In Case You Missed It: Chris Brown’s MJ Tribute

Before I get into this video, let me say that I actually enjoyed the BET awards this year. It’s a rarity that I say that about ANYTHING BET related but I was actually impressed. The f-ckery was kept to a minimum, Nicki Minaj proved her ability to mouth a song really well, and Prince gave Trey Songz the side-eye of LIFE! Honey, it was definitely a little something for the books.

That being said, I’m really happy that Chris Brown finally got a chance to perform and show tribute to Michael Jackson. Of course you know that he beasted the dance moves but the most touching part of it all was when he broke down and cried during his performance of Man in the Mirror. Before any of you say ANYTHING, let me say this…NO, I don’t support domestic violence. But I also don’t support the public stoning someone over and over again for a mistake that they made and (obviously) feel bad about. I think that the tears we saw tonight from Chris were a combination of happiness for being able to show tribute to his idol and sadness because of all the rejection he’s faced over the past year or so. Not asking anybody to agree. Just saying…

Check out the vid after the break and post your thoughts!

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  1. YadaJ:

    His performance was my favorite part of the night. The show was really decent this year. I just missed my Queen Bey! :(

  2. but....why?:

    no one, and i repeat, NO ONE could have done a better tribute to the King.

  3. Angelena:

    Isn't It Man In The mIrror?

  4. but....why?:

    oh and it was Man in the Mirror, Jia not Heal the World.

  5. blaqueRN:

    I cant stop crying……if this wasnt emotion then I dont know what is

  6. muSicFienDkiCks:

    His performance shut it the Hell DOWN. It made my night along with Alicia KILLING it in her Medley and her tribute for Prince. Two of my favorite Artist Killed it on BET.

    BET finally did something right for a change

  7. @MissFleming:

    I agree. He finally got to pay tribute & show his real talent. I don't support DV, but damn, learn how to forgive. I hope ppl stop criticizing and let the damn man live! He showed up & showed out tonight.

  8. Michelle:

    I agree. I'd actually say that this was the best BET Awards ever.

    As for Chris Brown's performance, he obviously killed it. I didn't expect any less. I do think the crying was sincere, but was obviously planned.

  9. @AsidKisses:

    Jia this is why I love you! I could not have said this better myself…

    I agree that he broke down for BOTH reasons. Rihanna is over it. CB is over it. Who the fuck are these people to fuckin' judge him? The nerve of some people, I bet if their lives were on blast for all to see, they would have a change of heart QUICK!

    Now watch the CB band-wagon get full after this performance. We knew it all along!

  10. @Drea1204:

    He SLAYED!! I love him. The show was great. I enjoyed it. Oh, and Jia, the song was "Man In The Mirror." ;o)

  11. lilkunta:

    absolutely CB did the damn thing. He is a spectacular dancer.
    I agree he broke down not just for MJ but because he was ale to finally perform in the US in front of his fans & not be booed.

    I disagree about the awrds show. This was not the best ever. The best ever was 2005 when the Fugees opened the show.


    I absolutely adored this performance! I was in tears just like at Janets performance. I miss him so much! I dont care what anyone says, talent will always supercede – hence this performance and Prince's tribute was the only reason I watched the show. Talent > vs. gimmicks please come to end @ the end of 2010.

  13. nicole<3:

    yes jia! i was surprised that i liked the awards this year!!! i think all the fuckery was kept in the pre awards show

  14. ....:

    i just felt like this was supposed to be a tribute to MJ and instead it turned into a tribute for chris brown and an "oh everyone feel sorry for CB" type thing… his lil breakdown just totally overshadowed the point of what he was doing.. which was to show tribute to MJ on the year anniversary of his death, and to make up for the fact that BET never really did a decent tribute to him last year.

  15. leah:

    I loved it u go Chris!! That was my favorite performance of the night very touching. Prince still looks the same like damn does he ever age LOL..They should have known better than pass the mic to miss Pattie she killed it omg!

  16. s&m:


  17. nicole<3:

    i didnt think "oh hes proving himself to the black community for hie indiscretions"… i actually empathized with him because everyone knows he was HUGELY influenced by MJ and that was definitely raw emotion… i was actually sold before the crying because up until that point he was channeling his idol amazingly well.

    and i also think people expected BET to do this last year but because of his mistakes they wernt ready for what the majority of the people wanted because they thought that would be a bad look

  18. pretty:

    if i was to sit here & said i aint boo hoo cry like a damn baby.. i'd be lying like shit! Chris brown killed that performance! that was MY best performance! he is very talented & people need to give him second chance. man…. YESSSS CHRIS!

  19. Jenny:

    Chris's tribute was incredible. He is the only one who can do an MJ tribute justice. I've been waiting for this tribute and was hoping it was him doing the tribute before they showed his face. He did get stoned moreso b/c of the picture that was shown of Rihanna. But Rihanna got off easy. Anywho, I think its time to give Chris a chance just like Rihanna is shining now, let Chris shine. I'm not for DV but I'm sure they have been things in our past that we regret and if they were aired out and we were stoned for it, I'm sure we'd be crying some ugly tears on a stage too.

  20. @ComplicatedCaty:

    Sometimes people's emotions break through when they're paying tribute. I mean this man knew no one and I do mean NO ONE could touch him in a tribute to MJ, yet he could never give one because the media refused to stop riding his ass. So he finally gets to perform properly, of course dude is gonna break down. Hell you would too if your performance to an idol was loooong overdue

  21. Danj!:

    Well I 'll be got-damn… I've dissed the hell outta BET myself, and likely will again, but hell if they weren't on their A+ game tonight. Best show since '03, easily.

    And yep, Chris kilt it. After all the controversy, the complaining, the outbursts… homie got on stage and proved somethin'. And look how everybody's givin' him his props… that's all he had to do in the first place to redeem himself, and now he's done it. That's part 1… now making some crucial music next time out will be part 2, and he'll be back.

    But yep… great job all the way around. Whoa.


  22. mrschrisforever:

    finally the haters let chris give his tribute and homage to MJ.i’ve never seen my baby cry.i’m in awe.

  23. pretty:

    oh & one more thing… WHO MAD??? WHO MOTHAFUCKINGGG MADD! #sityoassdown! YESS CHRIS!! YESSS!

  24. BEATIT:

    I agree. What made it look even more transparent is the fact that Jermaine introduced him. I am not going to stone him,but he needs to be a man and do right. Going off and being selfish is not what Michael did when his records didn't sell. That man was ran out of the states. I don't feel sorry for him,but I won't stone him. When has he ever took responsibility? He hasn't. I don't care,but I feel like he used this as another gimmick.

  25. QueenSJ:

    Chris' performance was GREAT. "Man in the Mirror" was such an appropriate song. I just hope that people don't drag Rihanna's name through the dirt to build up Chris' name up. This performance and his passion proved SO much and all of the name-calling, the hootin' and hollerin' against her is horrible. Let Rihanna do her thang. And finally, let Chris do his.

  26. TDot:

    People have been condemning Chris Brown for too long now, and it's sad that other blogs have comments about the performance which are full of hate for a man they don't even know.As people continue to assassinate Chris Brown's career, Americans simply prove that hypocrisy and racism are rampant in our country despite what the media says. His livelihood is at stake, and as people on other blogs complain about his performance calling it "self-indulgent" while insulting him as a man, none of these people have put an end to Charlie Sheen's career. I am hurt by the plot to destroy a talented young adult who made one mistake. Seriously, if Charlie Sheen can do movies and television shows after all he's done, why can't Chris Brown get a second chance? I really hope that people will open their eyes and see that we are all living in glass houses, but I know the world is full of different people who don't see things the same way. I can only pray that things change, not for his sake, but for our society.

  27. larrytimbojoe:

    I can't the side-eye of life LoL I love me some Prince Alicia caught the Prince fever had her preggo giving that piano life

  28. oohshtson:

    That's not fair to say. I don't think he set out for it to be a thing about him. You have to remember that MJ used to be his all time favorite performer. He was an idol for him and so many others. I get teary eye'd just thinking about how Michael is dead, so of course there's going to be some emotion while he's doing an entire tribute to him a year later.

  29. QueenSJ:

    And hopefully his fans go out and support him and actually buy his album.

  30. BigBootyGoddess...:

    I don't think the crying was planned… or all the emotion would not have been behind it…. I think it was a release for him… and for the chance to actually be chosen to do the tribute and be wanted, and accepted back by the people who condemed him….I agree with everything Miss Jia said…because he has been through alot, and has lost alot… and the overwhelming sense of "belonging" is what produced those emotions… well most of them anyhow…

  31. Arrielle Brown:

    BET made up for that bullshit last year. Chris was awesome tonight.

  32. pretty:


  33. TDot:

    Well, there was a big issue with Michael Jackson and Sony records back in 2001 when he felt that they weren't promoting Invincible and working against his success.

  34. BigBootyGoddess...:

    Chris has tried to take responsibility… it's just that society believes something else,… what more can this young boy do…? he was judged, sentenced, complied with his sentence, he apologized, more than once, but yet people still say this apology wasn't enough, that apology..etc..when the person he had to apologize to has moved on….what more can he do…is he not suppose to live his life?…I mean really… people wanna waste so much energy on him and her, even when the full story hasn't been revealed… she has forgiven him…the only other needed to forgive is not of our power… so let him be the judge and jury… let this young man learn from his mistake and go on in life proving what he has learned…. I know your reaction would be different if this was your son…. so embrace him as such

  35. BigBootyGoddess...:


  36. TDot:

    Honestly, Chris Brown did tributes to Michael Jackson while he was alive, so it makes sense that he got emotional after a year of denied requests to pay his respects to his idol. And on top of it, he had a relationship with Michael Jackson before all of the things that happened last year. I seriously doubt it was a gimmick.

  37. Teesha:

    lol BET had like 3 days to put together the tribute last year… yes it was crap but geez lol they did what the could. Chirs Browns performance was amazing!!! I loved it. The award show was good but it wasn't the best. I don't know if they've had a best. They had a lot of great moments though.

  38. VA STAND UP!!:

    Miss Jia I couldn't have said it better myself. You said everything I wanted to say and some more! He murked the dance routine, but when he started heart broke.
    Can't nobody say those tears were fake. Those were pure emotions he had been holding in for a long time and they finally came out.

    Really happy to see all the positive feedback as well. That boy deserves a second chance.

    VA Luvs Ya Chris. You made us so proud tonite! I'm sure MJ would have loved it!

  39. Acappellla:

    I am still rooting for Chris and I hope his career gets back on track but I do hope he is a much more humble person. Good luck to you Chris and you almost made me cry. God Bless.

  40. Acappellla:

    Amen. Come back home Chris Brown.

  41. @AsidKisses:

    Are you fucking kidding? OMG just shut the fuck up! You must have not been listening for the LAST year!

    When the fuck is Ri Ri gonna take some responsibility for the part she played? I am not saying she deserved it, but the reports don't lie. She antagonized the situation on several different accounts yet the world only blames him.

    Did you feel the same when she busted her brothers head with a glass bottle? Oh let me fucking guess, shes a women so she can do so right?

    They BOTH came from abusive homes, they BOTH abused each other in different ways. They BOTH are to blame. Oh fuck you and the others like you.

  42. ithl:

    Well Chris was in rehearsal to perform a tribute on last year's show, but BET pulled the plug feeling it would be inappropriate.

    I believe the emotion was real, but I know it wasn't all about Mike, as others have stated. It was culmination of everything that's happened in his life within the last year.

  43. think on it:

    Everyone always has an opinion… "it was staged… it wasn't staged… he took all the attention from MJ"…. Please Shut up! It was a brilliant performance and his emotion appeared sincere. There were probably a number of reason why the tears came and I think Jia covered a few. So haters just STFU and have a seat… DAMN!!!

  44. Southerngyrl*:


  45. peezy:

    u betta say it girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. TDot:

    They want blood! <–Seems extreme, but honestly that's all that's left. If he would have done anything self-harming, then people would complain and claim that he's taking the easy way out. People are always so quick to judge, yet so slow to help those in need. It'll be the same way it was with Michael Jackson, people will condemn him now, yet when he's gone, they'll be on the bandwagon.

  47. Southerngyrl*:

    Nope, you all know how I feel. I have to disagree with Jia on this. Beating the shit out of someone and then later crying on stage will not change my mind. How about not beating her in the first place? I feel the same way about R. Kelly's nasty ass.

    I won't apologize for directing my animosity at him over and over again. Like I've stated once before, I know someone who died as the result of domestic violence so I have no sympathy for any bullshit apologies. Those blaming rihanna are just as bad in my opinion.

    It is so amazing that it is mostly women making these excuses for him. No, it isn't amazing, it is disappointing. What next? Will be supporting rapists, murderers (in some cases we do already), pedophiles? Ooops, there I go forgetting about R. Kelly again. Nah, I can't jump on this bandwagon.

  48. Smh:

    One thing about us…no matter what we do the "community" will tend to forgive at the end of the day (R.Kelly, Kobe, OJ…on and on but it be like that)…
    Chris moves were great-he is a great performer- the crying was genuine on his part (stupid to me but genuine to him)
    Hopefully instead of letting his mistakes keep him back, he will press foward and be the man he claims to be in the mirror..

  49. MsVC:

    I agree with you 100%

  50. kdkeesh:

    ….and this is why i FUX with you Jia. you were on the money about the continued stoning. that's what i've been tryna put out there for a while. i had to shut a few people down on facebook. for the way they keep holding onto it, you'd think they had a few bruises themselves. i'm all for him getting back in the game. all the naysayers have neither a heaven or hell to put him in. the tribute was wonderful and i've been waiting for it for a year. had me crying for him and for mike lol.

  51. kdkeesh:

    if it weren't for chris, tyrese, trey, el debarge, and prince…the show would've sucked. imo.

  52. @dinastyinc:

    In the same instance that you think it's tacky to blame Rihanna, it's also tacky to hold something against Chris, or even R. Kelly, that A) has nothing to do with you or any of us for that matter, or B) what happened with your friend had nothing to do with Chris Brown.

    No, domestic violence is not cool nor is it ever the answer. But let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

  53. kdkeesh:

    church. i'm quick to blog about him having a chance. and of course it pisses some people off.

  54. MsVC:

    They have to put his albums in stores and online for them to buy it. His fans support him. He was over 2 million on Facebook. And his numbers on Twitter grow everyday. He's being black balled and its sad.

  55. @dinastyinc:

    I'm actually shocked that Rihanna #STANS haven't descended on this blog post yet. (Give it time.) But I as well have BEEN saying leave the boy alone. Let him live.

    People did the same shit to Michael Jackson when he was alive, crucified in the press, jumped on the bandwagon with that Wacko Jacko bull. EVERYONE had shut him out and written him off as a lunatic. Then when he died, everybody and their grandfather started jockriding. God forbid, but will it take CB dying for y'all to let that boy rest in peace? Nope, some will probably even dance on his grave.

    Even though I don't understand crying over Michael Jackson (truly, I don't) I do understand being caught up in the moment. I noticed the intentional NOT announcing his name they had Jermaine do: "Here he is!" Here who is? I knew it was CB. But because BET expected the crowd to boo at the mention of his name, they left the name out, started with the lights low, and decided to let Chris win over everybody with his performance.

    Brilliant move.

  56. Virginia SLiM:

    @AsidKisses: Seriously I should be mad at you for taking the words right out of my mouth! To say I completely agree with every word you just said is an understatement. Thank you for saying it. Nobody wants to even make Rihanna look bad at all or responsible…DV IS NEVER ACCEPTABLE; HOWEVER, women will take advantage of that and push a man until he turns around and snaps & then all of a sudden he’s the bad guy…

    I’m happy BET allowed this to happen…it should have happened last year but they pussied out bc Jay-Z threatened them with his & Beyonce’s presence if Chris was allowed to perform (& notice who was conspicuously absent this year? I guess the threat didnt have an expiration date). And then Jay-Z & Beyonce performed last year and NEITHER of their performances were relevant or respectful of Michael Jackson (Jay-Z had already stated years before his disapproval of MJ) & did what they could to draw attention to themselves (as some of you have accused Chris of doing tonight).

    Bottom line, Chris Brown has been put through hell. His European tour was cancelled, he has a criminal record, he’s been booed & ridiculed, lost endorsements…pretty much demonized. & Rihanna has capitalized on all of it & tonight he showed his raw emotion. (How is it staged when the man is TRYING to sing but can’t because his emotions wont let him?) He is brilliant. I continue to support him. #TeamBreezy..Fuck what a HATER got to say..VA stand up ALL day!

  57. Southerngyrl*:

    LOL. Oh so if someone murders a stranger I shouldn't care because it has nothing to do with me? WHAT HAPPENED TO MY FRIEND WAS DOMESTIC VIOLENCE pure and fucking and simple. If you can't see the similarities then that shit is on you and your conscience. Don't try to ease your conscience by making it seem like because I don't know them, then I shouldn't be affected. Just say, you don't care that he beat her ass and you support men who beat women.

    PS – My sins ain't got SHIT on beating the hell out of someone. Thank you.

  58. Southerngyrl*:

    I am a stan for no one, but apparently he has tons of stans. Personally I see more folks defending his ass then persecuting so I don't know where the hell this whoa is me crap is coming from.

  59. Allergic 2 B.S.:


    & Jia, thank you SO much….Now I don't have 2 say anything (until tomorrow, it's 2 late
    2 REALLY get into it now lol) about the Chris Brown (MJ) tribute, because you said it
    ALL 4 me….My thoughts exactly….

    But I'll just repeat what I JUST said on my FaceBook….I don't care what the Chris Brown
    nay sayers say….He D.I.D that ish son!!!!!!!

    Very touching, very heart gripping, very…….Wow, I'm just speechless…….

    *tips my MJ hat*

  60. confused:

    So here is th thing. First I didn't watch the BET awards. I still don't believe in BET and I won't watch it just because they have an award show. There is no point in crying about how horrible the network is and then as soon as they have an award show I go watch it. My best friend knows how much I love MJ. I was still rocking his music when it was unpopular to do so. And she called to tell me that CB was KILLING the tribute. I still couldn't find it in my soul to B.lacks E.mbarrasing T.hemselves. But I knew Miss Jia would have it. I know that it still makes me bad for watching it. But I want to say thank you Miss Jia. Now to CB…

    I am not going to lie and say that I have been a CB supported. I stopped liking his music when he was singing "Kiss Kiss". When the whole RiRi and CB thing happened I thought it was terrible. Then I felt like he made it worse when he kept "crying". Truthfully he was getting on my damn nerves. I am not going to get on here and lie and pretend that I have been a fan. I am going to tell the God's honest truth on how I see it. Chris Brown…was breath taking. For a minute I could have sworn that was Michael dancing. He did a hell of a job and I would have given him a standing ovation. There was honesty in his movement. And I think that was more powerful than his tears. So I want to say congrats CB. I hope your career gets better ( I really hope you get a better PR team) and that you are able to enjoy life again.

  61. ladiinikki:

    Pretty much

  62. miamiborn:

    Chris really really stole the show in my opinion…he was spot on….spot on!!!

  63. ladiinikki:

    I had promised myself that I wasn't gonna watch the awards this year, but curiousity got the best of me and I'm glad it did! Chris Brown killed it!

  64. Ms_oSoSweet:

    I agree with you girl…But I also felt this young man's pain. I started laughing at first but then I felt bad about laughing. Watching this young black man desperately try to coop with his happiness and his sadness all at the same time nearly broke my spirit as a sister. I have personally been a victim of Domestic Violence twice, by the same man. As much as I hated him for all the shit he put me through, I learned to forgive him with every vessel in my body. At the end of the day, no man or woman is perfect. We can't help who we love or blame anyone else but our self for what we allow and tolerant from others. Without taking anything away from other women who are or once were victimize, we must also learn to love even harder once the storm has calmed…At the end of the day, this wasn't about the BET awards, CB or DV…it's about us as individuals being able to see ourselves through the eyes of someone else.

  65. Mimilovee:

    who are you to judge? or to care? youre not God yea i feel bad for your friend but how do you ( or me) known if thats the situation. youre not angry at chris youre angry your friend died from dv so direct your anger to her killer. a sin is a sin. there are none less looked upon.

    you need to seek help. do not take that negatively . but obviously you have a lot of pent up anger from your friend dying, which can ultimately take a toll on you…

    wishing you the best.

  66. Jasmine Taihreen Sims:

    So then you're good with the fact that Rihanna started the physical part of the fight, that she repeatedly hit him in the face & scratched up his face until he snapped back…so therefore you're okay with Domestic Violence as long as its a female beating up on a male…but as soon as the male does ANYTHING back, then he's the devil? Hmm…

  67. guesshoo:

    I agree with you.
    The public is so easily swayed its ridiculous. Its going to take more than some tears for me to let what he did to that girl slide.

  68. @dinastyinc:

    LOL He truly needs a better PR team, one that actually gives a damn about the stupid ish he says on twitter enough to pull the plug on his ass when needed.

  69. VA STAND UP!!:

    By the way i LOVE that picture you used of MJ and Chris Miss Jia. I mad it my background. ; )

  70. Michelle:

    You make some valid points, but surely he knew that crying would enhance his performance. He's singing a song about looking at himself and changing his ways. What would be the icing on the cake? To cry. Like I said, I do believe it was sincere as he has gone through a lot this year, but that was all PR. Even him "winning" that award after. His publicists are finally stepping it up.

  71. @dinastyinc:

    O.O at your entire second paragraph. You better spill that tea like you're Patti Labelle catching the holy ghost while honoring Prince.

  72. Southerngyrl*:

    Oh, so you know that Rihanna hit him in the face and started the physical fight? How? Did he say that? Nope. Did she say that? Nope.

    You're assuming. You have used your stanship for chris brown and created a scenario where his actions are excusable. Try again.

  73. @dinastyinc:

    To get that I support womenbeaters out of what I said though?
    Completely missed the boat.
    Sin is sin is sin all day long. To hold a grudge is to shorten your own life. My own mother went through abuse so I do have a soft spot for women (and even men) that go through those types of situations. Putting your hands on someone else just because you're angry is never the answer. But convicting somebody that you know NOTHING about is also not a good thing either.

    Even though I don't know your friend or his/her situation, I'm sorry about what happened. So if you have to be angry about something, be mad at that. But don't pass that judgment onto Chris Brown because of it, just cause you can.

  74. TDot:

    You are so right! I hate that people try to make it a him versus her thing when it's clear that both of them know they were wrong and bred a toxic environment for their relationship. Seriously, bite marks are defensive wounds, so obviously there's been a huge chunk left out of media coverage…

  75. Southerngyrl*:

    No, I am not GOD but I sure as hell will judge this, Just like you judge others who commit crimes as well, rapists, murderers and pedophiles. I don't think those folks can be rehabilitated. I am angry my friend died an clueless people like yourself are defending as if he's the second coming.

    I do direct my anger at her killer and OTHERS LIKE HIM!!! Which is why my animosity is directed toward chris brown.

  76. Southerngyrl*:

    I am sorry for your suffering but I don't feel his pain at all. We as black women always think we have to love some black men hard and long to compensate for some other shit, while they can just beat us to death. You're sympathizing because he's black but this is not a black issue. I would be just as pissed if he was white.

    We as a community always think we should forgive shit, why? Because we have to stick together? Fuck that. Same with the r. kelly bullshit (see boondocks 'the trial of r. kelly'). We always taking up for some bogus shit.

    Sorry, no dice.

  77. Southerngyrl*:

    I agree with your first statement.

  78. Allergic 2 B.S.:


    "He needs to be a man & do right." Hun?

    That's A.L.L he's been trying 2 do 4 the past Year & some odd months, but YOU mf's
    won't f*cking let him!!!!!!! Which brings me 2 my million dollar poin! Y'all continuosly
    say ish like "He needs 2 do this, that & the 3rd"….Well, as you can CLEARLY see,
    he's actually doing this, that & the 3rd, & you mofos S.T.I.L.L talking ish….Ugh!
    He even said it himself 2night, & I quote, "I'm sorry 4 letting y'all down & I PROMISE
    I won't let it happen again." So my thing is this, he apologized (4 the billionth time),
    he's pretty much done all he could do. He's only human, there's only so much he
    can do (WTF). So UNTIL he beats the sh*t out of another female, let's all just BREATHE, move on w/ OUR lives & STFU about until it happens again, which
    hopefully it won't….D****YYYYMMMMN!!!!!!!

  79. @AsidKisses:

    You stupid naive bitch, you try to sound smart and witty but you sound like a jackass. It is females like you that make me sick. Yes, how about not beating her up in the first place, AND how about not antagonizing a man into beating your ass!

    I'm sorry but I must be real, what happened to your friend is horrible, but if she verbally/physically abused a man to the point he blanked out and killed her, I do not fill sorry.

    I can't stand the bitches that scream "oh I cant believe women are taking up for him". As if we are groupies who are on his side for the fun of it. NO! Look at the fucking FACTS!

    The reason CB got away with the sentence he did was because the judge knew that he was not the only one to blame. Why do you think THEY BOTH have an order not come near each other? What about the signs? What about when Ri busted her brothers head open? Who came and publicly humiliated and stoned her for that?

    What about the fact that they BOTH come from abusive homes. What about the fact that rihannas own father said that she gets violent when shes upset. What about the fact that CB BIT her, defensive tactics were used.

    Your so fucking dumb, you have no solid facts to back up anything you have said. Just what the media said in their reports. Have you done any research YOURSELF. Looked up court docs? NO! You probably don't have enough brain cells to do so.

    The point is she is over it, he is over it and its not your grudge to hold you judgmental bitch. You will have your day, GOOD LUCK!

    Why don't you try thinking before you try to be holier then thou!

  80. Allergic 2 B.S.:

    COSIGN! CO muthaf*ckin SIGN!!!!!!!

  81. Allergic 2 B.S.:


  82. kayman:

    I LIVED FOR PRINCE'S EXPRESSION OF GAY SONGZ!!!!!!!! I was like "AND THERE IT IS" because that was the side-eye from the gods…

  83. Allergic 2 B.S.:


  84. Kay:

    Love Chris. Cant deny talent.

  85. OJ Simpson:

    So waitaminute,… all I have to do is learn how to sing and dance like Micheal Jackson and I can get a pass for beating a bish ass? Lol, y'all some crazy ass bishes for this shit. Whether you like CB or not, what kind of message are sending people? If Chris Brown were a garbage man, a cop, or a ninja working at Payless. Most of you ladies would still be trying to lynch that brother and he would deserve it. But just because a foo can sing and dance he gets a pass. I don't even know what to say. But when and not if, but when the next time he cracks some bish, who didn't kiss his ass or do what he tells her to do exactly in the next 60 years or so before he drops dead and decides to 'slip up' again. I don't wanna hear shit from any of you bishes.

  86. @AsidKisses:

    LMAO! Are you kidding me? You have no clue as to what really went down that night. Your just a stupid female parroting what you heard the media say.

    You have done no research on this case and have no facts to support anything that you say. You are stupid. How do you even expect people to take your opinion seriously when you are typing like a 14 year old?

    "bishes", really? Go die SLOW somewhere and give your oxygen to someone worthy.

  87. Southerngyrl*:

    I convict him because he beat her. Point blank. He could be my brother, my cousin, my uncle or pookie down the road.

    I don't have to KNOW him to convict him. That statement will always ring false to me. I have to know him to judge him? please

  88. Jasmine Taihreen Sims:

    Umm…check & checkmate, yet again. You droppin some truth on this board tonight @Asid Kisses…&& to southerngyrl…Umm ACTUALLY I'm not ASSUMING anything. I actually read the court documents as they were posted on & for full review & in the report it states how the entire thing went down…Rihanna was looking thru CBs phone…saw some things she didnt like & then SHE put her hands on HIM first…repeatedly in the face, at that. Now not that this makes a super difference but most black men I know (especially from VA but then again I am FROM Va myself) do not like being struck in the face whatsoever…and from what I understand she got a FEW blows in before he finally started returning blows…thereFORE again I will say that you, and most bitter women like you, are all for a woman hitting a man, and you would expect the man to stand there and take being hit…but if he hits back at all, he's demonized. Its a double standard, point blank.

  89. Jasmine Taihreen Sims:

    Now I concede that he did way more damage & he went off & as a man, regardless of the amount of rage he may feel he was obligated to back the hell off…he coulda removed her from the car and drove off or even got out of the car himself & took the keys & asked to be picked up/return the car. Other choices could have been made…HOWEVER…they werent. && if God expects us to forgive trespasses done against US, lest WE ask for forgiveness from HIM, then for you to sit here & be bitter waaaaay after the fact shows a personal flaw you have in YOURSELF…

  90. Jasmine Taihreen Sims:

    Why thank you for your support…you've been droppin some knowledge yourself tonight ma'am.

  91. Southerngyrl*:

    Ok, to address the stupid bitch's points.

    1. You are the one taking out for someone who beat a woman? Yet I am the naive bitch. Get real.

    2. My friend did NOTHING to her husband yet he shot her with motherfucking shotgun! I don't care if she called him a bastard from sun up to sun down. THAT DOES NOT FUCKING EXCUSE it. Hmm I see you are making excuses…again.

    3. Bitch you haven't said one fact yet.
    4. ok, now you are just making shit up. The judge gave him that sentence because he knew (like a psychic would) that cb was not the only one to blame. Uh huh. sounds like you're an imbecile. What signs? Before this shit happened no one knew boo about any of that. I heard shit about a brother. Didn't even know she had one.

    5. So if a pedophile comes from a home where he is molested that makes his fucking little kids alright? WTF?

    6. You are the dumb one taking out for a man that would beat somebody's ass that bad. You don't have any facts and your research is pure bullshit. So go home and convince yourself that he's a good guy but don't come here trying to make it seem like you actually have all the info. You have conjecture booboo.

    7. I don't give a fuck if jesus is over it. I am not.

    8. I will judge his ass until the day is long and there ain't SHIT you or anyone else can do about it. Now go get some sleep you fucking fool.

  92. Allergic 2 B.S.:


    I'm REALLY sorry about what happen 2 your friend, I TRULY am, but sweetheart,
    that has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING 2 do with Chris. I totally get the point you're trying 2
    make, but I'm sorry, 2 me, u just sound angry & bitter, like you're taking your frustations
    towards your friend's killer out on Chris, & that's is SO not f*cking fair!!!!!!! And NO i'm
    not hopping on anybody's f*cking Band Wagon! Yes, I DO agree/cosign w/ Jia & alot of
    other folks on this post, but BASICALLY, MY opinion is MY opinion….THEY just so
    happen 2 have the same views about this, as I do.

    I quess this is 1 of those situations where we're gonna have 2 just agree 2 disagree,
    because 2 me, it seems as if you're stubbornly set in ur ways about Chris, & I be
    DAMNED if i'm gonna waste my precious time, beating my head against the wall….So

  93. Jasmine Taihreen Sims:

    You know I didnt even notice that point abt them not mentioning his name but you're absolutely right now that i think abt it. && thank you for saying what you said abt MJ…I was one of the few fans who still supported MJ and never believed he actually did those things (and now in death, he's been vindicated)…I believe he died of a broken heart & from hateration..that may sound stupid but in recent reports it was revealed that MJs addiction to painkillers & inability to sleep came from the multiple trials & humiliations he was forced to go through & it hurt him so bad he couldnt sleep or function except for the love of his kids…& its so sad what he was put through..& for absolutely nothing…I guess CB is already living up to his legacy…

  94. ella:

    CB's performance at the beginning is based off the 1988 Grammys performance by MJ
    Awesome. Chris Brown did an acceptable job tributing a LEGENDARY artist and performance.

  95. Southerngyrl*:

    I really want to see what fucking "facts" you are talking about. If you are talking about some gossip rag bullshit then NO those are not facts and you sound stupid for even trying to convince others of that. What do you have a Ph.D in chris brown? PLEASE.

    In one breath you say

    "You have no clue as to what really went down that night. "


    In my earlier posts you start claiming ALL kind of bullshit. Which is it? If you can sit and say that no one really knows what happen then you can't turn around and say that you have fucking facts.

    Oh and I almost forgot your PURE FUCKERY about "how about not antagonizing a man into beating your ass". Sorry, but if bitches got beat the hell up for antagonizing folks then your ass would be BUSTED.

    Oh, it was her fault for getting beat. You sound so stupid that I need to say a prayer for your triflin ass.

  96. rrrr:

    Many people cry over their favorite artists dying (Elvis, John Lennon). This shit isn't unusual or specific to MJ fans. Besides, Chris was probably crying over the rough year he's had and getting the opportunity to get his career back.

  97. Allergic 2 B.S.:

    My thoughts EXACTLY!

  98. rrrr:

    Jay Z's disapproval of MJ??? what???

  99. Allergic 2 B.S.:


  100. Jasmine Taihreen Sims:

    @Allergic 2 B.S. && with THAT said…there's nothing left to say..(but of course I will say 1 last & then I'm done I got an actual job to go to tomorrow lol)

    SouthernGyrl…I have no reason to get ignorant with you over this subject… the end of the day, we can get all worked up & it wont change how things went down…you certainly dont lack passion for your feelings & being what happened to your friend, I dont blame you…but like Allergic, I'mma have to just agree to disagree with you..this is NOT the same situation at all…& your anger is blinding you to the facts of what happened…& although I know this will piss you off…in a court of law, who starts an attack is always relevant regardless of its outcome..but again…just bc I disagree with your point on Chris Brown dont mean I dont acknowledge your stance & my prayers are with your friend's family & you for losing her & the pain…I know how that feels…

  101. Southerngyrl*:

    Yes, it is fucking fair. I don't care who he is. He beat the shit out of her. I don't think anyone gets that? Maybe this shit has to really happen to you to understand. Either way, I don't wish it on anyone else. I hope it never happens to your sister, your mom, your cousin or your friend. I just know that if it did ya'll wouldn't be so quick to defend him.

    You all keep implying that because I don't know him then I am supposed to not judge him and that it has nothing to do with him. Absolutely ridiculous. Because this is someone that you all love you want to find excuses. I could use the same analogy. You all don't know him so why do you fucking care if he succeeds or fails? He ain't your family.

    Nope, i've made my point WAY before this. I am NEVER going to be on his bandwagon and I am never ever going to hope he succeeds because of this. So yeah, I will always disagree with most of the posters here on this topic. I have been very consistent about this shit. Check out any old posts if you don't believe.

  102. oh no:

    How could Jay Z disapprove of MJ when he invited him to Summer Jam in 2001, worked with him on the You Rock My World remix & said his favorite album was Off the Wall?? Plus he kept gassing up that whack ass Grammy Tribute. That would be hypocrisy at its finest. Not surprising.

  103. Southerngyrl*:

    Uh huh, from what you "understand" she got blows in. Also, I will be bitter about domestic violence until the day that I die. Yep, I will make this proclamation to you. AND Yes, IF she was beating on him I think she should have been arrested like he was, but the thing is, you and all these other folks claim that she provoked him and therefore I should forgive him because she made him do it?

    Nah, you believe what you want. Just don't try to call it facts.

  104. Southerngyrl*:

    Sweetie, I think people are mistaken. You all are the ones that seem to want me to believe the hype. I could care less what you believe just don't bring it over and here try to bring bogus "facts" in.

    Say that you believe that he's a good guy deep down and even though he did this HORRIBLE thing you still want to succeed. That is all you have to do. The same as r. kelly. The same as OJ. I will believe you then.

    Your facts, ain't facts.

  105. Southerngyrl*:

    wow, i was going to bed but couldn't believe I actually read this.

    "So UNTIL he beats the sh*t out of another female, let's all just BREATHE, move on w/ OUR lives & STFU about until it happens again, which
    hopefully it won't."

    WOW, nothing else. Just wow.

  106. Jasmine Sims:

    Sweetheart you honestly are the one whose mistaken…no offense, but I could give 2 fucks if you believe me or not. You questioned the integrity of the facts that I read straight off the court document that both Rihanna & Chris Brown signed. I didnt make that up off the top of my head…and therefore thats why I believe what I believe. Now you take those facts & you have a completely different opinion…thats great. You're an indepedant free thinking woman. Good for you. But just as I have not sat here & questioned your integrity when you are clearly in here going off on emotion, dont sit here & question mine.

  107. Jasmine Sims:

    Like I said before, we're not going to agree. I support Chris Brown, you don't. I hope he succeeds & you don't. Did R.Kelly pee on the girl? I didnt see the video but from what I understand yes. Did OJ kill Nicole? We'll never know bc LAPD fucked up the investigation. Did Chris Brown assault Rihanna? Absolutely. Did she hit him first? Absolutely. Was it wrong? Absolutely on BOTH parts. But again, thats my opinion. I dont care if you believe me or not…I'm not tryin to change your mind. I'm letting you know why I believe the way I do just as you did. So you have a nice night.

  108. Jasmine Sims:

    During the height of all the MJ negativity I know I read where Jay-Z had turned down working with MJ and didnt support him due to the allegations. Plus since then he's turned down working on similar tributes but made up bullshit excuses about it. I will try to find the quote again & if I do I'll post it here…until then you can dismiss what I say as speculation if you want to…but he definitely did stop CB from performing last year & then didnt even acknowledge him during the show…but I dont think anyone will argue with that point.

  109. @AsidKisses:

    LMAO. I am not even about to read all thist. I'm done. Stay mad at him, forgive me for even thinking I could stimulate one of the few brain cells that you have left.

    Hun, I wish you a nice life, no one here cares if you move on from this or not.

    How the fuck can I make up facts? The fact that that bullshit came out of your mouth tells me that you have not read not ONE court doc, your just spewing out shit that you heard in the media. good day bitch.

  110. helllll yas!:

    i would like to say two things.

    first of all: welcome back breezy!

    second: this performance right here is a big ass fuck you! to all dem folks trying to sabotage breezy. anybody in here talking about that cunt of an ex of his. do me a favor and mention that hoes name in her own goddamn posts. thank you very much.

    *does the james brown dance of joy*

  111. dont understand:

    then why the fuck you bringing her up? u retarded or slick?

  112. anybody right?:

    u sound like a true mj fan, and for that *daps*.

    but eh, cmon son that performance what the shiiii. boy couldnt help himself, he couldnt believe he was up there after people told him ''goodbye willis!'' give 'em a break, will ya?

  113. @AsidKisses:

    You CLEARLY don't have the mental capacity to listen and learn. You keep saying the same shit over and over again.

    NO ONE ever said that she deserved to get beat, we just said….


    Lmao, stay stupid. I dnt give a fuck anymore.

  114. shiiiiiiiiit:

    for the love of marshmallows would you stop bringing that tricks name up? damn yall sound real stupid mentioning that tricks name over and over again. its chris all day, thank u.

  115. Ms_oSoSweet:

    I definitely respect your decision to be upset with any person who could treat another so harsh… I am not here to change your mind or try to convince you to agree with me. From the tone of your writing I can sense a lot of pain coming from you which you are entitled to. At some point down the line we can decide to either continue carrying the burden of others (which will only weigh us down and affect us as a whole) or we can open our heart and mind to the idea of forgiveness. And this is something for only you to decide. I strongly believe that people who find it this hard to forgive others are usually not able to forgive themselves. This is not about race nor loving some "black man" quite frankly I can do without, but I can't do without love, peace and happiness in my life. With that said, I hope your able to find some peace in yours. Good night/morning!!!

  116. sotiredofb.s.:

    Haters already talking smack on YouTube and blogs about BET putting on a tribute from a "woman beater to a pedophile". Also saying shit about blacks propping up filthy people as their heros. AmeriKKKan hypocrisy is sickening.

  117. oh no:

    well I found this:

    I do believe that he shut CB out last year. It was too suspicious.

  118. Ms_oSoSweet:

    The name calling is totally uncalled for. It puts you in the same boat that you're trying to sink. I'm not saying that this young lady is right but nor is she wrong… In her defense, I'd like for other women to put themselves in each others shoes. It's not fair to hurtfully criticize someone for feeling the way they do. That's what makes us human. No one besides CB & Rhi knows what happened between the TWO of THEM. Lets not get so caught up in a celebrities life that we put each other down when facing the same problems which they face. We bleed just like them. Everyone feels strongly about topics that hit close to home but at the end, this is a win/lose situation. (Especially on a blog) Lets be civil and embrace each and every persons opinion…I say this with much respect

  119. @dinastyinc:

    I agree. I'd be emotional after the year he's had as well. It's always rough when fingers are pointing back at you, I can assume that it's double rough to suffer that humiliation publicly. Michael went through a lot. So has Chris.

    Did they both make dumb ass decisions? Hell yeah. But the public, specifically the American public, can be the harshest critic in the world, as we sit so high and mighty on pedestals with our first amendment right clutched in our fist. We publicly crucified the both of them. Michael doesn't have a second chance, but Chris does. Let him redeem himself. The man makes music. That's it. He doesn't owe us anything else.

    But about the crying, I just don't understand crying over any artists. Period. lol

  120. @dinastyinc:

    CB even made some retarded tweet while Jay-Z was on stage, and then tried to delete it with the quickness. #irresponsibletweets But of course everyone knows how to screen cap so #nobueno for him. LOL

  121. @dinastyinc:

    A) I already said that DV has happened to my mother in the past so I have a soft spot for these type of matters. I've just chosen not to let that crowd my judgment.
    B) I don't love Chris Brown. Never bought a record of his when he was popular. I'm not a stan by any means. What I am is a person that believes in forgiveness and second chances. Because Lord knows that I've messed up before myself, and I am thankful that my friends family and loved ones have decided not to hold it against me. Did I beat somebody's ass? No. But as I said, sin is sin is sin. No one is greater than the other. Nobody is better or above anybody else.

  122. @dinastyinc:

    #TRUTH. These were the exact elements that gave BET a little redemption in my book. lol

    P.S. Mmmmmmmm Tyrese.

  123. ********:

    MJ was right to speak out about Sony's corruption just like Prince, George Michael and others spoke out against their thieving record labels. However, MJ only complained about that once. CB has been on a whine & bitch campaign since last February.

  124. Jenn:

    I was happy to see Chris perform, i dont think anyone could have done a Michael tribute like he could/did tonight… to @OJSimpson of course no one gets a pass for domestic violence, it is WRONG in every way, when a man hits a woman or a woman hits a man, but also i believe in forgiveness and i believe in God and no sin is greater than the other, so who are we to judge someone for what they have done. He asked for forgiveness to the people that mattered and thats that…..what do people want him to do, go bury hisself in a cage?! No, he has to go on with his life and since his talent is singing and dancing thats what he's going to do….to all the people that are still criticizing him i wonder what the world would think of you if we took a peek into your everyday life, no one is perfect……"He who is without sin should cast the first stone….."

  125. Southerngyrl*:

    No, you're using gossip rags to come up with your "facts". I don't believe every little shit I hear.

    PS – If you didn't want a long drawn our response then you shouldn't have replied with one.

    I'll just end this with a Fuck you bitch

  126. Southerngyrl* :

    I responded to her the way she came at me. You get what you put in.

  127. Lexie:

    Chris Brown did a touching tribute to Michael Jackson, his performance was the highlight of the awards. I like the fact that BET gave him a CHANCE to redeem somewhat his career and himself. I dont condone any type of violence or abuse but Chris Brown apologized over and over again, and it seemed like he was sincere and remorseful about the situation. It takes a real man to own up to his mistakes and that is what he did. In the end Rihanna forgave him and moved on, also she set an example for women who are in abusive relationships for them to leave, heal, forgive and let the past be what it is. CB has learned his huge lesson and hopefully he will never repeat the same mistake twice. Anyways I wish Chris Brown the very best b/c he is very talented and I love to see career prosper. Blessings!!!!

  128. Southerngyrl* :

    I am sorry about what happened to your mother but hopefully she is alive to tell the tale. I am glad that you have a soft spot for these matters, but I have a drive.

    ____Oh, and as far as being a stan? I have never bought a cb or a rihanna cd. ____I believe in God, but thist talk of forgiveness and second chances is a bit much. If a pedophile molested your child should he get a second chance at life? If a rapist raped a family member, should he get a second chance and forgiveness? Second chances are luxuries. But, if you really want to know how second chances work for some folks you can talk to some of the folks molested by priests. Those priests had 3rd, 4th and even 5th chances.

    Either way, I am going to go with what I believe and you do you.

  129. Southerngyrl* :

    Did she hit him first? And if she did, did she deserve to get beat? Apparently so says everyone on this board. Could this tiny chick beat his ass and hit him so bad that he had bruises? He needed to think. but he didn't. So he gets no sympathy or well wishing from me. If you want to give it to him. kudos to you, but don't expect me to feel the same way.

    And no, I will never support him or R Kelly's ass. I was never a fan of his anyway but I was an r. kelly fan until i found out he liked little girls.

    And, you're right, I don't give 2 fucks about believing you and I could care less if you believed me.

    And yep, we're not going to agree

  130. Samyzee:

    I forgive because there have been times that I needed forgiveness from both my family and the Father. We should not forgive with a superiority complex afterward… We should forgive knowing deep down we have needed it too, and will again.

    I think people lose sight of the fact that Chris Brown was young and dumb and acted upon impulse. He needs counseling and as long as he's working to better himself, then that's what matters. I truly believe he is still learning from his mistakes and wishes for everyone to simply let him live.

    I've never been a victim of Domestic Abuse, but I have been a victim of other forms of abuse. It took so much out of me to walk around loathing them and forgiveness is just so easy and so much more peaceful. It truly allowed me to heal.

    So, while a couple of people may not want to forgive Chris Brown, I keep in mind that far more people already have and are now willing to do so. Chris Brown will bounce back, will you? "Resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die."

  131. ♫♥☆♪MoN!QU3♫♥☆♪:

    i cried
    shout out 2 all the real CB fans that never turned their backs on him !!!

  132. Da realest:

    Michael prob rolling. He woudl have never wanted chris to do a tribute to him. Micheal hated violence….esp domestic violence. Chris would have beenthe last person he would have chosen.

  133. Southerngyrl*:

    No, but what I am hearing is you all implying that she should have.

    you know, because you all assume he was provoked.

  134. Southerngyrl*:

    lol ok

  135. s&m:

    I'm sure Michael also hated being vilified in the media over and over. Being the brunt of everyone's jokes..being blackballed. Michael gave Chris a chance at redemption posthumously, something MJ strived so much for before he died. He would have been proud.

  136. AkaSista:

    That is exactly how i felt. He did a great job when it came to the dancing. Nobody could have done a better job but when it came down to "Man in the mirror" it became the Chris Brown show. The focus should have been kept on MJ. I could take a few tears at the beginning but the whole song? man it ain't about you. And who are we talking about this morning? CB. But like i said the dancing part was on point .

  137. nicolefromphilly:

    The real uproar is that Chris killed the performance and stole the show! There are people throwing shade! One thing you can't deny is that boy has talent, He is an entertainer which is a rarity and you will not find that very often.

    The real question is Who is Moshanda New Man? I just saw the pictures on another site. Miss Jai get the scope

  138. Samyzee:

    "lol ok"

    I must've missed the joke. What did you find comical about my post? Or were you just being condescending?

  139. @wisewomandre:

    I agree. And I also MAJOR CO-SIGN Jia's statement!!

  140. @JuicyKatoor:

    IT WAS A GREAT PERFORMANCE. Full of amazing dancing. I really enjoyed the awards this year

  141. Ac201081:

    Yes, wow is right. However, if he ever did beat down another female it would still be people talking about "leave him alone. he's only human."

    Anyway, Chris did great on his tribute. I think the breakdown was sincere, and not planned at all. I think he wanted to do a perfect performance but all his emotions just took over.

    Oh, and it's funny reading posters here talking about how people need to get over Chris stomping his girlfriend out, but then accuse those same people of being about to jump back on his bandwagon. lol Make up your mind, Either you want people to move past the beatdown, and jump back on the bandwagon or you don't.

  142. Ac201081:

    I meant for this to read: "but then accuse those same people of being about to jump back on his bandwagon, as if it's a bad thing."

  143. QueenSJ:

    There's waaay too many celebrities (white AND black) that have done some foul shit. Why would they pick on him?

  144. Ms_oSoSweet:

    The response I posted must have came out in the wrong place… my comment was actually intended for her eyse….But I will not get involved any further in this matter. Make it a great week!!!

  145. Ac201081:

    That wasn't a fuck you. That was a "Thank GOD and Micheal ya'll letting me squeeze back through this door!"

  146. @dinastyinc:

    Yeah we can agree to disagree. We're both on the same side, just have different routes of going about it. Yes my mother is still alive and she's the reason I know any of those things that happened before I was born, and some after. But she was abused. She was raped, and thus got an abortion because of it because she said didn't think she could raise the child without hating every time she looked at him/her. Thus any bad thing that happened to her after that, she thought God was punishing her for it. She walked around hating herself and others for a long time. But then she got saved again, and had to learn how to forgive others, and now she's still struggling with forgiving herself. She's 60 years old in therapy still over some bs that happened decades ago.

    So I understand the pain. I know it's hard to go away. I was just trying to be encouraging that AT SOME POINT in our lives, we DO have to forgive, esp. if we're going to be a Christian and follow in the footsteps of Jesus. No don't FORGET. But forgive.

  147. Huhhhh:

    I agree. Talent over gimmicks..i.e, hair swinging, rolling around on the floor in a bathing suit, gyrating, and grinding the floor….

    Bout damn time!

  148. Huhhhh:


  149. Huhhhh:

    No, we shouldn't wait. We should just continue to blackball him. We should do the complete opposite of what was done to Jay Z when he clearly smacked the hell out of a female fan backstage…ON VIDEO! Yeah, for Chris Brown we should label him an abusive low life and prevent him from moving forward….. Matter of fact he should be exiled…… smh

  150. ....:

    exactly how i feel and what i meant to say with my original post.. the dancing was wonderful but then, as you said, with man in the mirror it became the chris brown show.

  151. lol:


  152. kingsmomma:

    I think the emotion came from the song. You have a song about taking a good look at your self and changing yourself to be a bettter person. To actually be on stage singing when last year this time, all he probably ever wanted to do was be up there and pay tribute to his idol. I don't think any part of it was staged. As for him winning the award, He has alot of fans out there. Unfortunately for his album sales, teh majority of his fans are younger which doesn't translate into dollars, but fortunately for him they are of the age where all they do is visit social networking sites. That win was a no brainer.

  153. Sunshine:

    Get out of my head!! I was telling my bf the same thing. I don't condone DV(I am a product of it and I've been a victim as well) but I do believe people can change. Plus he is still just a kid. He's an incredible talent and appears to be a geniunely nice person. It's unfair that what's been done to his career but we can forgive a bunch of drug dealers(most rappers) and those felons with guns(TI) but we can't forgive this young boy a mistake. None of us are without sin so who are we really to judge?

  154. BigBootyGoddess...:

    I doubt it highly that he "planned" to cry….if that was the case then he would have cried when he first stepped out on the stage….You guys give these(PR) people too much credit… I think the choice of song could have been used to make a point by the Jackson family and Chris's people, but the choice to be publicly ridiculed even more by crying I doubt that he would use that, even he has a limit…it was genuine…the whole thing was just overwhelming for him…being asked to do the tribute, his celebration of his idol, the public's acceptance, and the overwhelming response…enough to produce real tears.

  155. baycute:

    The fact that I cried when Chris started crying is just…
    I am soo glad that Chris performed, that boys talent is undeniable. I wish him the absolute best in his career, yes regardless of what he did.

  156. Walter :

    I found it absolutely hilarious that people STILL refuse to give Chris Brown his props. After all that boy has been through, after all the things that were said about him, after all of those pointless interviews he did, after Wal-Mart basically black balled him, and Bloggers crucified him, after Rhianna all but told Chris Brown to kiss her high yellow ass on National T.V. in her infamous 20/20 interview, people still refuse to forgive him? Ya know, it's funny how Kat Stacks got slapped for exposing people, then people blamed Kat Stacks for getting slapped, then they actually praised the person that slapped her? Even Sandra Rose refused to post the name of the person who slapped Kat Stacks on her website. But yet we continue to make Chris Brown our "Whipping Boy"?

    It makes no sense. It amazes me how people could call him selfish for his tribute MJ, but then again, they went in on Mariah when she couldn't quite hit some notes during her tribute to MJ so I guess I am really not that amazed.

    And another thing

    1. You do not receive a Standing Ovation for being fake.

    2. You do not receive a Standing Ovation for being selfish.

    3. You do not receive a Standing Ovation for simply paying tribute to someone (Ask Trey Songs how that worked out for him?)

    4. But you will however, receive a Standing Ovation for a stellar performance. Which Chris Brown received for the 5 minutes he was on stage.

    And those are the facts. (which means it is non-debatable! )

    I seriously hope that Chris Brown utilizes this time and his time carefully to make this an official come back and not leave us hanging. If he fails this time, there is no coming back for him.

  157. No stan:

    I believe you are DEADASS WRONG. Where we only know what we see in the media, Mike knew CB on a personal level and knew how much CB idolized him. I believe now as I did when I first saw this performance that Mike would have been honored by CB's tribute to him. While we both are merely guessing I'm not letting hate color what was truly and outstanding performance

  158. Trai:

    Not a CB stan or a supporter of DV but for anyone to discount the power of the tribute to MJ is amazing to me. CB killed, cremated and then buried this perfomance. Truth is Truth.

  159. @moeluv1277:

    Ive been saying for the longest that no one is saying NOTHING about charlie put a knife to his wife throat sheen. and hes the hightest paid tv actor, he just singed a new deal for 2.1 million a episode. oh just because hes white, hes right, please GTFOH. I dont agree with DV but if one person get condemned everybody should get condemned. there are numerous CELEBRITIES who have DV charges but they go unnoticed also.

  160. @moeluv1277:

    Best performance of the night. AMAZING


    CB performance was amazing!!! But i expected nothing less..this is not the first time he payed Tribute to MJ..He performed Thriller @ the 2006 World Music Awards as a tribute to MJ. So give him a damn break already.. get over it!!! Ppl are so quick to judge.. Look in the mirror ppl…no one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes and deserves a second chance..

    He is talented and not a gimick..that will be all

  162. @dinastyinc:

    #oop SLAY MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!

    Especially "Ask Trey Songz how that worked out for him." _______________flatline

  163. @dinastyinc:

    If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make. . .CHANGE! – Michael Jackson

  164. VA STAND UP!!:

    Um…actually no you are COMPLETELY wrong. MJ LOVED Chris and he was all about forgiveness! With all the BS that MJ went throughout his career, MJ definitely would have shunned Chris. MJ was probably smiling down on Chris on that stage last night!
    Chris was supposed to go see MJ on the day he died. Chris and Jamie Foxx were supposed to go sit in with Mike at his rehearsals for his tour. Chris got the call that MJ died when he was on his way to go see him. MJ wouldn't have let Chris to come see him if he hadn't forgiven Chris. MJ was all about second chances and Chris earned his last night!

    You should change your name cause you are far from real. Simple ass.

  165. Jasmine Taihreen Sims:

    I never said she deserved to get beaten. I'm guessing that you've defended yourself so much on this post that you didnt read what I wrote earlier. Look…I wont antagonize you any longer as we have finally agreed on something: we're not gonna agree. But just to summarize…I've said countless times the situation was wrong no matter how it started or ended…but if she started it & put her hands on him first, then she was inviting the possibility of violence escalating into the situation. I'm 5"4 & my husband is 6"5 & a Marine and although he has never assaulted me in any way, I would still never put my hands on him to provoke even the possibility of violence coming up. So just as you dont have sympathy for him (which I understand your point), I dont really have sympathy for her either. She invited the possibility of a violent act happening & kept provoking it..YES he should've thought about his actions & YES he was wrong…but, in my opinion, SO WAS SHE.

    & no I've never supported R.Kelly I was just bringing him up bc you did.

    you're just wayyy too defensive abt this..but I give you credit for standing firm to your belief. I respect that, whether or not you respect me or not.

  166. Jasmine Taihreen Sims:

    Dina I hate to be so callous but with this, its probably better to not waste your words…she's already made it perfectly clear that not only does she have no intention of forgiveness, but she intends to hold on to the grudge that the memory brings…all you can do is pray for someone like that & hope a situation doesnt come along where she is in dire need of forgiveness & finds a turned back or closed door instead…

  167. Jasmine Taihreen Sims:

    Amen!!! & I agree with dina Im dead right now.

  168. mmkay:

    I still don’t get why Chris Brown’s tears came when he wasn’t dancing. Suspect much?? The performance gets a B-. MJ sang as much as he danced & Chris simply doesn’t do that. He just dances & sings a few words. Not that impressive. If I wanna watch that I’ll turn on So You Think You Can Dance. #noshade

  169. LoveMsK:

    Performance of the night! Chris was the best. I don't care what no one says, you cannot fake that kind of raw emotions. I was sincerely touched by the tribute. It was the MJ tribute that I waited a year to see. Thank you Chris!

  170. BEATIT:

    Ha ha it is funny to see dumb birds worked up over a nigga who doesn't give a dang about you. All ya'll want to do is suck his penis. I loved R. Kelly,but when I found out he did what he did,I dropped his azz. It also funny to see folks(not you) quote scriptures and junk,but when they see someone they dislike(usually female) they go at her like vultures. Going hard about Chirs Brown,but how hard do you go at it about REAL things. You don't.

  171. @AsidKisses:

    You might wan't to get used to it. Her name will come up at the mention of his for the rest of his life because ppl will not let go. Sorry.

  172. @AsidKisses:

    I understand that the purpose of debating is to see a different view and learn from it. I got pissed.

    I do apologize for name calling but I meant everything that I said. I get mad not because of CB, but because she has no real argument what so ever about this case. She does not speak with facts, just the same bull the media has put out. She based her opinion around past events that happened in her life, that is not fair. The media is designed for fragile people like her.

    I understand that everyone is not strong, and some people let events that happened in their lives take over the way that they think. I am not like that, I was snatch out of my home. My father tried to kill my mother while I was in the whom 8 months in. I too have a soft spot for DV, BUT this situation is different.

    We have two ppl who where involved in a domestic violence confrontation with EACH OTHER according to the court docs (NOT the media). So why is it that Southerngirl can feel sorry for the women in the situation and not the man. It is because she is substituting Rihanna for her friend that she lost. That is a sad way of thinking and if she continues to think like this, I fear for her.

    You speak of forgiveness, I speak on justice. I do not believe in dusting her dirt under the rug, while he gets stoned to death for all to see, when the truth is that they both were toxic to each other, and they both have moved on. I hate judgemetal people, and I hate people who hold other peoples grudges.

  173. Winter:

    That performance shat on any tribute anyone has ever done!!! I just LMAO at his crying…

  174. Southerngyrl*:

    uh huh, and I will pray for you as well.

  175. Southerngyrl*:

    Yeah, so you stick your 5'4 hands in your 6'5 husband's face or argue or yell at him, it is possible that he could beat your ass and you would be in the wrong because you provoked him first?

    I am defensive about this which is why you all keep coming back to respond to my original post. It seems like the defensive tactic works on both sides.


  176. Southerngyrl*:

    I don't care what you hate. I stopped responding to your ignorant ass a few posts ago and so did you.

    But apparently you are back to talk more trash and to bring your personal issues to light.

    Everyone is saying "I have a soft spot for DV but THIS is different" Come the fuck on. It is only different for you because you like him and you want him to succeed. Like I've said numerous times, I don't give a fuck if he's young. There are many mofos 21 and under who are in prison right now for what they deem as a having made a"MISTAKE". Why should his stupid ass be any different?

    Though what I really want to know is, how can you REALLY mistakenly beat someone's ass?

  177. Southerngyrl*:

    Also, I would never be in a situation where I have physically harmed someone to the point that he beat that girl.

    If you want to pray for someone PRAY FOR THE WOMEN WHO GET BEAT AND KILLED EVERY FUCKING DAY! Give them your prayers. Pray for the kids that have to watch it too. They deserve your prayers.

    Also, say a little prayer for this warped mentality that is perverting the minds of women.

  178. Southerngyrl*:

    He is NOT the messiah. You'd think he had a cross on his back or something.

  179. Southerngyrl*:

    Everything is up for debate booboo.

    He is not God sent though you seem to think he is.

  180. Southerngyrl*:

    I apologize for coming across rude to you. You were only trying to help the situation.

    I am used to stating my opinion and sometimes being the only one standing for it. This topic, like a few others, will get me going. That being said, I have been a viewer/reader/poster on this site for a while and I have seen quite a few folks "go off" about topics that are close to them. i should add that I used to debate back in the day. This site is a good way to hone those skills again.

    I have thick skin so my feelings are not hurt. I will continue posting, reading and viewing on Jia's site as long as she doesn't ban my ass.

    Have a great week yourself.

  181. TDot:

    I'm not saying he wasn't, but you can't say that he never did, when it's obvious he did. You can't really say that MJ's was justified, yet CB's wasn't when it's clear that the same tactics were enforced. Also, MJ's career was already astounding, there was no "climbing a latter" he simply was enjoying his career and making music he loved. Chris Brown is in a different situation because he hasn't gotten that adoration yet (yes, he had some, but not the level of superstardom) and is fighting to stay relevant and make a living. I mean seriously, I'm tired of the begging and crying too, but it's obviously a a last ditch effort from someone who has been sent down the wrong path by various PR firms.

  182. mialove:

    I loved Chris' performance. I'm glad he could redeem hisself last night, I was always teamchris and I will forever be. I cried like a baby then I ended up rewinding it back and crying again, you can not sit here and watch that and not feel his emotions, sincerity, and how weak he's been in the past year. If you can sit here judge and say "oh it was a gimmick" and "it turned into the chris brown show" "he's still a womanbeater" you have to be either heartless or just stuck on stupid.

    I think I unfollowed 10 people last night for their ignorance via twitter. Beating someone else down to make your point valid or yourself feel good is surely not the way to do it. I hope nothing but great things come for Chris Brown now.

  183. Walter :

    I never once compared him to God, although I could point out that there are several similarities between the two. Didn't they talk about Jesus in the worst way possible? Didn't the bible also state that people that were close to Jesus turned their backs on him? Even though God/ Jesus/ The Lord our savior (whichever you believe in) proved himself to his flock of people over and over again, and many of them were still willing to testify against and crucify him? Isn't that the same thing WE as a people have done to Chris Brown?


    Facts cannot be debated because they are 100% true. And the truth does not change over time. Therefore, facts can not be debated, only opinions and theories can

  184. TDot:

    Love the sarcasm! Jay-Z is a major hypocrite.

  185. .111.:

    So I dont think anybody was giving Ike all this slack when he was beating on Tina … and he was a grown ass man. So what is all this fuss about CB. Let the guy learn from his mistakes.

  186. @dinastyinc:

    I wasn't alive back then during that time, so all I know about Ike/Tina and the abuse is through the movie, which was based off Tina's point-of-view.

    There are those that argue till this day that Tina was prima donna and she did her fair share of the abuse in the relationship too. It wasn't all cut and dry the way the movie dressed it up to be.

    Again, I don't know. But Ike did beat Tina's ass more than once. And he was on that narcotic. But shit Tina moved on from it and is doing damn fine without a Ike Turner. So who the fuck are we to sit here and still judge him as well?

    And why do ppl keep bringing Ike and Tina, and even Rihanna into this, when this was about Chris and MJ? This entire thing has gone awry.

  187. kayman:

    ***blank stare*** & ***roll eyes*** @ these comments…

  188. kayman:

    I enjoyed his performance, and he deserves a second chance in his career. Although I'm a Rihanna fan, she along with her stans need to lay off Chris. There is nothing he can do to undo it, but remember to never make that mistake ever again…

  189. Samyzee:

    You're exactly right, he isn't the Messiah. You said it, I didn't… Nowhere in my post am I implying anything of the sort. Everything I've mentioned about him is worldly. Imperfect. He's human.

    I'm just not about to continue crucifying him.

  190. Uglycleanbroke:

    Co-sign to AkaSista. CB did an outstanding job with the dance tribute. I watched the awards with my sister, and we were wondering who the hell BET had allowed to do the singing portion of the MJ tribute because we didn't realize what was going on at first. They should have had someone else sing.

  191. @AsidKisses:

    Hun. I was NOT speaking to you so how am I back to talk more trash? Some one made a comment and directed it towards me and I responded.

    I am not with this, I am done arguing with you. It is clear that you are dealing with something and I pray that you get through it.

  192. Southerngyrl*:

    Sweetie, facts are debated EVERY day. They are debated in the court of law and elsewhere. And just because YOU say something is a fact does not meant that it is.

    PLEASE DO NOT COMPARE THIS ASSHOLE TO JESUS. That shit is blasphemous to the damn core. Seriously.

  193. Southerngyrl*:

    Nope, this was less about MJ and more about Chris. All I saw today was Chris Brown, I heard nan story about MJ tribute even though that was what it was supposed to be.

  194. Southerngyrl*:

    Yep, never mistakenly beat a girl's ass again…

  195. misha:

    Chris gave a wonderful performance last night. I believe his tears were real and not a gimmick. Why would he do that? Chris loved MJ. He cried because he was giving tribute to one of his idols; he was performing for the first time on an award show since that incident; he was singing "Man in the Mirror" which is a highly emotional song that struck a cord within Chris; and he was overwhelmed by all the positive support he was getting while he was on stage. People need to give this young man a break and stop acting like they were the ones that were in that car with him that night.

  196. Germaine :

    Damn CB cleaned up for last year BET Awards. One man did that……WOW! No one knows why he broke down, Mike touched a lot of people K. Rihanna ain't no small one. Her and Chris round da same height and weight and school wrestling logic says: this suppose to be a fair fight. Chris was the fall guy cuz the bruises showed more on Ri. Next thing u know it was a big ole publicity thing fo DV like it was planned out or sum ish.

    If one listen to man, media or others logic/reasons, one would be duped into thinking Earth spins 180. It take two: 50/50 180+180 to tango. Gotta go outside of other humans at times just to keep from fallin for sum ish. Glad Chris did right by the K.O.P. Put a network to shame.

  197. Walter :

    Southerngyrl, I am going to need you to have a ho-sit-down and pick up a book and learn to read. It was you who said,"He is not God sent though you seem to think he is." which is why I responded the way that I did. You made an asinine assumption that I thought he was somehow God sent which never registered in any of my posts, until I later responded to you. I was only pointing out the similarities between both Chris Brown and Jesus, I did not compare the two.

    Facts are simply facts and are 100%true. If a fact can be debated and its outcome changed, then that fact was never true to start with….right? Lets take 1+1 for example. Everyone knows that 1+1= 2. Can you tell me how 1+1 not equal 2 all the time? No you couldn't because 1+1 will always = 2.


  198. Allergic 2 B.S.:

    Never Say Never,

    I'm not wishing any harm on you (whatsoever), nor am I saying
    that ur "downfall" will consist of you physically attacking some1,
    but my point is, while ur sitting up there on ur (so-called) "perfect
    pedestal" (that doesn't really exist in the 1st place, because
    there's no such thing), you outta PRAY that you never end up in a
    situation where ur in DIRE need of forgiveness, because karma
    is a B*TCH, & she always has this way of making hypocrites eat
    their words….

    And like the saying goes, "Famous Last Words."

    Think about it.

  199. jax:

    I'll stick to the Prince tribute.

  200. jax:

    He's not humble.
    And, he won't be until he rids himself of his bullshit, entitled arrogance.
    THAT is the reason why people don't like him (at the end of the day).
    Not just because of his past actions (which can be forgiven with time), but his omnipresent ARROGANCE that continues to not only blind himself, but his stans as well.

    *raises glass*
    Here's to hoping that he will mature. A performance =/= introspection and growth.
    We'll have to wait and see if that happened.

  201. dirtysouthboy85:

    i loved it

  202. johnny:

    Hey everyone is entitled to their opinion. People should be able to post something and not have to have everyone gang up on them. I'm sorry but I don't condone DV nor do I care if Chris browns career is resurrected either. He did pay his time but I just don't care that much about him to say well I forgive him blah blah blah. It's not my place to say. Forgiveness is a choice and not everyone is obligated to do so.

  203. johnny:

    My bad my comment was in response to everyone else not southerngyrl* I'm with u sister on your stance. And why people think they can change your mind? Just like their not willing to change theirs smh.

  204. shaulanaw:

    Rhianna did her share of wrong, but nobody is slapping her around for it, in fact she has done nothing but profited from this entire ordeal, when there are court documents that stated she did in fact hit CB too. With her success comes Jay-Z's success, when she eats he eats. He's the at the top of the food chain for a lot of people, so it's easy for him to throw out threats and get results. That's why CB didn't perform last year. But the funny thing is Jay's a hypocrite that calls women bitches and hoes in his music, oh but because he hasn't actually hit one, it's okay to verbally attack them. People can say what they want about CB, the boy did the damn thing I loved the performance and I feel he deserves a chance to redeem himself.

  205. CiCi:

    Sooo true..and Jay Z did actually hit a woman it's on Youtube.

  206. shaulanaw:

    Thanks CiCi, I was unaware of that, but I will be looking it up. It just amazes me how people wanna act like there isn't 3 sides to this story. (His side, her side, and the TRUTH). He has been made out to be a monster, when I refuse to believe that Rhi is innocent in all of this. As I said before I'll say it again, she has done nothing but profited from this unfortunate event. The interviews she conducted following the incident proves that. I am just glad he is getting a second chance at his talent, everybody makes mistakes.

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