Celebri-Style: Ciara in Versace

As I was skimming through pictures of Lala Vasquez’s wedding to basketball star, Carmelo Anthony, I commented (out loud…don’t judge me) on how cute Ciara looked but also said (again…out loud) “But would I have worn this to a wedding though?” Apparently my girl, Kimberly, over at Black Style Central felt the same way about her Versace number:

Ciara knows her way around designer clothes. She’s recently been spotted in Givenchy, DSquared, and Balmain, but maybe CiCi needs to learn that just because it’s designer doesn’t make it right.

She wore a super short dress and platform heels from Versace’s Spring 2010 collection to the wedding of her BFF La La Vasquez.

I have mixed feelings on the dress.

It’s cute, but is it really wedding appropriate? What would you do if someone wore this to your wedding?

What do you guys think though?

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  1. Not Impressed:

    I'm sorry, but that is not wedding appropriate. I understand the wedding was not held in a church, but still. There is a time and a place for everything. She had to have felt a bit "over-the-top" in some kind of way. It's not even the fact that it's short. It's just…..not wedding appropriate. Sorry.

  2. vivi:

    I agree. It is too short and casual for a wedding. Cici is young, but she should know better. I would put a heffa out trying to come to my wedding in a "get it girl" dress!

  3. irock:

    I Don't See Anything Wrong With It She Looks Fab…It's A Summer Wedding And The Wedding Wasn't Held At A Church…It's So Funny How The People With NO Fashion Sense Are The First To Throw Shade

  4. SoulWithSass:

    A SOLID COLOR, a few more inches (stopping about an inch above the knee in a curve-flattering shape), and some more appropiate shoes (minus all the polka dots, and the wooden platform) would have made the dress just fine. Right now, she looks like she's on her way to a club, or a date or anywhere she may garner attention from a group of males.

  5. SoulWithSass:

    Damn Jia! What I do? My comments gotta get approved now? *Gucci Mane voice* "Well, DAMN!!"

  6. jermain:

    yeai dont see whats wrong with either its a summer wedding hell some people showed up in black…. cici is alright in my book

  7. Sunshine:

    Epic Fail!!! There is a time and place for everything and this ain't it. Weddings are supposed to be classy affairs. I'd let my girl have it if she showed up to my wedding in her club clothes.

  8. SoulWithSass:

    Damn Jia! I guess I'll say it again!
    This outfit would be okay if: it was ONE (or even two) solid colors; it stopped about an inch or two above her knee and had a curcy shape; and if the shoes didnt have that print, nor that chnuky wooden platform.
    Right now she looks like she's on the way to "meet a man" and it's NOT appropiate for a wedding! She should have looked at Rocsi for help- her dress was one of the more appropiate I saw. And Trina as well- Black + attending a wedding = subliminal omen/insult.

  9. SoulWithSass:

    Dangit Jia! It's still doin it! I give up…

  10. Annie Aime:

    i actually don't think the dress is that bad… it's just too short. but thats about it.

    IMO there were worse dressed people… like Rocsi and Trina.
    Rocsi wore a WHITE dress!! that is THE BIGGEST wedding guest no-no. why in the hell would she do that? if i was LaLa, i'd be PISSED.
    and the top of Trina's dress was too busy… to the point where it could've detracted attention from the bride and her dress.

    but whatevs… im glad they had a nice wedding♥.

  11. Blue Suede Shoes:

    Ciara looks cute, but I've seen her looking better clubbing or shopping in Rodeo Drive. I don't care that the dress is Versace, it looks like something you can buy in Conway. C'mon Cici!

  12. manda:

    The wedding was held in a former bank/restaurant, maybe she thought it was okay. Many people at that even were dressed inappropriately. That dress is not something you would even consider wearing to a wedding. That dress Trina had on looked like something you would wear to an awards show. If Ciara got 11K to spend on some some shoes, she should have some money to hire a stylist for special occasions.

  13. HA HA:

    i agree with what people were saying as far as it being too short 4 a wedding.
    i love the dress. and i think it would have been perfect if it was KNEE LEVEL.

  14. TESHA with an E:

    i just dont like the dress….

  15. arisea:

    The dress was fine this was not a traditional wedding ceremony people. There were people there in leopard dresses and shoes. If she wasn't so dam gorgeous people would not even have noticed what she had on. So many hatin people… Get em cici!!!

  16. prissyxxchrissy:

    she looked cute…dress was cute HOWEVER not for a wedding. It takes the attention off of the bride and groom because now everybody will be looking at Ciaras short dress. Shes already tall then she had platform stilts. NOPE shudda had a longer dress

  17. vivi:

    She does look pretty..but not appropriate for a wedding.Certain events have a dress code. What she has on is fab for a night on the town, but not a formal occasion like a church. Think of it this way, if you were graduating college, would you want someone to show up in stillettos and booty shorts? Sure, your graduation may not be in a church, but there's still an expectation to dress formal.

  18. COCO:

    1) what the hell is wrapped around her finger?
    2) are her lips really ashy though??


  19. lana:

    The dress is nice, but too short for a wedding event, her people should have known better to dress her in something appropriate.

  20. iolastar:

    Ciara looks cute, BUT this is very inappropriate to wear to a wedding because of the length of the dress. Her choice was a conscious decision, knowing cameras would be there it's kinda like look at me. Oh Ciara. Her hair cute though!!!!

  21. Miss Jia:

    Its not me. Its the commenting system.

  22. bajan:

    u mean to tell me wid all the money she got she aint got one nice dress to wear to a wedding at least i hope she dressed herself and no stylist did cause i would fire that person yall talking bout the dress ugly so are those shoes

  23. Frankie Brockington:

    her lips are suppose to be "nude" but she can use a lil carmex…..the gucci mane lip is not cool.

  24. BigBootyGoddess...:

    I don't think it's an ugly dress…. but IMO it was too busy and looked more like a dress she could have worn to the bridal shower, there should have been no prints worn…. it's kinda tough with a summer wedding tho… because you wanna stay cool, and be fashionable.. but you don't wanna look like grandma mosey either, Ciara could have looked nice in a coral colored dress (IMO) or a summer peachy color with her skin tone… I'm having the same sort of issue… I have a day, summer wedding to attend next month… so far I've opted for a yellow dress with a derby style sun hat…. but the dress will be knee length.. possibly a wrap style… slightly flowy…and some pumps… possible animal print..(I adore animal print pumps)…

  25. @EvaFarFetch:

    for the 1st time ever it looks better on the runway model,I dare you to come to my wedding dressed like that you will do an about face back to your car to change bff or not!

  26. I Am Your People:

    Wedding etiquette: all eyes should be on the bride. You should never wear anything to upstage her. So I agree with most of the posters, this was inappropriate.

  27. Antonio:

    Ciara #FINE. And it's appropriate for someone to wear to a wedding if she's trying to get wifed up and turn heads of all the single NBA players in the room. Didn't she go alone? #justSayinYo

  28. new orleans:

    Cute, but inappropriate.

    the end.

  29. @dinastyinc:

    A) It looks better on the runway model.
    B) All those loud ass colors and shit draws attention to her. The BRIDE is the star of the wedding, with the groom somewhere trailing behind. Nobody is supposed to be more of an attention whore look better than the woman of the hour.

  30. MY22CENT:


  31. goons09:

    personally i dnt see what everyone is going on about…many people had short dresses and some had boobs hanging…i would have loved it to be longer but i am not mad she wore it..its ok to me!!

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