Open Discussion: Single Black Bisexual Man Seeking…

…a single Black woman. And my question to my readers is if this brotha possessed EVERYTHING you could ever envision your man having, would you count him out simply because he’s bisexual?

While perusing the awesome website, The Fresh Xpress, I read the story of Corey (pictured above), a well to-do Black man who doubles as a personal trainer and model. In addition to his physique, he’s an entrepreneur who strongly believes in commitment. But there’s one “problem”…he is bisexual.

In the mean time guys like my friend Corey are pushed further and further into the realm of nonexistence. The behaviors and examples of gay men that are shown in the media all seem to be specifically chosen to reinforce the stereotype of the sissified, feminine, weak male. These are the images of gay men that both female and male heterosexuals find familiar and non-threatening. Homosexual men are not thought to be threatening or taken seriously. Homosexual men are here for your entertainment; or to be your best girlfriend; or at the very least, to tighten up your Doobie.

You can read the FULL article HERE but let me know…is sexuality really a deal breaker?

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  1. Jonesy26:




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  4. OMGTre!:

    Nope – I love an open-minded man but I wouldn't date someone unless they are explicitly heterosexual (that I know of).

    Plus his face looks too 'metrosexual' to me – I'm not attracted AT ALL to this new 'metrosexual' craze men seems to be adopting at the moment…

    By the way – what's that thingy bunched up next to the Adidas logo?

  5. Arrielle:

    Id have to say no because Id have wayyyy too many hangups about it. Everytime a man walked past or even if he was going to hang out with a friend, my first thought would be Is He Cheating? Thats just me…

  6. @marfmellow:

    I just wouldnt want to be left for a dude.

  7. @musicluvher:

    That pic Jia…
    I wouldn't be able to date a openly bisexual man because I'm already possessive and to have the constant insecurity that he wants men more than me I wouldn't be able to deal with.
    I'm attracted to manly men and IMO bisexual men are not that. The question about how quick he can put a condom on when he gets the urge is another factor that would drive me insane.

  8. SoulWithSass:

    HELLLLL YES!!! It's a damn deal-breaker. I'm sorry, but to me the word "bi" doesn't mean, "I like both", it means "I'm indecisive and greedy." I like my men to be straight like 9:15!!! I want a decent, morally astute, loyal, faithful STRAIGHT man. I'm sorry but to be screwing my man possibly knowing that somebody was making his anus-whistle is NOT a good look for me. I'm sorry. I won't knock anybody's hustle who does it, and he may indeed be a GREAT man, but some things I have to maintain my standards on and "dabbling" in penis-play with other males is ONE of the those things for me.
    I love my fiance' now, but if I found out he used to play with other men's bootyholes, or let other men play in his, I'd drop his a** QUICKLY. I'd still love him but some questions/images I just won't EVER be able to shake. So-no, negro, just NO.

  9. @dinastyinc:

    So apparently since I'm a bisexual woman, I don't have the right to judge a bisexual man?

    And honestly, I don't. I would date a bisexual man because I understand that just because he likes both sexes does not mean that he has the inability to be monogamous, like me. There are some bi's out there who want to have one of each at the same time. That's just not me.

    To be even more frank about it, if I'm going to be in a relationship, it'll be with a man. I can't be with a woman that PMS's and bitches as much as me. Too much estrogen. I'd have to slap her and tell her to sit down somewhere. I've got my own problems. I need the testosterone balance in my life.

    Straight people cheat all the damn time. Gays cheat. Everybody cheats! So don't say that just because they're bisexual they can't be satisfied with one person; they're out there!

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  11. You sound stupid:

    I'm a bisexual man & reading the replies I just smh…. A lot of people are very uneducated about bi-guys. Just like str8 & homosexuals every bi-guy IS NOT the same.Just because a guy is bisexual doesn't mean he been with or ever dated another man.Some only date women but just have a attraction to men but would only date a woman cause they like women more. Some like men more & find women attractive but rather be with a man.

    You can't look at a title Bisexual & automatically assume just cause him or her is bi They been with both.

    And to the person who said bisexuals mean ""I'm indecisive and greedy" Bullshit as a bisexual man all I ever want is just one person NOW I can't talk for every other bisexual man they my be "indecisive and greedy" But to label us all that way str8 bullshit.

  12. Brandy,IDntBlogH8:

    I would not date him. I would have trust issues & feel inadequate in the bedroom. Even tho he was being truthful up-front, I would ALWAYS be wondering, "Is my husband attracted to my doctor? Is he attracted to our son's coach? is he attracted to our neighbor?" I cant….

    Like I said b4 on this issue: If this man decides to marry & have kids, my concern would be would he still have desires to be with men? Would his wife be able to trust him? Will he be sneaking out at nite to have a rendezvous with some man? Would he be one of those fathers who get caught in the park with his pants down with a male prostitute/tranny?! As a woman, I would have concerns that he would have desires that I could not fulfill.

    I mean, I can only assume that a man can do things & knows things, that a woman cant.

    Im sure that MOST gay/bi-sexual men can sux paynis REALLY good (better than any Becky), knows how to go deep without causing trauma, & can toss salad like a gourmet chef! And, u mean to tell me he can leave that lifestyle behind, for a wife & kids?!!!!! How You Doin'?!!!!

  13. revemupman:

    This is why I wouldn't even tell a woman I was Bi if I was. Cause ladies are insecure about everything. And then to add the competition of males to their agenda just makes them feel even more insecure. If you a bisexual male, keep that to your damn self. And get tested with your partner before sexual intercourse.

  14. Quest:

    A Vagina can't compete with a Penis.

    That goes for a woman competing with a man for a woman, and a woman competing with a man for a man.

    You will always fail miserably. This is why bisexual men do NOT exist. They do if they never act on their thoughts, but once they do then it's a wrap.

  15. Cecee:

    This is an ignorant statement; so you'll lie to the woman you love. That makes you a DOWNLOW man; granted .. I wouldn't prefer to be with someone who's bisexual, but I will definitely respect one who can be honest about it! U rather be dishonest… That's horrible!

  16. You sound stupid:

    I meant to say: You can't look at a title Bisexual & automatically assume just cause him or her is bi. They been with both mentally & sexually is two different things. Mentally: I may say Tyson Beckford is a good looking dude that doesn't mean I would ever have sex with him*Mentally attracted*

    Sexually Attracted: You do men

  17. tehBlah:

    I see a few people saying "I wouldn't want to be left for another man" or "Is he attracted to another man?"

    It would be better if he left you for another woman, or if he was attracted to another woman?

    Devil's Advocate.

  18. grafittix:

    It's a deal breaker for me. It's tough enough to maintain a viable relationship; this is one more variable I don't need.

  19. @dinastyinc:

    In dating a straight man, do you constantly question if he's attracted to your family practitioner (if the doctor be female)? Will he be attracted to your daughter's coach? Will he be attracted to your neighbor?

  20. Quest:

    Yes, because at least the woman can compete.

    She can't fight for her man if he wants a penis in his rectum.

  21. Brandy,IDntBlogH8:

    No, i would not have those same insecurities with a heterosexual man.

    I WOULD have insecurities if I were dating a bi-sexual man b/c I do not have wht men have & I could not please him in that way that men could. I refuse to walk into a situation where i would be uncomfortable, questioning every action, always wondering. Its not for me. That is my honest opinion. I did not disrespect any1 stating my opinion & hopefully did not offend any1

  22. Brandy,IDntBlogH8:

    And let the chuuch say AMEN!

  23. You sound stupid:

    Scum like you are the reason so many openly gay men & str8 women are very insecure about bisexual guys.Your statement not only makes me sick but the fact you would agree to be a lair just tells me no woman should ever mess with you & I see you getting your shit shut down.If you ever decide to take that lying road you would choose. Scumbag!

  24. @lafleurquirire:

    I would date an openly bisexual man

  25. revemupman:


    I don't need that bull crap opinion of yours. Bisexual's need to say nothing as long as their STD HIV negative then its all good from there. To admit being bisexual will lower your dating pool and the point of dating is to have a lot of options. So I'm giving advice to men so they can increase their dating pool. I'm not here to look out for your emotion I was simply giving advice to men. Its no need to say your bi unless your leaving the relationship, if not remain faithful and leave it at that. Now women on the other hand is different, claiming bisexuality can be a plus for dating. Its different to fill a man's shoes, and until you walk them you have no clue sweet heart.

  26. thundacat:

    umm, that would be his dick!

  27. Joe:

    Black women definitely don't understand the true meaning of a bisexual man.
    Just because you are bisexual does not mean that you are going to sleep with another man.

    Being bisexual solely means your preference and your interests.

    I am bisexual and in fact and I think guys are very attractive.
    However, my girlfriend is beautiful as well. I'd rather be with her before a man anyday.

    You can't help the way you look at people.

  28. @GorgeousGeek:

    As much as I am open to people being lesbian, gay, bisexual. I can't bring myself to date a bisexual man. I don't exactly know why that is, but I just can't do it.

  29. thundacat:

    no thanks….i have a strict policy of no knowingly peanut butter dicks entering my golden vajayjay….more power to the gays and what not…but i wouldnt want an openly bi man……

  30. Max the Communist:

    I'd date a bi guy because I am a bisexual woman and I hear all these bullshit stereotypes directed at me all the time. Don't worry, bi men. You've got a sister who understands. You can count on me to judge you as an individual with your own qualities when you date me. No hang-ups, no insecurities, no drama. Let's get together and paint the town and laugh at those who just don't get it.

  31. @theoutofcontrol:

    To answer your question…. HELL FUCKING YES it's a deal breaker!!! I could appreciate/respect the fact that he was honest about his sexuality, but that information would definitely bring any chances of our relationship progressing to a screeching halt.

  32. @dinastyinc:

    Hmm, to those saying that they would feel insecure/inadequate about not having the "male parts" to keep him satisfied:

    What if he asked you to put on a strap on and fuck him? He's not going out cheating; he'd rather satisfy all his sexual desires with you.

    Or he's a "top", and has no desire to be on the receiving end (anal-wise)? In which case, he would be "giving" just like a straight man, anally, orally, etc….

    The reason I ask is because when bisexuality or homosexuality are involved, the subject tends to go straight for the sexual aspect. I realize that sex is a big part of a relationship, but it should not be the core of it. Relationship-wise, the concern should be whether or not he has the ability to be faithful. If he wants to be with you and only you.

  33. revemupman:

    "but that information would definitely bring any chances of our relationship progressing to a screeching halt."

    MEN EVERYWHERE: Listen to this statement above me. If you want your dating pool to rise you surely need to pause on telling your orientation if your bisexual. I'm not trying to disrespect any ladies out here but dating is a cold game. And in order to win one must find strategies that are effective for getting laid several times. Hate me or love me, but my opinion is your truth.

  34. Quest:

    You typed all of that and said absolutely nothing.

  35. @ILLZ_SoSpicy:

    When i read the post, and some of the comments, I did all I could do to think about this with an open mind. I'm sorry if this comes off as ignorant or misinformed (I TRULY apologize) but when I htink about bisexual men and women,

    I always thought, EVERYTHING a woman can do to another woman, she can get from a man AND it would be the real thing (fakes peens, etc.). But men… it's not the same. Especially if they are a "bottom" right? Sure I could pull out a toy and give it to him, but he can only get the real thing from another man. So if that's what he's into (and of course I am only speaking sexually right now) then he could spend years with me, but be yearning for something else.

    When i have a boyfriend, he doesn't generally go out and make random new female friends all of the time. He doesnt hang out at girls houses all the time, etc, even if they are just his homegirls. If your man is into men and women, does that mean all rules change, or how would that play out?

  36. @dinastyinc:

    I get what you're saying revemupman. (I think?)
    You're saying that when straight ppl go out on a date, they don't announce "Hi. I'm straight." It's just an unspoken thing.
    But it's as though if it's anything outside the "norm", you have to put it on display. And why? For nobody to give you a chance because they already have their preconceived notions about who and what you are?

    I get what you're saying, but living in a reality of a world that have so many hangups about sexuality, if you don't specify you are labeled as a liar, and clearly here as "downlow."

  37. revemupman:

    "then he could spend years with me, but be yearning for something else."

    Yearning for something else means he's not getting something he wants out of monogamy. Do not blame yourself for a person who is greedy. Bisexuals simply are saying they find both sexes attractive. It does not mean they'll cheat the first chance they're alone. This is your issue, you think males can't stay faithful.

  38. @dinastyinc:

    Oh Quest………I sigh every time I read your posts lol

  39. Caramel:

    If women can be bisexual, yet seek a hetero relationship, why wouldn't a man?

    As long as he's about me and does right by me, I would like to think I'd be open. I would need to talk it out to be sure I could handle it, but I don't want to think I would pass love over.

    And if it didn't work out, I'd have met a great friend. *shrug*

  40. Spill the Tea B!tch:

    Okay, Miss Jia I love your stories and I love reading the comments. It makes my day at work go by alot faster. I’ve never commented until now. Okay here goes:

    To the people who think that bisexual people are just “indecisive and greedy”. I can see your point. I do believe that people can be attracted to both sexes. Now just becuase someone is bisexual does not mean that they are always looking at every Jane and Harry that walks by. I think when people think that, they have trust issues and insecurities, especially when you think he is thinking of men when he is with you. Straight men and women can be just as “indecisive and greedy” we dont call them bisexual we call them wh@res. They are in every community bisexual, heterosexual, and homosexual. My questions is why women can have a problem with a man being bisexual, but men don’t seem to have that problem or atleast they dont put it on blast like women do? I mean does a person’s sexuality even matter as long as they are honest, trustworthy, and loyal to the person they are with? If you are always wondering if he is thinking about someone else wheter it be a man or a woman then you have problems of your own.

    Just like a man can leave you for a dude, he can leave you for a woman. And to the black queens who say oh hell nah he left me for a “white” woman, get over it. What difference does it make, he still left your a$$!!! Would you feel better if he left you for another black woman? Maybe you were being too insecure and worried about what you thought he was doing or thinking instead of taking care of business at home.

    I think people should understand that everyone has a past and in order to truly love someone you need to leave the past in the past and don’t let it effect your future with that person. Leave your insecurities at the door, trust that person, give them a clean slate, and be glad they are being honest with you because that’s a personality trait to admire and definitely one you should want in any partner regardless of their sexuality.

    Trust me insecuity is like a virus, you need to rid yourselves from it becuase it will kill anything you touch.

    For the record, I’m not bisexual, I’m black, and not a woman.

  41. lazalinc:

    Yes she can… It's called a strap-on….

  42. Eva:


  43. Eva:

    Agreed to you too!

  44. revemupman:

    @You sound stupid

    You are stupid, gay men don't give a damn if another male is Bi. Only women have qualms about that subject. And secondly your not lying if you don't entail your sexual preference during dating. YOUR ONLY DATING, its not like your marrying the subject. And even then if a bisexual person decides to marry. He or she knows what that entails, and it entails monogamy. Your implying that bisexual males have to be truthful for no reason. If a male is attracted to an opposite sex. This is a heterosexual attraction and has nothing to do with bisexuality. So why mention this during the courting process? And please don't give me any truth lectures cause NO ONE IS 100% TRUTHFUL everyday of their lives.

  45. Eva:

    AGREED #3! Kudos to Spill the Tea! You hit the nail with that one!

  46. Quest:

    Can a strap-on bust a nut?

  47. revemupman:

    "if you don't specify you are labeled as a liar, and clearly here as "downlow."

    Liars come a dime a dozen, for every lie he has she has 20.

  48. Karen:

    Who says bisexual men aren't manly?

  49. Karen:

    That's such a false statement. A vagina can compete with a penis. It's not about principalities, it's about personal preference.

  50. lazalinc:

    I'mma make this short and sweet, (which will be a first for me).

    Yes, I'd date a bisexual man. I'd date him because hew as honest enough to tell me the truth. He didn't sneak around and try to hide a part of himself from me. He wanted to share a part of himself that is quickly judged by a lot of hypocritical ass people. I find that in itself to be sexy.

    I think what people fail to realize is that when you are in relationship you'd have to come to an understanding. I wouldn't have to worry about him cheating, because I'd already know and who the hell said I wouldn't participate.I feel that bisexuality is more than just sex. I think it's an emotional, spiritual , and physical connection and people who are bisexual are lucky to connect with men and women. Cause it is quite clear that many of the straight folks only connect to fuck instead of connecting to make relationships…

  51. @musicluvher:

    IMO= In my opinion…..
    Please READ Carefully

  52. OSHH:

    Folk tryna justify lying SMH as usual when this disccusion takes place.
    Omiting sexual perference and leading a woman to belive you are hetero only, is lying. IDC what color you try to paint it, its a lie.
    Also several gay men I have known have issues with bi men for various reasons, could be the game playing on both sides of the fence IDK and giving them a bad name etc.
    What is there not to understand about being sexually attracted to both men and women, thats not hard concept to grasp intellectually now whether people embrace and/or agree is another subject.

  53. Quest:

    Where's the false?

    Bisexual women always chose men in the end.

    And so-called Bisexual men always choose men in the end.

  54. tehBlah:

    She can't fight for her man if he'd rather have another pussy either…

  55. @dinastyinc:

    "Cause it is quite clear that many of the straight folks only connect to fuck instead of connecting to make relationships… "
    ^ *tickled my fancy*

  56. @dinastyinc:

    Simplified "revemupman":
    Everybody lies. So why y'all throwing salt at bisexualty?
    LOL I get it, and I agree.

    And a small thing, it's "you're". Sorry, things like that irk me. :o)

  57. @dinastyinc:

    Quest, would you happen to saying that bisexuality is unnatural?

    I'm just trying to figure out your point-of-view.

  58. revemupman:

    Exactly, and you love that………

    Don't make this emotional just take this as truth. Males need to find effective ways to get laid. Now If he decides to take the 100% truthful route more power to him. But I'm writing to the males who do not wish to beat around the bush. And would rather attract women in quantities and not just a select few. You can hate me for exposing truth, but its you who did the exposing by your statement alone

    "but that information would definitely bring any chances of our relationship progressing to a screeching halt."

    What would you do if you read this statement and you wanted to maximize your potential dating pool? You would make adjustments accordingly.

  59. @hisprosody:

    Most of what you all are saying is that YOU would feel inadequate.

    I'm a gay man, and I've been in a relationship with a bisexual man. I felt inadequate, insecure, and alot more but he never cheated on me and I never cheated on him. In the end, it wasn't HIM that was the problem, it was me.

    The saying "I can't compete with a man/woman" when you're with someone who is bisexual is stupid. If a straight man cheats on you with another woman, you can't compete with her either boo. You too have different vagina's, different sex drives, different skills, etc.

    Sexuality is so much more than the actual act of sex. But, most of us still have a LOOOONNNGGG way to go before understanding kicks in.

    More of you are bisexual than you'd care to admit.

  60. revemupman:

    "now whether people embrace and/or agree is another subject."

    Well now that's the subject that I WANT TO TALK ABOUT. If people are treating male bisexuals like they have the plague then I completely agree that bisexual males have to change strategy if they want to court a women with the highest success rate. And from the looks of these comments. Women are not hip to dating a male who claims bisexuality. So its best to not mention it and continue courting. Now as far as lying, ok a fib isn't going to kill her. Its not like saying you're pregnant and the baby is his when its not. I'm just not sharing the fact that I'm bisexual. And this lie isn't life threatening in anyway, unless I cheat during the relationship or have some serious STD. Now lying is bad of course, but your not God so you have no will in stopping it from happening.

  61. @dinastyinc:

    "Now as far as lying, ok a fib isn't going to kill her. Its not like saying you're pregnant and the baby is his when its not."

    Finding out a baby isn't his won't kill him either.

    But for the most part, I agree with what you've been saying all throughout the post.

  62. @dinastyinc:

    I love Twany!!!!

  63. I'mjustsaying:

    This really has all to do with open-mindedness and preference. All straight women I know would never date a bisexual man because they know that any man who wants another man would violate her innate sense of attraction. Same goes for most straight men — though, there is an exception because like someone said, bisexual women are not taken as seriously and that's the truth — straight men like a woman who embodies the definition of perceived womanhood in every sense of the word. In closing, it really seems to me that — even though bisexuality is defined as being equally attracted to both sexes be they gay or straight — bisexuals would rather deal with other bisexuals rather than to deal single "straight" people; it would be so much more responsible, morally.

  64. revemupman:

    But finding out a child isn't yours is a life changing scenario and can cause suicide or forms of depression, especially if you formed a bond with that child. Finding out your long time mate is bisexual is not that big of a deal. Unless he had DL encounters behind your back. Then this changes the whole scenario.

  65. @DeeSkee77:

    Bisexual in NO means defines you as being selfish and greedy. Speaking as a bisexual woman, I have a man and a woman in my life who both are perfectly okay with me and guess what are okay with each other. It is not a Poly relationship (i spend my time with them seperately) and I hate HATE the fact that people see it as being greedy because its not. Most people see bisexuals as having whorish tendencies…NOT TRUE!____I tell every man who is interested in me that I am bisexual and I give them the disclaimer that it does NOT mean that you get an automatic threesome. ____I feel that its a level of intimidation that people have in dealing with someone bisexual is that they will be instantly cheated on. We are capable of monogamy. It just we're being HONEST with OURSELVES and not HIDING who we really are…but the DL are another issue!

  66. @dinastyinc:

    True. I was just playing devil's advocate. I totally got the point you were trying to make. :o)

  67. WellDamn24:

    I would be less concerned about my bi-guy cheating and more about us breaking up because he yearns for some d!ck. Having watched some gay p0rn, I do believe that there's a different dynamic and energy between homosexual sex and heterosexual sex.

    A bi-guy would really have to know himself and have a high level of integrity for me to not care. He'd also have to have a proven track record of domestic stability. It might even make me feel better to know that he lived with a man so that I know that he's not just getting with me to play "Hetero Husband and Father". I'd want to know that he was on a path to domesticity and was looking for a partner in that, regardless of genitalia.

  68. WellDamn24:

    The other question is whether I'd want a bi-guy who has dabbled in homosexuality, enjoyed it, but doesn't feel he's missing anything to be with me. Or, would I want a man who has lived an exclusively heterosexual life, but who wants to f0ck a man.

  69. revemupman:

    In a way bisexuality is an illusion, so why mention it? And when I say illusion I mean it can go both ways. Anything that can take many forms is an illusion, cause it has no absolute face.

    Its no reason to even mention your bisexual. Cause people assume you are whatever you date.

  70. WellDamn24:

    So basically you're for going down low? Hmmmm.

  71. WellDamn24:

    Okay, Joe, break it down. What is the difference between the sexual dynamic you have with compared to that with women? Is it just sex with the individual, or is there an energy that you wth a man gives off compared to with women?

  72. H-TOWN:

    define manly please…i wanna get a better understanding

  73. WellDamn24:

    Oh, to actually answer the question, yes I'd date a bi-guy if we had ridiculous chemistry (gotd@mn FIRE!). But, I would not discuss his past with my frends and my family (just keeping it real).

  74. H-TOWN:

    Intresting…lust comes from anyone regardless of sexual orientation

  75. H-TOWN:

    i actually agree with alot your saying…you telling it how it is in the real world…

  76. revemupman:

    Your completely clueless when it comes to bisexuality and being on the DL. DL men are gay but hide due to a society who fails to see males as gay or anything outside their normal perception.

    The point I'm trying to convey is for males who don't have time to deal with the politics of claiming bisexuality. So if you don't agree with my blatant statement its only because your perception of bisexuality. Bisexual's are an illusion, they only appear when they claim it. Otherwise you would of never questioned a man who is interested in a woman.

  77. Quest:

    He didn't cheat on you because he was gay himself.

  78. Quest:

    You giving your man 3somes ain't got shit to do with this.

  79. @dinastyinc:

    Perfect answer, Joe. Exactly what I think.

  80. @dinastyinc:

    A bisexual male has to have a proven track record? Do you require the same for straight men?

    I agree that there should be a level of standard across the board. Bi, gay, straight–it does not matter if that person is not willing to commit themselves to you and the relationship. Ready to be faithful. Ready to be monogamous. Ready to forsake all others. Because we've all seen countless times where if a straight man isn't ready to be a "husband and father", he'll creep out just the same.

  81. @dinastyinc:

    Hiding the fact that you're gay is the same as hiding the fact that you're bisexual. You'll be shunned for it either way. There is no difference when dealing with this society, especially within the African American community.

    I agree that I wish people talked more openly about sexuality (instead of hiding behind the Bible, because keeping it real, that's where all this stems from). If it were the norm to date anybody, regardless of gender, we wouldn't even be having this discussion.

  82. revemupman:

    "Hiding the fact that you're gay is the same as hiding the fact that you're bisexual."

    Exactly, but it shouldn't be this way. Like I said previously bisexuality is an illusion. I am whatever you see me dating. So in essence most bisexuals don't need to even claim this as a part of them. Only when they are trying to gain market value. This is why you see a vast majority of celebrity females are coming out as bisexual. Because there is a huge market for that type of orientation in our changing society. Males are still held back in society cause even women don't want to see us affectionate towards one anther. It disorients their perception of "normal" behavior.

  83. summer:

    did yall see his weiner?

  84. @Choc_lateDiva:

    Personally, I wouldn't date a bisexual man because I just can't fully understand the concept. Being the person I am, I do not like to deal w/things that I don't understand because I feel like I'd be going into the situation blindly or too ignorant. However, If I were to date a bisexual man it is my duty to please my man the best I can, no matter what. So if he was straight or bisexual, top or bottom, I'd do it. Because if I've made him my man, he deserves to be pleased to the furthest extent. I'm freaky so that's how I'd look at him lol

  85. Lovebird:

    So…y'all are saying that bisexual means that you are attracted to people of both sexes. I acknowledge and admire beautiful women, but I could only see myself being sexual w/man…so does that make me bisexual??? lol In all seriousness, please give comments…I'm just trying to understand this bisexual concept.

  86. revemupman:

    That does not make you bisexual only simply human. Anyone can in fact see someone who is average to above average in looks. A lot of heterosexual males like to believe that they don't have an eye for an attractive male. But in reality anyone who is above average will catch our eyes. We as humans love to see the exceptional in everything.

  87. WellDamn24:

    So, please explain to me what the difference is between not mentioning your bisexuality to a potential love interesting and being on the DL?

    I said I would not discuss it with family and friends primarily because doing so opens the door to them judging my love interest about a situation that I've already made a decision about. Also, its his private business and not to be passed around.

    I'm certainly not saying that anyone, regardless of sexual orientation, should be all in the streets hollering about what they like. But I am saying that you'd better tell anyone who you are sexually intimate with that you are not just sleeping with men or just sleeping with women.

  88. WellDamn24:

    "I am whatever you see me dating."

    The above statement is not true. If it only took dating to determine sexual orientation then everyone would be heterosexual. Closet dwellers are proof that you actually AREN'T whomever you see them dating.

  89. WellDamn24:

    Hell yeah I expect a proven track record from a straight guy. I'd like to know that he's been straight, kind, honest, faithful, and well in charge of his finances for a long d@mn while.

    If a straight man tells me that he used to be homeless, we fall in love, and he wants me to buy a house with him, then h3ll yeah I want to see that he can handle it.

    If a bisexual man tells me that he wants to have a sexual relationship with me, then h3ll yeah I want to know that p7ssy and I am where its at for him!

  90. WellDamn24:

    I think you are submerged under a whole bunch of DL b8llsh!t!

    I agree with you, I am completely clueless about bisexuality. But I'll tell you this, if you are so busy trying to portray one thing (heterosexual) when you have in fact had sex with both sexes (and are therefore bisexual) any excuse you use to justify LYING to the person who you are with is bullsh!t!

    Bisexuality isn't an illusion. It's a clear cut case of having f8cked or wanting to f7ck both sexes. I don't care what people see when you are dating a chick then you are dating a dude. They don't know the truth to be found in your erection.

    Males don't wanna deal with the politics of claiming the bisexuality that they have? Ain't nothing to deal with 'cause its what it is. Just state that isht to your potential sexual partner and move the hell on with or without them.

  91. Plum_eyes:

    questions and i know im late but if a man hasnt had sex with a man how would he know if he liked it? and i think its some bad bishes in the world i do find them attractive but i wouldnt want to sleep with them…so am i bi..???

  92. revemupman:

    "any excuse you use to justify LYING to the person who you are with is bullsh!t!"

    There is no excuse it is what it is, if someone told you personally about you sexual past then you would have to tell truth. But usual relationships only focus on the current. Everyone has a dark past, only a few would share it with their partner. And DL requires a man to be engaged in homosexual activity during the relationship. If he had sex with men previously before meeting you he is not DL.

    Your coming from a place of emotion. And I can understand that, but your reply is just further proving my point. Its no reason to even let you know I'm Bi if I was to court you right now. Cause me simply implying interest in you makes me heterosexual you your eyes. And my comments are simply to help men increase their dating pool. Its not for the emotional enjoyment of how your feeling.

  93. revemupman:

    You are blind and clouded by emotional judgment. My statement is in fact true to the naked eye. If I was to approach you today you would assume I'm heterosexual until proven guilty. Please take the time to look at things from a logical perspective. Closet dwellers are proof the YOU ARE whomever you date. Cause most closeted gays use women as beards to protect themselves from society's judgment on them being homosexual.

    You are proving me correct without even knowing it. lmfao

  94. @dinastyinc:

    Respect, ma. lol I hear ya.

  95. revemupman:

    "So, please explain to me what the difference is between not mentioning your bisexuality to a potential love interesting and being on the DL?"

    Most certainly, being on the DL is having sexual encounters with the same sex during a monogamous relationship with the opposite sex. Failing to claim your sexual orientation is simply failing to claim your sexual orientation, any questions?

    "Also, its his private business and not to be passed around."

    EXACTAMENTO, you hit it dead on the head. Its his business if he prefers to share that information even with you. Cause you would never know unless he's lost interest in you, or you find him engaging in DL activities. Which in that case he would be a cheater and untrustworthy.

  96. @BeautyNUniq:

    I couldn't date a bi-sexual man and YES SEXUALITY IS A DEAL BREAKER. Just the idea of him liking what I like doesn't sit well with me. I'm not even that worried about him leaving me for another man, which I do feel is the ULTIMATE embarrassment. It's just something about it doesn't sit well with me in my spirit. He may be a really nice guy…just not the guy for me. JMO

  97. @dinastyinc:

    I agree. Anybody can see that another human being is beautiful.
    Case in point: I think Beyonce is beautiful. Do I wanna sleep with her? No.
    On the other hand, I think Rosa Acosta is beautiful and if presented with the opportunity I would do her.

    That makes me bisexual.

  98. @BeautyNUniq:

    I'm sorry…but I NEED TO KNOW my partner's past before we starting dating. I don't care if he's Straight or Bi-Sexual…I NEED TO KNOW. That's why HIV/AIDS is sooo high in the African American community statements like this "if someone told you personally about you sexual past then you would have to tell truth. But usual relationships only focus on the current. Everyone has a dark past, only a few would share it with their partner". People should require more of their partners PERIOD, whether you're GAY, STRAIGHT, OR BI.

    The way that you think is reckless and not only can cause quite a bit of pain, but maybe even death with the way people are these days. SMDH

  99. revemupman:

    "I'd like to know that he's been straight, kind, honest, faithful, and well in charge of his finances for a long d@mn while."

    Your setting yourself up for failure, track records? Most men who have their shit together would be enough for you I don't think you'll dig any deeper than how much his pockets is.

  100. revemupman:

    "Just the idea of him liking what I like doesn't sit well with me."

    ATTENTION MEN: Another reason to leave your sexuality at the door when courting.

  101. revemupman:

    Anyone can lie about their sexual past this is why we have HIV/STD testing sites. You don't just take your partners word for it. He may of contracted an STD from heterosexual encounters.

    I am not thinking reckless I am thinking about adjusting to the reality of the situation. I put myself in a bisexual males shoes and see that my prospects decrease if I mention my orientation. But If I simply just go after what I'm looking for without specifically claiming that orientation then I'm A OK. You hate this cause it does not cater to your need of security.

  102. revemupman:

    No I'm not thinking reckless at all. I am helping my fellow man increase his potential dating pool. This is in no way intended to help you feel more secure. Cause only you can do that sweet heart.

  103. @BeautyNUniq:

    .So if all else fails….LIE. Right…that's the best way to start a relationship with a LIE. I don't even understand why you would want to something off of that, but that's you not me. YOU'RE THE ONE that HAS to keep up the lie.

    I don't understand why some people are so hung up over other people's preferences. There's SOMEONE out there for everyone and YOU WON'T HAVE TO LIE TO THAT PERSON.

  104. RayneMusiic:

    I'm with you on this one. I couldn't do it. He could be my friend with absolutely ZERO benefits. I just can't see past the fact that he's attracted to men as well as women. It's already tough trying to stay on your A game as a woman with all the other women vying for a "good man" so how in the hell do you even begin to try to compete with a man? Child boo….I'll pass

  105. PJB:

    Exactly!! Im shocked that there are actually people on this post that say they wouldn't mind that they man likes booty!! Thats CRAZY!! I cant even fathom the thought!!

  106. I'mjustsaying:

    but is it still an illusion if you've acted on your impulse and someone who knows your ignorant partner — that also knows you — enlightens them about your truth?

  107. @__TashaJ:

    My sentiments exactly.

  108. Chrissy:

    It's amazing on here how some bisexuals promote lying to their partners about who and what they are. lol. Afraid someone won't date them. Bold enough to do it, but not bold enough to say it. That's why people don't date bisexuals, too many lies about who they are. And this is coming from a queer woman. If I dated men I would date a bisexual man as long as he was honest. It's not a deal breaker.

  109. Chrissy:

    Oh and I know we're talking about bi-men and hetero women. but, if you are a homo woman it's probably best you don't date a bisexual woman either. The majority of them will choose male partners at the end (about 70%), so it's best you dont waste your time.

  110. @SitchoAzzDown:

    This hits home.

    I know a female who liked me at one time, and I pretended I was fully lesbian because I did like her, but I was scared I'd have to be different in order to be with her. Like, I'd have to be someone other than me, as far as character. She found out I liked the d-ck more than the kitty, and she got pretty mad. However, she wondered if we could still talk to each other when I was more immune to the d rather than the kitty.

    So, if I found out my dude was bisexual, I'd probably be kinda alarmed at first. Of course you think he's gonna be fukking some d-ck when you're together, but chances are he won't. If he stays committed to me and only me, I'm good. If he wants to fukk some d-ck after we're broken up [knock on wood], that's on him. I just don't need him judging or comparing how the relationship would be if he was with me rather than being w/ a man.

  111. WellDamn24:

    See, you're so busy worrying about somebody being a playa and working game, that you're suggesting that truth elude them.

    Any relationship built on half truths and lies is less likely to do well in the long run. Dude could get a lot of dates initially but because he isn't honest (not right away, but somewhere in the first couple of dates) any chick who MIGHT have been down with him being bisexual is going to be turned off by his dishonesty.

  112. WellDamn24:

    "But usual relationships only focus on the current. Everyone has a dark past, only a few would share it with their partner."
    That statement is untrue. Men and women have asked the timeless question about how many partners their love interest has been with. One of the first dating questions is about past relationships. The past matters regardless of sexual orientation.

    "If he had sex with men previously before meeting you he is not DL."
    I agree with the statement above that he isn't DL. But he is DL if he doesn't disclose his sexual past when he gets somewhat serious about the chick. It's a basic lack of respect to not be honest with her so that she can make an informed decision to choose to accept all of him. She doesn't know him fully if he's HIDING his bisexuality.

    You're right that I am coming from a place of emotion. I'm also coming from a place of honesty, trust, and the belief in true intimacy. If some dude is so busy trying to get with me that he can't HONESTLY be with me, that's a problem.

    "Cause me simply implying interest in you makes me heterosexual you your eyes."
    No it doesn't. Gay men imply interest in straight women all the time for the purposes of hiding and avoiding their sexuality and it doesn't make them heterosexual, just gay and lying.

    Exactly what's the worth of increasing men's dating pool when you are encouraging them to act in a manner that bellies the respect necessary to be in a relationship? You're so busy trying to encourage pass for straight instead of a man (or woman) accepting their bisexuality and finding people who can fully love and accept them too.

    Don't encourage lying.

  113. WellDamn24:

    No, I understand what you are saying and think you are wrong.

    You are right that if I met you and you showed interest that I would think that you were heterosexual. But the TRUTH is that you are NOT, are you? You allowing me to believe that you are something that you are not makes you a liar and wrong.

    Another example: You are married and meet me. I think you are single and start dating you. Does that mean that you aren't married? No. Your @ss is married and lying about it. Me believing that you aren't married doesn't suddenly make you a single person!

    You're trying to qualify lying as okay by suggesting that the victim who believes the lie makes it a truth. That's a nice lil punk @ss way to avoid being a honest, decent human being!

    What the heck is wrong with honesty? So busy trying to pass that you can't be honest? What kind of immoral person is someone who can't be honest about themselves when they KNOW what they are? And about anything they are (married, gay, bad credit, hair plugs, etc.).

  114. WellDamn24:

    "Failing to claim your sexual orientation is simply failing to claim your sexual orientation, any questions?"

    So if the above statement isn't on the DL, does it mean that you are then lying in the closet? I can get that DL is cheating AND being in the closet. But being in the closet is just as bad. It's all the same family.

    "you hit it dead on the head. Its his business if he prefers to share that information even with you."

    It is my business! If we start dating serious, then he needs to be about FULL DISCLOSURE, just as I should be about it also. So let's say its not about sexual orientation but about….VD. In your world disclosure about your VD happens if the person catches something. In my world it happens when the guy and I get serious enough to think about having sex.'

    If I'm in even a semi serious relationship with a guy, I want to know his sexual past and about past relationships. What you're suggesting is a path to "How to find a beard," not "How to find and keep a loving relationship". The second is based on respect and love for the woman. Even before you get hardcore serious you are fully disclosing your past so that she can love you freely, not just cover you so that you don't have to deal with your own bisexuality ("I ain't gay if I'm with a chick" BS).

  115. WellDamn24:

    Uh no!

    I can't tell you the number of men who make it LOOK like its nice and smooth, but they are rolling up into the pawn shop on the regular like it's church and they need to be saved!

    I don't care so much if I'm dating a dude. But if I'm going to live with him or marry him, then hell yeah I need to know his track record! Hell, I need to know his credit score! I need to know that everything in his home isn't rented by the month. I need to know that he's not living in a extended-stay hotel because apartment complexes don't trust him to pay his rent! It's about handling the business of surviving, not love.

    And I, in turn, am more than happy to fully disclose my history. See I know me and I love me and there's nothing about me that is wrong or guilty or trifling. So I WANT the men I'm interested in to know me. If I were bisexual I would own it, love it, and be honest with the men (and women come to think of it) whom I'm with.

    Everything else is lying because YOU can't accept your own bisexuality (or gayness). If you can't love you and accept you, there's the reason why ducking and dodging honesty seems natural and right to you. You're lying to yourself (thinking homosexuality is wrong when it ain't) and so it's that much easier for you to lie to others (and make excuses about it being the truth if they believe the lie).

  116. WellDamn24:


  117. WellDamn24:

    See, your problem is that you want bisexuals to run after folks who would not want to get with them. It doesn't take long to find out if a woman, for example, would be willing to date a bisexual man. But instead of dumping the chick who is "I….just….can't!" you figure a lie works too. How about chasing after the right, open minded folks, instead of lying to wrong folk who ain't down with dating bi?


  118. WellDamn24:

    Thank you! Case in point….Revemupman. Thank goodness he's on here this thread because for real I always wanted to think that folks in the closet or on the DL were just confused and bringing other folks into their confusion inadvertently. But Revemupman proves that hardcore, premeditated gay liars are bold as a muggabugga!

  119. omfg_wtf_itsMo:

    You dnt have to have sex with someone to know thats what your attracted you. Did you have to have sex with a man to know that you was attracted to him?!? Or did the attraction come before the sex?

    Im a lesbian female nd before i even had sex with a female i knew i liked females.

  120. omfg_wtf_itsMo:

    Thats REALLY wrong. I was bisexual almost my whole life. In the end i am a lesbian nd this is how i will remain.

  121. omfg_wtf_itsMo:

    You nd i both. Its really sad man. He/She needs to just hang it up.

  122. omfg_wtf_itsMo:

    This is the problem. You can not be in a relationship with two ppl. I do call this being greedy nd any person that is willing to share their partner with another is nuts. I would NEVER want to share my girlfriend with another female. Smdh

    Your love life is just all over the place.

  123. omfg_wtf_itsMo:

    LMBO @Revemupman nd @WellDamn is going IN!!! I plead the 5th on this subject. Because this is based on What you prefer nd what i prefer nd what you prefer is different so there for we all should agree to disagree nd worry about who we fuckin at night. Simple as that. *Sigh*

  124. jax:

    Ya'll are some of the dumbest people on the planet.
    That's all. *folds arms*

  125. revemupman:

    No I'm not focusing on someone becoming a player. Dating is a game regardless of how you feel about it. And in order to be successful in the dating world one must have plenty of experiences. And in order to gain experience males have to have as many potential dating partners as possible. You may dislike this, but truth is truth. Its not here to sugar coat itself for your enjoyment.

  126. revemupman:

    "But the TRUTH is that you are NOT, are you?"

    The truth is I don't have to discuss my truth unless I wish to. If I had an interest in you, you would automatically assume this a hetero union and nothing further. If I remain faithful to you the whole segment of the relationship I'm pretty much heterosexual.

  127. revemupman:

    .So if all else fails….LIE. Right

    Exactly, you would never know unless I engage in homosexual activity behind your back. If I was faithful the whole time you would go to the grave without knowing I was attracted to males as well.

  128. revemupman:

    If it goes by what the majority prefers then I'll prefer to be whatever she wants in order to court with the highest success rate. Call me a douche bag all you want but I'll be the douche bag with a date!

    And lets face it, this is the whole reason of courting isn't it?

  129. revemupman:

    The only reason I would find it proper to tell the absolute truth is if you are having homosexual thoughts and would like to act on them. This is when its time to speak up, if you are 100% into the woman you're dating keep that info to yourself until future notice. Women will say they want the truth but never give it back..

    And all the people on here who rejects my notions are just emotional creatures who watch too much Tyra on their idle time. Its time to click the T.V. off and sniff some dosage of reality.

  130. revemupman:

    "You are married and meet me. I think you are single and start dating you. Does that mean that you aren't married? No. Your @ss is married and lying about it."

    Your really going to compare something like Marriage to orientation? Marriage cannot be put away that appears in your records once you elope. Bisexuality can take many forms like I mentioned in my previous post. But for some reason this notion does not seem to resignate with you for emotional reasons. If bisexual's can take many forms what obligates them to tell you their orientation? If they show interest in you they are straight.

    Nuff said.

  131. revemupman:

    "See, your problem is that you want bisexuals to run after folks who would not want to get with them."

    No the issue here is that you don't realize that being bisexual entails that I am straight as well. So telling you I enjoy the opposite sex is irrelevant if my eyes are only pointed towards you. I am in no way promoting cheating but this is how you view me for simply letting males know to adjust to the game surrounding them. Don't blame me or the player, blame the game sweetheart.

  132. revemupman:

    If some dude is so busy trying to get with me that he can't HONESTLY be with me, that's a problem.

    No that's your problem, if you can't realize that during courting nothings definite then you need to wake up. He's interested in you but you are surely not the only one. He has to try at least a couple others before he decides if your truly worth his time. Especially if this male has exceptional looks. The 1940's came and went, the whole falling happily ever after became divorce with alimony. Now you either have two choices, wake up or stay asleep.

  133. Jade:

    One of the things that makes me laugh about gay and straight peoples perception of bisexual people is that they are confused because they like both. Hello the very definition of being bisexual is that you are attracted to both, so it's not that a bisexual person is confused about their sexuality it's just that a straight/gay person would rather like to believe that, that individual is confused. Another thing that I find funny is that people assume that if you are bisexual. For this instance say a bisexual woman marries a man and remains faithful to him till eternity somehow people will say she couldn't have been bisexual she is married to a man hello that does not make her straight it just means that she is faithful. I do understand why women would not want to date a bisexual man but the scary thing is some of you may be in a relationship with men who may have or may not have had sexual experience with other men prior to you and unless it is divulged to you will never know.

  134. David:

    But being left for a redhead would all right?

    Bisexuality does not equate to a propensity to cheat on your partner, in just the same way that being male, female, blonde, brunette, redhead or bald does not.

    Maybe you should just admit that you are biphobic?

  135. David:

    Bisexuality does not equate to a propensity to cheat on your partner, in just the same way that being male, female, blonde, brunette, redhead or bald does not.

    Maybe you should just admit that you are biphobic rather than try to hide under that argument that he might stray from the path of monogamy with a man, rather than a woman?

  136. WellDamn24:

    What in my statement gave the impression that I'm talking about the beginning stages of a relationship? I wouldn't expect anyone to talk about their private business while dating casually.

    All these scenerios about full disclosure occur when a bisexual person is about to engage in a serious relationship. Therefore it IS the guy's problem that he can't or won't be open and honest about his bisexuality. He is making it my problem because I am basically walking into a serious relationship with a guy who is hiding something that so important that he won't admit it. If you aren't afraid or ashamed of your sexuality then admitting it to a serious love interest shouldn't be a problem. If she can't hang, then good ridance.

  137. Dave:

    "This why bisexual men do NOT exist"

    Oh, REALLY? Well, speaking as a bisexual man, I'll tell you right now that I like green and red apples, I like vanilla and chocolate ice-cream, I like sweet and salted popcorn and – surprise, surprise – I am attracted to both men and women.

  138. WellDamn24:

    Oh, so basically you're using "the game" as an excuse to be a liar? Please. At least own your own duplicity. That's so sad. YOU (not the world) are so ashamed of your sexual orientation that you provide half truths and shades of reality to folks that you should respect enough to trust. Tricks are for kids. The game you're playing is "Where's my next beard?" because if you really respected the folks you were with, you wouldn't give them the half-@ssed version of yourself.

    You're not "straight". You're bisexual. Bisexuality has its own name for a reason. Even as an asterick of little interest, any partner is going to care that their partner has also had sex with their sex.

  139. WellDamn24:

    It's not about the many forms of bisexuality. It's about a person being something that isn't just straight and then trying to pass. The reason why you don't call yourself straight is because you ain't. And to walk around like that's all you are is a lie.

    They might be straight, but they are also gay and that bares mentioning! Clearly if its important enough to lie about then its important enough to honest about.

    Nuff said!

  140. WellDamn24:

    Now you're running from the truth again. You do have to discuss your truth, but if you don't then it makes you a liar and an @sshole because you won't know if that chick would still be into you regardless of your full sexual orientation. And by the time she does find out it won't just be about your bisexuality, but about you having a major character flaw.

    Oh, and "pretty much" ain't fully heterosexual. Bisexuals aren't hterosexual.

  141. WellDamn24:

    The more he writes the more he proves it. I thought he was coming from a place that maybe I could relate 'cause "no way is he just a liar!". But….uhm…yes he is!

  142. boobymcgee:

    As long as he's faithful to me, I would have no problem dating a bisexual man.

  143. WellDamn24:

    This isn't about the many forms of bisexuality.

    Plain and simple, you are a liar if you are not crystal clear about your full sexual orientation when it matters within each unique relationship. You aren't straight if she believes that you are because you've sexed men. She believes wrong and you are wrong for lying to her.

    Nuff said!

  144. WellDamn24:

    Reality doesn't mean being a liar.

    You clearly don't respect women because you consider us to be liars to match your own character flaw.

    I'm not going to continue to attempt to explain the importance of honesty to someone who is looking for beards to be dishonest with.

  145. @Keribear13:

    I used to be one of those people that didn't want to admit they were BI (a lot of denial on my part) and after years of reflection, I've come to terms with it. For men it is definitely more difficult because there are social stereotypes that automatically peg you as being gay if you have slept with a man, regardless if you've ever been or continue to be with a woman. Personally, I don't want a relationship with a woman. I'm attracted to them and would sleep with them, however I choose not to because my preference is with males. And for the record, everything a man does and is, a woman does not and cannot be. Unless she's Ms. Universe – which defeats the purpose for me because I like femmes – a chick can't pick you up and put you on her shoulders, she can't do that little twitchy thing yall dudes do when getting head, she can't wrap you with her bulging biceps, you get my drift. Sexually, this is why I prefer dudes, I enjoy seeing my guy enjoy himself. Mentally, dudes are less dramatic and more logical to an extent and I connect with that.

    As hard as it is for a man to come out as BI its somewhat difficult for a woman as well, especially if she wants a relationship with a dude. A guy hears the word BISEXUAL from a chick and its like BING!!!! THREESOME!!! and I'm not signing up for that. I'm the stingy type and if you're mine, YOU ARE MINE. Me no want to share with others. To say that, yes I could date a bisexual man and I would do all in my power to make sure my man is happy in a way we could both be comfortable.

  146. @Keribear13:

    To say all that, yes I could date a bisexual man but, like any other man, he would have to have those qualities/characteristics that I'm looking for in a man.

  147. revemupman:

    "Oh, and "pretty much" ain't fully heterosexual. Bisexuals aren't hterosexual."

    They are if they decide to court an opposite sex. Just like I said bisexuality is an illusion, I quite frankly don't have to disclose this because whoever I date is what my orientation is. You would of never knew If I treated you well and done right by you the whole relationship. Its a lot of bisexual women who don't disclose this info during courting cause it complicates things. You are just a hopeless romantic who believes the world is a fairy land where people are incapable of lying to one another.

    "Now you're running from the truth again."

    Just like I mention, the truth is not relevant if I am 100% interested in being with a particular woman. Now if I was gay this would make me DL and I will eventually connect with what I want which will break your heart during a relationship. But according to the comments here its is asinine to even mention your bisexuality to potential dates cause for most that's the deal breaker alone.

  148. revemupman:

    "She believes wrong and you are wrong for lying to her."

    Bull, like I said for every lie he has she has 20…..

    You mean to tell me no one has deep secrets they don't even expose to partners? A secret like this is not life changing or anything. In fact she would never know the whole segment of the relationship.

  149. revemupman:

    Bisexuality encompass both truths. Just because I didn't share the other half does not mean I deserve the guillotine.

  150. revemupman:

    "But Revemupman proves that hardcore, premeditated gay liars are bold as a muggabugga! "

    You see now you refrain to calling me gay. Why would any bisexual want to be labeled as that when they encompass both orientation? You keep proving my point, but you don't want to see that. Now I'm gay for helping my fellow man adjust to the game surrounding them huh? lmfao

  151. revemupman:

    Its not that they are afraid no one will date them its the fact that we want alot of potential dates to choose from. Its in our DNA as males to try to pull as much game as possible. We are the original sluts.

  152. revemupman:

    "You clearly don't respect women because you consider us to be liars to match your own character flaw."

    So now I don't respect women?

    OMG this is going in circles lmfao. Anyways take heed to my comments. They are a wiff of reality.

  153. revemupman:

    Thanks for that comment, it really sum's up the whole point of my argument here.

  154. revemupman:

    A guy hears the word BISEXUAL from a chick and its like BING!!!! THREESOME!!!

    Males are very sexual in nature this is why you see the majority of males with this response. And women don't have it hard at all. Most women claim bisexual to gain market value in the media. If a male claims it, everyone associates his with gay just like WellDamn24 did to me. This is why I advise men not to state bisexuality cause its simply an illusion.

  155. Jade:

    Having had sexual relationships with both a man and woman I can say they are completely different. When i am with a woman I don't miss penis and when I am with man I don't miss pussy. I understand what you are saying because people tend hear that a lot of bisexual women end up marrying a man but that has nothing to do with penis being better than vagina, it is more to do with society than anything else. If I wanted an easier life of course I am going to end marrying a man then end up with a woman. People are not as tolerant as they would have you believe and your right people do not take lesbian relationships seriously at all especially if you happen to be two feminine women, men will assume that you have not been dicked down properly by the also powerful penis and believe that once have got some good penis this will magically get rid of your sexual attraction to other women. But once they realise that you are not down for that shit and that you are really attracted to women that's when you will see that they are less tolerant of a bisexual woman and will also become insecure.

  156. revemupman:

    Being honest would cut the fat out of your dating stream, and cull down to the chicks who really matter.

    No being honest gets me a go away gay guy alert. You even mention that to me simply for giving the males perspective.

  157. Please:

    I don't want no man who is bi-sexual, because he is confused, he don't know if he want a man or a woman, but I know exactly what I want a real man, someone who only wants me a woman, I just can't get with him sexually because he is the type of man who will give you a std sleeping with both sexes, and that is something I'm not into. Just my opinion, this is what I want a real man, not somebody who is gonna penis bump with another hard body man, when he can get with the soft feminine curves of my womanly body.

  158. @Keribear13:

    Some women do claim it to up their market value because we are in a male dominated society, however, of those that have come out, you can usually peep those who are, make it known and capitalize on it and those who are, make it known, and go about their relationships normally.

    However, when you say its an illusion are you saying that bisexuality doesn't exist or are you stating that even if you claim to be BI people are gonna claim you as straight or gay regardless because of their preconceived notions?

    If the latter is the case, I can see where you're coming from. Even if he is Bi and doesn't sleep with men, many would still associate him with being gay and always wanting man booty. However, being bisexual kind of puts you in a gray area. Not in the sense that you don't know what you want but that you have preferences that include both male and female. For instance, I prefer straight men but I would date a bisexual man who has never been with another dude and just finds them attractive or a man who is more masculine and has a "top" mentality.

    But I definitely, see where you're coming from, especially if you're serial dating and looking for the one because a lot of people are close minded about the whole thing, but I still think its something that should be disclosed. Now if you're just trying to get some b00ty then It would be really grimey on your part if you didn't take the proper precautions to protect yourself and your partner whether you're gay .straight or bi but I don't think that's info you need to disclose to a partner if both want to keep it casual.

  159. @dinastyinc:

    ? What, I tell a joke or something?

  160. @dinastyinc:

    Once again, I heart jax! lol

  161. kelly:

    The "thingy bunched up next tp the Adidas logo" is his dick.

  162. kelly:

    David, how is that last sentence a question? Your zestiness is blocking your ability to form sensible sentences.

  163. @dinastyinc:

    O_O *deep sigh*…………………………………………………………………………………

  164. will:

    SHUT THE FUCK UP. Gay men DO care if men are Bi. Some of us believe that being Bi is greedy just like anyone else. You think that every gay man is willing to hook up with any man regardless of sexual orientation??? GTFO

  165. WellDamn24:

    It is a deep dark secret because the only reason you aren't telling her the truth is because you know how important it is.

    If it's not life changing then why not tell the truth?

  166. WellDamn24:

    You don't deserve to die, but d@mnit if you don't deserve to be outted. I never believed in outting folks before, but you just convinced me.


  167. WellDamn24:

    I miswrote. "…hardcore, premiditated BISEXUAL liars…"

    The problem also is that its a "game" for you until some chick gets pregnant, gets married, catches a disease, etc. Then its no game anymore.

    You call it a game to distance yourself from your low morals. I might even hazard that you are a pyschopath simply because you have no concern about the other person beyond getting your own way. No respect at all.

    Wow, my bad! Why am I arguing with a liar and (at least) a low grade psychopath? Enjoy! I really hope you don't hurt any women along the way as you play your games and hide from the truth!

  168. WellDamn24:

    Lying douche bag.

  169. WellDamn24:

    You're calling being a lying douche bag (hey, you said to call you that) reality, but we all don't have to fall for the lowest common denominator in life. Trifling, dirty, hateful, mean isht happens in life, but that doesn't mean you need to add to the b.s.

  170. WellDamn24:

    You are gay…and straight. Why shouldn't I call you what you is? I think you are dodging the "gay"part more than the straight part. Own your gayness and enjoy it!

  171. WellDamn24:

    Thank you for breaking down what you like about dudes. I've always assumed that gay men like the same things in men that I do, but I also understand that that may not necessarly be true.

  172. WellDamn24:

    Cosign the sigh and add a eye roll that says "WTF?"

  173. revemupman:

    "It's about a person being something that isn't just straight and then trying to pass"

    Bisexuality means you have heterosexual attractions as well. What do I have to do to get this through your head? I can crush on any man or woman I want during marriage. But If I remain faithful and come home to you daily its no need to even mention an attraction to the same sex. Only way you'll ever realize if your boyfriend is bi is if he says it. Otherwise you will assume he's straight by simply having an interest to be with you. Your not getting this at all. Your mad because bisexuals have no obligation to claim their truth. And they shouldn't according to the comments I see here. Unless women open up to the fact that bisexual males are not confused monsters. Men should be able to strategize in order to increase their potential in dating.

  174. jalen:

    I honestly believe for another person to be in a monogamous relationship with a bisexual person then they should be totally secure with themselves. It is obvious by the posts that too many insecure individuals about what the potential of whom their significant others has done or attracted to. If so, it is what it is, but don't knock others for being with bisexual men or women…

  175. WellDamn24:

    It is a big deal to Christians (which I'm not). But just to take it all the way there, a chick who is a hardcore Christian might have a serious problem with her guy being bi. She might think that she's going to hell. Her immortal soul is as risk as far as she's concerned. It will cause an existential crisis for her.

    Or you might find out that her daddy ran off with a man when she was 7 years old. The last time she saw him was out a front window as he got into a cab and kissed his lover. You being bisexual might be her worst fears in life. She shouldn't have go back to years of therapy 'cause you can't be honest.

    Stop lying! (lol)

  176. @Keribear13:

    I was more appalled by that long ass run on sentence than the ignorant comment being said.

  177. SoulWithSass:

    You'll get one reply. I think you're a tad bit slow. Read my comment one more time. WHERE did I say ANYTHING about him cheating or straying? Straight people cheat all of the damn time. Get out of your own damn feelings and pay attention.
    And to add- no, I'm not "biphobic," I'm "f**king idiot-phobic." So now-you have two reasons to stay away from me.


  178. OMGTré! - Blog:

    It was a rhetorical question..

  179. WellDamn24:

    I get what you're saying, but I disagree with it. It's like lemon iced tea; just because you can taste the lemon in it doesn't make it lemonade! lol

    I'm not mad about bisexuals having an obligation to claim their truth because they do have an obligation!

    If you want to play strategy games so badly, go play Age of Empires or Halo. But if you're trying to be in a real relationship (and not just have a beard) then when chick asks you about the relationships you've been in orwho you find attractive, it would behoove you to not just talk about the women but the men also.

  180. Lyfe:

    Or maybe she doesn't want to date a bisexual man. She has a preference…just like him. And to be honest I understand it. No female will have the right equipment to satisfy a bi guy.

  181. OSHH:

    Its actually about preference based on honesty, has very little do with secuity issues.
    You could be the most secure woman in the world but still prefer not to deal with a swtcih hitting dude.

  182. revemupman:

    Another one, they just keep proving me right…..

  183. revemupman:

    "However, when you say its an illusion are you saying that bisexuality doesn't exist or are you stating that even if you claim to be BI people are gonna claim you as straight or gay regardless because of their preconceived notions?"

    Exactly, anything that can take many forms is an illusion. Cause when it takes shape it becomes what the face term is. So in reality if I'm bisexual but have a huge attraction to Welldamn24. I am straight, and and she will percieve me as straight. Unless I wish to share with her that I do find other males attractive. But what straight man who's interested in a woman mentions the other ladies he's attracted to? If a man was to do this he would instantly lower his chances of courting successfully. And my whole strategy is adapting to the comments I see here. Obviously women don't understand bisexuality with males. But seem to accept it within their own gender.

  184. revemupman:

    "but I still think its something that should be disclosed."

    Not really, do you want your boyfriend fawning over and telling you about every hot chick he's seen at work or school? Of course not, you know your man does. But do you really want him to tell you his dreams? Cause it can get real explicit and trust me, it always is.

  185. @Keribear13:

    When I had one we had those discussions and it did get REAL vivid. And it didn't bother me because I was that confidant in our relationship.


    This brotha is fit as hell, but I could never knowingly be with a man who is screwing another man. There are enough risks being sexually active as a straight woman as it is. Now add, another man into the mix and that's just a powder keg waiting to blow. If you're bi that's your choice and I know some women who don't refuse relationships with men because they're bi, but I'm not one of them. I don't even want to contemplate having sex with a man who may have done a man yesterday, but wants to do me today. Fuck that.

  187. revemupman:

    You're one of the exceptions then cause most women will almost kill a man after knowing his intimate dreams. This is why most males avoid talking about past relationships around their partners. Women don't realize the more a male gets laid the better practice he has. Most men want to be like the Dr. in bed. And lets face it, the burden of performance lies with the male. Unless the woman is better than him. And in that case most women won't stay with a guy like that. Even gay bottoms want a top who knows what he's doing back there, but anyways I digress lol.

    But a woman like you is a dream, because a man can share his views and everyday actions and you won't scrutinize him for it.

  188. newone:


    Question: What if a female out right ask you if you've been with another man………Do you LIE.

  189. revemupman:


    "You are gay…and straight."

    No I am straight according to lifestyle if I decide to date a women and eventually marry and have children.

    I am only bisexual when it comes down to sexual orientation. This is what your not understanding.

  190. WellDamn24:

    What you don't understand is that I don't care about "lifestyle". A gay man can have a straight lifestyle, but no one care what's he's doing (only who he really wants to f*ck!).

    I care about sexual orientation. I don't care about what a guy does today with me, but what his sexual orientation is (past, present, and future).

    And BTW, you are still not straight. You are bisexual. If it were only about straight or gay then there would be no "bisexual" terminology. For most intents and purposes you can only have sexual relations with one sex at a time.

    Stop trying to "claim straight" when you are "bisexual". Own that you are ALSO attracted to men and don't lie about it. What the heck with trying to be "straight" with women and "gay" with men. So if you're with a man then you're gay right? Not bisexual?

    That's the question. In your twisted world, exactly when are you bisexual if you are straight with women and gay with men?

  191. revemupman:

    "That's the question. In your twisted world, exactly when are you bisexual if you are straight with women and gay with men?"

    You solved the puzzle without knowing it. Bisexuals encompass both orientations. Therefore I am simply who I feel most connection with. And whoever that maybe, man or woman. I will encompass that orientation down the road. But marrying does not take away from my arousal patterns. Just like it doesn't for strictly straight men, or anyone for that matter.

  192. revemupman:

    "If it were only about straight or gay then there would be no "bisexual

    Wrong, that's like saying if its only man and woman there is no hermaphrodite.. The Grey area is also counted weather you like it or not. Hermaphrodites have the ability to blend within both sexes naturally and be able to identify. They are the illusion, during birth the child chooses which sex its most connected with. And they can choose down the road to have sex changes if they feel so., google it. Learn that the human experience is not only black and white, this or that.

  193. hbgreen:

    First I read all these women saying there was no way they would date a bisexual man. Some of them were pretty hateful. Most said they didn't believe they could trust him not to be attracted to other men. Can you trust a str8 man not to be attracted to other women? What's the difference? If monogamy is your thing and trust is your issue, that has nothing to do with who your partner is attracted to, it has to do with – say it with me -TRUST. Sexual orientation has nothing to do with trustworthiness.

    Then I read revemupman's comments, and while I hate the idea of someone being stealth, I can't say I blame him, given what all the women were writing. It seems to me he's damned if he does and he's damned if he doesn't.

    The women here who won't date a bi guy need to take a good long look at their prejudices and get over theirselves if they want healthy relationships. MOST people – including you ladies – have a little bit of bi in them, and if you let yourself just relax those rigid rules, you will be a whole lot happier.

  194. Yeah_Okay:

    I'm a lesbian who prefers bisexual women because I enjoy the thought of my woman with her ex-boyfriend(s). I'm also attracted to gay men. Quite frankly, if I was bisexual, I'd date bisexual "bottom" men (no hetero men). My first & only boyfriend was gay & let's just say we switched roles permanently (I was his man, he was my woman for 4 years). The sexual part of our relationship was fulfilling & we were monogamous, but honestly I wanted some pussy. Ass is good but it doesn't get wet like pussy (unless it bleeds…yikes!)

  195. revemupman:

    "The problem also is that its a "game" for you until some chick gets pregnant, gets married, catches a disease, etc. Then its no game anymore."

    You see now you take me as some DL guy who won't be faithful. Well if you can't trust a bisexual man what makes you think a straight man is any more trustworthy? And I will always take care of my children if I have any. I don't know about the next man but if I made it, I made it and have no regrets. As far as disease, this is why bisexual males should not mention their orientation. Cause it all boils down to greedy bisexual monster in your eyes. And by all means keep thinking this way, I'll continue to make adjustments like any other male who observes and conquers. Until the vast majority of females educate themselves on bisexual males. Men should have to right to increase their potential dating pool regardless of the reason, booty call, casual, hook ups, platonic, or soul mate searching.

  196. Yeah_Okay:

    Sexual history should be the initial conversation so people can decide if they want to move forward or delete your number immediately. I actually keep a list of everyone I've had "risky" sex with (all females of course) so I can accurately remember, instead of estimate. I tend to meet a lot of "private women" which is a turn off. I want to know how many dicks you've sucked before our first kiss. And I know people lie, that's why I don't kiss unless I get confirmation from ex-boyfriends stating: "She didn't suck my dick."

  197. revemupman:

    Gay men DO care if men are Bi. Some of us believe that being Bi is greedy just like anyone else

    Those are the dummies like yourself and half the population on this planet. Don't blame my comment for your obvious stupidity. And YES the majority of gay males DON'T have any qualms about bisexuals. We all fall in the go away category in the world anyway. Don't tell me what I know and experience. The numbers and comments don't lie. Go to any gay message board and bisexuals are accepted like family. Go to any gay social event and bi's are accepted. Tell a women your interested in getting to know your bi, priceless.

  198. @dinastyinc:

    Whatever works for you ?

  199. revemupman:

    "It seems to me he's damned if he does and he's damned if he doesn't."

    Not necessarily, I'll be damned if I do but I'll be in the ball park if I don't. Adjusting is key my friend

  200. diamondmav:

    If a man wants someone else, male or female, there is no way to compete. Nor, should you want to. To do so is just silly and desperate on your part. #imjustsayin.

  201. @dinastyinc:

    o.O How the hell do you get confirmation from the ex-boyfriends? You must live in a small town where everybody knows everybody. Or you're a g-man.

    And every bitch in this world has sucked a d!ck at some point, whether she will admit it or not. So you might as well get over it.

  202. revemupman:

    "Question: What if a female out right ask you if you've been with another man………Do you LIE."

    Yes, of course I'll lie, if it gives me a running chance, I will. And I don't have any regrets about it. Most females won't tell their whole sexual past in full detail anyway. And no I'm not taking her right to choose. She was interested in me from the jump. Obviously, if not she would of never gave me the time or day.

  203. @Keribear13:

    *raises eyebrow*

  204. hbgreen:

    You misunderstood me. By that line I meant that you are being condemned by the women on this thread whatever you do: if you are honest about being bi they reject you, if you don't tell who you are they are pissed.

  205. WellDamn24:

    The reality is that when it comes to identifying yourself to those who matter in your world, its about who you are COMPLETELY and not the portion that you conveniently and comfortably most feel like being at that moment.

    If some woman asks you if you are bisexual and you say no because you are heterosexual with her at that moment, then you are lying. If she asks you if you are heterosexual and you say yes, then you are lying. Not because you aren't that also but because you are lying by omission. You are letting her see and believe a portion of who you are purely for the sake of playing a game with her heart.


  206. WellDamn24:

    Okay, if you are in such love of the grey area and not the black and white, then why are you so steeped in either the black or the white but not both?

    If a woman asks what you are and you just say "heterosexual" then you are only acknowledging the black. And if you say "homosexual" then you are only acknowledging the white. But by openly and honestly claiming the grey area.

    See, you seem, from all your posts on this thread, to actually use the non-grey areas to confusion and lie to others. You are "grey area" but you don't represent. You might like "grey world" but you want to throw a rock from it then hide your hand behind your back.

    You might use gaming as an excuse but the reality is that either you are too ashamed or not strong enough to face people with the grey star on your sleeve and tell the chicks who ain't pressed about bisexual men to kiss off.

    Talk about living the stereotype of gay sexual confusion!

  207. WellDamn24:

    Sorry but I didn't finish a sentence.

    "But by openly and honestly claiming the grey area" you are claiming both, and lying to no one.

    You're like those Christians who think that they can turn themselves back to heterosexuals because they change their habits.

    Are you a Christian? That would explain so much!

  208. WellDamn24:

    Uh, stop reading into what I'm saying. I didn't mean that gay or bisexual men cheat or are any less trustworthy that all men. I didn't mean "disease" as in AIDS as in "those dirty gays are spreading the disease".

    I meant that as life gets more complicated and more serious that game playing is immature and not respectful of the person you're dealing with in an emotional relationship.

    Also, men don't have a RIGHT to increase their potential dating pool. They have a right to freely act as they choose (even when they are wrong, unless they hurt someone else). But if a woman does not want to deal with a man (or would not want to deal with him under particular circumstances) then his desire to add her to the notch on his bed board DOES NOT supersede her freedom.

    It's like the lie about your bisexuality is a roofie, some date rape drug you slip into her drink so that she can't make an informed choice about being with you. And your justification is that you have some right to f*ck her!

    The whole "increase the dating pool" sounds like something done to overcompensation for bisexuality anyway. There's nothing wrong with fewer quality, BISEXUAL-LOVING chicks, verses lying to get more chicks into the dating pool.

    Stop encouraging that bisexual men rape women with lies of omission.

  209. WellDamn24:

    Oh, I liked your comment. At the end when you said "That makes me bisexual" in my head I added "…boys and girls!" like it was a lesson in school about bisexuality.

  210. WellDamn24:

    Hey, I can appreciate the level of research. At least he knows the d!ck he's tasting when he's kissing his girl!

  211. revemupman:

    "But by openly and honestly claiming the grey area" you are claiming both, and lying to no one."

    True, but my Grey area is only for me to know and you to find out. I have no obligation to tell you this Did the runner Caster Semenya claim her Grey area before entering the woman's competition? No, and she has the right to with hold that information. You hate the fact that the Grey area is in fact an illusion. Well deal with it sweet heart. I'm not here to make your life journey comfortable.

    "You're like those Christians who think that they can turn themselves back to heterosexuals because they change their habits."

    That was an idiotic statement, and I'm an atheist I have no reason to believe in any such deity until proven otherwise.

  212. revemupman:

    "Okay, if you are in such love of the grey area and not the black and white, then why are you so steeped in either the black or the white but not both?"

    BECAUSE BISEXUALS ENCOMPASS BOTH ORIENTATIONS. That is the point of my whole argument but yet you still ask these questions.

  213. WellDamn24:

    Hey, man, you're a stranger. At the very least you're a warning for women and at the very most a sexually confused liar who uses brutal heterosexuality as an excuse to socially rape women.

    I'm sure you concur with my hope that we never meet.

  214. WellDamn24:

    If bisexuals encompass both then you should outwardly claim both instead of fixating on one or the other?

    I don't think that you claim your gayness the way you do the heterosexual side. The real mistake I'm making with you is expecting an end goal of integrity.

    But like I said in another posting, you're a stranger. I feel badly for the women who run into you because you don't mind damaging them.


  215. Chrissy:

    I agree. It's like why do people have this sense of entitlement like someone is SUPPOSED to date them. Noone is ENTITLED to have anybody. I always believe someone should have to choice to date you or not based on their preferences or standards. I never feel like the decision should be made for someone.

    Example: It's like if I am celibate and I do not plan on having sex for a VERY long time, and I tell this to a person that likes to have sex all the time. Instead of them respecting my wishes they lie and pretendy that they want a relationship or even marriage, when thats not true, just to sleep with me. Like i said this entitlement issue.
    .That might be a bad example, but u get what im saying.

  216. Chrissy:

    "You might use gaming as an excuse but the reality is that either you are too ashamed or not strong enough to face people with the grey star on your sleeve and tell the chicks who ain't pressed about bisexual men to kiss off. "

    I think this sums it up

  217. WellDamn24:

    I completely agree with your example. I used to think that it was good, misunderstood people who did trifling things. But more and more (and this thread is proof positive of this) there are some trifling folks who do trifling things, who are just following their shameless natures to trifling conclusions.

  218. Yeah_Okay:

    A responsible adult keeps track of ALL they're sexual partners & an honest adult doesn't lie or withhold information/details. Every bitch has not sucked dick. Every fag has not sucked dick. Every dyke has not eaten pussy. I've been a sexually active lesbian for 13 years & I've never "eaten" pussy. Have I put my lips on pussy? Yes. Anyway, the point is… I only get into a relationship with responsible, honest women. Keyword: Relationship. I call my woman's ex-boyfriends to make sure her stories match theirs, and if they don't want to talk… I talk to my woman's friends/frienemies to learn "secrets". I talk to my woman when she's drunk because [a drunk man never tell tales].

    I love myself. I love myself so much I dig deep into my woman's history. If she was promiscuous, I want to know. If she was raped/molested, I want to know. Maybe she went through a "promiscuous phase" because she was raped, and she can't remember who she fucked. I can't be in a loving/committed relationship with a "former ho", so I need to know every detail of her vagina's journey before I even consider calling her "my woman".

    I've never lived in a small town btw. I'm just resourceful.

  219. Yeah_Okay:

    quote [And every bitch in this world has sucked a d!ck at some point, whether she will admit it or not. So you might as well get over it.]

    And I don't have a problem w/ bitches who suck dick. I love watching men & women suck dick. But I will not kiss a woman who admits it or I suspect has.

  220. omfg_wtf_itsMo:

    Exactly love. It got so bad between the 2 that i had to just STOP reading the comments because it seemed like it was only them 2. Smdh lol

    Nd look there they go AGAIN. LMFAO

  221. SPREAD:

    im a gay guy but brandy – 'Brandy,IDntBlogH8' – REALTALK

  222. revemupman:

    "at the very most a sexually confused liar who uses brutal heterosexuality as an excuse to socially rape women."

    LMFAO brutal heterosexuality? So orientations can rape you now?


  223. WellDamn24:

    Hey, man, you use heterosexuality and ignorance as weapons to deceive and dupe women. You basically believe in lying to take away a woman's freedom to choose to date you or not.

    While she might not have physical bruises to show for, you discount and undervalue any feelings and emotions she would have for you, your relationship, and your orientation.

    That's why I call you a psychopath ("an abnormal lack of empathy combined with strongly amoral conduct but masked by an ability to appear outwardly normal" -wikipedia). "Normal" in this case being whatever would be acceptable to the woman. All psychopaths don't kill. Factors of both psychopaths and sociopaths include lying, manipulation, lack of guilt, lack of empathy, irresponsibility, promiscuous sexual behavior (your obsession with a large dating pool), many short-term relationships.

    I'm really not saying it to diss you, but its all over this thread!

  224. WellDamn24:

    Why is rejection from someone incapable of accepting all of you such a bad thing? Also, this is kinda like that guy who has 4 kids already; if the woman is looking for a man with no children and this guy hides it from her, then it can't end well.

    Also, its a question of the quality of your game. If you have to lie, your game isn't that tight. Maybe instead of lying you have to work from the friendship angle until she gets used to you being bisexual.

    One of my pet peeves is lying. You can not trust or rely on a guy who lies with your heart and your life. Flagrant lying is also a sign of disrespect.

  225. JENNY JONES!!!!:


  226. revemupman:

    That's why I call you a psychopath

    "Yea, I'm pretty sure you're qualified to diagnose me with this huh?"

    "I'm really not saying it to diss you, but its all over this thread!"

    You're not taking it to consideration that you are not qualified to judge my life decisions, weather phychopathic or not. You call me a social rapist because I find interest in both sexes and like to increase my dating pool. What type of shit is this? I as a man have inalienable rights to get as much tail as possible, or not. You may hate this, but probably 99% of males won't tell you the truth at all. They will tell you anything they can to enter the locked door. And this goes for the majority of males. You hope you never meet me? Girl, you've probably seen me a couple 100 times.

  227. WellDamn24:

    Hey, its my opinion based on your statements. I don't care if you accept or reject my beliefs about your psychopathic tendences.

    I called you a social rapist, not because you have an interest in both sexes or because you want to increase your dating pool. I call you a social rapist because you without pertinent information as a meals to control the woman you are dating.

    Just because men and women lie does not mean they should do so, or that you get a pass also. You seem to be okay with being a liar, so why are you having a fit because I call you what you are?

    Just because it was Halloween doesn't mean you need to scare me with the last two lines of your post!

  228. silly_gent:

    I'm sorry, but bisexuals are just confused individuals who go any way the wind blows on a particular day. I do believe that you can like both men and women sexually (i did for a while), but you will like them for different reasons, even if you're a man who only penetrates others and never gets penetrated. It's the dynamic of the exchange of energies. A male-to-female sexual connection has its own specific flow and energy, while a male-to-male connection has its own characteristic flow and energy. To say you are bisexual means that you want both, and that you will likely flip flop back and forth for a very long time b/c you'll always feel like you're missing something. During my time as a bisexual man, I never had sex with another guy, but I did make out with a few and it did not take me long to realize that it wasn't for me. But, a lot of my old friends couldn't seem to let it go and they still haven't and I pity the females that they get involved with. Ladies, you cannot and will never be able to compete with a man, and the same goes for gay men trying to compete with women…not gonna happen. Still, I guess you'll never really know what you're dealing with anyway b/c you can think you know someone through and through when you actually have yet to even scratch the surface. My advice is to take your time and get to know people and always practice safe sex…

  229. thatIUBKkid:

    After reading the article, i would DATE a bisexual man but I would not marry him because I would question whether he wanted to marry me because I was the "one" for him or if he was doing it to be accepted by society, family, friends, etc.

  230. WellDamn24:

    "I call you a social rapist because you WITHOLD pertinent information as a MEANS to control the woman you are dating."

  231. Shayne Montano:

    The problem using Private label rights articles is buyers really don’t use it effectively. They should either work with it to generate tips for subject areas to write about or maybe thoroughly re-write it or ” spin ” it and then simply put their own name on it.

  232. bbbbb:

    Everyone is innately bisexual. Some just act on it… its a fact

  233. bbbb:

    EVERYONE is innately bisexual according to Sigmund Freud (based on work by his associate Wilhelm Fliess).– but through culture and our society teaching to mock the "family unit" model,most people automatically go for the opposite sex. But within them there still lies bisexuality and interest in the same sex– I always think about how women are so jealous and trying to impress other women with what they wear… maybe because they are vying to be attractive to the same sex?! makes you think

  234. bbb:

    everyone is bisexual! most people just hide it

  235. bbb:

    how is liking the same and opposite sex greedy?… oh is that like how being gay is a mental disorder(which is an ignorant statement that many people believe)…you dont have to reply, but when you think about what you said, you should atleast admit that you are simply pushing more stereotypes and judgment off on people. wow

  236. bbb:

    there are no true bisexuals? hmm seems like you missed a few psychology courses in college- people are all innately bisexual… study Freud

  237. bbb:

    atleast, you did not add ignorance to your comment like other people " i cant because he will leave me for a man, and he will want every man he sees"… im considered a straight female and I dont even think like that, not all gay people want everyone they see, you know?

  238. bbb:

    bisexuals, will always flip back and forth? not true at all, true bisexuals just men that you find both attractive, not that your going to sleep with everything you pass? maybe that was your experience being bi, but that would have to be your experience being straight also (meaning that you would have to enjoy being with different people with no commitment or whoever passes)… but bisexuals are not out her just "doing whoever is around", you have to actually be attracted and interested in the individual!

  239. nnn:

    yea he can give you an std, just like straight men if your not getting tested together and still use protection. Maybe this is why women "with their soft feminine curves"-lmao are constantly getting infected, because they believe gay men have disease but black stong straight men are "clean"

  240. Choose Liberty:

    What if it is finally realized that war and military spending is always destructive to the economy?

  241. nope:

    nope. sorry. try again.

  242. Charline Salles:

    Stream The Walking Dead is the best place to watch The Walking Dead Online!

  243. autobiography of nikola tesla:

    I’m Merely inquisitive, did you get any kind of blogging training? I find it difficult to make my personal human brain create content articles coherently.

  244. courtney:

    hilarious!!!! yet soo true

  245. angela:

    i'm a black woman and i would be open to dating a bisexual man…..i would rather have a man be honest about what he does than someone who lies to me……


    as a heterosexual woman i must say that reading this is disheartening and pretty disturbing. it's understandable for you to say that everyone lies. yes that's true. but when you are past the courting phase(even during the courting phase) you are trying to get to know that person and what he/she is ALL about: likes/dislikes, interests, and so on. When you decide not to tell someone like me that you are also interested in men, you automatically take away MY power to decide for MYSELF if I want to continue on w/ dating you. I find it kinda refreshing when someone who is CONFIDENT about who they are & lay it out there that indeed 'this is who i am'. You never know if i dont mind getting down w/ that. But to be secretive just isn't fair. By the time i find out that this is who you are, i'm sorry but i would feel betrayed. Let us decide if we want anything to progress so that there would be no surprises in the end. Just like u have a preference, i do too. respect that. b/c in the world we live in i want to @ least feel like i can trust my man. i know this is lengthy but all im saying is that @ the end of the day that surprise may not end too well if your dealing w/ the wrong person.

  247. Jelly Bean:

    Of course he wants a black woman- so he can give us AIDS. A white woman would easily go for this BS, no questions asked, but he wants one of us. I think not.
    Nasty animal.

  248. phthalo8:

    Most of these responses are straight up ignorant. How are you going to say

    " oh I can't date a bi guy because he might cheat on me with a man."?

    Chile please that might happen anyway with guys on the DL or even guys just cheating on you with another woman its no different.
    And then there is this crap about the guy not being able to commit because he's bi, once again chile please.
    Sexual preference doesn't dictate the type of relationship a person wants.
    I dated a bi guy for a bit and he was quite devoted to me and only me, we broke up because I was going away to school and we couldn't do the long distance thing.
    But he was completely monogamous and had no issues with commitment.
    People need to stop with this silly idea that bi=greedy, sex crazed, polyamorous unable to commit.
    (not that there is anything wrong with being polyamorous)
    There is a huge spectrum that exist when it comes to sexuality and relationships, and to count this guy out just because he's bi even though he's fine, has a job and seems to be hung like a horse is really sad.

    But you know what maybe ya'll should stay ignorant, more for me I'll take him!

  249. whitegirl:

    You ARE a WHORE! You're fucking 2 people. Whether or not they are ok with it isn't the issue. And I'm sure they are "perfectly okay" with the situation because they are both out fucking other people too. Probably each other!

  250. Texasweety:

    Everybody has a level of insecurity when it comes to relationships so lets take that out of the picture. The real issue is comfort. Am I comfortable knowing you like what I like if I only know half of what you like. The answer is no. If I'm straight, you know exactly what i'm looking for and not just sexually. If your bisexual I have no idea what the same sex does for you so I don't know how to cater to that need mentally or physically.

  251. Bumps:

    I was with you until you felt the need to be "frank" aka ignorant as hell.

    It's bad enough people are biphobic but your ignorant ass comments that perpetuate negative stereotypes about women don't help either. Keep that internalized sexist bullshit to yourself or better… educate yourself.

  252. B.PhD:

    It is not a deal breaker. It is hot. As long as he understood that I will not engage in an open relationships, which I would clarify with any partner whether he was heterosexual or bisexual, we would be good.

    Again, HOTtttttt.

  253. STLBishop:

    That more so sounds insecure. Than really giving a bisexual man a try.

  254. @prkchoppdnscrwd:

    I'd date him there are worst things to find out about a partner

  255. 21149315:

    Well, I'm bisexual. Lol so I don't see the "problem". People need to stop viewing bisexuals as promiscuous confused demons. Being bi just means being attracted to both sexes. Just take the ideas of intimate "sex" out of your mind when thinking about homosexual and bisexuality, and see the difference.

  256. christian louboutin:

    black man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  257. TheGyrlWonder:

    Now I'm a lesbian so take this with a grain of salt, but IMO women just feel threatened because they're having a hard enough time out here competing with other women with the SAME thing so the thought of having a man with a need that they can't possibly fulfill scares the bejesus out of 'em. It is more important to look at the man though, not just his sexuality. I think that it could be accomplished but it would take a woman that is secure within herself and her relationship. The fact is, approximately 95% of women lack this trait. #Boom I said it.

  258. @PhoenixRose360:

    Hell yes, it's a deal breaker!! I have nothing against LBGT, but I can't deal with a man, who's playing both sides of the fence, and if you do, that's cool, you just aren't the man for me!

  259. Shay:

    IF this man (or any bisexual man) approached me and was honest with me and told me upfront that he is bisexual I would respect his honesty and thank him for telling me the truth about himself BEFORE we dated. His honesty is great! Then I would politely say "No, I do not want to date you."

    Why? Because FOR ME I want to date, love, marry, etc. a man who is 100% heterosexual." That's 1 of the traits MY man must have. Just like I will NOT date a man who is unemployed or an Atheist or a liar or sexually promiscuous or abusive. You accept what you want/need & some things are not up for debate or compromise.

    That's my right to choose NOT to date a man who is bisexual. Just like a man can choose NOT to date a woman who is black or fat or a drug addict or taller than him or who makes more money than him. Everyone has their own specific preferences and standards. So, yes, for me, his bisexuality is 1 of many "deal breakers" that a man could have/be.

  260. I digress:

    A bi-sexual man is just as confused as a homosexual man…the spirit of lust is insatiable….ugh no thanks….next!.

  261. Alex:

    you know that writing is proven that the majority of people won't read a post in caps and it takes longer to read it . In fact i just scrolled past this .
    Also ,it is visually interpreted as "shouting " .
    No snark intended.

  262. LEt's be real:

    but thats the thing with a bi man you don't only worry about women but also men ,it's a constant worrying .Let's be real here .Straight men cheat left and right alright ,imagine a double dip one !

  263. Renu:

    you re probably the kind of person who d lie about having an STD to get your selfish needs satisfied , like Phillippe Piedeu .

  264. Dumbass:

    thats why HIV is rampant in the black community ,thanks to individuals like you who expose themselves to a higher risk intercourse and lie about their partners about your sexuality .Great idea .

  265. KIM:

    because you like anal sex and that's NOT normal I m afraid ,you can go on and say "who dictates what;s normal " but biologically that's not normal nor has any benefits for your rectum .
    If you like men you must have been traumatized somewhere during your childhood .

  266. DLB:

    no way dude….no way……that's what lgbt people say, when trying to force people to accept that lifestyle.

  267. AHNET360:


  268. AHNET360:




  269. AHNET360:


  270. guestLA:

    but would you apply the same standards to your straight boyfriend? every time another WOMAN walked by, or if he said he was going to "hang out" with a friend??? it seems that knowledge of the behavior is being used as an excuse to exercise your comfort of being homophobic. why would you assume he wasn't faithful just because he's bisexual, but you wouldn't make the same assumptions about a potential straight partner??? it's fine and your choice to not date a bisexual man, but i can't help question the why….that's just me…

  271. Get real:

    A woman can give the man everything and more. A woman has a mouth, anus, and a vagina. A man doesn't have a vagina. A vagina is not equivalent to the anus at all. So, I don't know why you and other women keep thinking you can't compete with a man. Just think about how illogical that thinking is. Stop putting yourself in the inferior position, b/c you really are not.

  272. Get real:


  273. Get real:

    I just want to add that have you ever thought that maybe a bisexual man might have a preference for the female gender vs. the male? All bisexual men don't preference men over women. And when they get with the person that they love, that is it for many of them regardless of gender.

  274. Tracey:

    Ok, all I can say is DAMN, DAMN, DAMN. This brother is attractive. I came out as lesbian at age 27, and was in a relationship, I thought would last, however for the past 3 years I’ve been abstaining from relationships & sex. I’ve been on 1 date in three years. Since I’m what the gay community considers fem. Men have approached me, but staying true to who I am, I’ve declined. Women don’t know I’m gay unless I tell them. I personally don’t believe in bisexually, I say, make a choice. The world today is so greedy.

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