If Ciara & Janet Jackson Had a Dance Off

…who do YOU think would win? Ciara recently made an appearance on Big Boy’s Neighborhood and said that if she was a betting woman, she’d have to drop the bid on herself instead of Janet Jackson. What do you guys think? Listen to the audio and post your thoughts!

PS: Let’s compare Ciara with the OLD school Janet Jackson…

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  1. @DLuxe1:

    Ciara is her half her age, but I agree with you Jia. Old Skool Janet would ETHER this bish.

  2. @SRU_Principal:

    I love both, but the only reason I do love Ciara is because she's a second hand Janet Jackson.

  3. Urgirl:

    OMGeshh both their bodies are SICK!! they are so physically identiaclly in the stomach area!! KEEp IT UP Ladies!! ….my bets are on Cici though :)

  4. guesshoo:

    I dunno… cuz even though Ciara's backbends are PLAYED-THE-HELL-OUT, its still a bomb ass move and takes a bad mofo to pull it off.

    But then again aint no testin Rhythm Nation either…

    Its a toss up.

  5. Jeroen:

    Janet would win, most def!

  6. Miss Jia:

    You already know. I'm sorry but Janet is older now and truth be told, she doesn't move like she use to.

    But let Pleasure Principle or Rhythm Nation Janet get to that ass, mannnnn….Ether 2010, non doubt.

  7. Miss Jia:

    Ci Ci on OLD school Janet?

  8. @GorgeousGeek:

    What is the epitome of all Janet Jackson video's in regards to dancing…so I can compare?… I'm a bit young i guess lol

  9. @Dancinstarrlet:

    Cici vs Old Skool Janet?? GIrl BYE, That aint even a competition. Janet era Janet (circa 1993 for you hoes that don't know) would merk Cici all day. Need we revisit the IF and You Want This videos??? Shit let's take it back to Rhyhm Ntion and the Miss You Much chair routine. Mofos still tryna immulate those moves in 2010! No contest. *drops mic*

  10. @NotSoAverageBev:

    Ciara's dancing is as boxy and straightedge as her body.

  11. Allergic 2 B.S.:


    *tips my hat 2 Janet*

  12. guest:

    CiCi, just because all of u bishes picked janet ha ha

  13. Allergic 2 B.S.:

    Okay….*looooooong haaaaaaard sigh*

    1st & foremost, the "Janet Fanatic" in me, wants 2 SERIOUSLY smack the taste out of
    Ci's (& any1 who agrees w/ her) mouth, while REMINDING her, that if it wasn't 4 Janet
    (& Aaliyah), there would be no Ciara….Respect tha bosses! #JumpingOutThereMuch?

    Now, 2 be fair….Yeah, she'd PROBABLY out dance the "Nothing" Janet….OF COURSE,
    she's in her 40's now, it's not even a fair comparison. It's like a daughter trying 2 compete
    w/ her mother….It doesn't even make sense 2 me. Now, on the other hand, the
    "Pleasure Principle" Janet….Puhleeze, Ciara wouldn't stand a chance, matter fact, none
    of these Janet Wannabes would stand a chance.

  14. ella:

    Old School Janet would DESTROY Ciara. Hell 50 year old MJ on Propofol & sedatives in "This Is It" would demolish Ciara. Janet has more versatile dance style, meaning she doesn't dance like a stripper auditioning for amateur night all the damn time. Ciara can dance but she's limited. The "Promise" video choregraphy was her best & she used JANET'S former choreographer Tina Landon (make your own assumptions)

  15. Allergic 2 B.S.:

    I'm kind of pissed at her comment, because I actually like Ciara, but after seeing this, I
    kind of wanna check her chin….Just 4 a quick sec, but afterwards, remind her that I love
    her & it's still all good. I know ur always suppose 2 think of urself as The Best, but
    things like this….she shouldv'e just kept 2 herself, in my opinion.

    It would be more of a fair question, if she was being compared 2 1 of her peers,
    but the Momma of this….Janet, Mrs. Jackson, If Your Nasty….?

    OH, HELL NAW!!!!!!!

  16. lisa:

    um no child Cici will just do her "Beyonce Except Ten Times Better" moves which isn't saying much. Winding and grinding doesn't really qualify as "dancing"

  17. lisa:

    very rational (side-eye)

  18. TEte:

    Ciara is a great dancer, but to ME she's like the girl in the hood that knows every new dance that comes out and is the 1st one in the club showing everyone up. lol She can dance her butt off, but Janet's dancing seems to fit the whole picture as far as the song she's dancing too and everything. Her moves tend to be choreographed and technical while Ciara look like she just doing some random sh*t she learned in the hood (mostly ass shaking and p-poppin lol). So, I'll go with old school Janet (as if there was any real doubt lol).

  19. Allergic 2 B.S.:


    *smh & scratching the top of it*

  20. Allergic 2 B.S.:

    CO muthaf*ckin Sign!!!!!!!

    And that^ actually makes more sense….Well said.

  21. SKYY:


    And of course you gonna pick yourself in a battle what was she suppose to say? Janet?

  22. sickwitit:

    janet of course!

    think of it this way, janet was doin it in 1987, how many other top female performers were out doing it like that? dont worry ill wait….you know how many influences ciara has had to either borrow from or imitate? every other chick is a dancer/singer nowadays, it wasnt always like that…

  23. @SashaBtheBoss:

    Janet during her Velvet Rope days would have eaten Ciara's half-talented ass alive like JAWS! Hell, Janet during her Fame days would have probably devoured Ciara. How disrespectful for her to even open up her damn lips and compare herself to someone legendary like Janet Damita Jo Jackson.

  24. @SashaBtheBoss:

    HELL YEAH she was supposed to say Janet. * Condescending LOL* The hell do you mean? Ciara wouldn't exist without Janet Jackson because no other female was doing it like that before Janet. Janet was the first woman to have back up dancers and military styled choreography.

  25. Uglycleanbroke:

    Well damn Ciara….looks like you got some more "Dear Ciara" letters headed your way….

    I'm glad Jia added the P.S. though, because as "disrespectful" as Ciara's comment may have been, I would have to take her side if she battled the modern-day Janet. That is only because I've seen some of Janet's recent performances and she seemed to be struggling a bit.

    Ciara vs. Old-School Janet though? Ms. Jackson all day.

  26. HA HA:

    yeeeeeeeeeeeeees,so true!

    but the thing about ciara is,shes also an incrdible dancer but as of 2008,SHES BEEN DOING THE SAME LAME MOVES.


  27. @SashaBtheBoss:

    OH! Lets talk about 40-something year old Janet and her MJ tribute at the MTV awards last year…she KILLED it!

  28. Ya Boi:

    Don't let the stripper moves fool you? Ci has some nice footwork too. I'ma bet Ci!

    And how was her comment disrespectful??? She made it clear in the beginning of the comment that she respects Janet as a dancer?

  29. jess:

    Ciara said she would win the dance off?? That's like Chris Brown saying he'd win a dance off against MJ. MOTHERFUCKERS, YOUR DANCING, NO-SINGING CAREERS WOULDN'T EXIST WITHOUT MICHAEL OR JANET

  30. Tiff:

    Old school Janet would beat Modern Day Ciara in a Choreographed dance…def. But lets ask a different question..who would win in a singing contest?

  31. @SitchoAzzDown:

    old school janet would trump ciara, HOWEVER, since this is now, ciara would beat the hell out of janet's moves now. just saying.

  32. cherie:

    I never liked Ci-Error. This just solidifies my dislike.

  33. bella:

    I distinctly remember the choreographer Tina Landon saying she tried to teach Ciara something similar to the "Miss You Much" chair choreography and Ciara COULDN'T DO IT!!!!
    Janet's short height and more "feminine" body gives her an advantage over that tall tranny

  34. cherie:

    You all need to go watch Janet's "Rock Wit U" and "Make Me" videos. Ciara couldn't do any of that stuff. Sorry she couldn't. Besides, Ciara does strictly hip hop & street dancing. Janet does ALL kinds.

  35. GREG:

    "Some" Music Videos Inspired by Janet
    Mya's "Case of the Ex" < You Want This
    Britney's "Stronger" &"Crazy" < Miss You Much & If
    Cassie's "Me and U" < Pleasure Principle
    Ciara's "Promise" & "Get Up" <Pleasure Principle & Doesn't Really Matter

    *drops mic*

  36. jajaj:

    of course ciara would win janet cant dance on key ciara is a natural dancer..

  37. Kesh:

    As far as freestyle dancing Ciara, I believe would beat Janet, but in choreography Janet is way better. She does it way better with less force.

  38. Spligtown618:

    I agree that Ciara is a better freestyler in her prime than Janet was in hers..but as far as being the better overall entertainer through dance there is no competition Janet has her beat hands down.

    We all know cats like Omarion & Chris Brown can dance..but watching MJ was an experience..he was mesmerizing and the same holds true when you compare watching Janet to Ciara

    Janet's dancing has made her an Icon..i think its safe to say that will never happen for Ciara..and to be honest ive seen people do colder shit on So You Think You Can Dance.

  39. ♫♥☆♪MoN!QU3♫♥☆♪:

    i say ciara right now
    a few years ago i wouldav said janet

  40. johnosahon:


    how can ciara be better than someone she SWAGGER-JACKED?

    it is just like usher saying he is a better dancer then MJ. this girl is drinking crazy juice.

  41. Troy:

    To me, out of respect I think Ciara should’ve kept that comment to herself being that Janet has set the ground work and paved the way for her and though there are no female dancers around that can top Janets dancing whether it was 20 years ago or now. Ciara to me is not a dancer, her moves are very stiff and not exaggerated or even shows any real skill. I’ve seen Janet do moves that Ciara has never done or will never do, and though she does a lot of B-Boy dancing, Janet can do B-Boy dancing, Hip Hop and more. I’m very appalled by her comment and offended especially if she claims she loves Janet. This is what I look at as this generation being very disrespectful to those who have paved the way for them, and look at what the Icons who came before them have done, and taken it as challenges. For Ciara to even part her lips to try to even say she would compete with Janet is so far out I can’t even wrap my brains around. If Ciara remade anyone of Janets video’s I’m sure she would not even hold a candle to Janet, and seeing Janet dance/perform in her 40′s proves to me that Ciara would wished she had the moves Janets got when she turns 40. Poor thing done lost her mind

  42. @LisaGrayson:

    I just had this same conversation with my Cat Daddy! (Long story I'll explain later…maybe in a Ask Miss Jia letter) I was just saying that Janet has some of the best choreography and that Janet would shut some of these girls down! Lest we forget Escapade, Alright,What Have You Done For Me Lately and When I Think of You-back when Janet was a super thick miss- half these performers learned their dance moves from Ms. Jackson herself.

    Lets be honest shall we… Ciara may be a better freestyler…. but Janet is Janet. It's not fair to compare to the two, because quiet frankly, Ciara is nowhere near Janet's level. I think that this conversation should be tabled until Ciara has had at least twenty years in the game, with music that has grown with her life and maturity level and music videos that are classics and mesmerizing. Basically, when Ciara reaches icon status we can have the conversation. Until then, Ci-Ci keep working on your craft, sweetheart, it'll get better….

  43. Momo:

    WATCH THIS! JANETS IF 2008 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTqMSgI4ZNM

  44. i wish i would:

    You said it all I 100% agrre with you. most 3-10 year olds in the hood can dance like CiCi

  45. Janet Serbia:

    U guys got it too serious! This was a joke!
    No one can dance like Janet, The Queen of Pop and Dance.

    Ciara is pretty good but not good enough to be compared with Janet. Ciara got a moves but shye don't have that star power and good presence on stage. Without that it's pointless to be compared with an icon what Janet really is.

  46. leah:

    Janet is a natural dancer just like her BROTHER MJ (the best dancer of his generation) you asshole. Ciara is a booty shaker. #thatisall

  47. leah:

    Ciara wouldn't win at anything but shaking her ass. She can only freestyle just like Chris Brown couldn't do MJ's Thriller choreography. He freestyles it.

  48. terri456:

    This generation has NO respect for those who paved the way.

    This reminds me of
    1) Usher calling himself a "one of a kind worldwide pop icon" while swaggerjacking MJ
    2) Justin Timberlake talking shit about Prince
    3) Trey Songz disrespecting R. Kelly while swaggerjacking his vocal style and attempting to sing his shit

    *shaking my gatdamn head*

  49. Jordan:

    Janet! B/c she does more than pretend to ride d*ck and p pop. Cici #sityonodancinassallthewaythefuckdown

  50. @ailahs7:

    COSIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was thinking the EXACT samething

  51. word:

    Wow, been reading Prince.Org much? LOL

  52. nae:

    Damn i didn't know Tina Landon did the " Promise" video, that was hot choreo. She also does choreo for Rihanna. Wow what a waste of her talent!

  53. Janhova's#1stan:

    Queen Janet rip this dyke's dick off!!!


  54. Janhova's#1stan:


  55. nae:

    Ciara is allowed to think that she is a better dancer than Janet, most dancers have to be confident in their dance so I'm not surprised by her comment. I agree with some above, Ciara is better at freestyle, but Janet is better at choreography. Her moves have been intricate since rhythm nation and not everyone can do that. Ciara will have to branch out to other styles to become a better dancer, not just the same moves she has been doing since "Goodies".

  56. Janhova's#1stan:


    These little ratchet chillren really be feelin' their pussy once they get a little exposure.

    Janet and MJ are the creme de la creme

    No one will ever match to their impact in music, videos and dance


  57. Karen Perch Bovell:

    Can we not use "tranny" as an insult. Thanks.

  58. Nowholdup:

    *walks in*

    Ok, this bitch done lost her mind. You do NOT and I mean, DO NOT! try to play with Janet when it comes to dancing. Janet is 44 years old and Ciara is 24 years old. Now tell me do you all really think Ciara is seeing Janet at 44? I mean, do you really think she could do the moves Janet be doing at 44 years of age? I don't see. Let alone, she could NEVER come for Miss Rhythm Nation- I'm – gonna- slay – the- game- for – 2 – decades – straight! No ma'am! Janet in the 80's and 90's was LIFE. Early 00's Janet slayed everything. Now 2010 Janet can still dance! I went to her Slay withu tour and I couldn't believe a woman in her 40's is really giving it to the kids like this! It was mindblowing.So don't question her dancing ability because of her age. As a matter of fact, Janet with the mushroom haircut singing "Young Love" while doing her signature shoulder bop would EAT Ciara alive.

    and I'm done.

    *walks out*

  59. SoulWithSass:

    *sigh* …… This bears me repeating it again….

    "*sigh*…these hoes ain't got no manners." – Craig (Ice Cube), "Next Friday"
    I hope Janet hears this and does the Rhythm Nation stroll all over Ciara's boyish looking body! I cannot believe this ho would have the audacity….Janet is 50-11 leagues above her! Compare yourself to Beyonce', Teyana Taylor, that rhythm lacking Rihanna, hell, even Britney Spears or Pink if you're feeling really froggy!
    But Janet?! How blasphemous! Janet will eat up Ciara's AMATEUR dance routines and defecate all over her tired ass lacefronts! Ughhhh! I'm so disappointed this evening……

  60. sickwitit:

    i love that craig quote lol

  61. Nemmy.:

    Ciara dances like a black gay "hood" boy….you know, the boy that thinks he's the girl in the video. She can dance….but Janet is a LEGEND of dance.

    Pleasure Principle> Ciara's Career

  62. ...:

    it's one of those "no offense, but…" type comments
    she prefaced it like that to be PC

  63. ...:

    ciara's the best dancer of the "new school" brand of entertainers we have right now, but that's not saying much. she's not innovative or different than anything we've seen 100x before; janet's dancing was/is real, raw, and very emotional. ciara grinds her vagina in my face and thinks that's applicable to every type of song out there, regardless of tempo or intent. i think she could get better, but no way in hell she'll approach janet in her prime ("the pleasure principle"…i rest my case…best music video of all time, IMO). heck, i think an in shape/focused janet of 2010 could give ciara a run for her money.

  64. T-dub:

    All ciara does it make different sex positions u find in cosmo magazine into a dance move by singing while doing the move, half the girls in my hugh school can copy Ciara if they watch her video twice. Janet beats her hands down and this is coming from a 19 year old. P.S. Why do I feel a nasty Dear Ciara, letter coming her way lmao

  65. hmmmm:

    Janet would. Sometimes that breathy shit gets on my nerves. But don't get it twisted, Janet has PIPES!

  66. hmmmm:

    LOL. Tranny was wrong..but you comment was kind of funny.

  67. hmmmm:

    "and to be honest ive seen people do colder shit on So You Think You Can Dance"


  68. jax:

    YAASSS for "Pleasure Principle"

  69. jax:

    Get into Janet's Rhythm Nation 1814 era.

  70. jax:


  71. jax:


  72. Doratheinformer:

    Damn did Janet pay y'all or something? I never could stand Janet Jackson and Ciara is waaaaaay better looking then Janet ever was! Ciara is the shit. When will these old broke down hoes like Janet and Lil Kim sit down and get it through their plastic surgery scarred heads that they can't compete with the new generation out here. Old hoes kill me still up in the club trying to shake your Depends. You need to be taking care of your grand kids instead trying to throw shade on somebody younger, better looking, better singer and better dancer. 30 years ago when Janet was popular I bet some old bishes was trying to compare her to Josephine Bakers old ass.

  73. jax:

    I rolled my eyes when Beyonce said, "My only contemporaries are Usher and Alicia Keys," like it's something to be proud of.

    I'm not here for yet ANOTHER M.J. impersonator.
    I'm not here for a knock-off, female Prince WITHOUT the talent.
    And, I'm not here for delusional pop stars.
    This generations "entertainers" need to SIT.THERE.ASS>DOWN.

  74. jax:

    The only person that I think could compete with "old school Janet" (besides MJ) would be "old school Britney."

    Yes, I know Britney's earlier choreography was heavily inspired by Janet's.
    And, I also know that she destroyed each and every move. Don't ACT like ya'll don't remember. She used to dance her ass off.

  75. lillyy:

    I refuse to imagine an Icon even jokingly entertaining a dance off with a damn Ciara.
    Janet and Michael didn't even take classes to be that great, they just woke up and did AMAZING, CREATIVE, MAINSTREAM moves that all races could appreciate and network tv could air during primetime hours (minus the crotch grab)

    Ciara better GTFOH with her stupidity. She better challenge Omarion, Chris and Usher because she's just like them. Ciara does tricks and gimmicks (Matrix, 1,2, step..girl please) Janet did dance moves that inspired school routines.

    And as someone mentioned, Ride ain't no different from Cassie's Me and U, outfit included, and Um, Ride also featured some Janet moves, how you gone challenge somebody and you using their sh%t. Go Away Ciara

  76. jax:


  77. iolastar:

    Ciara SHOULD feel good about her dancing skills because she has them.

    HOWEVER it just seems and maybe I'm wrong, but it just seems like Ciara will say and do and wear anything to get attention these days. Just look at the post below this one. Look at what she wore to the birthday bash. Look how she dresses when "shopping" with her puppy. It comes across as fake and publicity whorish.

    I would prefer if C iara just kept quiet, dance and come with HITS. I know Ciara was stating what she believes, but comparing herself to Janet is a HUGE NO NO, but I'm sure this is something 50 put in her ear (say crazy shit and watch how people respond, you gon get noticed girl).
    Ciara is a talented artist that is just trying to find her way, unfortunately who has time trying to figure out who the hell she is? Is it Aaliyah, Janet, Beyonce, a Kardashian?
    I feel a Dear Ciara letter coming…

  78. Niles:

    I am a 40 Something diehard Jackson fan, and I think there is no one out there that can touch MJ, but as far as Janet, I have to bet on Ciara. I love Janet, but unlike MJ who gave us plenty of solo freestyle dancing to showcase "HIS" talent. janet has not given us that. Pleasure principle was "ALL" choreographed by Barry Lather. Janet as never given us somthign that was totaly "HER". Ciara has shown us that she can dance without a bunch of backup dancers and choreography. Ciara still has work to do in all the other areas though.

  79. hmmmm:

    You are so right. Ciara has shown us she can pop, lock and drop it. *rolls eyes*. Get out of here with that B.S. Have you ever SEEN as Janet Jackson concert or video. Her moves are tight and she makes they her own. You always see Janet's personality when she is dancing or singing. Don't get me wrong Cici can dance. But as someone else already stated she is like the hood chick that learns all the new dances and does whats trendy. Be honest what has Ciara done that was all "Her". Because as far as I'm concerned strippers have done all the moves she has done for years.

  80. Ya Boi:

    *Old hoes kill me still up in the club trying to shake your Depends.*

    **Logs off and goes to bed**

    You too stupid for that one!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. @thepbg:

    "Pleasure Principle" Janet is my favorite Janet. That's the best video she's ever done.

  82. @thepbg:

    The epitome of all Janet videos is "Pleasure Principle". Not many dance videos even come close, let alone top it.

  83. @thepbg:


  84. @thepbg:

    *does Bro.Franklin* behind this comment!

  85. girl, FLY!:

    *rolls my mothafuckin eyes*

    Girl, please! Right when you said "no one out there that can touch MJ" I knew you weren't even a Janet fan. Have a seat somewhere. MJ's freestyle were just a 5 same moves he did over and over – moonwalk, shimmy, glide, camel walk and repeat. Ciara's "dancing" (if thats what we call it) is basic hoe dancing that you can find ANY girl in the hood can do. Her dancing is not freestyling. She just pops her pussy and ass. Again, basic hoe shit. So don't give me that – Janet hasn't done anything by herself. Most of Janet's choreo is created by her along with another dancer. Oh and FYI Janet helped choreograph the PP. STFU and don't speak on shit you don't know.

    The end.

  86. girl, FLY!:

    "old school Britney" couldn't dance with her stiff ass.

  87. SusantheShadeQueen:

    Ratchet chimp, you fail!

    1. Clarence is no one's beauty queen. That's a man, hunny child! Janet is one of the most beautiful women in this universe. Get that through your nappy head.

    2. These "old broke down hoes" you speak of laid out the blueprint for your untalented faves. End of. AND they still shit on them. PERIOD

    3. DECEASED @ Clarence stans going on and on about age. FAGG, sit. We know your man ain't shitting on no damn body, still a flop at 24 years old, still opening act AND still irrelevant. Cry me a fuckin river. Don't get mad at Janet for still being relevant and slaying at 44 years old.

    4. Janet has never acknowledged Clarence nor has she ever shaded that man!

    Janet looks better. I hope your joking. Like I said, Clarence is NOBODY's beauty queen.

    Janet Is a WAYYY better singer (FAG, you tried that!) Janet's 3 vocal range >>> Clarence squeaking. #thatisall

    Janet is a WAYY better dancer. I'm not here for basic hoe shit that y'all label "dancing". That's not dancing, child.

    The end.

  88. SusantheShadeQueen:

    Janet created most of her moves and she freestyled on The Velvet Rope tour. Don't sleep on Janet. She's truly the greatest female artist/entertainer of all time. Idc if people make fun of her because of her age. Why do people do that, idk but it's stupid as hell! You all would KILL to look like Janet at 44. She's aging gracefully and still loved by many. I don't see anything wrong with that.

  89. @MsGiaRenee:

    let's think about this…
    don't you think it would have been WEIRD if ciara was like "oh janet would win OF COURSE"?
    she HAS to be confident like that! no matter WHAT entertainer she's being compared to..
    now i'm not saying ciara would beat janet, i'm just saying that that's an answer i'd expect ANYONE to give..

  90. whatever,hoe:

    ciara is about as creative as homebrands at the grocery store.

    really bitch? sit the fuck down and make some videos with great concepts like janet before you talk the fuck about dancin. all you do is gyrate and its the same shit over and over.

    im done with this bitch.

  91. Cassandra:

    PREACH! Janet looks good for her age, she has been in the biz since she was a child, not only dancing, but singing and acting, a MF triple threat. Ci error ain't got nothing on this living ICON. By the way i just turned 40 and i love it. It is a blessing to age and age well. I get so tired of these raggedy a** girls, who may be 20 but look 50 always throwing their age up. BEEN THERE, DONE THAT!

  92. Ohmy!:

    *tear drop*

    The Janet stans don't play!!!!!!!

  93. Doratheinformer:

    1. Ciara is not a man. Usually everytime you hear somebody saying that, THEY are one of these hating ass fugly melted butter drinking old fat bishes who can't stand to see a beautiful younger woman IN SHAPE! As for Janet being one of the most beautiful women in the world….. don't thank her thank her plastic surgeon.
    2. Ciara latest video has only been out a couple month's over 7 million hits. Everybody likes it. Unlike Janets last 2 fails.
    3. Don't get mad @ me because everybody in the music industry has an expiration date. Including these Old Ass Hoes. Why is it so hard for old hoes to sit down? Take off your stretch pants, your butts look like a bag of rocks, take off the knee pads your Geritol makes them smell funny, take off your baseball cap with the metal cap on the front, it distracts everybody else from shining when you're playing Bingo. Now her whispery old ass sounding voice matches her age. If Janet wasn't whispering she was yelling, but that's vocal range to her Stans? GTFO here. Janet has fallen and she can't get up.

  94. jax:


  95. jax:

    check out her old live performances around the "Britney" and "In the Zone" era

  96. jax:

    We showed OUT.

  97. bella:

    No insults here. I do believe Cici is a tranny

  98. pez:

    Ci-Error's NON-EXISTENT career wouldn't exist without Janet (the beautiful music icon). Sorry asshole. That's like saying Usher, Chris Brown, and Justin TimberFake are better artists than MJ. NO FUCKING WAY. You stans are pathetic. Why don't you focus your energy on getting BET to lift their ban of Ci-Error's "Ride" video.

  99. pez:

    Britney could dance but she was usually stiff and jerky. No grace or serenity like JJ and MJ.

  100. pez:

    SORRY. You need to watch the Jackson's Variety Show (on YouTube) or MJ's videos like "Jam", "Ghost" & his BAD & DANGEROUS world tour performances. MJ freestyled and did A LOT more than "moonwalk, shimmy, glide, camel walk and repeat". MJ also helped to choreograph most of his music videos. Janet RARELY helps to choreographe her routines. Paul Abdul, Barry Lather, Lavelle Smith, Anthony Thomas, Tina Landon & Gil Duldulao did MOST of the work. I might also add that just because someone says "no one out there that can touch MJ" doesn't mean they aren't a Janet fan.

  101. pez:

    I don't remember Janet throwing any shade @ Ci-Error. That tall manly amazon was the one trying to make herself seem better. It's just like Trey Songz going in on R. Kelly when he knows he swaggerjacked Kellz entire vocal style. Get a grip. Janet & Michael never went around saying they would beat people in dance-offs or that they were the best dancers. That's because they were secure and confident in their talent. These young artists nowadays disrespect LEGENDS WHO MADE THEIR CAREERS POSSIBLE just to get a little fame. Ci-Error needs to focus on getting her Ride video on BET and shut the fuck up.

  102. pez:

    I like Janet but a "true" triple threat has stellar talent at all 3. Janet is mainly good at dancing. She was never a strong singer and her acting is forced a lot of the times.

  103. pez:

    Janet & Michael wouldn't never answer a question like that. They were too CLASSY and HUMBLE to do so. MC Hammer challenged MJ to a dance off back in the day & MJ IGNORED him. Those 2 Jacksons had no time for petty juvenile bullshit. That's what made them the best & influencial to soooo many.

  104. $uP3r$t@r:

    I definitely agree! Janet would kill that contest. Do you hear her sing "Nothing" on American Idol? Or heard her live concerts when she sings "Again" or "Lets Wait A While"? She can def sing. Ciara just can't compare.

  105. $uP3r$t@r:

    I love the *drops mic*! LOL. But I'm in total agreeance!

  106. Southerngyrl*:

    LOL. You know the purpose of this was to give all props to Janet. Anyone who picked Ciara would probably get blasted.

    Bet everyone forgot that Paula Abdul choreographed a lot of Janet's videos.

  107. ella:

    That's an easy one. Just Youtube Ciara's peformance of "Heal the World" @ the 2009 BET Awards. My ears are STILL bleeding *sips tea*

  108. Southerngyrl*:


    who paved the way for MJ? James Brown, Jackie Wilson etc. I am sure they were influenced by others as well.

    I LOVE MJ but he was the FIRST to say he was influenced by the generation before. This is why I loved MJ. He wasn't down for any of this cocky bullshit about him being the "legend" and shit.

  109. Southerngyrl*:


    Please people. Janet and Michael's ass had choreographers. Yes they were amazing but stop changing the past.

  110. Southerngyrl*:

    THIS. I do agree with this shit.

    They didn't have to prove shit to anyone.

  111. $uP3r$t@r:

    You get an appaluse for this comment! LOVED IT!! And I couldn't have said it better!

  112. terri456:

    Unlike the artists of today, MJ NEVER said he was as talented or more talented that James Brown, Jackie Wilson, and Fred Estaire. He ALWAYS showed RESPECT to those 3 pioneers. The things I listed in my post show the DISRESPECT that young artists show to legends on the sly. Remember, reading is fundamental.

  113. Southerngyrl*:

    Psssh, they can show out. Love Janet but she is heavily choreographed. Most videos and such ARE choreographed. I think they have two different styles of dancing. Janet is from the late 80s and 90s. The dancing we did then is totally different from what we see now.

    I think this also goes back to my beef with the whole lets pay homage 150,000 fucking times. Yes, Janet is great. Yes, she did pave the way. But does that mean we can't think other artists who came after were great as well? I doubt Janet will show her ass like lil Kim did though. And Lord knows I don't think Ciara is the bomb shit, but like Janet, she has subpar vocal abilities and she can dance. The shit she does borders on acrobatics rather than actual dancing sometimes, while Janet was more technique.

    Like someone said before, Josephine Baker was the bomb shit during her day. I bet nobody asked Janet if she could outdance Josephine Baker.

  114. $uP3r$t@r:

    Though everyone is intitled to their own opinion, I can't believe you could say some sh** like this!! You probably some young ass teeny bobber sweating the di** of Ciara and these other wack ass new "so-called" artist. Janet is an all around great performer, singing and dancing, and still is to this day. Who is headling the Essence Festival….Ciara??? NOT!!! Janet is! And it's sold out!! Get your sh** together and pay your repects! Janet is the reason you can listen to these wack ass wannabes. And I'm 22 and dig the old and new Janet.

    You rock Ms. Jackson!

  115. $uP3r$t@r:

    My last post was to that retard "Doratheinformer"

  116. wend:

    People need to stop comparing legends to their imitators.

    LEGENDS Imitators
    Michael Jackson > Usher, Justin Timberlake / Bieber, Chris Brown, Omarion, Jason Derulo, Janet Jackson > Ciara, Beyonce, Britney Spears, Mya, Christina Aguilera
    Madonna > Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera

  117. Amanda:

    Janet is far superior to all the wannabe's of today. They all, including Ciara copy Janet's style.
    What an insult to Janet to even compare Ciara to her. No one can touch Miss You much, Rhythm Nation, Nasty, Alright, Love Will Never Do, Pleasure Principle, You Want This, Control, What Have You done for me lately?, Scream(20 years ago and today). No one except Michael even comes close to Janet's dancing skills.

  118. sickwitit:

    i dont see anything wrong with what bey said….who are bigger stars than those three right now?

  119. sickwitit:

    christina aguilera is a vocal beast, wrong category boo

  120. Southerngyrl*:

    Ain't that serious.

  121. Southerngyrl*:

    Reading is fundamental and so is understanding what you have read.

    Except for the R. Kelly thing (AND his pedophile ass certainly gets the side eye) I didn't hear about any of that other shit. It sounds like some bogus sound bites that people have been bandying about. Either way, I think you and some others think they should be doing hail marys and kneeling to their supposed predecessor everytime they perform.

    I know only of a few instances where people have disrespected someone who paved the way. It occurs usually in rap/hip hop though.

  122. Southerngyrl*:


  123. Southerngyrl*:

    Ok, now where is the list to show where MJ, JJ and Madonna got their shit from?

  124. Southerngyrl*:

    Sometimes I wonder if 20 years from now the kids of the people on the board today will be arguing about who is the shit.

    They would have not been alive when JJ was at the top so she may be relegated to the same spot in history that Miss Baker has now.

  125. dinastyinc:

    Y'ALL TOOK THE WORDS RIGHT OUT OF MY MOUTH! LOL I don't even need to read any further.

    Pleasure Principle, Janet danced "non-stop" for 5 straight minutes. 5 mins doesn't sound like much, but when you're dancing, and winded, and can't breathe straight, and sweating, and poppin, and…..well you get the point.

    I STILL love me some Jan, hands down. Sorry, Ciara.

  126. dinastyinc:

    Truly, I mean when Ciara hopped on Janet's "Feedback" remix, I was like "okay, #iseeu Ciara"

  127. Charmaine:

    I got lots of love for Cici but my vote is for Janet!!! Ms. Jackson if ya nasty!

  128. Lady tee:

    Ciara would dance rings around Janet. Now while I give Janet her props.. But Janet is purely choreographed….. I would have to say Ciara could freestyle the shit out of Janet.. but Janet is no sloch.

  129. Brenda Real:

    How does Christina copy Janet? Madonna sure but Janet?

  130. BrendaReal:

    Oh hell no. I know that ghetto tranny is not insulting the Queen Janet. I don't give a fuck about freestyle but Miss Janet can dance her ass off. Ciara rips her off and everyone knows it, she needs to shut the fuck up and show respect. It's like when Justin and Usher rip off MJ, they look stupid cause he was way better. I mean back in the day you didn't see Paula Abdul and Janet fighting over who was a better dancer cause they have class and showed respect. Someone needs to school that bitch Ciara.

  131. HoneyBee:

    just because paula abdul choreographed her shit doesnt mean Janet was on top of her dancing shit. Aaliyah had Fatima Robinson Choreographing for her!! Ciara doesnt need a choreographer cause all she does is pussy pop on a handstand

  132. HoneyBee:


  133. Nikki Nice:

    damn right….Christina would murder Beyonce, Britney, Mya AND Janet in a vocal match…however…she doesn't dance either.

  134. Dave:

    Janet is choreographed. Ciara can dance both on spot (natural) & choreography. People really only saying Janet "Primarily" because she's a legend, but I think Ci would give Janet something to really go INN for at LEAST.

  135. David:

    I can agree with that

  136. Dave:

    please, y'all get her shaking her ass quite the few times, & that's the only thing she can do. Sit!

  137. Dave:

    I full out agree w/ this!!

  138. Dave:

    I completely agree, but if u still think Ciara has subpar vocal get into her recent ustream @ ustream.tv/ciaralive . Her vocal arrangements, tone, riffs & runs, & harmonizations are on POINT!

  139. Dave:

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tell them

  140. jax:

    "Rock Wit U" is my favorite Janet video

  141. jax:

    don't be disrespectful.

  142. jax:

    Call 'em OUT!

  143. HoneyBee:

    she should have compared herself to Teyana Taylor.
    NOW that's a debate…
    come on Ciara vs. Janet?
    Why is this even a debate. Old School Janet, New School Janet who cares JANET PERIOD will reign supreme.
    Now, Ciara vs. Teyana Taylor?
    Ciara will still LOSE imo.
    Teyana Taylor will murk her.

  144. HoneyBee :

    Also, of course she would be confident and say herself but I think she should have been humble enough to say the two couldn't be compared because she is a legend. To me its all about Respect if they would have asked MJ who was better him or James Brown i'm pretty sure he wouldn't have said "OH ME WITHOUT A DOUBT" who would have said " I don't compare myself with him because I learned from him etc etc"

  145. jax:

    MJ got his stuff from James Brown and Fred Astaire.
    JJ got hers from MJ, her choreographers, and Sly and the Family Stone
    Madonna got hers from Cyndi Lauper, Cher, Martha Graham, Rudolph Nureyev, Fred Astaire and Janet Jackson (said from her own mouth).

    Almost everyone after the innovators (James, Aretha, Fred, Lil' Richard, Ray, etc.) got it from someone before them.

  146. hmmmm:

    How do you know they did "MOST" of the work? Were you there…didn't think so. Don't be mad because Ciara is little more than a stripper. i.e. Love Sex Magic.

  147. hmmmm:

    You are a fail. Janet is a strong singer and her acting is RIDICULOUS. Get the fuck out of here.

  148. Arrielle Brown:

    I was just thinking this. I think she purposely half asses it but if given the oppourtunity….You'd see the old Janet come out. Im going to have to ride with Janet.

  149. Ashten4Real:

    There's dancing and then there's grinding. Janet dances while Ciara grinds. Don't get me wrong, I liked Ciara in 1, 2 step as well as the song she did for one of the dance movies. Janet can still wow the crowd without being naked and grinding the floor or man. I will say that Janet did give us a hint of that when she did that video for "if"

    JANET ALL DAY!!!!!!!

  150. @Dancinstarrlet:

    *deaddddddd* @ Crazy juice! hahah But I so agree

  151. @Dancinstarrlet:

    YASSSSSSSS! Let them have IT! #boom lol

  152. @Dancinstarrlet:

    Soooooooooooo *DEAD* @ this response. OMG i'm crying from laughter. lol She def tried it with coming for Janet. *high five*

  153. Nykitia:

    OKAY I think ya'll are trippin everybody with a brain no Ciara would tear Janet out the frame when it comes to dancing. Come on son!!!! You know what I'm gettin so tired of ppl saying that everybody from the ol skool and beat anything in the new skool. go somewhere with that man…. there are somethings that this generation has done that are better than ol school… think about it

  154. @sincerelyAnitra:

    *dies of laughter* *comes back to life just to leave a comment and to die from laughing again*
    1. When Ciara does Miss You Much, Rhythm Nation, IF, or Pleasure Principle then yall will have permission to speak. Cici can probably get with J bc of her age but as far as out dancing her,lol sit that shit all the way down and go bury yourself in a grave with that matrix move.
    2. Let's not forget about the All For You era (2001)…All For You, Trust A Try (youtube Trust A Try All For You Tour in Hawaii), Doesn't Really Matter, and All Nite … look them up*

  155. @sincerelyAnitra:

    and All Nite was Damita Jo era in 2004 *still laughing* uh oh DEAD

  156. girl, U MAD.:

    Girl, are you serious? LMAO!

    Christina's music and performances are crafted after Janet's. Christina said so herself that she looks up to Janet and Madonna because they're fearless women who take chances (something like that)

  157. girl, U MAD:


    Janet got her style from herself. Case closed. NO ONE was doing what she did in the 80's, 90's and even today. She's one of a kind.

    Now Madonna obviously rips off A LOT of artists.
    MJ took bits of his style from old classic actors and artists (James Brown, The Bee Gees)

  158. CHRIS:


  159. girl, U MAD:

    Eh this comment is the definition of a DELUSIONAL fan.

    Ciara's not a good singer at ALL and that ustream vid only proves it.

  160. chris:

    my last post was for doratheinformeres dumb ass as well!

  161. girl, U MAD:


    Ciara would beat Janet in a booty shaking contest NOT in a dance contest. CASE CLOSED. I'm not here for chicks with dicks that do stripper moves.

  162. girl, U MAD!:

    Girl, PEWM!!!

    Ciara would NOT tear Janet in a dance competition. Again, all she does is the same moves over and over. And they're all ghetto hoodrat moves.

    I'm here for REAL dancing. I'm talking precise moves and innovation and don't sleep on Janet. She has freestyled on her tours.

  163. girl, U MAD:

    WTF are you talking about?

    Josephine Baker passed away when Janet was 9 years old. It would make more sense if you said Diana Ross instead.

  164. HoeSIT:

    People are saying Janet because Janet actually dances instead of doing fast, athletic stripping moves.

    Janet is a natural dancer
    Clarence is a stripper.

  165. girl, FLY!:

    Janet DOES help with her choreography. I'm sick in fucking tired of people acting like Janet doesn't do shit with her own work. Janet's own choreographer say she's the one that comes ups with most of the moves. They bring ideas to the table and Janet branches out from them. There's even a video of her choreographer saying this on Youtube.


    Pez, hun. YOU are a troll ROFL! I've seen you on the Janet forums and you're ALWAYS being dragged by the strands. You're just a bandwagon fan. That's all.

    Janet is a triple threat. This woman has been entertaining the world since she was just 7 years old. Singing and dancing since age 9. Acting since age 7. Seriously, you can't tell that's a talented woman.

    She's a great singer (Idc what anyone says) – Her vocal range is great and her emoting can't be touched.

    She's an amazing entertainer – No one puts a show like Janet.

    She's the best female dancer of all time.

    and she's a good actress.

    She's a great writer, producer AND arranger. Janet is the one to come up with her classic melodies

    Now go have a seat. I bet your trolling ass would say CRAPDONNA is a triple threat.


  167. @time4hottopics:

    lady…u need more people…JANET ALL DAY!

  168. @time4hottopics:


  169. @time4hottopics:


  170. Laudiea:

    The answer is too simple. HAS ANYONE EVER HEARD OF AN INTERVIEW WHEN JJ WAS ASKED A RIDICULOUS QUESTION SUCH AS THIS about any other singer/dancer. Hell no!!! She is above such an absurd thing. She invented the game and need not be compared to any of the wannabe's. Case closed!

  171. Miss Jia:

    All ciara does it make different sex positions u find in cosmo magazine into a dance move
    This slayed my life…..

  172. Miss Jia:

    Ima have to respectfully disagree with you on this one.

    Now, I love me some Britney Spears but that bitch ain't touching SHIT Janet Jackson (re: old school). I can't think of ONE dancer aside from MJ that could f-ck with OG Janet. Not happening.

    I think Ciara is an amazing dancer (as is Chris Brown) but I also think that she let the "cocky dancer" in her speak on this one. She's not touching the hem of Janet's garment.

  173. Miss Jia:

    You already know!

  174. J Danielle :

    I think it's hard to know whether Ciara could beat Janet because Ciara, unfortunately, doesn't emphasize dance as much as she should. So I don't think we've seen her full repertoire, where is with Janet we've seen that she can do so much.

  175. HoneyBee:

    what has our generation done better than old school? i'm 23 and still listen to old school likes its nothing… so I ask you… WHAT? and thats to nykitia

  176. give me a break:

    damn where the heck are ciara's curves? she is straight up and down.

  177. LadyS:

    Ms. Jackson would outdance C-Error any day! Ciara can only pop her scrawny azz! Janet is a dancer, I mean Ciara is good, but she is not Janet. She tries to be Janet though, but there is only one Janet Jackson.

  178. Kae:

    Janet will def win… i mean the Jackson family trully understands hard work… Janet dances for hours at a time.. CiCi cant keep up.. but i still Love Ciara tho.. But Janet is the best!

    sN: Janet has more dance moves, Ciara kinda tends to only one style of dance

  179. bitch what?:

    bitch, if it hadnt been for janet these females wouldnt even been doing these damn videos.

    ciara's done the same shit over and over in all her damn videos. you wouldnt know the definition of dancin if someone showd you a damn documentary.

    before you start tellin folks to think about things, you might wanna check janets repertoire. they call it a resume too. i wish janet kick you in the mouth while she bustin them moves.

  180. oh really?:

    the only one ciara needs to compare herself too is royce reed at that infamous poolparty. thats about all ciara knows about ''dancing'' no one would hire her as a serious choreographer or ask her opinion cus bitch knows SHIT about dancin.all that bitch does is bootypop.

    i think its time for a dear ciara letter. wish that bitch got caught in a fire instead or keri hilson

  181. Robert Leon Dixon:

    Ok have anyone seen Janet freestyle….I mean no choreographed stuff…..given her Rhythm Nation was on POINT….but remember a Dance-Off isn't a choreographed type deal…it's a freestyle and for that I got to give it to Ci-Ci…cause even though ya'll right about Janet and Aaliyah paving the way for Ciara…let's face it…Janet stuff be choreographed to the max…she just kind of makes it her own…and Aaliyah she was more smooth and simple….that's just my take on the whole situation.

  182. leah:

    To ME it is. GET OVER IT!!!

  183. pez:

    I'm NOT a Ciara fan & I happen to think JANET is the better dancer. Stop ASSuming

  184. pez:

    Janet's acting is mediocre now. She was a good actress when she was a child. As for movies, Poetic Justice was her only impressive performance.

  185. lisa:

    Who in the fucking hell thinks Janet is a strong singer? Only a stan would believe that. She is an icon, a legend, but YOU get the fuck out of here with that BULLSHIT lmaooooooooooo

  186. pez:

    I'm actually a JANET fan (NOT a stan, which your crazy ass seems to be)
    I can't stand MaNdonna & I've never been on a Janet forum. Remember, when you ASSume. I'm

  187. wend:

    I wasn't talking about vocals, I was talking about influence & legacy. MADONNA is a legend. Xtina is NOT. Case closed.

  188. lisa:


    Janet got *some* of her style from her brother and the influence of Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis

  189. wend:

    Christina is NOT legendary. I wasn't talking about vocal ability.

  190. lisa:


  191. Fii:

    Ciara better than Janet? BLASPHEMY!

  192. nice_slow1:

    Janet All the way. Ciara can't even begin to hang.

  193. @dinastyinc:

    See. No wonder anytime I think of Ciara (and dancing) I think of Promise.
    BAM! And there it is.

  194. TrustAndBelieve:

    This has got to be the dumbest sh*t this chic could've ever said. Ciara must've fell somewhere & bumped her head if she think she could dance better than Janet, then or now. Here's the thing, no matter how good a person thinks they R, they should still respect the fact that someone that they've looked up to or emulated since they were in pampers be respectful. Her comment to the interviewer who is apparently young, these younger interviewers & artist have no respect 4 anyone, to them things R always a threat or competition, but her response in the most humbling way, no matter how bad she thinks she could dance better than Janet should've been, I have to give it up to Miss Jackson, because without her, I would not be in the business, end of statement,

  195. TrustAndBelieve:

    I've been reading how people say old school Janet, new school Janet. Janet has been dancing just as long as Michael had been dancing when he started they R the reigning King & Queen of dance. Let us not forget Janet's Alright, Pleasure Principle, Get Up, So Excited, Scream with her brother MJ dancing a routine with her, If, You want this, Feedback, Make Me, When I think of You, Doesn't Really Matter, even the music video Son Of A Gun, where she just walks through the entire video wears Ciara's hillbilly dancing ass back to the streets. Janet was just doing the Chicken Noodle Soup dance in one of her routines on Good Morning America. When u think of Dance, the first person that comes to mind is Janet-Michael, Michael-Janet. Lets not forget June 2010 on American Idol where Janet showed again, why she is the reigning Queen of Dance, a few moves from Nasty & the press was all over her.

  196. SusantheShadeQueen:

    She has a 3 vocal range, goose

    She's a damn good singer.

  197. SusantheShadeQueen:

    You fail, moose. Just like that nose of yours.

  198. SusantheShadeQueen:

    Eh Aaliyah couldn't dance for shit. That's a fact. Janet has freestyled on her Velvet Rope tour and freestyling can be choreographed.

  199. Kita:

    Really boo plz go and look at that IF video anybody can do it, when i waz a lil girl i could do that, chile boo, now I know you need an asprin cuz you hurt. really rhythm nation are you guys really lookin at these videos before you post because if you go and look you can see that you can walk through all of her videos and do them just cuz she is ancient don't mean that shes the best theres alwayz ppl that can do the same shit!!!!
    Now go look at sum CiCi videos and tell me you can do the same…. Get real
    Just because there an ICON doesn't mean that nobody can do something better than them, and as for all that bullshit you talkin homegirl cum on not necessary gro up its an opinion and apparently one that is valid to have you tryna spit such venom.
    Lets act a lil civilized…

  200. Kita:

    Dang thats whats up I'm 23 , and i still listen too old skool too, but on to the subject lol…..
    okay Jennifer Holiday or Jennifer Hudson
    can you answer that honestly and not on some who came 1st kinda crap but vocally who is better?
    Here's a list
    Beyonce, Chris Brown, and i even gotta take it there Christina Augurella, Jamie Foxx….. you mean to tell me that because of the year some of these performers were born is gonna dictate whether they are better than the next person.
    And if you wanna get technical back in the day a computer waz a giant calculator and look at our technology now, yes you gotta give it to them for the idea and being innovative but at the end of the day with time someone alwayz comes along that is sharper and can do something that is better than that ol thang you invented..

  201. Kita:

    1st off homie y I gotta be a bitch damn!!!
    2nd of all I dance down at the center in Boston, and i guess janet invented dancing be real!!!
    And i apologize if you took offense to the fact that I asked ppl to think about what i was sayin and my opinion instead of reading and pushing it to the side…
    And boo I love Janet and her music but doesn't mean that Aaliyah or Ciara can't dance better… I mean there's a girl on youtube named LUAM that teaches dance that can dance better than Janet.
    Now what….
    And I wish a hoe woluld ever get a chance to bust me in the mouth!!!!

  202. Kita:

    Omg!!! thank you Skyy someone that gets it….. Yes Imma ride wit you on that one 2

  203. ithl:

    This topic is old now, but I had to comment.

    I think Ciara should've kept it respectful and not said anything. Her career is patterned after Janet's, it was Janet who paved the way for her, not the other way around.

    Also, I agree old school Janet would annihilate Ciara, but I feel ya'll are sleeping on present day Janet Jackson.

    I want to see Ciara come for a 38 year old Janet doing the "All Nite" (Don't Stop) Routine.

    I want to see Ciara come for a 40 year old Janet doing the "So Excited" routine (go to youtube and check out Janet's performance on the 2006 Billboard Awards, she destroyed that stage)

    I want to see Ciara come for a 43 year old Janet doing the breakdown to "Scream" at the MTV awards last year.

    Old School Janet would murder Ciara, but don't sleep on present day Janet. She can still hold her own against anyone who wants to come for her.

  204. The Ultimate :

    oh PULEEEEEZ…Ciara would so lose in a Dance off with Miss. Jackson… they are so much out of league Janet is like The QUEEN of Dance how can anyone try to test that even when Janet is in her 60's and in a wheelchair Ciara could never beat her… Did ya'll see the "Make Me" video… the woman still and will forevermore have it… putting Ciara up against Janet now would be a disgrace to see Janet embarass Ciara not to mention the Janet from "Pleasure Principle" and "Rhythm Nation"
    wat Cici needs to do is sit her butt down and learn from the best… which is janet.

  205. U DoN't kno M3 NoWaY:

    Usually i don't respond to bloggers, (yal so sensitive & some/most are HATERS)…… Really, it depends on the person! There are different styles to dancing, personally, i like Ciara dance moves better!!! LETS BE REAL…… Janet Jackson cant touch Ciara,Janet not a bad dancer… nothing i care to see, Ciara start dancing and u cant take ur eyes off of her, and u not going to change the channel, she keep u entertained. The only reason y ppl would say Janet is b/c of "OLD SKOOL". Dont get me wrong Janet seems real sweet in all (R.I.P to M.J) but Ciara is more into hip hop, her moves make the sound SOUND better!!!

  206. Simone:

    Everyone on here talking about old skool Janet would ether Ciara.

    In my opinion, neither old skool or Janet at 40 something could compete with CiCi, you have to remember, Janet would disappear for years to learn choreographer from Tina!

    Ciara is a dancer like teyanna taylor, they can just do the damn thing, Janet is a trained dancer and she's even spoke about that on Oprah once. She can fck with CiCis freestyle or choreograph, I'm sorry. They don't even have the same style, but if there was an on-the-spot competition, CiCi hands down. Review pleasure principle, loved the video, all it is, alot of vogueing and jumping on chairs. Thinkg Promise video, think the Oh video, and the Ridin video is a lil R-Rated, but I aint mad, that's a bad bish.

  207. Catherine:

    idk if you think about it they both are different dancers some of their moves are a little similiar but other then that they are 2 different women from t2 different generations so their moves are similiar but still not the same

  208. Catherine:

    ..soOo saying that it would most likely be a tie

  209. kikisf:

    ciara has a lot of natural talent but she hasn't come close to doing the kind of complicated dance routines that janet does. the younger generation videos are just splice and cut from different camera angles mixed in with a lot of posing. (with the exception of single ladies thank Beyonce for keeping it old skool!) Janet would mop Ciara up of the flo

  210. Darren:

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES! Janets choreography is very versatile.Control-Damita Jo era Janet would've destroyed Ciara.Janet doesn't give it her all like she used 2 and I don't think it's because she can't.I think it's because she feels she has nothing to prove.I would even bid on the Janet of today…

  211. goddes2000:

    Man Janet all day…… Ciara is wack as f**k! Old school or new school janet will kill her a** in a heart beat……Ciara do that hood s**t and i bet if janet wanted to she will kill her in the to!!!!!!!! Janet team over here

  212. goddes2000:

    what planet do you live on huh? GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE WITH THAT BULLSHIT YOU TALKING!!!!!!! Ci-error it wack as fuck and if it wasn't for janet her ass would not be…….Ci-error is a hood dancer and janet is a true dancer please get your report right before you say stupid s**t like that….OMG

  213. goodes2000:

    OMG…are you high?

  214. joe abercrombie wiki:

    I can see now it is flaming adequate for me to comments :)thank you to the wonderful photographs

  215. LadyElle:

    All Ciara does is spread her legs, bend backwards and pop her coochie. There's no comparison to Janet. PERIOD!!!

  216. marsha:

    Ciara is good i'll give her that but she is not better than Janet!

  217. Ian Ordner:

    Thanks for a pleasant article!

  218. te7221:

    janet.ciara is a hip hop dancer janet is a sexy dancer

  219. te7221:

    them videos wasnt inspired they were jacked why would you want the same scene in your videi after somebody else already done it you are a copycat i could see another scene or set up but the same video beyonce and the other young artist is suppose to take it step higher than michael and janet not copy try and remix to get ahead none of michael or janet videos are seen in noone elses videos and they didnt jack them.beyonce has jack more and copied more artist to get to the top than any artist white or black in history at least we know shes not brillant like the jackson make sure that they videos and songs are different and original not beyonce

  220. Crash:

    I do not know. Perhaps, Janet. It is more original.
    But I've never been impressed with Janet and Ciara dancing.
    This is not the level of Fred Astaire, Nicholas Brothers, or MJ.
    Any one move Michael impressed more than a dance Janet (imo)

  221. Bridget:

    I LOVE Janet EVERYONE knows I do, but isn’t Ciara a trained dancer?

  222. Just saying:

    How are you going to be mad at the girl for having some confidence? He never said old school Janet he said Janet which I would take to mean current Janet. And Ciara choreographs her own moves, Janet doesn't. Janet's choreographer was the bomb back in the day but if it were artist vs. artist freestyle Janet couldn't do it she doesn't choreograph at all.

  223. Vernita Maranan:

    Alison would love to send you a copy of Freckenham parish Magazine which has lots of lovely pictures of your visit to us in July may i have an address. Hope all well with you both, still getting lots of positive comments from your visit to us which is lovely! Cecilia

  224. PattyCakes657:

    Its crazy how may people are saying Janet!!! lol…ok Janet was here first but that doesn't mean anything Ciara can slay the old and new Janet Jackson. The old Janet could groove… true but Ciara can groove and do extra's she's like a modernized new and improved old Janet…watch some videos if you think I'm lying then think to yourself hmmm has Janet ever done anything like this…can she even move like this… and the answer will be NO. Not taking anything away from Janet, she's a legend and will always be.

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