Nicki Minaj Pops Off on Lil’ Kim + My Thoughts

Yesterday, I listened to an interview that colorful rapper, Nicki Minaj, did with Angie Martinez where she pretty much popped off on Lil’ Kim. Once I got the chance to really take it all in, I was shocked…not appalled by shocked.

I’ve made it known that I have always been a Kimmy fan and always will be. Although Kim’s lyrics have always been on some grown woman sh-t, I’ve always respected the fact that she would speak her mind on anything she wanted and didn’t give a damn who had something to say about it. While I realize that Nicki has “paid homage” to Kim several times over, you can’t tell me that this interview wasn’t semi disrespectful and a ploy to sell MORE records. Nicki stans…I’ve listened to the album. FOUR TIMES (because I HATE odd numbers) and I didn’t hear anything that made me want to KEEP my copy when it comes in the mail on Monday/Tuesday. Nicki is new, she’s bringing something different cute to the table and many of you who are of THIS generation won’t get that it’s a copied style. A lot of you are saying that it’s about time Nicki said something but if you had your ears open, you’d know that Nicki’s BEEN talking. The only problem is that she says that people are misunderstanding her or trying to be slick with what she has to say while rappers before her have had no problem owning up to their sh-t and moving forward.

Don’t get me wrong…I like Nicki. She is hot on her features and she’s “fresh.” But THIS interview right here just made it disrespectful. I REALLY hope that Kim says something because in my humble opinion as a fan who’s been rockin’ with her for years, she has NOTHING to be afraid of. Again, I respect Nicki, believe she has a right to ‘defend’ herself, and enjoy her features (she should do a whole album on that alone). But if I have to base her future off this album coming out on Monday, I’d say that she’s going to end up the ‘sore’ loser as she falls from the pedestal many of YOU have put her on.

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  1. danniella:

    Wish u woulda said what she was saying in the interview! =))~ also wish u would follow me on. Twitter @danniellawoods lol

  2. Sigh...:

    I disagree I think Kim got exactly what she deserved..but hey in the end who cares its not my life

  3. ashley:

    Even if she had a point or two…the level of disrespect she displayed kinda x'ed all that out for me. You cant talk like this until you get them first week sales back. Nicki girl you tried it…..

  4. paris:

    I really dnt care about this beef cause either one of them NO me or is thinkin about me ..
    but you cant say nicki hasnt paid HOMEAGE 2 kim ……. every rapper makes SUB disses Lil kim must take em in a different way .. i was watchin this interview tthe other day wen remy ma was like all the females in the industry was respectin her givin her props but once she got poppin they all turned on her .. IDK yall know girls is different from boys .. Lil kim is full of drama .. she the kid in school that would push a kid to hit first if they didnt fight in school … she need 2 just put out MUSIC instead of doin these interviews and shit until then i feel u do lose .. b/c no matter how " Legendary " u are that dnt make u to " fancy " to respond 2 a new girl in the game ……….. * insert comment here kimmy fans *

  5. paris:

    i guess trina is the only MATURE female rapper

  6. Burrrittanie:

    I mean… at this point I'm just like battle it out on a track or pipe down. Nicki gave us Roman's Revenge and Kim can either give us a track, or not. I'll be waiting for that day, won't hold my breath though.

  7. amazingdiva:

    When I heard the interview, my mouth hung open. I like Nicki, but she is getting too big for her britches. She was MAD disrespectful. Mimicking Kim's voice, saying Kim got issues, etc. I give it to her, her PR peeps needs a raise.


    nicki you the boss and u are the bigger person lil kim needs to stop her bull shit and you are so right nicki lil kim has a problem

  9. Get Over It...:

    For the ones who are saying Nicki's album isn't that great and you're too mature for it….how great and mature was hardcore? 10+ songs all about how great you can take the D?? oh ok. And lets not forget that all the song's were written by Biggie (so big ups to him for such a "clasic" album) I happen to like Nicki's cd…its a mixture of all types of music and not one time does she talk about swallowing any bodily fluids so its def cool with me..

  10. Michael:

    I'm sorry, I just don't see it especially about how it's disrespectful. Kim is disrespectful. She's always been this great artist but a horrible person with false senses of entitlement. She wanted a title for a man she wasn't married to (hell, even Charlie Baltimore was acknowledged as a girlfriend), and she wants everyone to bow down to her for apparently inventing the colored wigs. Just look at the way she came at Naturi Naughton and Violetta Wallace over that movie. If you love some man [so] much, you're gonna call his mother a bitch on the radio? You're going to attack some young girl for doing her job? Kim hasn't had a fucking hot song in several years. She's been coasting on legacy and Nicki Minaj has repeatedly shouted that girl out. That miserable bitch had it coming for all these years. And I also don't get the Nicki Minaj is a Lil' Kim clone either. Her records don't sound like Kim's especially this new album. Nicki's already acknowledged she did that picture as a homage to Kim but later regretted it. And if there's any artist Nicki bited it's Tokyo Diva, not Kim. Ya'll gotta look it up. I'm actually a fan of Kim's music, but at the same time reap what you sow. That Mrs. Potato Head looking self-hating fool has [always] been a nasty person. Now finally, she's been handled — and still with a lot more grace than she ever afforded the next chick.

  11. Michael:

    You mean Trina, the girl who beefed with Khia not too long ago?

  12. anon:

    Okay. I feel as if though Nicki pulled a great publicity stunt by doing a rebuttal to Kim's teenage, high school antics so close to her releasing her album. As a Kim fan, and a Nicki fan also I feel as if though comparing them is like oil and water. Kim gives you hardcore rap while Nicki give a more mainstream pop/rap. I can appreciate what Kim has done, and what Nicki is doing. That being said, what Nicki said was true about Kim has been known to be a "Pot Stirrer" when it has came to up and coming female rap acts. I believe what Nicki did was smart in all facets. She set the record straight while not even mentioning Kim's name. I really don't know what more people want from Nicki. She payed homage, she showed respect, she mentioned her as one of her icons. Last time I checked Kim's name was no where found in the bible. I suggest if Kim is really the she is and claims to be she starts acting Legendary. When have you ever say bey come for rihanna just because rihanna became popular. Guess what? She didn't because her reputation speaks for itself. Kim its really time to shit or get off the pot. * rant over*

  13. @Chocos_Kinks:

    Nikki…..child bye…..This whole time she has been dissing people on the DL. When people ask her what her songs or interviews are about, she says "they know who they are" or "i'm talking about all the haters" or some b.s. like that. So NOW, after her album has leaked and people across the world are giving it subpar reviews, she wants to put on her big girl pants and call her out, a couple days before the album release? Anytime someone remains quiet and starts talking a week before the album, it's suspect.

  14. tynisha:

    so when lil kim went on stage and threw the wigs and said a couple of things about minaj was that not disrespectful? or isit because kim done it so it makes it ok? but when minaj does it it's classified as disrespectul? to be honest i think Miss Jia has always been biased in Kims favour so i knew exactly what her opinion would be like…. :/

  15. Tia:

    Thanks Jia for keeping it real!!!!

    These kids seem to think that she can do no wrong when in fact she constantly contradicts herself and lies. Most of us who are a lil older have seen this before so it’s not new to us. She doesn’t impress me I can see through the Fire Marchelle Bill faces and wigs. Trying to stir a beef with a chick who she wants to be to sell a shity album is a desperate move.

  16. Gwendella:

    I could not have said it better Jia

  17. Sigh...:

    Yea i totally agree with that..Jia gonna act like just a week ago Kim wasn't extra disrespectful when she got onstage and said she would erase her social security thats ok? I still love Jia though but come on lets be real..just say you prefer Kim to Nicki and call it a day…because I know vintage Kim music and while I can jam to was definitely not music that warrants respect

  18. Itsme_jazzy:

    Nicki is talking like she left a stain on this industry…she need to realize she’s the new girl and play her role y’all could not accept it if you want but Kim will never go down as a sore loser ! Plus how are you dissing your teacher besides the twitch and personality disorder Nicki is what kim was in 96! I don’t like how she went from ” no ones worth me directing a diss towards” to now her album bout to drop and her lips are loose! Its crazy that y’all saying her album Is hot!!! And Hardcore is freakin classic album!!! Nicki is all hype! & Kim is The Queen!

  19. Bored@Work:

    Very well said. Nicki set herself up for failure in my opinion when she compared her album to Lauryn Hill’s . Girl, WHAT (c)@BrookandtheCity. Nicki continues to contradict herself in every interview that she does. I would have more respect for her if she would stick to one lie. Anyhoo Kim needs to either put up or shut up and Nicki needs to just shut up all together until she gets her personality straight.

  20. ashley:

    *still searching for post where someone said they're too "mature" for Nicki's album* coming up blank….someone needs to read again, is it me or you? lol

  21. @BeautyNUniq:

    I'm with Nicki on this one. I'm not even a fan, I just think she's catchy. But she has a real point. I don't care what Kim's fans say, but Nicki has opened up a door for Kim with the younger generation. People under the age of 20 barely know who Kim is. I'm 24 and I didn't listen to Hardcore, hell I was only 7 or 8 when the shit came out. At the end of all they both win in my opinion, Kim gets some publicity again, and hell Nicki may get a couple of album sales. EVERYTHING she said was true. How long are you going to let someone say that "YOU AIN'T SHIT" before you finally say something. And instead of coming with a diss track after Roman's Revenge, you come up with a video on yt talking about you'll erase her SS#. BISH PLEASE. It's all talk and even if her album doesn't do great, I don't it will really matter. Because at the end of the day like she said on Monster "My features and my shows 10x your pay/ 50k for a verse no album out". Kim wishes she could do that right now. I ain't mad at her, because I would've been said some foul shit about Kim with all the shit that she says. Kim ain't been hot since the 90s so she really needs to take a tall glass of SHUT THE FUCK UP and sit down some damn where. And that's JMO.

  22. Get Over It...:

    Most likely you..did I say specifically in this you know who is going to come to this post and read the comment who has said that…no?…oh ok.

  23. Jared:

    y r yall sittinq up here saying Nicki Minaj set herself up 4 failure? yall act like Nicki Minaj aint sit up here all these months and listen at how Lil Kim disrespected her saying her name calling her this and that! i dont qive a fuk who you are and how much respect you feel like you deserve you disrespect me i lose all respect 4 you! and Lil Kim mimicked Nicki Minaj's voice on the radio before but everybody thought it was so funny HA HA HA the tables den turned and everybody mad b/c Nicki Minaj is finally letting the Southside Jamaica Queens chick out. All you ppl who say Nicki Minaj need 2 respect the "Queen" go look at past interviews when she was rocking the black and pink hair, with the Baby Phat jean and fitted tee long nails and watch how dumb and ignorant yall feel!! Lil Kim has never respected Nicki ever! everytime you hear Nicki Minaj's name outta Kim's mouth it was disrespectful! so yall sitting up here looking dumb 4 whatever it is yall think yall no just cuz its Lil Kim! PS LIL KIM IS NOT THE BEST RAPPER OF ALL TIME NOBODY EVER GAVE HER THAT TITLE! she coined the name herself so what respect does she deserve 4 calling herself "the best female rapper" Queen Latifiah is betta den Kim MC Lyte is betta den Kim Roxanne Shante is betta den Kim and have been coined by the people, meaning everyone who listened, to be the best female MC where is Kim's name on the list nowhere all she did was rap nasty about sucking and getting this and that eaten. So kudo's Nicki Minaj 4 finally speaking up 2 the mean girl in the playground who think just because she been here longer you gotta respect her!

  24. Nadiiiaaaa:

    I cant front I bump to all of Nicki's verses but I cant respect her as a person. She lies and doesn't now how to keep up with those lies. I could of sworn no body is worth getting their name called, or she would never respond to a "hater". I totally agree this a publicity stunt to get more sales and dats wack. I don't want Kim to respond because obviously Nicki is only gonna benefit from the hype.

  25. No.:

    It's okay for Lil Kim to come at Nicki outta nowhere talkin' shit about her, but Nicki responds professionally and it's a problem? Kim easily looks dumb right now because everything Nicki said was the truth and the Kim fans know it.

    We've seen the pictures of Nicki & Kim together, smiling – everyone thought they were cool. Nicki has, on several occasions, given Lil Kim props. She even did it in this interview. She didn't even deny taking from her. She said what people have been saying all this time. She said NOTHING UNDER THE SUN IS NEW. So I don't get how she was being disrespectful.

    Someone you've looked up to as a child for years comes at you wrong, it's supposed to just fly over her head? Kim is only pushing Nicki further. People will definitely remember Nicki years from now because of this, and as a result remember her music.

    I love Jia, but these thoughts are obviously biased opinions.

  26. Sunnybb:

    Nah honey, Nicki is looking downright miniscule with this Boondocks-level "rap beef" nonsense, & she damn sure ain't no boss if she's got to sink to such lows to sell her mediocre-ass record. I'm not a huge fan of either one of them but Kim is the pioneer. She's the one who kicked down the doors & wrote out the blueprints that miss Nicki is following to a T. She needs to have respect.

    With that said, i'm really hoping that Kim will come out & show her true power soon. It's not like it'd be hard to make something stronger than Pink Friday…

  27. MsChooky:

    Kim always came across like a slut, advertising sex and pussy every chance she gets. Nikki does a bit too. But I like Nikki because she reaches out to the community. She sends love and acceptance to Gays, and promotes females and tell them things to build their confidence and self love. On her album she shows her softer feminine side. But Kim was all about sellin drugs, and pussy. But her album is a Classic?? Like Nikki said, biatch where is your Music??

  28. MsChooky:

    Kim dont even LOVE herself, look at how she fucked up her face. If she loved herself and accepted who she is she would have never done herself like that, KIM IS A HAS BEEN.

  29. Sunnybb:

    Nicki got big off of putting her p*ssy all over people's faces & she was 25-26 (side-eye) years old at the time. How old was Kim when Hardcore came out?

    Let's not bring maturity levels up in this.

  30. Anti-Barbie:

    Thank you! I was just saying Eve and Lauryn need to hurry the hell up because I'm fed up with these lackluster lyrics and people who are just trying to be models/actresses.

  31. @NaCho_Che:

    I guess you didn't watch the video? Oh ok.

  32. @goBEYgo:

    And fall she will! Sorry to say, I'll be the FIRST one laughing.

    Her album sucks and her fans know it.

  33. Justathought:

    To be honest this beef has no real root to it so it will never be solved until Someone becomes the bigger person and decides to talk it out. I can respect some points Nicki made but the way she went about it turned me off. She talks about unity but goes about the Kim beef like this?? I can't cosign what Nicki says 100% because she's known for contradicting herself in interviews/songs talking about the very same rappers that should feed her grapes but she wants girl power…O_o it's true how much can one take when someones bashing you but I just feel like the timing of her response was so…cheesy. Great move for ya album which isn't getting great reviews but idk it just doesn't sit well with me. Also enough with this Kim losing business…she CAN'T lose! She's already an established legend. What ppl fail to realize is she doesn't have to make another song if she doesn't want to her mark is here. So that billboard comment was laughable, I think Nicki is mistaken her for a newcomer like Kim has to prove something

  34. @NaCho_Che:

    I agree.

  35. @goBEYgo:

    Really Barbie?? Where'd you get this info? I'll be purchasing Hardcore…. for the 5th time (e'rbody wanna steal 'em) if Lil Kim releases it the same day as Pink Friday.

  36. Nesha:

    I was born in '93 the same way girls my age are in love with Nicki I was that way with Kim back in the day. Thats why I'm not a huge Nicki fan because I've already seen a female rapper be dominant in the game. They way they dressed up as Nicki for holloween I dressed up as Kim in '97. LOL Its crazy but true.

  37. BitchBooBye:

    You gonna really compare Khia to Trina?… that was a one sided beef… Khia Vs. Khia

  38. MatureBarbie:

    What’s wrong with using this beef as a marketing ploy in today’s age? Kim is trying to re-release Hardcore on the day Nicki is releasing Pink Friday in order to steal Nicki’s sales so that her fans are not left out of the music hype during that week. If I were Nicki, I would have chosen this time to speak out to. It’s business, bish.

    Besides, before this is all said and done, Nicki and Kim will make a record together. Trust.

  39. Emily:

    I'm just happy that Nicki finally put that disrespectful old bitch in her place .. ever since Nicki's face has really stepped out into the game all Lil Kim has been doing is running her mouth. What because Nicki took a picture like hers? Wouldn't a half- way normal person take that as a homage? But, no, she took it as a diss. Everything that Nicki has ever done was to further ANY woman's career .. whether it was in the rap game, the entertainment business, or every day life. Nicki wants women to better themselves .. to stand strong. Kim just wants women to be held back .. to be the "sex objects" that we have been held to for so long. Yes, Nicki is still new to the game but she has room to grow. Kim has stunted her growth and now she will always stay a disgusting overly sexed hoodrat.

  40. @NaCho_Che:

    Nicki didn't like her old self either so that is irrelevant.

  41. Emily:

    She's talking now because this is the time that all of her interviews are being done. That is just the obvious facts. Entertainers don't do interviews everyday of the week. It's normally only when they ARE promoting their new upcoming work. So, since this has been a question brewing in many minds it is obviously going to be asked and she is obviously going to answer.

  42. Star:

    ummm how bout Nicki? Fake nose? fake ass? fake teeth? oh ok.

  43. Army Diva In Belgium:

    So at the age of 4 your mama dressed you as LIL' KIM? OMG that gets a big WTF??!!!??? What you mean back in the day you were that way with LIL' KIM? You were freaking 4!!!! You couldn't possibly tell me your mom let you listen to her lyrics. I was 14 at the time and I know for sure my mother wasn't letting me listen to LIL' KIM. If I wanted to do that I had better sneak and do it and not let her find out. I am really giving you and your mother the side eye on this one.

  44. ashley:

    *trying to make sense of your reply to me* STILL coming up blank…lol..take breather and try again

  45. @Chocos_Kinks:

    Actually, she has been doing interviews and pub for this album all year. She has been screaming and promoting Pink Friday for MONTHS. Not only that, there have been plenty interviews when she was asked why she doesn't she respond, is she talking about her, etc. etc. If I'm not mistaken she did an a few interviews earlier in the week when she was asked the same question, and gave a vague answer. It's nothing wrong with her popping off and coming at someone who disrespects you, but the timing for all this is just suspect.


    All ya'll Kim fans contradicting yourselves. Kim been goin at Nicki for the past year. . .she just speaking the truth. . .Even if she was talkin sh*t about Kim She never said her name, Kim been in every club in New York rappin on Nicki name, everything she sayin is the truth, KIM IS A HASBEEN. .my definition of a hasbeen is (someone who was HUGE at one point in time and ain't doin shit now) whereas Eve been out n about making moves, actin, fashion, everything, Missy producing, Even Remy Ma doininterviews in jail. ..Where was KIM???..Doin dancing with the F*ucking stars. . .RIGHT. . .but now all of a sudden she resurfaces hatin on nicki. . .WASNT NOBODY ROCKIN KIM SHIT..that computer download crap was WACK. . .And Nicki is a MC. .she writes her OWN shit..wayne ddnt start off rapping for her. . .we all know somebody was writing kim shit. . .her vocabulary aint even expansive enough to say some of the stuff she WAS sayin. . .Nicki paid homage, what else can she do???..nicki aint gotta kiss her ass..nicki knows what she doin. .


    .Kim is and always will be the Queen(at least she'll have that title) and the thing about that name is BIGGIE GAVE HER THAT NAME WHEN HE WAS STILL WRITING HER SHIT. . .a given name and a deserved name are two VERY different things, I'm a kim fan, been listening to Kim for a while, but EVERYTHING nicki said was the wasnt disrespectful!…puttin a bitch/nigga in they place aint bein disrespectful!

  48. TeddyBear:

    All of this is retarded to me. First let me be clear, I'm a fan of neither, but both are talented in their own right. This is the most immature cat and mouse game ever. This ain't high school, and you're both GROWN ass women. Now with that being said, I didn't find Nicki's rebuttal disrespectful at all…she was blunt and said what was on her mind. I find Kim disrespectful for coming after Nicki in the first place. As a vet in the game, who had her shining moments…why? I've seen/heard Nicki give Kim love more than once. I mean, how many times does one need to say, 'Kim inspired me, Kim's skills helped me hone my craft, I have love for Kim.' I mean damn, do you want her to do a shout out on every song, or wear a stamp that says made by Kim? Why not just make your music and share your passion, why go after others when it's their time in the spotlight? Everybody's fame and popularity fades over time, it happens to the best of them. That doesn't take away your "legend" or "vet" status, that just means there's a new kid in town. I guess age doesn't equal maturity. I can't stand folks who just can't seem to let go of the past. I mean, I've seen children handle situations better than this. Kim move on and stop picking fights, just do you; and Nicki just make your music and pay folks no nevermind…DAYUM!

  49. @NaCho_Che:

    1. When did 34 become old?
    2. And ummm I agree about Tokyo Diva…*cough* *cough* Nicki don't know who she wanna
    3. You're saying you won't respond but YOU HAVE and STILL ARE.
    4. As I said before her fans don't know a lot about anything outside of current mainstream.
    5. I thought Fox and Rem came for Kim first? Anyone know???
    And since Jia hates odd numbers:
    6. Pink Friday is beyond bull. I don't wish her failure but if it comes…she brought it on herself.

  50. Nesha:

    My mom has always been open with me till this day! Growing up in Miami there is no censor on anything. She said what do you want to be and I said Lil Kim! Bite me.

    Oh and guess what I used to dress up as her… a barbie kit!

  51. @NaCho_Che:

    Michael didn't COMPARE…he just let it be known Trina is not MATURE as the previous person stated. LAWD!

  52. Justathought:

    I don't think anythings wring with using this for publicity for her album. The problem with me is how she was saying one person isn't worth singling out, I don't respond to haters etc etc an just magically you wanna spill ya guts out about what happened 3 days before your album comes out and 3 days after it leaks…??? I liked when she wasn't addressing the issue at all and if she was going to it should have been immediately not 6 months after Kim stoped addressing it. To be honest she didn't need to address this the stans were gonna purchase that album whether it got bad reviews or not.

  53. Brooklyn:

    #BINGO. especially with a WACK ASS album that just got leaked smhhh. This proves she's all talk and someone writes her features if she cant display it on her album, just sayin.

  54. this writer sucks:

    Ok you said, kim was on her "grown woman s***" never knew rapping about having sex with random guys meant being a "grown woman"

  55. TeamMinaj:

    Pink Friday is gonna go platinum 1st week & Nicki will never 'fall' off of this pedestal that she put HERSELF on. You old ppl are the confused ones. Its a new generation. Kim needs to go on somewhere & retire & let Nicki do what she do. She need to quit hatin. #ItsPinkFridayHOE

  56. ----:

    You coming for Jia but, yet you logged on to HER site? Mmm k.

  57. Reka:

    Nicki needs to just retire "Minaj" and play dress up as "Roman" aka the one who ate Remy's box….maybe then I'll take her raps seriously…smh

  58. @NaCho_Che:

    Jack??? lmao!!! And Michael wasn't COMPARING the beef…let me say this slowly…the person above was making it seem like TRINA…is mature because as far as the public knows we hardly see her beefing with anyone…SO Michael…was reminding PARIS that TRINA was beefing with KHIA. Did you get it???

  59. @NaCho_Che:

    go search the archives for the site JIA has spoke about Lil Kims antics too. >_>

  60. BitchBooBye:

    I never said she was mature I was suggesting that they shouldn't have even been compared when that beef was going on. Again Khia was beefing with Khia while Trina was dropping albums.


  61. Penelope Johnson:

    Ya'll gonna need MORE than patience….Lauryn aint coming back out anytime soon.

  62. Aliya:

    I feel you but Kim did mimick Nicki's voice on Ed Lover's show so they may be even on that one.

  63. kita:

    I don't see how that was disrespectful, truth, if you have to come after somebody who has paid homage to you time and time again then when they finally decide to get back at you don't expect what they have to say to be nice… Kinda biased IMO Jia, I like Kim too but damn everything Nicki has put out is wack except for the songs with her featuring (side eyeing anyone that actually believes that) You truly are just someone that can't be real with ya self. Like really she don't even rap like Kim, and don't even rap about the same things…. SMH still buying the album. ;-)

  64. @NaCho_Che:

    I guess you can't read or you're "Paris" as well as BitchBooBye. I said PARIS said Trina is mature. And I guess you forgot Trina dissed Khia right after she got off stage. Google it boo.

  65. @NaCho_Che:

    As a matter of fact I Googled it for you:…

    "Lame hoes can never admit when they're wrong"-Me (◕‿◕✿)

  66. vivi:

    Kim only promotes sex, but Nicki wants women to better themselves? Really? I'm not saying I dislike Nicki ,but let's not be ridiculous and suggest that Nicki is some Sister Soulja or Nicki Giovanni. Both Nicki and Kim promote sex. Nicki is the same person who said, "Let me put this p…on his sideburns." Nicki also wears very revealing outfits in her magazine shoots and performances. I mean seriously, we're talking about Nicki Minaj, not Queen Latifah or Lauryn Hill.

  67. vivi:

    "Even if she was talkin sh*t about Kim She never said her name, Kim been in every club in New York rappin on Nicki name"

    Ok..Now this comment above shows the difference between old school rappers and the new generation of rappers. Just because Nicki doesn't actually say Kim's name, does that make her comments less disrespectful? Kim is from the old school–an era when people didn't take subliminal shots–they called out exactly who they had beef with. For example, LL Cool J, when he went at Cool Moe Dee, didn't say.."well he knows who he is…" He just came right at him. Roxanne Shante came right at UTFO. Nicki made subliminal shots at Kim, and Kim came right at her. Although I like both artists, I would've respected Nicki more if she said from the beginning that Roman's Revenge was for Kim and etc. Not put on an act like's not for her…now my album is coming yes I'm calling you out now..Interesting timing…

  68. Emily:

    Yes, Nicki does make a few references to sex she is a grown woman but this is almost all that Kim talks about (oh, I'm sorry she ALSO talks about doing drugs & a whole list of other things that could get her locked up .. again)
    Nicki tells her young fans to take CARE of themselves .. to not have to run into the same things that she might have.
    Kim is a dirty hoodrat that cannot be at peace with herself and is just going after Nicki because she is the hottest female in the game at this time.
    You would think Kim would have wanted to join forces with her since they are both women of NY but instead she wanted war.
    I think Nicki is very classy to wait until she is in her hometown having a serious interview to speak out about something that she has not only been asked about at every interview but she did it in a respectful way. Unlike the way Kim put Nicki on blast for NO reason just because Nicki was/is a fan.

  69. @NaCho_Che:

    And there it tis. Ima have to co-sign…why can't I click like more than once???

  70. Emily:

    yea.. a whole 7 minutes during a 60 minute interview.

  71. Emily:


  72. Lea:

    Am I the only person who heard her talking about peeing on people????And really from the range of different flows can you tell me she wrote all her songs on the album?

  73. MARISKA:


  74. MatureBarbie:

    I am a Mature Barbie who likes both ladies. But I am enjoying Nicki's music and movement. I just heard Pink Friday and I can't wait until I get my 10 copies to pass out for stocking stuffers. If Kim recorded a boss record, I will buy that too. Kim turned me off when she came at Nicki on radio instead of on record. That's not saying that Nicki deserved Kim to come after her, but if that's the way Kim felt for whatever reason, she should have approached it like a legendary rapper.

    Nicki killed Kim and all her haters on Roman's Revenge, but this interview is the best explanation that Nicki has given. She finally cleared the air.

    Nicki is correct that Kim has had a beef with everybody, not just for the sake of lyrical jazz, but outside of recording: Foxy, Remy, Eve, Ms. Wallace, the actress in Notorious, Diddy, Faith (Biggie's wife who Kim constantly shows total disrespect), Slim, the D.A., Junior M.A.F.I.A., and of course the lovely Nicki.

    This is all because Kim doesn't want to take care of her bizness. Why pose for a perfume? You should have your own perfume by now called Honey B. Why didn't Kim market a Barbie doll? Why doesn't she have her own line of wigs? Why doesn't she have her own line of designer knock-offs since she made knock-offs fashionable? Shit, why doesn't she have a line of cosmetic implants named after her called boobies? Instead its Nicki who is making boobies fashionable. Kim worked with the Viva Glam collection for M.A.C., but I don't recall her having her own line like Nicki does with Pink Friday lipstick.

    I'm too mature to name call against Kim, but she is simply jealous because Nicki is smart, talented, business saavy, and beautiful. Kim needs to show up and grow up. In the meantime, it's Barbie bish!

  75. Cutt72:

    I just don't know What the FUCK you all are Listening to because I think the album is Great. not one single song I don't like on it. To be completly honest if Nicki if nicki put out the greatest rap album of all time, u son of bitches will still be hating. To me Nicki proved that she is a lane of her own and she not trying to be just another rapper, shes trying to be a pop star thats why the album is made the way it is.

  76. HATER:

    fuck kim shes a has-been she has no money to pay for a ghostwriter , idk why yall stan for kimm wen she doesnt even kno how to rhyme by herself smh shes just pure catty nd jealous GET THE FUCK OVER YOU SILICONE FACE HOE!!!!!!!!

  77. Get over it...:

    Lol child bye..I'm not going back and forth with you..have fun looking because my opinion isn't changing

  78. Uummm No:

    I STRONGLY DISAGREE with the “thought” on this post. Nicki has been nothing but respectful to Kim. She paid homage and even still while telling the story she said she loves Kim and recognizes that Kim opened doors for her. When Kim told her story she sounded like an old bitter bitch who was mad because nobody wanted to rock with her anymore and even stated that she was taken off a track and replaced by Nicki and no one was checking 4 her whe she got out of jail or anytime after. It wasnt until she started talking shit that people wanted to hear from her. Kim is already a sore loser. She’s doing way to much talking and not putting out music. People can think what they want about Pink Friday because everybody isn’t going to like it. Everybody didn’t like Kim. I grew up on Kim & Fox and then Eve, Missy, Trina, Shawnna…etc. Before them I was listening to Da Brat. Bottomline everyone has their run. Just because you listened to Pink Friday 4x & dont like it doesn’t mean squat especially since you already purchased it.

    Nicki told a story that needed to be told. People want to know. At this point the album has leaked, Roman’s Revenge is out so this story won’t help her in album sales because all of this is after the fact. People have heard the album they know it’s not tons of tracks about Kim or other rappers.

    Nicki has solidified her spot. Biggie created Kim and walked her through the first years of her career. Nicki didn’t have that from Wayne. Kim is angry with herself and she should be because she failed (but can still come back). She failed at being a business woman because she let everything she had slip away from making dumb decisions.

    Music has changed. If Kim can’t get with it or bring something to the table then she needs to worry about how she’s gonna pay for her retirement instead of talking about erasing ppls SS#s.

  79. MatureBarbie:

    I like the way Nicki talks about the importance of staying in school and how she is disappointed that her younger fans do not get an opportunity to see her in concert because of the venue. In addition, Nicki is young and beautiful so its okay to wear form fitting clothing, but she is never oversexed. The whole boobie thing is just a part of her movement, which is why she used Pink Friday to join the Breast Cancer fight.

    But what I really, really admire about Nicki is that I have never seen her holding a glass of liquor. I'm not saying that a casual drink is wrong, but it shows that Nicki is aware of her diverse fan base. Nicki is always on her grind like Bey, which is a very good way to show young girls how to take care of bizness. I hope Nicki gets an invite to the White House along with Jay and Bey. I know she would handle herself very well.

  80. Actually:

    Yea Nicki spent 7 minutes when Kim spent like 30 minutes when she was talking to Ed Lover…

    And every underground rapper takes shots at the mainstream rappers. THATS WHAT UNDERGROUND RAP IS ABOUT. You mad for Kim then please go buy all her old stuff and send some money her way because she needs it.

    I'm 25 boo. Grew up on ALL the femcees from Da Brat to Kim, FOx, Eve, Missy, Trina, Shawnna, Rah Digga, Amil and found qualities I liked in all of them.

    Listened to Nicki from mixtape 1.

    NONE OF THESE ARTISTS ARE REAL….NOT ONE. This business is ENTERTAINMENT and nothing else. So how about you write your girl Kim and tell her to make some damn music instead of talking shit.

  81. @BeautyNUniq:

    You have basically proved everything anyone has said about Kim being relevant in your statement

    "Nicki is what kim was in 96!"

    You do know that that's almost 20 years ago. Hence why Nicki said she's opening doors for her. These kids don't know WHO SHE IS. In the days of Soulja Boy (who I loathe), Kim isn't selling any damn thing. So what you're old records were hot, that was OVER 10 YEARS ago. Hell Kim don't even look her the same Kim from 96. Kim ain't been the same since Biggie died. *Yea I said it.*

    All of this beefing is pointless if you're not going to back it up. As the saying goes, don't play with fire unless you're ready to get burned.

  82. Emily:

    Exactly, Nicki is able to bring her fans together in a positive way.

  83. Kev!:

    Um Ya'll Need To Get Off Jia! Just cuz Someone isn't falling for the Little barbie Gimmick ya'll stans like to claim as the 2nd coming of Christ doesn't mean she's a hater.

    Furthermore Ya'll Got the game all types of FUCKED UP. Kim Did ONE interview back in May/June Addressing Nicki. After that, Kim Hasn't said Diddly Squat up until the other week about Nicki.
    Half of you Nicki stans are toddlers and Bandwagon bitches. As Soon as the Next Hot bitch with a new gimmick comes along you'll be on that bitch clit to.
    Half Of Ya'll Jumped On Nicki's Bandwagon After the 5 star Chick Remix, ya'll don't know about the mixtapes from 2006, 2007 and so on. Ya'll Don't Know about her Rapping all over Kim's Tracks. Ya'll Don't Know About her taking all of those subliminal shots at ALL female Rappers calling them "Time Machine Bitches" etc.
    Nicki Is A Joke. She Contradicts herself in so many ways. You Want unity in your interviews, but you taking shots on your tracks? You're not gonna respond to kim until you see her name on billboard, Yet you spent a whole 7 minutes addressing KIM. She was afraid Last week to admit Roman's Revenge was about Kim, Now this Week she has balls 3 days before her album drops? I Mean come on We see right Thru You Boo.
    On top of that, She has the audacity to speak about things She Knows nothing about.

  84. Luvlive:

    Pink Friday sucks. I was trying to like Nicki, but this album is garbage. No classic material at all. That is all.

  85. Quest:

    You typed all of that and said absolutely nothing.

    And really Nicki looks like Mrs. Potato head if you really get into her face.

    Mind you, Kim never came at Naturi. She was just pissed that she had no input a character about herself. The fuck type of shit is that? Faith and Violetta wanted to tarnish her image. That movie was more about Kim than Biggie.

    And if Violetta was a real Mother than her son would still be alive. She didn't raise a man and that ugly bitch knows it. That BITCH is so fucking ugly outside and outside. Faith lost at the end of the day because Big didn't love or respect her.

    Nicki's image is based off Kim's "Notorious Kim" era. That bitch ain't never heard of Tokyo Diva. You losers will do anything to deny Kim's impact on that hoe.

  86. McRibsammich:

    Next week I'm going on vacation. The fam will get pissed at me if I don't leave all my gadgets and computer crap at home. Sooooooo, in anticipation of this rancid hot garbage that will be tossed on the publics face next week. Since I won't be allowed near my computer. Na na na naa na, hahahahahaha lol, I tooooooolllllldddd you so, hahahaha. (Sticks my tongue out) at all the fools who will buy this crap and convince themselves that it is good, because they don't want to feel stupid like they wasted their money. To all the rest of you that have good taste in music. Don't worry. We survived these corporate clowns, video and radio programmers telling us that Ashanti could sing. So, we will survive this too.

  87. Xx.Lovely_Libra.xX:

    THANK YOU. I don't even care for Nicki like that, but I agree. Kim was yappin and yappin and yappin and yappin her fuckin gums being disrespectful towards Nicki for the longest. Why shouldn't she say something back?

  88. Xx.Lovely_Libra.xX:

    Right, im with you…O.o
    LMAO dressed up as lil kim at 4?

  89. tee:

    i agree with u 100 percent jia! nicki dont even have a cd out yet to be talking all this crap about Lil Kim like that. The one that she is actually copying her style and copying off a few of her lyrics if u go back and listen. nicki has to be all these different people instead of just nicki. maybe if she bring the OLD NICKI back like that song said her cd would sound better cause its way too much singing and not rapping. its definitely nothing i would buy.

  90. ave_l:

    pink friday gon sell the first week. now after that first week………. who knows…
    she's just starting up this old "corned beef" (copyright fresh) just to get a few more sales. that girl aint dumb.

  91. @MsShaneice:

    Nicki, you need to pound sign @SitchoAzzDown [follow my other twitter]

  92. LiveALittle:

    I didn't find the interview disrespectful at all. I think it was very well calculated of Nicki to let Kim say all that she wanted and respond close to the album release. Nicki is a great businesswoman in that she wanted every appearance she made to be about HER not Kim and responding any sooner than she did would have resulted in her making appearances based on her beef with Kim (which is exactly what happened to Kim). I am a fan of both of these women but I am not a fan of bullies and that is what Kim has done. She is picking on the new girl and its childish and ridiculous. Her response was witty, sassy, well-strategized and very professional. Nicki may play the ditzy innocent role but this interview lets us all know we are dealing with a young woman that knows how to keep the focus and her and make great moves.

  93. Julissa:

    I know who kim is, and im 18!
    i grew up sneaking and listening to her music!!!

  94. Julissa:


  95. Julissa:


  96. thatIUBKkid:

    WOW! How encouraging is nicki to females when here body parts a bought? Nicki may not be raunchy but i definitely wouldn't place her on such a pedestal.

  97. thatIUBKkid:

    LOL Stop it! kim a hood rat?! have you seen minaj circa 2007? WOW! C'mon Son *ed lover voice*

  98. ROCK:

    Kim is a piece of sh*t..yes that's alll

  99. Desi:

    At this point the argument is pointless from both sides. However, Nicki poppin off at the mouth is going to make the album any less wack *kanye shrug* And why does Kim have to be on the Billboard charts?..she's done it several times already.

  100. Desi:

    *isn't going to make the album

  101. Miss Jia:


  102. Miss Jia:

    Please read the comment above my @Nacho_Che. Thank you.

  103. Miss Jia:


  104. Miss Jia:

    Please note that when Hardcore came out, I was STILL a CHILD. THAT is what I meant. She said things that I wasn't frank enough or COULDN'T say. THAT is what I meant by "grown."

    And please note, "This Writer Sucks," that Nicki has made comments about her own sexuality and putting puzz on mustaches. So she's no saint with her lyrics.

  105. Miss Jia:

    I still bought the album and this is biased HOW?

    When Kim came for Nicki, I said the same thing…she needs to shut it up if she's not following it with a record b/c otherwise it's just NOISE. So again ,biased?

  106. Miss Jia:

    Please do a search on the articles I've written about Kim. Even though I'm a fan, I've come down on Kim…to the point of the KIM stans coming for me. Thanks

  107. @NaCho_Che:

    I got yo back Jia! lol

  108. johnosahon:

    i could careless about these two, but missjia, why should nicki not defend herself from kim? kim has been abusing her non-stop. if kim can use nicki to come back from irrelevancy, then nicki can use her to sell records.

  109. Uglycleanbroke:

    @Bianca AMEN.

  110. @dinastyinc:

    In terms of disrespect, the only thing disrespectful I really heard was her imitating Kim's voice. She could've told the damn story without all the extras. She's not a comedian, she's an artist. Enough with the jokes.

    Yes, Kim has had beef with more than her fair share of people, but Kim has never denied who she was speaking about. Last week Nicki was hollering Roman's Revenge wasn't about anybody, being cute and shit. Now all of a sudden she wanna fire shots from an AK like she got big balls and all. Her album is not what that is; her features are always better.

    In a way, she did tell the truth. We know Kim has issues that run beyond Nicki Minaj. Really, I think she's more pissed at Diddy, but using Nicki as a scapegoat. The day Kim and Diddy settle up is the day I wanna see. I could care less about Minaj until Lil Wayne writes her next feature on a song.

  111. Emily:

    Nicki has grown a hell of alot since her dirty hoodrat days & maybe Kim should also learn how to present herself with a little class also. Once you start making serious money stop acting like you still from the projects!! It's something of the past!!

  112. Emily:

    It's funny how everyone only brings up that one line when lil Kim has how many licks … Now that's def a thousand times more overtly sexual

  113. Lita:

    U needed ur lil ass whupped

  114. Lita:

    U needed ur ass whupped

  115. @NaCho_Che:


  116. SAY THIS:


  117. SAY THIS:


  118. SAY THIS:


  119. @NaCho_Che:

    Nicki Minaj:
    What about "Sex in Crazy Places"???

    Little Freak- "I really like your kitty kat and if you let me touch her
    I'll know your not a bluffer, I'll take you to go see Usher" Talking about playing with peoples p____. Oh how stans forget.

    "Fuck You Silly"- "Lookin at this boy I'm a call him McDreamy, I was wonderin if he got a good Dick Cheney"
    "Slim, trim also light skinned now pete-pete-peter put in the pipe in
    yes'sir i am that bitch, fuck u silly, like the rabbit, hahaha, giddy up giddy up,
    now wait diddy up, diddy up, diddy up young money maker, bad boy cassie
    you wanna minaj?"

    This song isn't that old. Would you like me to keep going? Google is my friend.

  120. nae:

    I feel as if Nicki should have said something, so this was coming. I think Kim has been salty and bitter but we don't know EXACTLY what happens behind the scenes. I remember Kim talking about how she recorded somethnng with nicki and how the song and video were abandoned after Nicki's camp didn't like that Kim outshined her ( her statement, not mine). Its Nicki's right to pull Kim from her song if she wants but if it was because Kim was killing it then that's kinda lame.

    Nicki always seemed to pay homage, IMO and this new interview was truthful but also disrespectful which i think was the point. That being said, Ms. Nicki better make sure all her shit is HOT because anything less will be considered a failure. Nicki wont respond until she sees Kim on the charts, but who should take her seriously until she actually dominates the game with other chicks out for more than a year and some change and more than one album and some features. When Kim was out, there were way more females out ( I was personally a fan of Foxy). I would love for Kim to respond because I want to see if she can bring the fire!

  121. tynisha:

    I never said i had anything against Jia….infact i lyk her site but i said as for this topic i knew what her opinion would be because through this whole kim and minj thing she always seemed to be biased in kims favour…

  122. nae:

    And some are acting like anyone who likes Kim is old. Nicki liked Kim and ms Minaj is in her late twenties, not her late teens so all this old talk is irrelevant. Miss Jia may have said Kim was on her grown woman shit because she wasn't catering to a younger crowd, like Nicki is – intentionally or unintentionally. Only time will tell if Minaj can last.

  123. Imtheone:

    This article was totally biased and it's completely obvious. For those who don't like Nicki (especially females who grew up listening to Kim in the 90's) she can't and will never do anything right in their eyes. It seems as though Nicki is the new pretty girl in school that everyone loves to hate without reason. I am and will always be a Lil Kim fan. I am also a fan of Nicki Minaj and it truly disappointed me that this beef had to even come about. I would have rather seen them rock together as 2 strong females in hip hop. However like everything else in life today people always want to see drama and choose sides. Since that's the case I'm sticking up for Nicki and the bullies that wanna hate her. Not one of you out there would let a girl walk past your house curse you out, call you names, and sling mud at you without eventually reacting and whipping that ass. So all of this Nicki is disrepectful stuff is complete non-sense. My girl Kim needs to come back in a big way with music that a new generation of listeners can appreciate. I feel like everything that Nicki said was true and honest. Not because I'm a fan but because Real recognizes Real. If you don't wanna fight don't start it. Respect others and they will respect you just the same. The music industry is full of many artists that we can choose to support. If your a fan support who you like and if you don't like someone hey that's cool leave it at that. The haters pay more attention to those they don't like than those they do like and all your doing is pushing Nicki further into the spotlight. Even after everything she said she still acknowledged her love for Kim and her influence. Only a truly mature individual would do that.

  124. vivi:

    It is apparent you are a diehard Nicki fan, and honestly there's nothing wrong with that. However, let's not be ridiculous and portrait Nicki like she is classy like Michelle Obama. Classy women don't say Come on let her put her hands in your pants and be a little freak..i'll take you to see Usher lol. Also, when Nicki goes out in public, her pants are so tight that you can see every nook and cranny of her "virginia." Let's just keep it real. BOTH Kim and Nicki use sex to sell.

  125. Lita:

    Google is ur friend

  126. tynisha:

    Aside from the articles your talking about….i think this person means ur biased when it comes to nicki and kim…you always seem to be on kims side…. you do not give a balanced opinion… the opinions are always tilted to one side…dont get me wrong mama i love your site…and i appreciate your opinions too….just had to add my own aswelll…

  127. Lita:

    Everyone who lives in the tri-state area knows Hot 97 usually gets a more honest interview from artists; especially artist who grew up listening to the station. So Nicki finally talkin about Kim doesn't surprise me b.c of the station she was talkin about Lil Kim on.
    Kim is not her mother; Nicki didn't have to pay homage to her b/c Kim wasn't out there tryin to get her put on, but she did. She wasn't "disrespecting" Kim (yall killin me w/ dat one); she was bascially tellin the story. Some of u live for drama, drama, drama. Shutup…get over it, and tweet Lil Kim askin her to put something on wax.

  128. @miss_terraneo:

    Nicki has a point when she compares her and Kim to Gaga and Madonna…..but one big diffference to me is that Madonna fought to stay relevant through all this years. This b*tch is over 50,still going on world tours that sell out everywhere she goes…and no i am not a fan of Madonna just stating the fact that no matter how legendary you were earlier in your career,if you wanna leave a legacy and be respected you have to stay relevant. Kim is not relevant anymore and thats just the truth. She can go on and brag about how she could murder Nicki with her old shit but we been there and heard that…..she needs to change the script and come up with something new.
    Thats the same reason why if Drake (or J cole or whoever) came up claiming he is hotter than Jay-Z they would get a pat on the back and sent to take a nap right away. Because Jay-Z like Madonna, managed to STAY great through the years. Lil Kim on the other hand made herself look like a fool more than once. People will only pay homage to what you used to be for so long…..just get over it.

  129. Layla:

    So you mean to me that Nicki is going to listen to what FOXY said concerning what KIM said?

  130. grafittix:

    Why do you require Jia have to give a "balanced opinion"? This is not This is her blog, written and/or presented from her point of view. That demonstrates perspective not bias. Yeesh.

  131. amanda:

    No need for a long drawn out post. I’ll simply say; once everyone gets tired of hearing Nikki do her same vocal olympics while rapping her elementary rhymes on EVERY song…it’s a WRAP!

    Yeah, it’s pink Friday hoe. And a day is about as long as it’ll take for folks to realize they wasted their money.

  132. JRAA:

    I dont get some people. So Kim goes on talkign about erasing Nicki's social security number…callin her a copy cat being disrespectful on stage with rayj about her. Nicki fought her battle in the studio…what she said on that interview Angie M is plain truth…yet she's disrespectful? i just can't…..smh

  133. Lita:

    Ikr! Some round-a-bout bullshit

  134. LouisianaBelle:

    I grew up with Lil Kim, but I think Nicki spoke TRUTH in this interview & Im glad she FINALLY stood up to Kim. Maybe it is publicity 4 her album but my respect for Nicki jus went up a notch

    Class of '97 up in this b1tch!!!!!

  135. Louisiana Belle:

    I am NOT a Nicki fan. Again, I am NOT a Nicki fan BUT, this interview rite here nuqqa, was TRUTH!

    Im sorry, Nicki Minaj was SPEAKING TRUTH!

    I didnt hear her say NO-THING disrespectful

    Lil Kim been attacking her 4 awhile & Nicki kept turning cheek from cheek

    And she is rite, Madonna didnt attack Gaga, Mariah didnt attack Beyonce, Mary J didnt attack Keyshia Cole

    Cant we ALL just get along?!!

    BTW, i wont be buyin Pink Friday, but i wish Nicki much success

  136. @NaCho_Che:

    I don't know when the interviews were done BUT they seem to have come AFTER Kim said something about her. There may be more but she still slicked diss Kim in one I heard.

  137. Texaschamp214:

    Nicki choose the perfect time to go off on Lil Kim. She is using this situation to promote her album. I am not mad at her. Rappers do not make money beefing with each other. They make money selling records. So thumbs up to her!!
    Pink Friday Hoe

  138. lisa:

    LMAO *dead* awesome interview

  139. mialove:

    well dang at the comments all I have to say is popping off at the gums now is a bit suspect especially with the release of her album monday? why wait this long, seriously? hmmm ok

  140. Star:

    on 'HardCore'.. 8 out of 15 songs were NOT about sex. come again.

  141. Star:

    when they said "Nicki is what kim was in 96" im sure they was referring to looks because Kim last music was in the end of 2008 when she dropped her G.O.A.T mixtape and is now currently working on a album that will be released in 2011.

  142. Allergic 2 BS:

    *sigh* Well, it was only a matter of time, but I’m still kind of surprised that Nicki actually WENT THERE, because months ago, it was she who basically claimed 2 be “above it all” (*side-eye*), but on the other hand, some folks r only gonna let you get away w/ but so much. A person can only sit back & stay mum (while u verbally attack attack attack) but 4 so long, b4 they finally get fed up & say “F*CK IT,” & I guess this^ interview is Nicki’s “F*CK IT” fed up moment (lol). I’m in no way, shape nor form a Nicki stan, fan, ban, can w/e, but in my honest opinion, Kim brought this on herself. 4 the past several months, she’s been basically begging 4 a fight &….well….Nicki delivered (FINALLY). Personally, I don’t give 2 sh*ts about either 1 of’em, & I’m not a fan of bullies & beefing & whatnot, but what I think Kim

    needs 2 do is, put up or shut up! Either put out an ether record or find a corner 2 sit in….1 or the other, NO MORE IN-BETWEENS (i.e, interviews filled w/ verbal shots etc;), because it’s tired & played out. Just my opinion.

  143. Commenter:

    So wait… It's okay for Lil Kim to throw pink wings in the crowd at her shows, talk about how she will erase Nicki's SS# and figuratively kill her [Nicki] with old raps, BUT as soon as Nicki makes her point, she's the disrespectful one?! 0_o
    No, but seriously, how much ass can someone kiss before s/he is feed up? Lil Kim is the progenitor. PERIOD! Nicki can't take that away from or replace her even if she tried!! So Nicki wasn't being anymore disrespectful than Kim has been for the past year. Let's be fair ppl. I'm a Lil Kim fan too so I'm not picking side because at the end of the day, I could care less about both NIcki and Kim, but what I saying is that everyone has the right to be TIRED of being picked on for doing nothing wrong!

  144. Commenter:

    Okay? Next….

  145. Commenter:

    how the fuck you sound? Kim started this mess that you're claiming Nicki sank so low for! All Nicki did was be feed up and spoke her mind. SHUT UP and keep it moving.

  146. Commenter:

    This is one of the realist comments on here!!

  147. Mia:

    When I first started listening to Nicki I said, "Okay, she has the image, but where are the bars?" So I thought I would wait for her to heat up. I really wanted to like her. What killed her for me was when she started talking about how she killed every rap bitch in the building. Say what you want, but those are fighting words everywhere in hip hop. Especially when at the time she had no real track record to speak of. Someone somewhere is gonna catch feelings over something like that, that is just the way it is. Then when she did her earlier interviews, they would ask her who her inspiration was….and she was SO reluctant to admit that Kim was an inspiration. Just admit who you model yourself after, hoe. Especially after rapping over all Kim and Biggie's beats in your songs. Then the subs at Kim while wearing the crazy wigs just seemed hypocritical, IMHO. However, Nicki shoulda kept her mouth shut until her album dropped. Because right now she sounds like she put out a 6 mic album and frankly, it just ain't that serious.

    Kim is starting to let me down because she really just looks like a loudmouth right now, and I love Kim. I hope she drops something serious really soon.

  148. Say:
    EVERYONE ALERT….. Check this video about nicki calling out kims name in a rap she mad 5 years ago when her name was xicki manaj. Then u say who started the beef.

    Who ever says nicki is innocent don’t really know the whole true. Just hear nicki minaj part in this video. In my opinion nicki started it to get famous.

  149. omfg_wtf_itsMo:

    I dnt get it. How was she being disrespectful. EVERYTHING kim did and said was being disrespetful.

  150. omfg_wtf_itsMo:

    Lmbo INDEED talking about she only 18 nd was sneaking nd listening when she was little HA. LMBO

  151. Army Diva In Belgium:

    This has nothing to do with growing up in Miami and being open. You were freakin' 4 and there is no way that your mother should have allowed you listen to LIL' KIM let alone dress up as her barbie kit or not. As an adult, you should know children need bounderies and some form of "censorship" Everything is not meant for a child and listening and dressing as LIL' KIM is one of them. And people wonder why kids grow up the way they do. Its because parents are too busy trying to be a friend and not a parent. SMDH……

  152. omfg_wtf_itsMo:

    So NOBODY likes themselves in the fame scene because EVERYBODY gets plastic surery here nd there nd wears fake hair caked up make up fake breast fake ass. Come on kim CLEARLY just went OVERBOARD lol

  153. omfg_wtf_itsMo:

    Lol we havent even heard the album yet. Lol @ "Her album sucks nd her fans know it."

  154. omfg_wtf_itsMo:

    Sure as hell DID. Lmbo

  155. omfg_wtf_itsMo:

    Everybody talkin about pink friday not guna do good. What do you mean "Doo good' do you mean go platinum ronz gold WHAT? Because nicki has a LARG fan base. Theres more ppl with her than against her. I REALLY dnt wanna try nd predict how well her album will do but i dnt think it will do as bad as ppl would like it to do.

    Now this beef OH GOD. Nicki said her peice kim said hers BLAHHHH this is what i was waiting for nd this interview gave me LIFE. Thats the end of that for me. :)

  156. teamqueenbee:

    nicki minaj is a liar:… nicki BLATANTLY saying "lil' kim" back when she was still called nicki maraj… HAAAAA. sorry, chose my side, because i like REAL people. "I'M COMING FOR THE CROWN, KIM, THAT'S THE WORD."

  157. teamqueenbee:


  158. kita:

    First off didnt Jia write this entry, unless im suppose to address air. Second of all I was bumping Nicki since Playtime is Over (get ya mind right) Now what rapper hasn't rapped about being the best in the game and how other dudes is lame. C'mon son!!!!! GTFOH with that subliminal BS!!!!! "When they was hot, when they was touring with the O'Jay's"
    "I tell a bitch this I ain't impressed bitch"

  159. kita:

    IMO I don't really think you like Nicki, I think you just cover her stuff because you know fans of your site (like me) like her… Kim was wrong and yes you admitted that, but at the end of the day maybe its the way you cross out different and place cute there instead or by repeating that her look is kims back in the day look as if nobody in music has bitten somehting off of another artist…

  160. kita:

    Co sign 100%, didn't think it was bad at all…. But to ppl that just don't like Nicki its never gonna be good so, its okay there are others who love her…

  161. kita:

    Nah I think she was saying that Foxy heard that Kim was talking shit, but Nicki was jus like miss me with that he say she say. Let me here it from the horse mouth and then when she pressed kim on it kim was like " Na ma we good, we good" LOL

  162. AZO:

    My illegally downloaded bootleg review of Pink Friday: Trying to be non biased, lol? Track 1. I'm the Best – Basic autobiography tune when starts off with southern produced drum pattern. The AUTOTUNE kicks in at around 1:25. Sighs….. Track 2. Romans Revenge – You all have heard it. Nice Busta Rhynes imitation. Lyrical skill, idk… "I am a movie, camera locked" lol. Em is in rare form though. Version 2002/05'. Proving that he still has the werewolf in him, but chooses to dumb down his lyrics for album sales and popularity. Too bad he hasn't spit this hard on his own shit the last 3 1/2 cds. Track 3. Did it on Em' – This song is the best cut on the cd to me. It has what comes close to a Bjork backing track for the beat. But as usual Nicki's pre-school rhymes medioracize (Jesse Jackson dictionary) what could have been a classic Rap/Hip Hop song. in more capable hands. cont.

  163. AZO:

    Her voice sounds right for a change, but her rhymes? "These bitches is my sons"?….. "If I had a dick, I would pull it out and piss on em"? Hmmmmm, lol. Then the dude? talking mad shit in the background of the track. Sounds extra. Like a jealous________ bro, you are not a chick. Track 4. Right thru Me – I'm a dude. So I can't review this track. I would jump out of the window if my girl forced me to listen to this song all the way thru. Dentist chair painful. Track 5. Fly – Starts off with Rihanna with the flu or is that AUTOTUNED Nicki again? Then she starts rapping with the old tried and true Humpty Dumpty rhyme scheme. Ahhhh another Nicki classic, lol. Arrrrrrrrrrrgh – Charlie Brown voice. Track 6. Save Me. Album filler. More AUTOTUNE. Nice Bjork backing track though. Track 7. Moment 4 Life – Her rapping on this was pretty good surprisingly. Only 7 songs in, lol.

  164. tynisha:

    i know this aint and if i wanted to go on i would have been on there… so please dont comment if you don't fully get what i'm trying to say…. i do not require her to have a balanced opinion… i said i appreciate her opinion as long as i care this is just entertainment for me :/ i dont understant why some people have to take this to heart….

  165. Nia:

    Now YOU need to pound sign sit yo ass down. Smdh

  166. right:

    Where have you been then cause even her biggest fans on twitter been saying they are disappointed.

  167. AZO:

    The dude rapping on this did okay as well. No bass in this song. Could be a hit with a better Producer and backing track. The only song to deserve a remix. Track 8. Check it out – More AUTOTUNE. AUTOTUNED Rapping as well. Plus she forced me to listen to that guy from the Black Eyed Peas. Thanks Nicki (sarcasm). Track 9. Blazin – The track is good, possible strip club/club banger. Nicki's rhyming? Mediocre as usual. But yur boy Kanye shows up to destroy this track. Track 10. Here I am – More album filler where you hear the title being sung as the chorus, backing track and in the vocals 1000 times, plus it has AUTOTUNE. Yaaaaaaaay… Elmo voice(sarcasm). Track 11. Dear Old Nicki – A letter to her more talented self? lol. More showing off her cat killing singing skills. AUTOTUNE.

  168. Nia:

    Couldnt agree more. Smdh
    her album is not that bad.

  169. @NaCho_Che:

    Anytime you change yourself because other people or you don't like it…that means you didn't like what GOD blessed you with. Nicki is no different than Kim. Yes Kim has had more done but the fact is they BOTH have changed things about themselves. Thanks.

  170. @NaCho_Che:

    Her album leaked a few days ago…catch

  171. AZO:

    Track 12. Your Love – See review of song number 8 minus the Black Eyed Peas dude. Ladies you know how some movies your man, husband or male relatives would rather you stab them with a rusty butter knife then to be forced to watch? Chick flicks? Well now you have music like that …. Chick music. Painful. Track 13. Last Chance – More boring pop album filler with a lazy AUTOTUNED hook……… I'm sleepy at this point. Track 14. Massive Attack – It took some bhalls to put the mess of a failed track on the cd. I guess you would have to admit that it sucks if you didn't. Sometimes I wonder if the Hip Hop/Electronic/Soul Band; Massive Attack wants to strangle Nicki for naming such a shitty song the same name as such a great band.

  172. Nia:

    Why out of ALL ppl when nicki says something like i killed every rap bitch or im the best or yall bitches is lame its a problem? EVERYBODY has said im the best later for the rest. SHIT even my 13yr old cuzin think he the best in the rap game nd his ass never even seen a damn rap game. Shit he probably cnt even spell the shit. Lol

  173. omfg_wtf_itsMo:

    Hmmm…too bad for me that i have a life nd i have more important things like writing papers nd blah blah blah to do than sit on a blog nd comment nd READ everybody shit. Im just sayin. :)

    Funny how the tables turn huh? *Waves* :D

  174. AZO:

    Track 15. Hello Good Morning – P. Diddy, Officer Ricky?….. need I say more? I will, lol. The only track that actually has some bass in it on the whole cd. The only track I can close my eyes and see a nice young lady giving me a lap dance too or wildin out at the club. The only banger and I hate Fluff Daddy and Officer Ricky. Sad. That is all. But since my beautiful Queen Miss Jia hates odd numbers. 16. If you like AUTOTUNE? Do you wonder what Rihanna would sound like with the flu or her nose stuffed with toilet tissue? Do you like simplistic rhymes that a C-D student in the 9th grade would love? If you answered yes. You will love this cd. Cop that son, lol. If not. Stay far away and buy yourself some extra thick earmuffs just in case you are around someone playing this crap.


    Kev. . .shakingmyhead. . .Kim did NMUMEROUS interviews addressing Nicki Minaj, and she did one where she actually had keys sitting next to her talking shit too, and just like some Minaj fans jumped on the Nicki wagon after 5 star,Kim only started taking shots when she saw nicki was on to something calling her fans barbies. ALL OF A SUDDEN kims feelings are hurt cause she wants somebody to pay homage..NAWWW what kim really wanted was a track with nicki so she could make her way back into the hip hop game. .Kim hollerin bout the streets n shit, BITCH you was on dancing with the stars while nicki was making mixtapes, CORRECT me if im wrong, but aint that a show for hasbeens. And you OBVIOUSLY aint hearin correctly cause never did nick once say she was talkin bout kim,a question was asked she said who she looks up to, and the kim conversation began. . .

  176. 22CENT:

    kim did come at naturi she stated that she didnt do good and that it shoulda been xtina milian

  177. 22CENT:

    same thing rhianna did DAYS BEFORE HER ALBUM RELEASE bashing CB in that dry ass interview… its called marketing! clearly not your major huh?

  178. 22CENT:

    SO STAR… if you got rocks that someone threw for teeth you not gonna fixem? cmon ma… u trippin bout the teeth… who wants fucked up teeth on tv? keyshia cole martin 50 cent nas among others have had dental work… now the nose n but is optional but TEETH ARE A HUGE PART OF YOUR IMAGE. if your doctor had a fucked up grill would you take him seriously? or be more compelled to laugh n say how u got $ & fucked up teeth… im in college now so i can afford to fix my damn mouth lls

  179. @NaCho_Che:

    I see. And you came BACK to comment. Oh ok. lol I love when people take time out of their busy schedules to try and convince others that they have a life. Glad I'm off on Saturday and Sunday so I can do WHAT I want….while you have to write papers and blah blah blah.

  180. embraceurlife:

    I agree with some of the things Nicki sad in terms of her paying homage and Kim being the queen. Kim will FOREVER be the queen. Nicki is dope for the moment and she's getting hers(gotta respect that). People love what's fresh and new but we all know Nicki is not a lyricist and short term.

  181. Miss Jia:

    Uh, that\’s where you\’re wrong.

    Ask me if I like Nicki and I\’d tell you I do. No celebrity is above getting talked about.

    I\’ve said several times over that I don\’t blog over HERE about anybody that I have zero interests in.

    There are sites out there that do that but I have absolutely NOTHING nice to say about somebody, I\’m not going to make it a point to do several write ups on them. When I created this blog, I did it with me in mind, not everyone else. So yea, I am a fan of Nicki and several posts prior to this one, I said that.

  182. Miss Jia:

    oop class of 98 here :o)

  183. Miss Jia:


  184. Miss Jia:

    No problem with that. But keep in mind…I am a blogger, not a journalist. I\’m not required to balance anything.

  185. Miss Jia:

    Im pretty sure that somewhere in the original article, I said that Nicki has the right to defend herself.

    Did you pass that by just so you could quickly type out your opinions? Oh.

  186. KittyK:

    Ummm, Miss Jia – I am NOT a Nikki fan but she’s 150% right in her interview. How kind and gracious can you be to a person that goes out of their way to publicly embarass you and critcize you and sh*t on you?!?!? It’s simply not possible to still be nice to a person that obviously hates you. When I heard that she was Trinny – I knew that she would come for Kim sooner or later directly. West Indian people do NOT like to be publicly humiliated. So, this is only the beginning. Unfortuantely for Kim, she’s no longer relevant. When Biggie died (and stopped writing her rhymes) she was DONE! So, I wish Nikki all the best. She has a HUGE fan-base, so I’m sure her album will do well on Monday.

  187. VeeVee:

    I'm convinced somebody somewhere is getting paid under the table for this so called beef. If not somebody should be. The timing of these comments from both sides are just so off. 2nd whoever wrote that monser verse for her should have been employed for a few tracks for this album, I'm sure her feature and show money could have covered the tap.

  188. colorandhue:


  189. @BeautyNUniq:

    Let me know when her last "HIT" was. I don't care about a mixtape. Let me know when she last had a song on the Top 100 Billboard and then we can talk about her being relevant in music. "How many licks" was mediocore…that "Download" song WAS PURE crap and an insult to Roger Troutman. I mean let's be for real…La Bella Mafia was semi-successful and that was like 2003 maybe 2004….and since then what has been brought out.

    I'm not sure Nicki will even be relevant this time next year, but the fact of the matter is she's what's hot right now. NOT Kim. The past is exactly that the Past. What male rappers do you hear hollering about how someone stole their swag or their style, WITHOUT putting out a diss record. All that talk is IRRELEVANT, with no record.

  190. Krystal:

    Nicki needs to worry about that wack album and how its going to affect her career– not what Lil Kim is doing. Kim has her legacy. So, there's nothing for her to lose. Nicki been around all of 5 mins and she's already striking out.

    Lil Kim: Hard Core- classic
    Foxy Brown: Ill Na Na- classic
    Da Brat : Funkdafied- classic
    Lauryn Hill: The Miseducation- Goes without saying…CLASSIC

    Nicki said this would justify the comparisons? Well, she must have another album in the works, cause this shit was not it. #TRYAGAIN

  191. Juana4ev:

    THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU JIA! It's like tell us how you really feel Nicki? Proof of whats been buried. Shots been fired yet you WON'T say the name. We all know who you talking about. Kim was silent after (and I was wishing this ish was done) and you start this ish again with "Romans Revenge" knowing you'll get some response. Her album sucks and there's only down from here. Stay humble NIcki! damn. Liked you before but just like Kim is a "has been"..that can be you in a SHORT time

  192. commenter:

    You fail to realize however that Kim is belittling herself. The way Kim is acting, I think many could agree that she [Kim] comes of threatened! It's like everyone else knows that she is established but her, herself! All I'm saying is this Homage garbage needs to be thrown in a hefty! You don't see many if any male rappers running around begging for homage! And females rappers wonder why they have to work so hard to stay relevant… smh

  193. Juana4ev:

    LMAO.. egg on her face. Too busy but you're up-to-date on this beef? You're over here arguing on a blog contradicting yourself. You didn't even need to be on the blogs to know Nicki's album leaked. "We haven't even heard her album yet"…said that mad confident, lmao.. you thought it wouldn't leak? Look around, that's what's been happening to many albums ahead of time. Wish people were on point before saying ish.

  194. Lila:

    Kim didn’t start this. Nicki had been taking subliminal shots at her way b4 Kim said a word. Here’s the Youtube link:…. Why is it people get amnesia when it comes to who starts with Kim? Foxy started it with ‘My Life’ off of the ‘chyna doll’ album. Eve said in ‘Let me blow ya mind’, ’some of y’all ain’t writing well, too concerned w/fashion’ and the list goes on and on. Why is it Kim always gets hated on for her retaliation?? And why is it that none of these bloggers, so called music journalists and interviewers (IN THIS CASE MISS, JIA EXCLUDED. CAN'T STRESS THAT ENOUGH) aren’t calling Nicki out on what she did, in fact, start?? Go to the Youtube link. Where was the 'Black female unity' then??? She's a walking contradiction and her followers, who know the truth, stil follow 'cause she's the it girl. Fine, no problem, but don't give sorry excuses. Simply say the ur rocking with Nicki, you don't care what she started and your a Kim hater.

  195. Lila:

    When has she showed Kim love or any other female in the game for that matter. Was it when she was doing interview's saying, 'these old rap chicks will be peeling me grapes, waiting for their albums to come out?' Was it when she said Lil Mama's name in '5 star chick', then hid and said she wasn't Talking about her, but she knowingly said another females rapper's name and didn't think anyone would say she was talking about 'Lil Mama'?? Give me a break!!! She does this to get attention, then plays the innocent little lamb when they retaliate.

  196. commenter:

    What rapper artist doesnt claim to be #1?! When nicki said that in her song, she was just making it clear that she is confident in herself!!! I know for damn sure I wouldn't pay any mind to someone coming up talking about " I just kill every rap bitch in the building except, kim, foxy, eve, remy, etc!" Your argument is lame because hip hop existed before kim, so she isnt much of an originator of much but plastic surgery in blacks and sex promotions.

  197. marfmellow:

    wait, but…WHO GIVES A FUCK?

  198. blaaah.:

    Honestly I feel like Kim would demolish Nicki in a battle. Nicki is NOT the best rapper she just knows how to deliver her lines. She has copied everything from Lil Kim that's not paying homage that's called getting famous for something that's already been done. And saying that you love Kim etc then diss her on the low is NOT paying homage. I agree Lil Kim has been disrespectful towards Nicki as well but I can see why she doesn't like Nicki. And everything Kim has said she has not hidden the fact that it was about Nicki. Would you like someone who's copied everything you've ever done? I mean let's ust be real. How long do you think Nicki is actually going to last? Those ADHD rhymes are only going to last for so long. People are going to get tired of it. I'm already tired of it!

  199. miss thang:

    fuck youuuuu!!!!!!

  200. Blaaah.:

    And why everyone keep saying biggie wrote Kim shit?! Damn were y'all in the room when she was laying down verses?…and if that's the case how is she still putting out stuff now…Biggie been gone for how long now? Shit Nicki need someone writing her rhymes I stay confused listening to her shit. All that hyper active shit is too much.

  201. Diem:

    YESSS!!! Michael, you've said everything I wanted to say but I also want to add that Kim didn't even write her own rhymes – Biggie did! That is why she hasn't had a hit since his passing. Kimberly Jones has issues and should seek professional help. Low self esteem is a killer.

  202. Steffy:

    If Nicki is really making 50,000 at the venue, then she needs to invest in some ghostwriters. This shit ain’t cuttin it.

  203. keenylicious:

    i'm so over this pro/anti nicki debate. and i'm no stan of nicki ( i like her verses on other ppl's songs.. but HER singles… eh), but i have to say… i kind of agree w/ nicki on this. especially the madonna/lady gaga thing… i've been thinking that this whole time.

    i didn't see the point in coming over nikci's neck over that bull anyways… like, how old is lil kim?

  204. WHAT!!!:

    I find it’s funny that she think KIM’s needs to do anything else from what she has already done for her to repond back to KIM! Nicki is the one that hasn’t done enough to say KIM name out of her mouth! PERIOD! And Nicki isn’t real, she fake!!! Been taking SHOT of KIM. Now she got balls when her ablum about to drop? Or when her disses are now to clear to lie about them being about KIM. This new rapper EGO is way to big! WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS TO SPEAK THE WAY SHE SPEAKING IN THIE CLIP!

  205. SASSY:

    nicki ia wack i'm done

  206. SASSY:


  207. SASSY:

    yes i agree all these wack ass barbies need to gone nicki is just wack

  208. SASSY:

    MsChooky stfu

  209. guest:

    1st, let me preface by saying I'm not a huge fan of either. IMO for the past 10 years I don't feel like many (in this case female) MCs have provided consistent lyrical depth anyway. So trying to compare these 2 is pointless. Clearly Nicki was greatly influenced by Kim, which she has consistently admitted. So for Kim, who recognizes herself as a Queen to constantly speak on someone paying her homage looks pathetic. Know who you are and be that! The catty bickering & drama isn't necessary. IMO she wasn't disrespectful, just defending hereself. BOTH of them have worked this drama, like all celebrities do. that's not new ppl, let's be 4real. I've heard the Pink Friday & I'll admit, it's catchy. To me she's more hip pop than hip hop, but she reaches demographics other female rappers haven't, so I can respect her "oddness".lol Music is already oversaturated with drugs, bragging, money, sex, so I take it with a grain of salt. HipHop fans are bored, that's why we feed into this drama. We just need MORE female artists to listen to, not just 1 for each generation.

  210. guest:

    *haven't provided* ^^

  211. Opposer:

    Bitch plz! Nicki write her own shit. Don't mistake her w/ kim's bitch ass.

  212. Say what:

    Are you young fools insane? Nikki is a gimmick… Go listen to Kim w/Mobb Deep on Quite Storm or Kim in All about the Benjamin’s… Nikki ole stupid noise Rah Rah like a dungeon dragon, wtf is that??? Hoe I’m grown woman! Ole stupid face making behind need to take her 15 min and bounce… She’ll be soon forgotten as any Real Hip Hop fan would say “Nikki I don’t believe you, you need more people!!” Let me also tell you Kim is the ONLY chick I ever seen in my lifetime that have dudes reciting her lyrics. That’s what made her hot!!! I don’t care who wrote, Kim go super hard. Nikki is just a ole bubble gum popping, fake accent pretending, that bit Kim whole style. Do you people remember Kim coming out on stage in the Barbie Jeep in pink???? What kind of alternate hip hop universe we live in when BITIN’a whole style is ok? I could see if she was dead or something but in her FACE??? I quit… Hip hop is dead….

  213. Lita:

    Lauryn Hill's solo album was not a rap album…!!!

  214. Stanley:

    Nicki is in a class by herself breaking all these bill board records…Her album is going to be the biggest selling female rapper album ever. Its just jealousy which is common in the black community when someone is successful. You don't hear Madonna dissing Lady Gaga or you don't hear Britney dissing Shakira. We blacks are one bunch of sick people. Even in politics Jesse Jackson and Tavis Smiley started dissing Barack when he started to become popular before becoming president..Then Jesse faking crocodile tears when he won. East coast/West coast mess with people dying in the process. Biggie and Tupac should have still been around making music. NICKI IS RIGHT! NICKI YOU ARE THE BEST!

  215. @NaCho_Che:

    Right they were talking about her album leaking on tv and radio. I guess she has access to

  216. MoLette:

    WTF, I guess u jus had 2 prove that u are the more disrespectful one huh??

  217. JESS:


  218. omfg_wtf_itsMo:

    Girl NAW clearly i wasnt up to date on things because i didnt even know her album leaked thats EXACTLY why i said we havent even heard her album yet. Duhhh love nd contradict myself? How so? Nd i havent had an arguement on this post up until now. Which i dnt even count because i WIN you lose hahaha Lmbo nah let me stop. :p

    P.s. "Wish people were on point before saying ish." Girl me too. :)

  219. omfg_wtf_itsMo:

    Nd that just further more proves how much i dnt have as much time on my hands as you. Shit i wish i can watch t.v nd all that good shit everyday. :(

  220. Lila:

    What facts do poeple have for Biggie writing Kim’s raps?? Facts, not rumors and speculation, but facts. If this is the case, any1 can have a ghostwriter. Until you have a recording or something concrete that says biggie wrote for her, then ur playing yourself. BTW, why does no1 talk about how Jay wrote for Foxy?? Unlike ‘Hard Core’ not having Big’s name all over it, ‘Ill Na Na’ has Jay’s name all over. Foxy’s name can be found on 2 songs only. Why does Kim get all writing credits for ‘Hard Core’? Why would Biggie be her ghost writer? Are we really supposed to believe that He was that bad a business man that he would write a whole album and not get any formal credit?? Really? Think people!! No internationaly known artist is going to be someone’s ghostwriter. That’s more for people trying to make their way up. If Kim had a ghostwriter, that means anybody can have 1, including Jay, Kanye or even your precious Ms. Minaj. And please don’t say she can’t have 1 ’cause Rick Ross said she writes her own stuff. The same things been said of Kim by countless people in interviews.

  221. @_IsaiahSaysSo_:

    I Love Kim. but Im WiTh Nicki On this Situation!

  222. Trigga:

    It's crazy to me that ppl think because Kim came out 10 yrs ago every bitch that tries to do this "job" has to bow to her. And at the same time she can talk shit and a "new" bitch has to take it? Fuck outa here… Kim didn't start rap and the bitch can't finish it either… She understands the concept of rap but she ain't talented enough to rien forever. That bitch got some ego, but what y'all not realize is BIG wrote hardcore and everything after that was garbage! They are anticipating nicki's first weeks sales to breaks female raps record. Female raps album sales are so low that shit might break records set by Missy and Kim on her debut. I'm sorry y'all might not get nicki but lyrically shes there, vocally she's there, and no other bitch is on her level. The albums crack! Kims a hater and that ain't how we do in Brooklyn. I don't give a fuck who u are u go in on me Im Comming back! That how we do in the NYC! Computer love? WACK! Kim and Keri track? WACK! Beep remix? WACK! Ms. GOAT WACK! Impress me today bitch not yesterday not 50 yrs ago, Its 2010… Come on!

  223. Trigga:

    u dressed up as lil Kim when u where 4 for Halloween? Stfu! If this is true I think that should be categorized as child cruelty… Lock these parent up!

  224. dgjsrh:

    bytch be quiet

  225. umnoboo:

    speak the damn truth put this fool in his place too bad i can't like this more than once

  226. chileboo:

    what's wrong with her saying she is coming for the crown?? When the heck is that considered a diss?? When is that throwing dirt on someones name??

  227. Quanie Quan:

    I don't undestand why black people be hating on eac other. Nicki was not disrespectful and theres no confusion about her interview. For people who says Nicki is not going be here long is wrong in my OPINION. I believe her, B.o.B, and lil Wayne are making an evolution in hip hop. I don't understand why Lil Kim is so angry when Nicki has given her respect. I wish both ladies luck though. Lil kim need to come back with an ALBUM out and not a diss song because she's waaaaay better then that. All this is just an OPINION

  228. @Its_Star_Star:

    Yo from 5:22 to 5:25 WOOOOOOOOW ! LMFAO ! I was floored wen she said that .. Got damn . Well i mean Kim did keep bringin her name up and bringin her name up . i would have had to shut her ass up too . I think kim just needs to leave it be . honey u aint the only female rapper and she and she wont be the last . I think its time for both of them to shut up though . Its kinda gettin old . its still funny but old .

    Oh and as far as Nickis level of disrespect . I honestly dont care . Kim was basically tryna bully her all this time and nicki wouldnt say nothin . so finally she said somethin . idc who u r u cant just disrespect anyone and expect them to take it forever . then once they do finally say somthingu wanna start poutin and cryin . it dont work like that . i would have started to not give a fuck after a while to and prolly got gully with it too . Ima very Assy Cunty type person anyways so i prolly would have said some off the wall shit . but hey . who gives a fuck . i wont be disrespected and disregaurded all my life . and how i see if Kim wanna be like that Fuck her .

  229. TRUTH:


  230. pinky:

    i am 19 years old and grow up listening to lil kim songs..i dont really care wat nicki fans got to say but every thing nicki is doing she learned from listening to lil kim….y dont u ppl get the facts before writing…listen to all lil kim song and u will realize that in most of nicki songs are the same as lil kim

  231. Brianne:

    Actually, all of his points were valid.

    Kim had bad things to say about Naturi's performance. So in a way, it was a personal attack.
    And like Michael, I really don't see any comparisons. As far as I'm concerned, the only thing those two have in common is a vagina. Sure they're both "Barbie-esque" but Nicki's fashion sense is far more eccentric and futuristic, whereas Kim's style was ghetto fabulous. Their rapping styles are completely different. If anything, I would compare Nicki to Missy Elliot seeing as though they're both very animated.
    No one's denying Kim's impact on her. Even Nicki has said she was inspired by Kim (hence the Hardcore/Lollipop photo). But Nicki doesn't has to give Kim credit for every single thing that she does, because Kim didn't invent everything. Colored wigs? Really? If that's the case then Elton John and David Bowie should kick Kim's ass for stealing their idea.

  232. xoAsh:

    aww 7 weeks later and we're certified platinum :) yup we sure did fall, hows that laugh going for ya ???

  233. latoya williams:

    come on this is so lame nicki found her way to make ppl care who she is by using kim as a tool. we all know who kim is and now here comes a fake rapper who's name we will not even hear in the next 5 years and kim from day one is still going strong. so i am also going to save my money and if i want and icon in pink and a man with a smile i am better off buying a PINKY porn video and playing lil kim in the back ground . nicki can go write a song with ken barbie wont mind. lmao

  234. obamarocks:

    Everybody go to Youtube. Beyonce and Nicky Minaj are on a remix of her leading single Run the World Girls together. This guy name Fyuchur produced it. Its Hot!!! Both of their fans love it

  235. Vincenza Magraw:

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