, & I don’t even think that’s a title she wants, which makes her even more of a Queen! Because with ALL she’s accomplished, she never once claimed that title, her accomplishments & her fans gave her that title, which is how it’s supposed 2 be in the 1st place. No disrespect, but u are SERIOUSLY reaching!

    @GirlStop, <—- Handsdown, the BEST comment on ANY Kim vs Nicki post. I'm actually ashamed that I wrote a LONG comment recently, but it just had 2 be said, but w/e, reguardless, bottom line, I cosign your comment 1000%!

  55. @TerrellVanity:


  56. skyy:

    Um throwing the word "queen" around is getting out of hand!

  57. OMGTré! - Blog:

    Great quote about Einstein.

  58. OhPuhleezee:

    My issue with Kim is that she said anything at all. The pool of female rappers is too damn small and they're not diverse enough. Everybody is a ride or die chick with bomb ass p*ssy……..that's sad. It's 2010 and we have an educated African American first lady. Don't you bitches feel dumb that you're still offering up your raggedy little twats because that's all you have to offer anybody? I don't mind Nicki. She's not trying to be like everybody else (including kim), and I appreciate that. Why should she pay homage to Kim? What the hell did Kim do that was so damn great? I don't remember Kim paying homage to Salt n' Pepa, Queen Latifah, YoYo or anybody else when she first came out. Every time Kim opened her mouth Biggies nuts fell out. She said his name more than she said her own . Nicki's wackiness (and whackness because that cd sucks ass) is interesting, if nothing else. Why create competition (or beef) when it's not necessary? In the end you'll both lose. Stop trying to be like the boys and do your own thing. You'll get much farther that way.

  59. Actually:

    LMAO…This letter had me DYING laughing. I see a lot of people are mad that this person called Nicki the Queen. I guess no one has seen that Rolling Stone dubbed Nicki "The New Queen of Hip Hop"…lol. In my opinion, there was never a "queen" because Biggie gave Kim that name when there was no other females putting out music. The same applies for Nicki. She's too new to be a queen.

    Pink Friday isn't a "hard-core" hip hop album and THATS why many people don't like it. It's NOT for everybody. Personally, I like it..but I wouldn't tell anyone to get the regular version the deluxe is a must.

    I've said this a million times and I'm gonna say it again. Lil Kim is a gimmick just like everyone says Nicki is. ALL THESE ARTISTS ARE GIMMICKS. Its ENTERTAINMENT people.

    Kim needs to sit down and be happy that she has a good catalogue of music and TRY to add to that. The "Nicki dis" had some good quotables but overall that shit was WACK. This "beef" needs to be deaded because it's boring as hell. No where near the JayvsNas, 50vsJada beefs.

    Anyway I liked this letter, like I said very entertaining.

  60. FanOfFemcees:

    I think kim making a diss record was extremely lame on her part. I want kim to win but she keeps disappointing me, she’s got comfortable and it took nicki whom she’s threatened by to get motivated again!!! Just because some of us are fans of Nicki it doesn’t been we hate kim. It seems like when we show her (kim) love the less she cares about her music but when we bash and criticize her that’s when she wants her “crown”back. (and I’m not saying nicki has it, she still hasn’t proven herself yet) Yeah kim been in the game for a min but she’s not consistent 96 2000, 05 and the G.o.a.t mixtape in 07.I think Tupac put out more albums than kim. It’s ironic that the first time I heard nicki was on jumpoff 2006 or 07, she somewhat reminded me of the old kim and think that’s why so many ppl either love her or hate her. Either way I hope they squash this beef so we can get a callbo #imjustsaying

  61. Allergic 2 BS:


    “that’s because stans are like fairweather friends, hopping from one new gimmick to the next.”



  62. Destiny:

    I stopped reading after "come for the Queen…"

    LMAO @ Jia making sure to highlight "I DID NOT WRITE THIS" in big bold letters

  63. momo:

    why do these ladies have to be bitches ?

  64. OhPuhleezee:

    That's how they refer to themselves.

  65. meme:


  66. Ryan:

    some of yall need to SIT THE F—- DOWN. Since when Lil Kim was the Queen of hip hop? As far as i'm aware that title was reserved for Lauren Hill….i.e. TIll Rolling Stone Crowned Nicki the new queen. I have no idea how so many ppl are rallying around kim cuz it certainly doesn't reflect in her previous album sales.

  67. LEEK:

    In the grand scheme of things Kim will get the moral victory by displaying what it is to be an emcee, but she'll get take a loss because the industry is geared around that anymore. To me "Black Friday" is like Mike Tyson's best punch against Buster Douglas. (who remembers that fight?) It did put Douglas on his back, but wasn't enough to beat him and we all know the rest.

  68. LEEK:

    Mainstream Hip Hop is at a place where someone like Big Boi only sells 60,000 units in his first week, a Nas/Damien Marley collab album gets overlooked, and Rah Digga's long awaited sophmore album is an indie release. With the exception of Jay-Z, mainstream hip hop is a country not meant for older artist. Labels have shifted their focus from catering to all demographics evenly to catering to a pre-teen/teen demo exclusively. Why? This demo has a larger disposable income than anyone else. Working at Wendy's doesn't mean they make more than a nurse or electrician, but when a 17 year old kicks out $100 to help his or her parents out there's still a good ammount of money to be splurged. Labels have always known that, but really kicked the notion into high gear after the ression crisis hit. Entertainment becomes less important when you're trying to maintain mortgage, life, car and homeowners insurance.

  69. LEEK:

    If Kim does release an album it might be on EMI, E1, or Assylum (indie distributors) and could possibly move 85-100K in the first week (450K on a major), and tops the independant charts, but to many she would still be deemed the loser. Why? In today's society PERCEPTION is everything and with the all the marketing dollars labels spend getting these kids' attention, their PERCEPTION matters more than that of an adult who has more pressing issues to deal with.

  70. FanOfFemcees:

    Ok I forgot labella mafia in 04

  71. rose23:

    I agree with both of you.

  72. @AngelenAguilera:

    girl, BYE.
    i am bye no means a nicki fan but this letter is about to make me write a retraction.

  73. @AngelenAguilera:

    (i just woke up lol)

  74. Zphinest5:

    I’m tired of people talking about Kim v Niki. Why can’t people like both. I respect Kim’s contributions to hip-hop, but Niki is hot right now. Kim needs to work on putting out good music and Niki needs to evolve into more than just a “Barbie”. We as African-Americans need to worry about less about what one another is doing and work on our individual selves. What Niki eats doesn’t make Lil’ Kim sh@t and vice versa.

  75. rose23:

    Lol this letter was not needed everyone knows Nicki copied Lil Kim period.

  76. rose23:

    But do we really care what rolling stone thinks, some of NIcki's lyrics are the dumbest lyrics I've ever heard in my life. This whole beef is bs Minaj will not last long, she will go away like lil Kim only dumb females think minaj is hot.

  77. johnosahon:

    LOL, ok this goes HARDER than both "diss" records.

  78. @dinastyinc:

    "This Letter isn’t from a mad Nicki fan. It”s from an angry Female Hip Hop fan"

    ^^ Yeah, that part was thrown in there for good measure because you realized up to that point your entire letter sounded as if it were written by a Barbie/STAN.


  79. @dinastyinc:

    Whaaaat? Quest actually made a point we can all agree with!? And it had no irrelevant mentions of Chris Brown anywhere!?


  80. Lola:

    After wasting 2 minutes of my life reading this tomfuckery, I PRAY INCESSANTLY FOR A LAURYN HILL RESURRECTION. PLEASE GOD, MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!

  81. @dinastyinc:

    I agree that there are more pressing matters in the world to worry about, but the fact that you commented throws you in the same boat with the rest of us. If World Affairs are truly your thing, Nicki or Kim wouldn't even be on your radar.

  82. @dinastyinc:

    Yeah I heard about the Rolling Stone article last night. And I think it's bullshit that a media source that's supposed to be a cornerstone in the music community (no matter what genre) allowed something like that to publish.

    But then again, I'm not surprised because the hip-hop game is now identical to a high school popularity contest. Numbers earn titles because creativity and artistry don't mean shit nowadays. So in the numbers and fame game, yeah Nicki is the queen, as she really the only one doing shit right now.

    And you can quote me on it.

  83. @dinastyinc:

    MOST stans. I've been a Badu #STAN since the beginning, and have not weathered, even through an album that I did not like at all!

  84. YEAH..OK:

    Thank u Brandito… I was thinking the same thing. Isn't it Missy Elliot who had the last #1 hit as a female rapper before Nicki and Lauryn took home like 5 grammys in one night for her SOLO album. I have never been a kim fan, but im not a hater. She gets respect for her hits, but Nicki made a point… She is becoming known as a BITTER bitch to new generations of hip hop. Other rappers dont need to demand respect! Take a lesson from JAY-Z. He has never been threatening by Lil Wayne calling himself the best rapper alive or the KAAAAAANG (as Jia woud say lol) calling himself the king. He joined forces and became unstoppable. KIM PLEASE STOP!! and btw, put the Barbie shit aside and Nicki can be a beast with the lyrics. Check her credentials!

  85. say whats real:

    I think their should be a DEAR NICKI MINAJ. I think I should do it.

  86. Joey King:

    this is BS come on …..who ever wrote this is prob 5 and has no idea who Kim is
    she is the reason that you have a nicki minaj and Nicki minaj is also 1 a them stan you talk about

    she came up on that lil Kim ….like Kim said she will always be #2 why because Kim came first and will always be there the comparison between Kim and Nicki will continue

    her pictures her hair its clear she been takin pages from kim

    Martin Luther King and Malcolm x
    they are from the past
    should we just forget about them and not recognize their work …are they too old or worst too dead for us to recognize their part in History

    Im a fan of both of em for me it just hurts

  87. Actually:

    yea she is the only one doing things right now but I cant necessarily say that I think that the article was bullshit…definitely spoken too soon but not bullshit. These days its about international success and crossing over. Nicki Minaj and Drake are creating a new sound…can't fault them for that. People are going in way to hard on Nicki. Shit, when beyonce was stealing EVERYBODY "swag" (hate that word) from Tina Turner to Kylie Minoge (sp) nobody said anything..even down to the performances yet ppl swear beyonce is the 2nd coming of jesus. point is, there IS NO originality anymore so why should Nicki be bashed for taking something, recreating it, and then making it bigger than it ever was or could be.

  88. Actually:

    there is a dear nicki minaj letter…

  89. @dinastyinc:

    Yeah, been there, done that one.

  90. Actually:

    OMG…Lauryn Hill IS NOT the damn savior of hip hop. IF she does drop it's not gonna be a rap album. She said that like 1000x already.

  91. Nia:

    Kim needs to take a page out of R. Kelly's book…elephants don't swat flies. If she really felt that Nikki was and will always be number 2, she should sit back and watch it happen. Why is everyone acting like Kim is THEE one to come after? She is NO lyricist. She is and has always been a hoe on wax. Sure, it's entertaining but her claim to fame is how she sucks and fucks. I mean, I don't want dick tonight, eat my pussy right? Sound familiar? Yeah, what a lyricist. If Nicki is a clown, then she is clown number 2. Kim is clown number 2. She got in the game with her pussy and that must not be that good because it got left for a aging crackhead. By the way, I'm not a Nikki fan but Kim is ruining her own "legacy."

  92. Girl7:



  93. Uglycleanbroke:

    Well…..Jia DID say she would not be editing letters so….this is the result.

  94. Ness:

    I was thinking the same thing. I think most of Kim's fans/people who just don't care for Nicki get mad at the fact that Nicki is undeservedly called the queen of Hip-Hop. Nicki just happens to be one of the only female rappers…actually the only female rapper out right now. Does that mean she's great? No. Means she has no competition right now. Queens of Hip Hop are MC Lyte, Lauryn Hill, Eve, etc…and maybe even Lil' Kim. Tell me what Nicki and the rest of these women have in common? Close to nothing. That says enough.

  95. KaoticBehavior:

    I so agree

  96. dark beauty:

    Exactly!!! I just came from youtube, I almost fell out of my chair when I noticed how much shit she stole from Kim. Her whole persona is Kim. Paying homage my ASS she straight jacked all of Kim shit, from the colored wigs to the barbie shit YESSS the barbie shit.!! Kim aint mad about her success she has no reason to be, Kim is pissed at how Nikki have stolen her whole persona tryna make it her own.

  97. @SitchoAzzDown:

    Kim is indeed a legend, and Nicki is just a gimmick.
    When it's all said & done, their beef is going to be hamburgers for dinner.
    Not funny? Wasn't trying to be.
    Anyway, if I were to vote on which female rapper was better between the 2,
    I'm going to choose Kim hands down. Nicki sells a gimmick and with this, she
    makes millions. She's got a hustle, and even though I can't stand her, she's using this
    image as long as possible. I'm not a fan of either, but Kim will always reign supreme.
    She drops real sh-t even if it's 100 years old. Nicki's like a new car, it'll come out, sell,
    and even get folkz to buy into the image, but then they'll create a newer, faster and more stylish
    model, then that b-tch will r.i.p. and be sent to the factory to be recycled.

  98. @NaCho_Che:

    If anyone believes 2 Pac and Biggie were killed over some bs rap beef you gotta be out yo mind. The FBI can solve crimes from the damn 60s but they can't solve who killed Pac and Big? Yea the fuck right.

  99. pony:


  100. pony:


  101. @dinastyinc:

    True. I don't think Lauryn is the savior of hip hop either. Although her album was critically acclaimed, I don't get the hype. I liked it, but nothing to rave about for years to come. I see her as more a neo-soul artist anyway.

    Hip hop = Eve, Remy, Brat <—When is their return to the game?

  102. @NaCho_Che:

    I want a Eve album and Remy is in jail until 2015(I think).

  103. @NaCho_Che:

    There can always be a new one. Shit go head.

  104. @dinastyinc:

    Good analogy! Agree! There's a reason why ppl remodel the old school cars and still drive them today. #classics

  105. @SitchoAzzDown:

    Why thank you Dinasty.

  106. huhwhat:

    i think you mean "rebuttal".

  107. K. Kaine:

    Well. This was probably the worst 'Dear Celebrity' post EVER! 1st- Album sales can not even be compared between the two fem rappers BECAUSE all the free internet exposure and digital downloading was not even available when Kim came out! She did the old-skool way and got money! If the internet is what is was back then, Nicki would be unheard of period.

  108. K. Kaine:

    She'd still be selling those 'million dollar mix tapes'- YEAH RIGHT. 2nd- What most people fail to realize is that her YM crew weren't with her in the beginning! SHe was bought and has a lot of money backing her. Kim was a part of the OG JR Mafia Crew with Biggie from the start! She worked hard to get her crown- Foxy too! Don't forget Kim was the 1st black artist to get a MAC deal & many other endoresements . Kim was always with the top of the top in fashion (remember how mad Foxy was she didn't get deals like Kim).

  109. K. Kaine:

    This Barbie sh*t is bootsie and hopefully will wave on by us, but then again the audience(us) is spoon-fed this shit by the industry. The plan was made and the decision is final of who the next Fem MC up to bat is. Do you really think the industry cares if we like it or not!?? It being played over & over again on t.v, radio. I KNOW no one calls the radio station asking ot hear the same songs 50X a day! Basically- I feel HOODWINKED…BAMBOOZLED and simpky disappointed in what females are putting out now. I mean Foxy was like 16/17 yrs old when she came out. Young & Dumb. So you can maybe excuse her lyrics b/c she was young, dumb & fast as fuck! Nicki is pushing 30 years old so I EXPECT her lyrics to match her age and uplift the generation of LOST Ladies out there but instead she is only contributing to this FOOLYWANG BS! Hot SHIT NOT FOUND with Nicki! Now more young females aspire to have a big fake booties, tits and a tight weave. Where are the L-Boogies, the Queen Latifahs, the MC Lytes, the Butterfly's, the Jean Draes, the Dynamites, the Kid Sisters, even the Jacki-O's (at least she kept it 100 hood-style)! WILL THE REAL QUEEN PLEASE STAND UP!!!!

  110. stacks:

    "You remind me of the ratchet ghetto boppin’ hood rats that always had something stupid and ignorant to say in high school."

    –REALLY? after reading this article, i can't help but categorize YOU as one of the ghetto boppin' hood rats who couldn't write in my class. if you're gonna be a writer/blogger, learn to write. you're everything that's wrong with journalism. #DISMISSED.

  111. omfg_wtf_itsMo:

    LMFAOO i already know what the comments are going to look like so im not going to waist my time.

    HOWEVER i will say this person gives us nicki "Stans" "Pans" "Bans" w.e a bad rep. Lmbo this letter was just HORRIBLE!!!!

    Also i like how jia didnt even bother to edit THIS letter. Hmmmm….. *Major side eye* Lol

    I couldnt do ANYTHING but laugh nd smile during the whole letter. Just thinkin about all the comments. HAhahaha

  112. @dinastyinc:

    I'm glad you were the one that said it, and it wasn't me on my soapbox with my "conspiracy theories" havin' ass. LOL

  113. @dinastyinc:

    Eve is supposedly hitting us in March. We'll see.
    I know. Damn shame Remy on lock down, clink-clink!

  114. @dinastyinc:

    Well at least you were objective enough to know that it had stanmanship written all over it, and it truly made the stans look bad. LOL

    That was my problem with it. I could've accepted the point of view/opinion if it weren't so…….OBVIOUSLY biased. lol

  115. Nia:

    That's all the more reason to acknowledge Nicki's sales. Kim came at a time when people actually purchased CD's instead of downloading from the net. The fact that Nicki is able to sale in this market speaks volumes. I know alot of people who got it for free online. Imagine if it were the 90's and they all actually purchased it?

  116. Nia:

    The only spitting Kim did on Hardcore was on dicks. Be for real right now. I banged that album to the fullest but it wasn't based on her being a lyricist. It was entertainment. She has yet to surpass Latifah, Lyte, hell even Brat. She does not represent Hip Hop.

  117. Almost Famous:

    The errors KILLED me. It's my pet peeve! She even spelled "Kimberly" incorrectly… smh

    -On topic, how did Hardcore take 14yrs to go platinum when it was DOUBLE platinum in 01? (2mil)
    -Notorious KIM sold more than 3mil
    -Bella Mafia Platinum
    -Naked Truth Gold
    -"Get a family" was SUPER FUNNY! LOL

    What is this bish point? Clearly she's MAD because of "Friday The 13th"

  118. @AsidKisses:

    I don't really feel the need to comment now, y'all came ready for war on this one. I guess we can conclude that Nicki better stay on her money diet as long as she can, and Kim is and will remain, a fucking beast! #whomad

  119. thatIUBKkid:

    Onika is that you who wrote this letter?! chile i know your feelings are hurt but no need to be in denial.

  120. OMG:

    LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Tears of laughter moments: "BITCH GET A FAMILY" AND "..get off of the operating table and shut the hell up." Anywho, #Team90sKim #TeamNicki :)

  121. thatIUBKkid:

    ummmmm….please listen to ether by Nas to get a crash course in diss tracks 101. Anything said by the person being dissed is fair game. Also listen to "when I see her" by remy ma, a lil kim diss. #schoolingyouhoes

  122. Rye:

    Thax Kim….for releasing black friday. You just helped Nicki album sales…and for all you salty Kim Fans….where were yall a few years ago when that bitch was in prison?…oh ok…

  123. @NaCho_Che:


  124. keron:

    Album sales…..Nicki winssss…all you whack kim stans looooseeee… Ruh Ruh Roger that.

  125. PutThatToMusic:

    if anyone thinks that Black Friday trumps Roman’s Revenge, ur stupid. That’s why Kim didn’t come at Em. Practically every line in BF was a rip off of Nicki’s: 1. Friday the 13th (But guess whose playing Freddy, bish), 2. Copy that (Roger that), 3. I smell a massacre (Monster), 4. Right thru Me. Nothing she said was as clever as Nicki’s writing.

    But I understand why the kool-aid tastes good to Kim’s stans. However, take up a beef with the RollingStones who just crowned Nicki New Queen of Hip Hop. Argue that…

  126. @NaCho_Che:

    Could it be that she's mocking her? Just a thought.

  127. PutThatToMusic:

    Nope. I don't think Kim knows the meaning of mock. But maybe we can ask her High School teacher. Do you know the year Kim graduated and from what school? Not the prison school; the academic school.

  128. SayWhat:

    Thank you for telling the facts: Let's see where they add up since Kim said everything Nicki did she did it:

    1. Did Kim have a #1 rap song that she recorded solo? No.
    2. Did Kim have a Hot 100 Billboard solo song higher than #14? No.
    3. Did Kim have an MTV documentary special? No.
    4. Did Kim make the Top 10 Hottest MC List? No.
    5. Did Kim play at Yankee Stadium? No.
    6. Did Kim have a lipstick created especially for one of her album releases? No.
    7. Did Kim record a Hip Pop album featuring her singing on half the albums? No.
    8. Did Kim call her fans Barbz? No.
    9. Did Kim stay out of prison? No.
    10. Did Kim graduate from basic High School? No one knows the answer to that one, but I'm going with No.

  129. @NaCho_Che:

    She mocked her at the end of the song. Sooo she might have been. =o)

  130. PARIS`:


  131. Burrrittanie:

    I know that's right.

  132. SayWhat:

    11. Did an influential magazine crown Kim Queen? No, it was her man that crowned her Queen B.
    12. Did Kim have a lipstick brand that sold out in twenty minutes? No.
    13. Did Nicki have a car repossessed? No.
    14. Did Kim graduate from basic High School? Come on, I know there is a Kim stan out there that knows the answer. Do tell.

  133. DatBitch2010:

    Lmaoo Kim is more successful in what way? She was in the game for 14 years but Nicki has more accomplishments in 1 year! Kim doesn't hold any records…. Missy and Lauryn Hill and even NICKI does. ROLLING STONE called Nicki the Queen of Hip Hop that in itself shits on Kim career. So we're not here for the Has Been who's mad that she's not relevent anymore. Keep it moving and keep it cute Oops we're talking about Kim here I forgot my bad! lmaoooo

  134. @EatMyStarrDuste:

    *standing ovation* YESSSSSS!!!

  135. marfmellow:

    she hasn't come out with anything new in like..what…two or three years and this young bitch comes up and steals her image, steals her wigs, steals her entire fucking show and steals her fans and acts like she is the second coming of…well….Lil' kim and all kim can come up with is….is that new joint even 16 bars? It sounds like 8 bars and then you loop it so it sounds like it's an entire song. Lazy. Lazy. Lazy. The battle is the essence of hip hop and all kim came up with is a bitch slap. Man, this bitch right here is disappointed.

  136. smooth:

    I liked Kim's lyrics on "Black Friday"…..I see you mad…lol! CHILE…….BYE! @ You and that Nicki being the QUEEN comment. This>>>> "Bitch Get a Family" part was funny. As far as Nicki's album sales….you funny if you actually thought this album was that good, that the masses would buy it? NO! Ya'll barbies been on all the blogs, twitter, the Nicki forum (which only makes me..smh) plotting to buy multiple copies of her album to help that chick stay afloat. Ain't nobody stupid. You and all those barbies, stans or whatever you all liked to be called have been on a mission before the album even dropped. Nicki's album sales is made up of people who didn't like the album, but decided to give it away or just not take it back. As well as obsessed teens who are buying ridiculously multiple copies (on Amazon for a really cheap price at that), girly girls, those who don't care for hip hop, all the gays especially the girls who linked to her during her "I'm bisexual" reign and people that don't know music. Now, I'm no Kim stan, yet I do like her, but I won't attach "GREATNESS" to something that isn't that great. Nicki's album was okay, but If I had the opportunity to vote on the behalf of her trying again I'd vote….YES! I understand her trying to appeal to the masses, but what she gave her mixtape folks was not on point. Nor was the lyrics. The album was just not cohesive. To much pop, to much repetition and not enough Minaj. She's got a long ways to go to prove herself in this game. Just because somethings cute doesn't mean you need to start designating it "That Shit."

  137. smooth:

    *When I was talking about Greatness….I was talking about Nicki not Kim.

  138. They Live:

    What a list of Straw Man bullshit arguments you listed. Talk about padding your stats. Kim may not have ever been my favorite Femcee. But to compare her to someone unproven is foolish at best. Kim is a multi-platinum selling artist not Nicki. You list the MTV doc. special, The Hottest MC's list also by MTV are owned both by Viacom. Nicki played at Yankee stadium with other artist. Not as a head liner. You listed lipstick as a credit. So, you are the only hip hop fan that doesn't know about the new slavery called 360 deals in the industry to cross promote wack artist as a marketing strategy. Nicki cannot sing. Listing that as credit on her resume is laughable. Any Black woman referring to herself as a Barbie doll should be shot. Kim went to jail for perjury and not snitching. Bad? idk. Also, Rolling Stone which you didn't mention but others did; owns part of Rhapsody music service. Which is why they crowned her new Queen of Hip Hop without anyone's vote. Makes sense don't it?

  139. Kam:

    Who is this illiterate hoe? Which Queen?…Queen Latifia, the Queen of England? Because you can't be referring to Nicki. I don't hate Nicki but you would have to be a fool to think she's an original at anything. Kim is coming for your so called "Queen's" head. Kim needs to release a track "off with her head".

  140. We Die:

    General Electric owns Universal Motown which distributes Nicki's cd. This is why you will see her on certain Networks frequently like NBC and then CBS. The more they cross promote this wack artist the more revenue they get through album sales and selling commercial time. It's a shell game. Talent has very little to do with making a cult of celebrity in the media. Viacom which owns CBS and half the radio stations in America along with rights in Oprah's show and why you see people like Tyler Perry in Star Trek movies. It's all a shell game of shadowy incestous corporations trying to convince a dim witted public to legitimize a product: Nicki Minaj. How will you feel in 5 years after your purchase?

  141. DatBitch2010:

    What records does Kim hold? Don't worry I'll wait….

  142. DatBitch2010:

    And that's going to do what exactly to Nicki's career? Ya'll amuse me! lmaooo

  143. Kam:

    Are you an idiot? Don't respond it was rhetorical question. What is impacting Nicki's career is her piss poor album sales. I don't hate her but maybe releasing a more solid album instead of releasing the garbage I heard (Pink Friday) would help her "career".

  144. PJB:

    In my opinion, both Kim and Nicki can sit their plastic asses down for this petty beef. SMH

  145. DatBitch2010:

    Piss poor? lmaoooooo funny shit I've heard tonight check the stats Nicki album is planning on debuting at number 2 on the charts AND being the highest selling female rapper sales in its first week EVER! Miss me what the bull shit I'm just stating FACTS! lmaooo

  146. @dinastyinc:

    Rockin' with her when said "Fuck Junior Mafia, that chapter's through! Y'all niggas did some shit that you can't undo…."

    Once again, Kim will call anybody out on a track and say a name and not give a damn. Be like, yeah I said it. And what?

    What's Nicki saying about Roman's Revenge this week?

  147. @dinastyinc:

    Ugh. That's what you do in a diss. You take their shit, flip it, and throw it back at them.

    See: My personal favorite diss record, Tupac's "Hit Em Up". Pac took the beat, the video–the whole sha-bang! Because that's how you do.

    Or wait. Let's go back even further to BDP's "The Bridge Is Over" aimed at The Juice Crew. Same thing.

  148. jack:

    let me say this… love nicki on any Feature track – she kills it. EVERYTIME… bit seriously you lil barbz have to admit – HER ALBUM is pure stank GARBAAAGEE! come on barbies (any black women who calls her self a barbie should get slapped by her mother) you can not actually say her album is DOPE – her VMA performace was good? that was horrible – i would watch a christina aguliera 100 times before i have to watch that wack ass mess again. The MY LOVE / YOUR LOVE whatever that crap is called – is like the worst video/song ever 2010.

    DO NOT GET IT TWISTED. LOVE NICKI IN CERTAIN STUFF… BUT for the STANS to ride her non existent dick like that. NAWWWW – i´ll pass…

    PS: REMEMBER ASHANTI – i see it coming barbz! *blinks stoopidly hands in hips to point out silicone and leans head to the side because vacuum is not controllable*

  149. HipHopFan88:

    Whoever wrote this is simply a fucking HATER!

    Hardcore did not take 20 years to fuckin sell 2 million.

    Yall hatin on Kim because she spits that real lyrical shit for yall ass….and most of you can barely understand it. However, yall would rather listen to some fuckin nursery rhymes from the clone. GTFO!!!

  150. destiny:

    pay attention in English class before u try and talk shit u fckn idiot! nicki is a gimmick! that pink friday album is straight GARBAGE! u fckn nicki stans are ridiculous, the only way u dummies can uplift and praise nicki is by putting kim down because nicki's music aint shit! nicki been throwing shade at kim since 07! but u wouldn't know that because u are probably just a fckn teeny bobber ass high schooler that is easily influenced by dumb shit like nicki! i bet u were a barbie for halloween too!

  151. lena:

    *knocking over crutches*
    damn this…this is a great letter.

    it comes down to this…why do female rappers argue fuss and fight, when there is money out there to be made by every body.
    and kim birthed no one – she comes after lyte and latifah. lol
    we need to ask why kim didnt come after remy when she was home?
    bc she couldn't. enough said

  152. realtalk:

    Um… if you wanna get in to it, Missy Elliot is not Hip Hop alone, Missy Elliot has more dance tracks than Rap hits, check the Dance charts for Missy as good as she is Missy's hits ar mostly dance music and Lil' Kim is the biggest selling female officially 25 Million records sold worldwide 20 million US and over 5 million internationally. Lauren Hill is awesome too and if she came out with more albums in her career, no doubt she would have been the biggest selling

  153. realtalk:

    Totally agreed… well said

  154. realtalk:

    Yep agreed with both

  155. RealTalk:

    haha so true, like the quotes but Life_Happens searched Lil' Kim or Nicki Minaj so looking pretty dumb on that high horse of yours, admit it you came down a peg or two for a minute to have a look at some celeb gossip like the rest of us. Now I'm sure we'll all get back to our worlds more pressing matters. Hypocrisy to the fullest extent..!

  156. RealTalk:

    Lauren Hill is awesome yep, but one album and agreed with quest Lauren is R&B. What Quest didn't say was Nicki was busting shots at Lil' Kim on her mixtapes long before Lil' Kim responded.

    Also Lil' Kim is the biggest selling female rapper 25 million sold which is partly why she is called the Queen, alone with the grammy, hardcore double platinum, 3 consecutive platinum albums. Kim earned her title which has been universally agreed from everyone I speak to until now this new girl with her young followers trying to claim that she created this image she ripped from Kim.

  157. DatBitch2010:

    That's a fucking lie please go check stats again Missy still has sold more albums then any female RAPPER and Lauryn has sold more than everybody with her Miseducation album but she's considered a Singer. Hoes on this site need to come with FACTS instead of opinions Kim holds NO records therefor that bitch ain't the queen of shit but being a bitter ass has been.

  158. omfg_wtf_itsMo:

    Lol GIRL!!! This was just a MESS.
    I was toooo embarrassed for my fellow nicki riders. Lol
    Idk what this person was thinking sounding all mad nd stuffz. Lol

  159. why:

    Nicki needed her ass spanked and she got it with black friday, 15 years from the start of kim’s career we are still talking about her, no on will be thinking about nicki in 15 years, she will be obsolete! When Jay comes at dudes beneath him i.e. Game and Jim, no ones complains but since kim comes after a chick whose been throwing shots since she hit the, kim has a problem, and talks of plastic surgery emerge. SO WHAT! At least it took years for kim to get it Nicki needed it to jump start her career and its no telling what she will look like in 10 years! kim is no has been. That like saying Wayne is better then Jay, popularity may scream nicki now but longevity is the key not popularity. And btw Pink Friday is trash, idc how many records she sell it doesn’t hold the torch to ANY of kim’s albums!

  160. @NaCho_Che:

    Wooow you take that short bus shawty ass nigga seriously. These are the people who support Nicki? You stans have a losing battle bringing up shit like that. Waka Flocka? The fuck.

  161. @NaCho_Che:

    Some people don't know rap beef…

  162. 22CENT:

    noooo come for the queen was refeering to the comment kim said abt nicki. kim said i had no problem with you until you started to come for the queen… it as written wrong

  163. marfmellow:

    it's cute being anonymous huh?

  164. Girl7:

    how old are you? lol

  165. Girl7:

    everyone that's against Kim keeps bringing up the same shit, album sales, plastic surgery, her being older…. what in the fuck does that have to do with her putting Nicki to sleep wih Black Friday??? Hahahaha. Face it, NICKI HAS TO COME 10X HARDER TO EVEN BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY IN THIS BATTLE BECUZ BAR FOR BAR, KIM WASHED HER UP WITH BLACK FRIDAY, SIMPLE.

  166. DatBitch2010:

    NO the whole point Kim mad came out talking about homage when Nicki numerous of times says she looked up to Kim that she paved the way for female Hiphop but before Nicki got famous Kim was all in Nicki face got a pic with her and everything. Kim than had beef with everybody and their mama (Biggie's mom included) when she fell off the map so if Nicki started the shit then made a diss record about her then I would call her out on that I do think for myself thank you very much.

  167. DatBitch2010:

    No one on here so far could have a legitimate conversation about this all ya'll keep on doing is down talking Nicki so since ya'll do that I'ma throw shade to that pre historic bitch.

  168. Girl7:

    no one cares if you throw shade, who are you? lol

  169. DatBitch2010:

    Did I say u cared? Please exit left…..

  170. Girl7:

    what i AM saying, if u know how to read, is that if we're talking about this "beef" and who should win, it should be kim. regardless of whether or not roman's revenge was about kim entirely, doesn't matter. kim came out with black friday and ran over nicki with lyrics. nicki would have to come 10 times harder to even match up to kim when it comes to this battle specifically…but OF COURSE, no one is talking about that.

  171. Cory:

    are you serious when KIm was dropping albums downloading music was at it's peak, we had so many sites like Kazaa online that no longer exist that allowed you to download everything and anything.

  172. Girl7:

    you all, even the person that wrote this, keep bringing kim down in other ways that's not even pertaining to the battle. that's funny, i coulda sworn that's what all of this was about in the first place…*kanye shrug*

  173. Girl7:

    technically the exit's on the right einstein…….

  174. DatBitch2010:

    Lmao how did she put her to sleep? Is it going to affect Nicki career since it dropped? NO Even people who are Kim fans and don't even like Nicki said the shit weak she could have atleast came with a new beat then she repeat the same thing over and over again. So move right along…

  175. DatBitch2010:

    And yes Genuis legitimate as in not coming on here calling Nicki out her name first

  176. DatBitch2010:

    And THEN to top it off she said Nicki got her job by her last name if I'm not mistaken Kim got discovered because she was fucking around with BIG so that's a #Fail within itself lmaooooo

  177. Girl7:

    who called nicki out of her name? lol.

  178. Girl7:

    as if kim didn't get called every name under the sun. child please.

  179. Nia:

    Very serious. Downloading wasn't as readily available or popular as it is now. You have to admit that selling 500,000 albums now and selling 500,000 albums then is totally different. It's a rarity. Some of the more popular artist are just that. Popular. They don't sell albums like they used to. That's fact. Kim released a single titled Download and that's exactly what they did, downloaded it.

  180. DatBitch2010:

    More than half the replies in here calling Nicki something get on somewhere with that

  181. Nia:

    If you take a record back, it doesn't matter. It still counts as a sale. Just thought I'd share that.

  182. Uglycleanbroke:

    @Dinasty lmaooooo I know! I'm proud of you Quest! *Thumbs up*

  183. Nia:

    No, I don't think her letter was intended to address the song only. It says Dear Kim, not dear Lil Kim's song.

  184. @dinastyinc:


  185. @dinastyinc:

    Are you paying attention? *taps mic* Is this thing on?

    Sales. Don't. Mean. Shit. When you look at the people that are buying the records. For example, the people on this board.

    *drops mic*

  186. @dinastyinc:

    Apparently it's cute not being able to read as well.

    As Jia prefaces each letter with "I did not write this."

    You tried it.

  187. Girl7:

    coming from me? no. this whole article is calling kim names, but i guess that's okay. #bye

  188. @NaCho_Che:

    Co-sign @dinastyinc and you no life hoes are funny. Do you know you're helping Jia by commenting and visting her blog? If I didn't like someone…I wouldn't want to support them FYI.

  189. @NaCho_Che:

    And most of us don't care. SEAT!!!

  190. DatBitch2010:

    Lmaoo But that's the first thing out Kim fans mouth is stats even Kim herself was talking about her accomplishments. The audience generation doesn't matter when back then was the era of people actually buying cds.#Thatisall

  191. DatBitch2010:

    That's their opinion just like you have your's and I have mine's does that make calling the artist themselves out their name right? Nope like I said I said negative shit because more than half of the people taking it personal other than business/entertainment

  192. DatBitch2010:

    Lmaoo exactly!

  193. Girl7:

    and you continue to talk about everything but the battle, lmfao. waste of time.

  194. Girl7:

    if it wasn't for black friday she wouldn't have made this article, so in fact, i do believe the song has something to do with it…

  195. DatBitch2010:

    U just said u were talking about the "Diss" Have u heard it? cause If u did u would have clearly heard Kim say it in there. "U got fame off your last name" some shit like that lmaoooo NEXT!!

  196. DatBitch2010:

    How would u know what she would have did? smh lol Kim been saying shit it was only a matter of time before someone was going to speak up on it.

  197. Learn to spell!:


  198. Nia:

    Yeah, something (major emphasis on that word) to do with it. Not all. She started off saying there is no point in even listening to the song which would lead one to believe she is in fact addressing Kim.

  199. LiveALittle:

    Lil Kim needs to just do her own thing, release the music that her fans love and stop focusing on someone who is making moves in the industry that is beginning to not even take her serious in anymore.

  200. Girl7:

    ur still not making a point whether u wanna believe that or not lol. end of the day, kim won this battle, that's what i've been saying and thats still what i'm saying. u going off on a tangent is just proving that ur an airhead *lil kim voice* lmfao

  201. Girl7:

    so i geuss she didn't at least hear ABOUT the song which would give her incentive to write this??

    lol lol

  202. Girl7:

    u keep saying move right along and ur still here…make up your mind

  203. nfishf:

    according to rolling stone. — MUSIC's BIBLE — Nicki is the Queen

  204. Girl7:

    I will say this…if what Nicki is saying in the interview with Angie Martinez is true, Kim is wrong. Flat out. I have no problem admitting that….

  205. Lita:

    Then what were they killed over? Gang colors?

  206. JBD:

    This post is SENSELESS!!! To go off on Kim for being HER TRUTH proves you are not a real hip-hop fan!!! Just listen to Nicki, b/c you deserve her wack ass!!!

  207. Justathought:


  208. kita:

    Yo that part had me laughing my ass off too hahahaha Well Dayum, but Jia for real where you find this shit lol. Home gurl wrong for this I ain't gonna comment about what the letter was about LOL!!!!

  209. WellDamn24:

    I'm almost too old for this sh!t. Kim is the hood hoe who made good, and Nicki is a hoe derivative who is being pimped on a record store instead of a street corner. Ain't nothing particularly innovative about either one of them, but Nicki comes on smelling just a lil more stank because she's new but not original. At least Lil Kim earned her title as the First Hoe of Hiphop. The only new thing that Nicki brings to the table are facial ticks, like putting tourettes syndrome to a beat.

    Listening to their albums is like watching bukake and thinking it's high art.

  210. La Toya:

    Man these stans are ruthless, why are people so caught up in celebrities and their tricks to keep you interested in them. I wouldn't be surprised if this beef was created, in the same manner 50 cent would purposely create beef to sell more albums. So much negative energy being devoted to people you don't know personally wow is all I can say.

  211. DatBitch2010:

    You're the one came in ONLY saying something about Kim diss but you're saying I'm not making a point when I speak upon it? and girl please if anything you're not making a point when clearly the post is about more than a "Diss"

  212. tamalam:

    Ok everybody knows Nicki is Lil Kim/Missy/Foxy Brown all rolled in one. Aint nothing orignal about this Barbie not her nose, boobs or fake a**. And this is hip hop? BS Granted no female mc has the following that she has. Why, well if Kim/Eve/Foxy came out in this internet twitter/FB age they too would have the same following!! The Old Nicki was hard but now shes claiming that wasnt her she was always pop she almost got kicked out of YM cuz she wasnt bringing it. . When Wayne signed her it was because of "The Come Up" DVD, she had flow. This Pink Friday Pop Sh*t is for the birds, effin Pigeon. Her CD is not classic, she will not have longevity in hip hop with her Gimmicks & fake lesibianism! Kim didnt need to stoop to her level she is the Queen, she was an easy shot but a battle is always good. I guarantee u Nicki will not come at Foxy or Eve, they will spit her alive lyrically. If she is such a rapper why does it take her so long (days) to do a collab but 15 minutes to write her own POP CRAP. Come on ppl, get a clue. I wish her sucess but she is to cocky to soon. Females need to come together and rep dat ish for the females!!

  213. WellDamn24:

    I agree. But the more folks get into the beef, the more both women have to lose if they don't end up on top. Even if they "reconcile" it will make one of them look like a chump. But then I think that they are hoes anyway, so looking like chumps might be a step up.

  214. WellDamn24:

    F*cking with Lil Kim is like messing with the drunk aunt 'cause you know your @ss will get slapped back if you mess with the ones who start fights in the club.

  215. meme:

    lol at music's Bible. ain't no one checking for rolling stone anymore, they jumped the shark years ago.

  216. trueangel:

    . Anybody who thinks Kim's song is bad is not a fan of hers. That song torn Nicki butt from under her. I'm in my forties and I love Kim, do I think Kim should have made a song HELL NO she the QUEEN can't no one take that from her. When the history of rap is told her name will be in it.This Clone came in as far as I'm concerned represnting all females of rap and she can't. Furthermore she only good cause no one is out there so who's's she really going up against. Kim is raw and if she does respond she will not be by herself or shooting bars like Kim can. She's a joke with a kid fan base. Kim beat her with her own voice on her shit…DAMN..What Nicki should have done is come to Kim, Have a sit down and talk…

  217. trueangel:

    You can't just make a comment about who came before you and act as though what they did wasn't shit before you. This new rappers kill me thinking they did this shit first….they make the money faster but ole school rap was here and that is how they became who they are. For a weezy to tell Jay-z he's not importantant would be crazy that's wht Nicki is doing…I feel like all the old school rappers should feel a way about this…they should stand up for Lil Kim she is old school family and if they keep letting this young ones think they did this rap game this will happen over and over again….STAND UP OLE SCHOOL STAND UP KIM IS YOUR FAMILY

  218. Julissa:

    At least jia picked a nice picture this time.

  219. darkmidgetman:

    This gotta be the most biased letter I ever read, cmon at least give Kim credit for something sounds like its coming from a mad Nicki fan to me. I respect both artist though Nicki has become her own artist now and Kim is a legend so I really don't hate either one, I know its just promotion though like most beef now but I still want Nicki to do a come back record and showcase her skills If she don't I can't see her calling herself the best. Right now I don't see a comeback record though to be honest her style is to diverse to be accounted as hard but I hope she proves me wrong.

  220. Kam:

    Those album sales are made up of $4.99 amazon discount, people who bought the album realized it was garbage and can't return it and youngins like you who can't tell the difference between originality and a knock off.

  221. DatBitch2010:

    What made her cocky? Kim came at her FIRST! Nicki ALWAYS said she looked up to Kim that she paved the way its only so much one can take . Plus Kim than had beef with damn near all the female rappers..Foxy,Remy and now Nicki and for what tho?

  222. keenylicious:

    eh… i'm not felling this one. i think kim needs to shut that shit up and all… but this letter didn't give me what i needed. it didn't give me anything actually.

  223. chileboo:

    LMAO i gotta go with you on that one girl and i'm a nicki fan…she just made herself look like an idiot with that comment smh…she gotta be atleast 13…paris sweetie you need to #sityoassdown!

  224. Steve:

    Kim made that up, Nicki never said shit about rappers feeding her grapes !


    Lil Kim was made to be a slut. Biggie(RIP) groomed her to be a slut, whore, ho whatever you wanna call it. She was put to talk about how much she likes to swallow sperm and how much she likes to take it in the butt. Only thing she has done to the female rap game is f**k it up even more because now everyone expected Nicki to start talking about her head game and how much dudes she f**ked but I’m happy she didn’t result to that and made an album without the sexual content props to Nicki. People keep on saying that Nicki is a clone to Kim in what way is she? I don’t see anything that’s similar besides color wigs..did you guys not see what I just wrote COLORED WIGS for Christ sakes the 34 year old women is crying about colored wigs. She’s crying about a verse that Nicki said when she was underground that said “Tell Kim I’m coming for the crown” Wtf it’s called competition like Remy ma said is she suppose to say she’s number 2 no she gotta say she’s number 1(CONFIDENCE BABY) don’t nobody wanna be number 2. If she’s crying about that than you must not feel comfortable if biggie supposedly crowned you the “queen”. When Lil Wayne called himself the best rapper alive I didn’t see Jay-z start complaining about anything or making diss records he just jumped on a record with him smfh. But nope females like Kim are petty sore ass losers who feel she should be the only one she did this to Eve, Remy, Foxy like come on ma Like foxy said go back to talking about that sexy s**t or whatever. Legend my ass!

  226. Brianne:

    I still don't see how Nicki stole Kim's look. Nicki's more futuristic and eccentric. Kim's look was more ghetto fabulous.

  227. TrueHipHopHead:

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS ! I LOVE YOU for this ! I concur 1000 times over .

  228. jxxxs:

    Nicki Minaj started her career remaking several Lil' Kim songs then coming out with her own album with a ton of subliminal shit obviously aimed at previous Female Rappers.. if thats not a disrespect to a veteran idk what is. Do your research sweetie before you comment or even have an opinion. kthanks

  229. jxxxs:

    The ONLY Irrelevance is this article because it is based on pure opinion. Like Bitch who are you? Another thing is Lil' Kim is obviously still in your head if you're writing about it. That Beef is done with no one is feeding it but the fans on both sides. Kim is Genesis point blank everyone knows it, Nicki is carrying her torch not respectfully llike a real Queen but she's carrying it nonetheless.. we'll see how long she can shine for.

  230. WhatsdaPoint:

    Ummm…but Nikki laying up on the operating table right next to Kim, so….

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