So Raz-B Has a New Music Video

…and aside from the obnoxious glasses (never really got into those types anyway) and super extra close up shots of his non-lubricated lips, I have to say that the song isn’t that bad. Yesterday, two videos hit the web of former boy band member, Raz-B, venting his frustrations about pedophilia. In one video (you can click HERE to check it out), he’s seen going off about Eddie Long, Chris Stokes & Marques Houston taking advantage of little boys’ no-no areas. In THIS clip, he actually calls Marques Houston, puts him on speaker phone and goes in AGAIN about Omarion making claims that he (Raz) is in fact bipolar!

To be honest with you, I believe Raz and his allegations against the aforementioned parties. I truly believe that when these types of allegations are made over and over again, there may be some truth to it. The only thing that has me side eye’ing the sh*t out of him is the fact that he seemed to retract his statement one time before and now, he’s going on this bootleg publicity campaign only to release a song/music video the day after. It takes away from the authenticity of his story. But maybe that’s just me. Either or, after witnessing his antics on video and his Twitter page, it’s pretty safe to say that he’s starved for the attention that the limelight tends to lend to the (already) insecure. Get well, sir….

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  1. @MrJawnLi:

    Am I the only one that thinks he looks like he rides the short bus with those bootleg ass glasses???

  2. @hisprosody:

    Mmm hmmm….. So to all y'all going in in those of us who said he was on the promotion trail yesterday, do you still think otherwise?

    Like Jia, I actually believe the boy was sexually abused. His actions, however, SCREAM attention whore. You don't go from making such a large accusation, retracting that accusation, and then go silent for three years and then come out swinging guns again ONLY when it's time to release music.

    He obviously has some sort of mental affliction and needs help. Where are his family members?

  3. Quest:

    This is better than anything Fist Brown ever put out.

    Yes Raz B! He has every right to use the rape situation as promotion.

    I just wish he would add Fist Brown in the mix. Fist needs more bad publicity.

  4. @BeautyNUniq:

    You know all of this is just a sad situation.

    I believe him and the allegations, but I'm just not with this album promotion. And am I the only one disturbed by him telling Kat Stacks she has a pretty kat….*gag reflex*

    His career will NEVER be where it used to be and it damn sure won't get there with him looking like he's on the Jim Jones regiment(No bathing).

  5. hocuspocusbytch:

    I believe him I mean he definitely went through something tragic and never got counseling but I will definitely keep him #liftedupinprayer

  6. ...:

    He could get it, I don't care.

    *opens up website with his dick pics*

  7. honestly:

    I don't think it's a matter of insecurity. I just think he's trying to make a living and still feels cheated by his cousin & co. I notice that he released his album the same week that MH released his. I also notice that no one has been talking about it. The "going over seas saying I'm bipolar" thing, when I saw the interview where Omarion actually said that it was dated December 2009.

    He just used whatever he could to get his free publicity. I'm not even sure if the phone call between him MH and Omarion was staged or not. Probably not. lol. He probably doesn't even give a damn about the gag order anymore.

    And I remember that he does have, at least, one child. So, daddy has to make money. :o)

  8. Jim:

    OMG! your right where is his momma!

  9. ok really:

    I'm having a what the hell moment with this video…the song ain't all that bad though. And those glasses, lawdhamercy

  10. Walter:

    Oh really! See, I knew there was going to be another video or single come out soon. He did the exact same thing before. But yesterday I tried to tell some of you ole sheepish clowns about his "need for attention" a bitch gave me a thumbs down. Had my shit looking all negative and thangs.

    But that's alright though.

  11. @annieee_xoxo:

    what does CHRIS Brown have anything to do with this post? just wondering…

  12. @dinastyinc:

    You betta preach, Twany. Because we called the shit what it was yesterday. LOL

  13. @dinastyinc:

    Okay….see…..I was able to take a joke and laugh it off with you calling Beyonce God.
    Buuuut, to agree with using a rape situation as promotion……
    Gurl, please do us all a favor and have 5 and a half seats.

  14. @dinastyinc:

    LMAOOOOO I feel you, Walter.

  15. @dinastyinc:

    To the smart ass ppl like me who called the shit yesterday, thumbs up, folk.

    To the rest, here's a question: Why get pissy about RazB using this "alleged" rape to promote himself when y'all are the same folks who congratulated Antoine Dodson on using his sister's "alleged" rape to capitalize and promote himself? Same shit right?

    Raz-B is thirsty little stunt queen who clearly needs help. Like others, I believe that something happened to all the boys signed to Chris's label, in some form or fashion. Because it's so obvious being that he was only able to promote his male acts, could never do shit for the females. Artists like Quindon and Half-Pint dropped off before shit got serious.

    Maybe music helps Raz cope. I wish him well, and wish that he'd seek counseling before attempting a career. Get self right first.

  16. Walter:

    "Why get pissy about RazB using this "alleged" rape to promote himself when y'all are the same folks who congratulated Antoine Dodson on using his sister's "alleged" rape to capitalize and promote himself? Same shit right?"

    Not exactly. Antoine didn't know that he had became an internet sensation until after the fact. He didn't seek out fame or the promotion of self like Raz B did and is doing. Antoine was essentially made famous by someone else doing. And what Antoine did eventually helped him and his family better themselves and move out of the projects. This is not to be compared to do bitter, tackiness, low down, and conniving ways of Raz- B.

  17. Walter:

    Now he claims to be a man of God or he's trying to be a Christian but the funny thing about his tweets is that he told Kat Stacks to get that money.

    Does he mean, get on your knees and bob your head until you can look as if you were doing a got milk campaign?

    Does he mean, leave your sun at home with your equal attention deprived mother while you get naked in someone hotel room and film the white lady sitting on the mantle?

    Or does he mean…Write a book titled "The Shit Super Head Didn't Want You To Know Volume 1"?

    This boy needs to see professional help.

  18. mindofacynicsdream:

    He's like the Florence Ballard of B2K

  19. @dinastyinc:

    I understand that the initial fame was accidental. Shit we all had a few chuckles. But to keep running with it now, as I've heard he (Antoine) has an album coming out?? Just makes me unsettled about everything.

  20. @dinastyinc:

    Flo had talent tho…. O_O
    This lil nigga here….lol

  21. wggpostal:

    Ok where do I begin? 2:21-2:50 is the most uncomfortable 29 seconds ever. What the fuck is he doing? Is he MIMING? Doing the trapped in the box move? Also, the styling for this video was HORRENDOUS. I can't get past the glasses. Maybe if they had been paired with an equally drastic outfit it woulda worked but instead you have got these outlandish shades pairs with a pair of jeans kicks and shirt so tight you can see his heartbeat. I wasn't too impressed with the vocals either but that's my opinion. His love interest was pretty though.

  22. daseekah:

    oh so this is the reason he was bitchin yesterday? Anything to create a buzz i guess

  23. Tia:

    ok so………….well… was……..i mean……..well actually…….Ok nevermind…he tried

  24. Danj!:

    you know what I really wanna know…

    …is if he can see outta those glasses. That big A looks like it might be in the way.


  25. @SitchoAzzDown:

    1] why the fukk he keeps moving his hands like a box in front of his face?
    2] what's that wet spot in the middle of his shirt?
    3] he looks like chris stokes.
    4] who is he hiding from behind those fugly glasses?

  26. anonymous:

    Ok like…what's really good with these glasses? Did he pull a Houston and gouge his eyes out…..? Also what's going on with people doing videos under bridges and overpasses and shit wasn't that in the deuces video? oh. okay

  27. ♫♥☆♪MoN!QU3♫♥☆♪:

    of course


    Glasses, ugly ass glasses at that, should never be the focus of a video. The song is actually pretty decent. He sang it well, but the video was horrible and whoever encouraged him to shoot it this way, needs to lose their job. I just believe that if your project is solid, you don't need glasses with your stage name all the damn way across them and you sure as hell don't need to create controversy prior to releasing your project. You said you're the reason why B2K was successful, well gon on & prove your talent without all the extra shit. I'm sure he feels like his talent has been overlooked, but your gift will always make room for you.

  29. bran:


  30. AdrienneValdez:

    It's actually not that bad

  31. Charlsia:

    WTF! does he have them glasses on for!???? WHAT IS HE BLIND?! those shades is not cute…. dont he know soulja boy started that wit his name on his shades…smh jus bcuz urs is metal dont make you an original… and how yu gonna be in a video lookn all scruffy like you need a shower…??? and a shave??? and some chapstick!? who filmed this??? rly???! sn.. i do like the song :) lol

  32. @Lyttleman:

    Nah…not at all. He look a little slow.

  33. @Lyttleman:

    FIRST: Where the fuck this ucca come from? I forgot he existed, shit I really thought he settled for a calm quiet Z-list celebrity life but I guess he was having severe issues with his irrelevancy and had to make a slash into the few unoccupied spotlights do he could feel whole again.

    BTW: Is this mothafucka really trying to dance??? All I see are hand movements. Don't most celebrities go to hair and make-up before doing a video? #imjustsayin he look hella dirty.

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