Dear Celebrity: Nicki Minaj

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Re: Vibe Out Takes and TMZ ‘rented lambo’ report

Dear Nicki Minaj (Harajuku Barbie, Ms Lewinsky, ninja? Or the 50 other aliases you have created to hide the fact you’re a fake),

Please go away….

When I first came across your quirky videos on You tube I gave you minimal yet some credit for basically remaking every Lil Kim, Biggie song..Borderline HORRIBLY. You were a cute imitation, wasn’t really sure how far your “bump curl church bang” lacefront would get you in the industry but hey…We can all dream right? Fast forward 2009 here you are in all your silicone glory! Boobs, hips, a pumped up behind and the bad lacefront to match. Your lyrical style transformed from raw Brooklyn to Lil Wayne’s leftover 16 bars and creepy ramblings. You have choice subliminal words for every female rapper in the game, with only a few mix tapes to boast your superiority. Besides the legion of brainwashed teen “Barbie’s, and “Ken dolls” us educated hip hop fans have a few valid questions to ask since your are the new self proclaimed “Baddest B**tch.”

1. Why does your whole wardrobe consist of latex? Tacky corsets only dared to be worn by sunset strip prostitutes are your claim to fame. You don’t own pants? Leggings for every day of the week….I bet u have a tab for vagisil at Walmart *kanye shrug*

2. Are you really Bisexual? The charisma between you and Usher’s lead girl was minimal. Oprah and Stedmans “sex room” has more chemistry. Besides letting the bald headed beast crotch hump you on “massive attack”…Something’s telling me this gimmick isn’t a personal choice.

3. When will you admit that your “funny style of rap” is really to hide your obvious learning disorder. Your “ YABBA DABBA DOOING” and metaphor styles are remedial. Im actually waiting for you to rap humpty dumpty on your next Young money track. Oh yea please don’t blame Ol Dirty Bastard for your inspiration again..EVER. R.I.P

4. Did you really “penny, nickel, dime, coin ” the phrase “Barbie” last time I checked Mattel did..You better hope the “man” don’t sue that ass..

5. Will you take responsibility for the fact that you’re the worst thing for young black girls since “unemployment checks were discovered by lazy people”… ATTENTION your army of “Barbz” are failing 5th grade.

6. The BIG question: entertain us with this one.. How does your ass shape shift? Do you think the truth will surprise us that much? *sighs* Oh well Tyra’s been lying for 15 years so I guess you’re on the right track

So Miss Minaj… To sum it all up. All new artists go through public scrutiny and your buffoonery is a magnet to it. It’s unfair to self proclaim yourself the “Baddest Bitch” when you don’t even have one album to show for all your preforming, and media blunders. Sneak dissing legends, and upcoming free style rappers won’t get you anywhere but modeling akademiks clothing in XXL.. Step your cookies up! Even “bum bitches” pay their car notes… *coughs* pink Lambo



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  1. @VaunTV:

    Dies instant DEATH!!!! @ "Your “ YABBA DABBA DOOING” and metaphor styles are remedial. " lawd lmaooo iCant

  2. Brandy,IDntBlogH8:

    Cot D@mn!!!



  4. guesshoo:

    #Shoutout to the exceptional grammar in this letter!


  5. nickifan2011:

    Wat this is the worst letter in the world if Nick wanna have a fake ass then let her nd her wigs don't look bad nd this chick who wrote this trying to throw dirt on nicki

  6. Anonymous:

    SO. MUCH. FAIL. Jia, I'm sorry that a person with such low IQ submitted their opinion to you. Where is this person's multiple hits and singles on Billboard..oh yeah, right. They don't have any. Nicki Minaj is here to stay, sry2say.

  7. Shelly:

    LMAOOO I love these Dear Celebrity letters!

  8. Anonymous1:

    It amazes me how young women can take up for a woman who wouldnt even pay them as much respect as to give out scholarships to highschool. Since she loves her Barbies so much. No, she'd rather sign there breasts.. So not degrading *sarcastic voice*.. Ah the future of young black america

  9. jess:

    Nikki Minaj and Lil Kim can both go to hell. Two whorish dumb ass black women made of plastic wrapping bullshit. Here's hoping they MELT.

  10. ROCK:

    Pssssshhhh……don't like to us this word…but damn…Nicki Minaj have Haters for real…it's sad…because while she is living her life…haters will still hate, because they don't have a life…Get one!

  11. Anonymous1:

    The term "Hater" is used too frequently by those who are Infamous. 90% of the time people actually do dislike you. It might be because you are an idiot or you have ruined something great.

  12. JROC1:

    @anonymous lmao.. no hate on nicki (id still smash) but… when did she ever have a billboard hit .. without Wayne or young money??

  13. MY22CENT:

    Toi has wayyyy too much time on her hands to go on such a rant. Nicki is an artist, she's just doing her job and tryna keep the checks rollin in… takin shots at legends…. eh if it gets you attention go for it just be ready for battle. pump ya butt and tits if ya got the money for it. fuggit you only got 15 minutes so how u gon act?

  14. sickwitit:

    besides 'warning' and 'jumpoff' what other kim/biggie song has nicki remade?

  15. Michelle:

    I agree about her "bisexuality." It seems like she wants attention.

  16. Joja86:

    You forget her stage presence…that horse walk she does back and forth has been getting to me. Please Nicki go back to your original style…you've gained media attention already

  17. ashley:

    While it is only 2:22 in the afternoon, I will be going to bed now after reading "Oprah and Stedmans “sex room” has more chemistry" lmao GOODNIGHT

  18. SequoyaAllen:

    Way to go Toi….bump yall that dont like the letter…Artist have too much influence over children of today and knowing you have that much power wouldnt you want to set a good example??? Girls that are 10 and up are looking at Nicki like they wanna be her! The image that Nicki is setting is just not cool period, point, blank! it has nothing to do with hating..its the TRUTH!!!

  19. kyle cash:

    whoever wrote this, and then posted it is god damn dumb. it really sucks to just live off of pure hatred.
    1. ive seen jeans, booty shorts, dresses, skirts, leggings, tights, spandex.. all of which every girl in america wears (god damn dumb #1)
    2. who cares what sex she prefers? really… and if youre not bisexual why would one claim to be? (god damn dumb #2)
    3. her "funny" style of rap has gotten her pretty damn far hasnt it? also does the moron who wrote this know she was nominated for best verse of the year? aaaaand what the fuck is lil kim rappin… sure as shit nothing hard
    4. what does her lyric "i done penny nickle dimed im done coined the phrase" have to do w/ mattel or barbie?
    5. are you one of the people who cant graduate? since you have no god damn clue how to write an opinion piece? and by the fucking way, what other rapper is providing their fans w/ scholarships please?
    6. her ass is her obviously not real, but the men out there dont seem to be hating. you must be sporting a god damn pancake.

  20. kimmi-lee:

    I'm not a Fan of Nicki Minaj,..But I truly don't understand when someone get hated on when they didn't do or say anything wrong, That shit is so High School…The person that wrote this probably took about 2hrs to dig this shit up and type it out, So while Nicki Minaj is going about her business and not giving a care in the world and making money we may never see ourself's, this person is stuck behind a computer hating..And to go as low talking about someone has a obvious learning disorder, WTF.. Just another hater with too much time on their hands putting together a Rant that's supposed to show the world that Nicki Minaj is fake.I bet if Nicki Minaj wasn't as big as she is today, she wouldn't even have one hater, I guess it's true when someone gets too successful your going to have haters..It just shows pure Jealousy…

  21. Haaaa:

    Hater is a misused word. Some ppl may just not like her. It's an opinion duh.
    I don't see how the writer could possibly have a low IQ. The letter was actually written well.
    @MY22CENT um legend??? That's a bit extreme.

  22. tehBlah:

    Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait….wait.

    Are you insinuating that Onika Maraj has "hits?" Is charting at the top of Billboard's Bubbling Under R&B something to brag about? Has Nikita even done that much? And THANK GOD somebody finally brought up those leggings. I was beginning to think I was the only one who noticed she wore the same ensemble on a daily basis throughout the Young Money era.

  23. chloe:

    well BITCHES THIS IS MY FRIEND WHO WROTE THIS!!! i know ur a nicki fan but damn she stating the obvious!!!!!

  24. tehBlah:

    I find it offensive that you use the Lord's name in vein close to ten times to defend Onika Marajj. What…a waste.

  25. Nice:

    I guess kyle cash is Nicki's public defender. Why are u so angry? And what exactly is the correct form to write an opinion piece? Is it cuz she doesnt share your opinion of Miss Minaj? Most of yall stans are killing me as I type. Nicki is not everyone's favorite female rapper. Get over it. Name one rapper that hasn't been disliked or not a favorite of everybody. Most of yall weren't listening to her since Playtime is Over, where she was actually doing sum thorough shit.

  26. Jess:

    seriously she is saying the obvious!!! nicki is cool but just cause your a fan doesnt mean everything she say and do makes her the baddest bitch!!! be real this is all to sell cds and make her self the baddest bitch out there. would you want your child to say that their BARBIE??? barbie is plastic, fake that kids play with SHES NOT REAL!!!

  27. jakwuan:

    cosign jess……
    nicki new image is roman zolanski who is based off a man who molested young girls!!! What does that have to do with young girls??? I KNOW WHAT IT MEANS…SHE MOLESTING YOUNG GIRLS MINDS MENTALLY!!! and you "barbies" our falling for it!!!!

  28. Kai:


  29. MC Lyte:

    Some of your points fail by fail.
    1. No most women do not wear hoe clothes, etc and all that other shit unless they are on the track or they strip for a living.
    2. It's not about caring about her sexuality it's about being honest with it. Why would someone who's main audience still hates their homeroom teacher as the main problem in their life focus so much on sexuality and preferences give the girls a chance to figure it out for themselves without encouraging them to do something she doesn't even do honestly.
    3.She raps like she has cerebal palsy. Just because a dumb ass gets nominated for something; all that means is a dumbass did the nominating.

  30. MC Lyte:

    4. Mattel is notorious for suing the draws off of people for fucking with their Barbie Icon, name and image. If she can't afford to pay for fixing the Lambo. She cannot afford to fuck with Mattel.
    5. Before you criticize someone else's opinion piece make sure your shit is tight. Yours is not. It's a blog not a goddamn English Lit assignment. Don't go there unless you want to keep it there.
    6. I love Nicki's ass real or fake, I don't care I like women with big round nice booty's. But having a nice booty does not mean you have talent, sorry ladies. But ad homenim attacks on the writer just because you don't like their opinion is childish. It's like me saying you must be musty sittling there typing without a clue about you. lol.

  31. Kristibaby:

    LOL! Love it!

  32. Kristibaby:

    double agree!!! You're whole argument was cancelled after that. Can disrespect God but defend a woman who is not doing anything for Him or our community.

  33. MC Lyte:

    We can all talk about Nicki until the cows come home as my grandma used to say. But, honestly can I get one hit record? One hit video? One song that is memorable? This whole Nicki Minaj package feels like someone in the world or the music industry is playing some sick game on us the listeners/fans of Hip Hop to determine A.) Just how far they can push someone with no talent based soley on looks to become a successful 'recording' artist. And B.) How far can the fake it until you make concept go? Just because you say she's successful is she? Where are the Gold, Platinum plaques? Where are the Billboard hits? Where are the Grammy's? People's Choice, MTV Awards? It's not happening because her music sucks. Since when is telling the truth on somebody's punk ass hating?

  34. mialove:

    if ya'll haven't realized everybody who states THEIR OPINION is a HATER. that's how the world thinks you can't have an opinion without hating so if that's the case let her hate in this letter. I found it quite amusing and so true though. You have little girls saying 'I'm a harajuki barbie, let me put my puddsy on your sideburns" but can't even solve this equation in school 125×3+23799/2. this generation is sooo messed up and they have Nicki Minaj to look up to, isn't that great. *sarcasm

  35. ...:

    i'm pretty sure the person who wrote this letter isn't trying to be a performer, so the fact that they haven't charted on billboard is irrelevant as hell. u mad?

  36. HoneyBee:

    Im not nicki minaj fan but I've never heard her say she was "REAL". So to "EXPOSE" her as being "FAKE" is kind of pointless. *shrug*

  37. ...:

    just because someone's not kissin' "barbie"'s ass doesn't mean they're a hater. we're all entitled to an opinion and if it doesn't match yours, it doesn't mean it's wrong.

  38. ReRe:

    Nicki sucks, lil kim sucks and their fans sucks. I never liked Kim growing up and still don’t. Its cracks me up to even see lil kim tryna beef with someone she USE to be. Both of them are plastic fake ass wannabes. Nicki just need to stop all together. she was the shit before she got signed. walking around like she really is a barbie and got these babies wanna talk retarded and wear blond and pink wigs and shit.SMH

  39. ...:

    this letter filled me with the holy ghost.

  40. @thepbg:

    This was hilarious! I love a good roast, I don't give a damn who's on the grill! LMAO!!! Get her TOI!!

  41. Jasmine Taihreen Sims:

    lmao idk why I even read these anti-Nicki posts anymore…its never anything relevant. She can do whtaever she wants to do right now & she's making money. She dont care what you or me or anybody else think because her goal in coming into the business wasnt to make friends…it was to make MONEY. & right now, like her or not, she's the hottest female MC in the game…but honestly, the female MC game has been dead quiet. you can make arguments for rasheeda or shawnna or whoever else but fact of the matter is, they werent doing SHIT & they're nowhere near the demand that Nicki has…so…maybe its THEM who should step THEIR cookies up…or at least, get into a better network for contacts & opportunities…

  42. Jasmine Taihreen Sims:

    & one more thing…why is it every argument that comes up talks about Nicki being "Fake" or "Plastic"? Honestly? I'm sayin, she's always had a big ass this is not something that popped up overnight…its exposure has been more prevalent but if she did get ass implants or shots or WHATEVER thats HER perogative & she looks damn good with it…& for you to say she's fake and not ADDRESS the fact that LIL Kim has gotten so much fucking surgery she looks like the COWARDLY LION FROM THE WIZARD OF OZ…just proves your biased & a hater. & callin lil Kim a legend is laughable at the least. she's a longstanding groupie with a deep voice and apparently deep throat. NEXT.

  43. Arrielle Brown:

    Ill be laughing for days at this!

  44. Arrielle Brown:

    yes, they do. She rocks a ghetto ass weave. Like somebody took some black bonding glue and did a quick weave with some striaght hair on a stocking cap.

  45. nycbaby:

    i like nicki when i going to the club never for deep thoughts.she really just pure humor to me. everyone to get so mad about people shitty on this the woman. it funny to me. this chick is not a real rapper until she have a Cd and another video.i think yall need to focus on more real things like your bills. bill u havent paid yet. these stan "honey it not that serious". not everyone is going to like her.when her ablum come out be the frist one on line and buy her Cd.

  46. KrisMish:

    "dead wrong" "dreams"

  47. ARIE:

    lol right and watch all the nicki fans attack(massively that is) in 5..4…3..2..1…..

  48. Hmm:

    @Jasmine Taihreen Sims So you don't read anti-Nicki posts anymore, yet, you had TWO comments to add? Ok.
    BTW that ass is fake and actually it did pop up over night. Where have you been? Or are you one of the many stans that just jumped on the Nicki bandwagon? Exactly.
    I don't believe the person who wrote this was claiming Lil Kim never had work done.

  49. Stans Sit Down:

    I don't comprehend why you Nicki stans go so hard…"Now all these bitches are nicki fans" "Bitch you been a fan" Yea, that's what she thinks of you all. LMAO she subliminally talks shit about her fans and yall taking her defense. Sit down.

  50. Miss Jia:

    lol WOW

  51. Lea:

    Llol she's saying how do you coin a phrase for something that has been around before our mother's were children. But as much as you want to say she's dumb you took the time to read the entire letter than sat there to break it down piece by piece, and maybe you should go back to school to learn what an is opinion.

  52. Samyzee:

    Why the hell do people feel the need to state how these artists don't care about what we think because they're making moves, making ___ amount of money, and X, Y, Z?!
    Do y'all not understand that this is for OUR entertainment?! Do you think your favorite artist is above criticism? Why? Chile, bye.
    No two people will share the same sentiments so I do not understand why some people will become super defensive over some mess like this. It's makes you, as a fan, look so damn silly. Get. It. Together. Please.

    That said, I loved this piece. =)

  53. Jason Voorhees:

    Stop pulling insults out of your butt in some lame attempt to defend your girl and make a point. Ummmm, Kim may not be the best but at least she has some plaques, millions of records sold and charted on the Pop. R&B and Hip Hop Billboards. Where's Nicki? New Kim might be hideous and fake but don't diminish her success just to make Nicki look better. Or so you can feel better for liking Nicki's garbage. As for other female MC's not doing 'shit'. I wish one of you people would just admit that the only reason Nicki has blown up is because of her looks. Boys wanna fuck her. Girls wanna look like her because she gets boys attention. We now officailly live in a society where talent, skill and intelligence is not as important as what you look like.

  54. JROC1:

    Anyone who thinks nickis ass has always been FAT wasnt a old nicki fan! Baby girl was flat as a board back in 07. I am a man who does care about a woman having silicone parts.
    a. can u breastfeed our baby in the future
    b. with that freakish ass i can only get u hired at a stripclub or "hoe stroll"
    c. best believe im not taking that ass to the ER at 1 am cuz your implants busted

    nicki is a clown, observation "wierd voice and colorful wigs"
    any woman who worships her has no ambition in life….
    (id still smash though lmao)

  55. tehBlah:

    Well…there ya go ladies.

  56. Jasmine Taihreen Sims:

    Did you really just try to use plaques and sales as a reason to validate her? Milli Vanilli won GRAMMYS before ppl found out they were lip syncing that dont mean they can sing! Nicki JUST got on the scene but she's already done several collabos and has several lined up. So if you're gonna sit here & try to argue that Kim got sales, okay Nicki does too. I'm not taking away the fact that Lil Kim has put out a lot of records and been out for a while, but I'm not about to bow down & be like, oh she's the queen or the best female MC just because she's one of the oldest. The biggest crime Nicki has committed to me is going mainstream. The Barbie campaign is just THAT…just like when Kim came out talkin about La Bella Mafia & was singing the theme song to "Growing up Gotti" on A&E…nobody said SHIT then

  57. Jasmine Taihreen Sims:

    & as far as your last point…um…welcome to the 21st century. Unfortunately male MCs like Lil Wayne, The Game & JayZ can look pretty much like walking death & still get groupies & sales…however…when's the last time an ugly female MC got any play? Khia….? Yeah and we see where that went.

  58. Jasmine Taihreen Sims:

    Thanks for the shoutout…& the 2 comments has to do with the fact that the 1 comments was too long…& but I have no problem with owning up to MY posts…your name again is…Hmmm? Yeah thats what I figured. ____As long as I have been listening to her, which is for the last year…as a straight woman, to be honest, I never was concentrating THAT hard on her ass. I listened to her style & I liked it. Point blank. It was before the Barbie campaign so NO, I'm not a Nicki bandwagon jumper, as you may imply. I'm not ashamed to be a fan. As far as all the commercialism thats going on now…it doesnt make me like her any less. Make that money, dont let it make you. If she got her ass enlarged…fuck it. Its her ass. She got the money. Niggas still wanna smash & the only time I heard bitches start to complain was when they thought it was fake.

  59. Chris:

    You don't have to kiss barbie's ass, you just have to understand, say what you feel, but at the end of the day, who is collecting a welfare check, and who is relaxing on the side of the beach. #Justsaying .

  60. Showgurls:


  61. showgurls:

    Best line. I don't believe Nicki is gay. I didnt see anyything interesting in that video. She looked uncomfortable trying to hollar at that chick.

  62. Eatem:

    Nicki has been mainstream for 1 year, I am sorry that she is trying to save money, and work on things like that. In her first year, what female rapper have you seen create a foundation to send kids to college and create scholarships. Sorry but I can't think of any, maybe you can? Maybe because it is not coming out of your pocket, you think that it is so easy to create a foundation, and actually FUND it. & Also, Stop looking for a handout from someone else & become something. Go to school and work hard like the rest of the people in the world. If you would have worked hard, and maintained good grades, volunteer hours, and extracurricular activities, maybe foundations that are already open would give you a scholarship. I think we ask a little bit too much from people that don't owe you a thing. The only think Rappers owe us is good music. The foundations and the rest are out of the kindness of their hearts, and THEIR pockets. Point. Blank. Period.

  63. showgurls:

    This was the best Dear Celebrity letter to date! Well written. Loved it!

  64. MrMan:

    This entire thing/post is so ignorant

  65. @biglilkim:


  66. Southerngyrl*:

    Had to add something. That is the parent's fault. If your kids look up to rappers and popstars YOU are not doing your job.

  67. Southerngyrl*:

    ummm, ok ok I call bullshit. This is a celebrity letter about a fucking rapper and the biggest complaint is someone taking the Lord's name in vain?

    fuck outta here

  68. shy:

    Lmfao!!!!!!! Chloe u a fool and guesswho I agree with you!! The choice of words were phenominal!!!! No doubt I like nicki a lot but when it comes down to it I’m riding wit KIM ….she’s a Legend point blank period….jus like between trey songz n r kelly I’m rollin wit kellz….anywho this is toi’s opinion and yall are doing THEE most tryna attack her for what she feels…..if yall feel so strongly about this then go write yo own shit and send it to jai….oh and for the person whoo said sum stupid shit like “this aint english class” bitch it doesn’t have to be english class to have exceptional grammar and choice of words…..

  69. Alissa:

    I'm confussed are you defending nicki or picking an argument with the comment above. Whatever

  70. Southerngyrl*:

    ok ok, I am going to ask.____How does one "subliminally" talk?

  71. Southerngyrl*:

    apparently so

  72. Alissa:

    All yall that defend Nicki have no real argument. Only thing yall can say is that she making money. Sooooooooo!!! That don't mean anyone is any less filled with bullshit.

  73. POOK:


  74. Alissa:

    Nicki aint no damn legend. You crazy!!

  75. Southerngyrl*:

    Wow between the "go hard for nicki" club and the "any excuse to tear down this bitch" club these posts are filarious. I am neutral. Don't care about her. Don't listen to her music like that. I do like that she hasn't addressed any bullshit. Not a lil kim fan like that either. I know more of her songs of course, but shit i am not sure any of her subject matter would have her being considered as role model material either. I guess I think it is all moot.

    I have never been on the female rapper thing for real. I'll listen to it, but besides salt n pepa from way back in the day, queen latifah and a little mc lyte, eh it is all just blah to me. I guess I missed the wave huh?

  76. MY22CENT:


  77. @sorryshari0701:

    lmao i like nick and all but this Toi bitch got her!

  78. MY22CENT:


  79. MY22CENT:


  80. @IBeDatChick:

    *theresa voice* I love love love this letter….I'll admit I was feeling her at first (i think it was the beats, I'm a sucka for a hot beat) but as time went on and all I seen from her was more of that animated, jibba jabba ish i fell back…..but then her STANS whooooo ya'll give bey's and riri's a run fo their money lmao….

    Tru story she needs to drop a hot LP (a full LP, more than features, and way better than that massive attack bull)….I think she needs to put in more work… for "she making money" the industry notorious for robbin the artists so until I see a tax return she working with advance money!!!!!

  81. @musicallyphresh:

    and i'll patiently wait for Nicki Minaj to have multipe- solo singles on the billboard…let's be real, chick don't even have an album out, and the singles dropped from her upcoming album are WACK…hell, her mixtape won't even that good- only a couple joints up there ppl can bang to. Basically all of Nicki's hype comes from her feature work- were ppl don't have to hear more than 1 minute of her.

    and i'm not hatin on nicki, i like her, but i'm just sayin…

  82. @musicallyphresh:

    yeah…so even if you had a point, i was completely turned off by your EXCESSIVE usage of the "GD" phrase. If toi can write that letter without profanity, you can also- or at least something other than that.

  83. topshelf :

    Damn Toi….that was brutal. Funny as hell though.

  84. bknyc:

    Dig the level headed approach ^

  85. Allergic 2 B.S.:


    CO muthaf*cking SIGN!!!!!!!

  86. Allergic 2 B.S.:


    I LOATHE that word 2, but the truth is the truth,

    & you hit the nail right on the head too….COSIGN pimpin!

  87. bknyc:

    wow she based something off of Roman Polanski the movie guy??? Like you alluded to he was a molester that basically fled the US to escape charges. He is/was a name in the filmmaking industry.

  88. Allergic 2 B.S.:


    Yeah, SHE'S making money….doing what SHE loves 2 do….
    How many people these days can say the same????
    i mean d*mn, it ain't like the chile's making money hoeing her a** or anything,
    SHE'S living HER dream…..If that ain't a good defense mechanism, than I don't
    know wth is!


  89. CocainaHermosa:

    Artist??? but she has no art. & that is the meat of this Dear Nicki letter… the Nicki Minaj on youtube and the one trying desperately to complete an album are two different people. Nick Minaj calls herself Barbie, she knows she fake

  90. Allergic 2 B.S.:

    Puff & Big said it best, "More money, more problems (including haters)."

  91. The INfamous LA:

    with all of the letters that come on this site why is it that as soon as nicki minaj's name comes up everyone assumes that this person is hating??? the very offensive letter to keri hilson was chalked up to obssessive dislike at the mostbut nicki has a person that states how much they dislike her and now the whole world is hating on nicki??? truth be told her music sucks period but i wish i could make as much money as she does stating remedial rhymes… "fuck i look like hoe, I look like yes and you look like no" can a NM stan please explain to me why you think this girl has talent??? but hey, she is a hustler and i guess i can respect that.

  92. CharismaticBeauty:

    DAMN Jia!!! What a turnout THIS post was huh?? Hahaha!! Folks ALL UP IN ARMS!!! LOVE IT!! 2nd that wit a FlavaFlav Wooooooooooow!!!!

  93. tehBlah:


    Apparently not. See: the Pank Lambo.

  94. Allergic 2 B.S.:

    Uh *crickets*…….

    Some of y'all are some SERIOUS contradiction mf's *smh*….In 1 breath, y'all
    C.L.A.I.M that being a Nicki Nay Sayer, doesn't automatically make y'all haters,
    which is TRUE, & I agree, but then, in the next breath, y'all ASSume that any1 who
    defends Nicki is a stan….hmm? #HypocriteMuch???????

    Okay….So giving an honest criticism that doesn't work in a person's {i.e., nicki} favor,
    doesn't AUTOMATICALLY make you a hater. Just the same as, defending some1,
    doesn't AUTOMATICALLY make you a stan. I defend rihanna alot, but I don't worship her!

  95. chloe:

    are u talking about me I'm chloe and i dont think I know u but i agree with u

  96. guesshoo:

    I'ma go ahead and #CoSign this comment right quick.

  97. miss thang:


  98. Kim B:

    Nicki Minaj is comprised of 30% bullshit 70% silicone and 10% bad weave and caked on makeup. A woman of substance

  99. miss thang:

    hell yeah…

  100. Allergic 2 B.S.:


    Like the saying goes, "You Can't Kill A B*tch Who's Already Dead!"

  101. Allergic 2 B.S.:

    That's funny *sarcastically speaking*, because it filled me with gas.

  102. sillylilhoes:

    some of you need to look up the word hate & understand what you saying when you claim a person is a hater.I don't hate nobody on this earth.But certain people on this earth get on my damn nerves & Nicki is one of those people.If she learn to accept she's a repeat & stop talking like she doing something new & stop throwing shade on the slay & than acting like she innocent. I would respect her more. But she throw shade than when folks reply to her shade she play innocent like these folks coming out nowhere attacking her verbally & her young silly ass fans so brainwashed they can't even see the reason she getting verbally attack as well.Nobody coming out the blue at her for no reason.everything happens for a reason.

  103. @dinastyinc:

    lol @ horse walk. I just……

  104. Eatem:

    I am not defending anyone because they don't pay my bills. What I am saying is that people love to take, take, take, and get angry when they don't get. When people create foundations, they don't HAVE to, they choose to because 1) They care & 2) They HAVE the money. Done.

  105. Eatem:

    Wow, Are you angry that I am stating facts, or that you are too ignorant to understand? & note, how am I a co-signer if she has never sent me a dollar . So calm that down . & apparently your allergic to B.S you are some B.S .

  106. @dinastyinc:

    lol #TRUTH!

  107. @dinastyinc:

    Wow. Well I just googled the name Roman Zolanski, and sure enough the first thing that pops up: "Nicki Minaj Changes Name to Roman Zolanski (via Twitter)." Says she will only answer to that name now. WTF? o.O

  108. @dinastyinc:

    The fact that you pulled Khia out of the hat right at the end just made me giggle on the inside.

  109. vivi:

    Ok..being a good parent does involve monitoring your child. However, if you research child and adolescent psychology and education, you will learn that children are influenced by their homelife AND their environment (school, community, etc). You can have/be the best parent in the world, that doesn't mean your child won't have role models such as rappers, basketball players, etc. As such, what Nicki and several other rappers are doing is irresponsible. But why should they care? While your daughter is reciting lyrics about bisexuality, their daughter is in the best private school in America.

  110. @dinastyinc:

    LMAO! "I'd still smash though." >> Spoken like a true man.
    Cause when the lights go out and the legs are open for business, pussy is pussy. LOL


  111. s&m:

    Naww. The Keri Hilson jawn has this one beat.

  112. Toi:

    Ok.. So I waited until my work day was over to read comments and respond(contrary to what the person stated who said I have to much time on my hands and a LOW IQ LOL)

    Let me begin by saying that I am a soon to be College Graduate, with several internships, and employed by a wonderful company. So with that being said, there is absolutely NO REASON for me to hate on Nicki Minaj because I dont as @ANONYMOUS says have “Billboard hits”. I will be saving lives in a few months while she will probably be on a milk carton. This letter was my opinion, which I feel is valid in the sense that if Nicki wants to call herself the “Baddest B**tch” in the industry she should put out WORK.. (Not cross country boob signing tours) actual albums, grammys, singles without major artists carrying her. I am not a Lil Kim stan, and I am not taking anybodies side on their beef which is becoming messy and a spectacle. I actually feel it should be handled lyrically, “men lie, women lie numbers dont lie” right? I feel everyone is privy to valid opinions and rhetoric, we do still have that first ammendmant correct? Bottom reply to all her Stans… if you talk a good game, you should be able to back it up.. so here i stand patiently waiting for Miss Nicki Minaj to live up to her stolen title ..*taps foot*

  113. Whatever:

    Wow, like we really need a dear celebrity letter from a nobody dissing a somebody.. When you get to be somebody then write a dear celebrity letter… STOP Hating on Celebs and get like one…. Just STUPID!!!!

  114. @dinastyinc:


    Wow. Being bisexual, I find that highly offensive. I know what I like. I know what I'm attracted to. And while I do think there is some truth to the argument that parents do have some sayso over what their child is exposed to, you can't watch them 24 hours of the day. You have the right to not want your child around taking part in certain things of the world, but to completely close them off from it as if it doesn't exist can be detrimental. (i.e. These are the ppl that go around picking on homosexuals and saying "bisexuality isn't cool" because they don't know how else to deal with "us".)

    Since Nicki has so much influence over young minds, she does need to handle the situation with her sexual orientation with care, since much of the world is still not ready to accept this. Artists usually draw on life experiences for their music, so Nicki raps about being bisexual. #kanyeshrug Ohhhh, so she can rap about everything EXCEPT her bisexuality? Censorship much?

  115. @dinastyinc:

    You and I are in the same boat. lol

  116. right:

    and how do u know its not a celebrity???? hmmmm RIGHT YOU DONT

  117. C-lo:

    you will be waiting for a lifetime!

  118. DIVA3:

    um.. Pook.. Pookie.. were you never a child that snuck and watched HBO . The on and off switch dont stop a child curiosity. These singers BET VH1S Trash are ruining these kids. wheth3r we like it or not.. dont be naive

  119. @dinastyinc:

    My goodness. Unknown people become celebrities because they like to entertain the public. They put themselves up for criticism, whether they like it or not. Everybody is not going to like everybody. Just like beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so is art.

    And you can't make me believe that there is one celebrity in the whole world that you really don't have a taste for, and have never in your life said anything negative about what they do. If you haven't, you should be inducted into the sainthood and the first seat in heaven should be placed on reserve for you.

  120. Mrputitdown:

    ay man u right.. i swear if this chick cant even rent a lambo how is she rich. kat stacks said it best hate to say it… nobody in YM is rich besides wayne. Nicki only got that ass to show for it.. her bank accounts prolly empty as hell

  121. Eatem:

    Who said that it was after the molester ?

  122. Eatem:

    Your not a hater, just misinformed. Haters go screaming and crying boo boo, because they bring statements without facts. You are entitled to your opinion. I & many others may/may not agree, but what people like me and you are able to do, is calmly and verbally say it without getting angry, wild, nor becoming ignorant. Kudos.

  123. u so dumb:

    cause it is wtf else would it be


    To even reply that someones opinion qualifies them as a "Nobody" shows your maturity level.. Hopefully when you wrote research papers in.. let me guess.. High school (IM GUESSING U HAVE A GED) ..your teacher didnt call you that for your opinions. also let me guess again.. You aspire to be a celeb..and this post will get you there.. *laughs LOUD* Everyone who wants to know Nickis' purpose in life is not trying to be a plastic, low income, waste of Radio space.. JUST STUPID!!! i bet your "glueing your weave" in as we speak

    CRAZED NICKI FANS: for the record i used to love OLD nicki, this imitation is a HOT MESS

  125. toi:

    SMH… *SIGHS* @whatever.. on that note goodnight

  126. Eatem:

    1) You are angry that she is defending someone that she likes, but you are able to defend who you like? Hypocrite.
    2)I don't understand how people want Nicki to get an award, and plaques when she has been in the game for 1 year. Not diminishing Kim, but note that Kim never got her own solo noticeable award until she was in the game for 4 years, So calm that down as well.
    3)I agree with the girl you are arguing about because it's a double standard (I am not going to call her a cowardly lion) but they both have had surgery done. They are both noticable. Kim's cheeks and face look VERY different, and Nicki's hips, and butt, look VERY different. Point. Blank. Period. Why is it ok for Kim to get surgery but not for Nicki?
    4)You have to understand that, one, Nicki is very intelligent. When she speaks and acts proper, NO ONE, can say that she is not intelligent. Because Nicki I have found out in her interviews is always professional, and has a nice choice of words. (NOTE: When she is being Nicki Minaj, and NOT the Harajuku Barbie) & also, sorry but the world is changing. Unfortunately the rap industry is not just how great of a rapper you are, but of the other aspects you bring to the game. (ie. beauty, brain, and an empire) I am not the only one that has said this, many male & female rappers have said, the game is not how you can spit, but how you deliver, how you look, and what you are building your empire on. So whether you like it or not, you are going to have to live with it, because no offense but you can't change it, and neither can I. All you can do, is stop listening, and stick to the 90's.

  127. omfg_wtf_itsMo:

    EXACTLY This was sum pure bullshit coming from someone that CLEARLY doesnt like her….i REALLY wonder what the person that wrote this letter looks like!!!


    Seems like some hating ass bullshit 2 me nd Arrielle Brown you are just confused as a lost puppy….Just the other day on the lil kim nd nicki beef you was rocking with nicki now her weaves are GHETTO?!?


  128. Eatem:

    I hate that word subliminal, until she says their names, don't assume.

  129. Eatem:

    I totally agree. But note, there is a difference between people stating their opinions, and people talking reckless just to do so.

  130. Eatem:

    I agree, and disagree. I agree because some of it was. But disagree because they states their feelings with some class, and NOTE i said opinions, not reckless speaking.

  131. omfg_wtf_itsMo:

    EXactly this is Very Very sad!! Its nothing but nicki haters on this blog shit….nd i bet every single 1 of these ppl know most of her "WACK ASS" songs

    Its sad

  132. Eatem:

    Well, its not the rappers job to make songs about being the best student in school. It all stems from home. Because if it was not fomr that 1st parent that did NOT monitor their child, and let them listen to music like this, it would not have spread through schools, through generation, and generation. So unfortunately we don't live in a perfect world, but you can't sit and say that the rappers should be singing We Are the World (a masterpiece if i may say ) . Sorry. My Opinion. They are grown, and are for the grown. Trey Songz sings all types of sexual songs. How come it's not ok for Nicki to talk about being a freaky girl as well? #Justsaying

  133. Eatem:

    In addition, parents should talk to their children about what they hear in school, rather than let it go.

  134. omfg_wtf_itsMo:

    @Allergic @ B.S.

    I cosign as well

    This is some straight bullshit….i feel if any person takes the time out they day 2 sit there nd right such a hatefull ass letter like that has not fucking life i could understand if they was saying she needs to fix somethings they just out right dnt like NOTHING nicki does!!!
    Nd thats super sad… can you not like anything nicki does shes a fucking go getter!!!

  135. omfg_wtf_itsMo:

    How does she not have art?!? She has put out mix tapes featured on songs….no art huh?!?


  136. Eatem:

    Well I wouldn't say empty, but it ain't all the hype I would think. Also, you can't assume that they are telling the truth, until they as well show the papers.

  137. omfg_wtf_itsMo:

    1.Yes they do…….NEXT
    2.Homeroom teacher?!?! WHAT NEEEEEEEXTTTTT
    3.Oh shut the fuck up

  138. omfg_wtf_itsMo:

    OMG you ppl yous gods name in vain all fucking day


  139. Eatem:

    Umm? That's an assumption, meaning you have no facts to back it up. & people may see a person's name, & like the name. If I was to say I want to change my name to Ashley Kumar, I am not going to go online and look to see if there are any sex offenders with that name. #justmeandprobablyalotofus.

  140. omfg_wtf_itsMo:

    I sooooo CO SIGN this whole post!!!

    More money More problems!!

    Ppl really needs to understand that at the end of the day the celeb ALWAYS wins nd they ass stuck on the welfare line getting section H or w.e that shit is called!!!

  141. sillylilhoes:

    1st off who the hell is YOU to say what I or anybody else need. I enjoyed the dear celebrity letter but maybe that's cause I don't stay stuck up celebrities asses. I thought the letter was funny & a opinion of a person who wanted it to be known how they felt.The fact your ass sat there and read it shows your ass liked it to & wanted to comment.Cause when I don't like things I don't whine or cry bout it I just pass it by.Now you dismissed go to bed.

  142. Eatem:

    Cracked me up .

  143. Eatem:

    You are not a hater one. But, I just don't understand, you people want her to be throwing out songs and winning awards, and plaques in only one year. I am sorry but that seems PRETTY hard to do. & please note that in your opinion her music sucks, but many do like it. #Justsaying.

  144. omfg_wtf_itsMo:

    Ok but we can call all the MALE Underground rappers rappers?!?

    Come on she put out 2 mix tapes she is a fucking rapper shut up damn!!!

  145. Eatem:

    Have you seen paperwork that she owes the money. I could send a letter to New York Times, and say that Nicki was a hooker in Queens and has 3 kids. They may not take it but MTO probably would put that all over their website, but theirs NO PROOF. #Justsaying.

  146. @NotSoAverageBev:

    Wow. People are getting buck for no reason. I wonder if you get this crunk for the Lord.

  147. omfg_wtf_itsMo:


  148. @dinastyinc:

    LOL Uhm, she was co-signing with what you said, meaning she agreed with you.


  149. Eatem:

    hahah you crack me up .

  150. exit.stagleft:

    And this is where I interject- How many pairs of pants did the infamy that this BEYONCE where on her promo jaunt/videos for her last LP? Sasha Fierce wore bodysuits with jackets (check the Diva vid) as if that ish was the hottest thing since fire. So why can't Nicki M do the same? Its called having a *Signature Style*. Hate it or love it- whenever you saw those 'leggings', you knew who it was. It was her calling card and now she has *haters calling her out.

    Oh and for the record, yes " charting at the top of Billboard's Bubbling Under R&B " is something to brag about because many many never chart AT ALL, and even without an album or a certified hit, Ms. Minaj is still that BIA. How many posts do you (or any of the other naysayers) have about you on Miss Don't worry, I'll wait…..


  151. @dinastyinc:

    Amen! Halleluyur!
    Jesus could come back tonight, and some of these ppl would still be gettin their #internetgangsta on.

    This post has gotten completely out of control. I just find it hilarious how people are going back and forth, HARD! LOL.

  152. omfg_wtf_itsMo:

    Well Well Well…..This was just a heated mess ALL around ( Comments nd all )
    Yes im a nicki fan nd this dear letter just annoyed the shit out of me
    But at the end of the day everybody is intittled to their own opinion
    Nd if thats what this person thinks of nicki….OH WELL
    This will NOT stop nicki in no way (SOOOO GET USED 2 HER )
    This was only for entertainment purposes
    Its not as if nicki herself is reading this…I highly doubt that
    But its w.e A lot of the points was just pure bullshit nd ignorance but HEY

  153. Samyzee:


    Which is exactly why I enjoyed this piece and why I'm glad Miss Jia mentioned that she'd no longer be including any "Dear Celebrity" letters that didn't point out specifics or were just a bunch of nonsense, such as the Keri Hilson letter.

  154. exit.stageleft:

    And here is where I interject:

    Artists have influence-this is true-but PARENTS have more influence, or at least they should. Trying to put blame on a celebrity like it is their fault that our children are a mess is just lazy parenting and piss poor adult supervision. You see what Minaj ( and ultimately LIL KIM since Nicki is 'biting') represents so you should teach your child to use them as an example of what not to be and keep it pushing. People need to start taking responsibility for their own damn children.

    The image that Nicki is setting is one of a grown ass woman doing what a grown ass woman wants to do. Don't like it? Then remove your child from in front of the 106 and Park, and raise them yourself.

    That is all.

  155. Allergic 2 B.S.:


    1st off, i'mma need your F.*.C.K.T.A.R.D.E.D a$$ 2 calm theee f*ck down,
    because if you wasn't so f*cking S.T.U.P.I.D & actually paid attention 2 my
    comment, then you wouldv'e been HOOKED ON PHONICS enough 2 know
    that i was actually C.O.S.I.G.N.I.N.G your statement DUMBA$$!!!!!!!….

    "CO muthaf*cking SIGN"….i.e., I AGREE WITH YOU (f*cking idiot)!
    That was a compliment S.T.U.P.I.D!!!! Calm your parnoid, geeked-out a$$
    down, you're so f*cking DEFENSIVE, you don't even know a compliment
    when you hear 1 (f*cking b*tch)…….Oh, but don't worry, I will make it my
    BUISNESS 2 never ever cosign your paranoid, insecure, f*cktarded a$$
    comments again, TRUST! And 2 think, I actually thought u were 1 of the
    smart 1's on this post…..I guess that makes me a f*cktard too….

  156. exit.stageleft:

    I find it offensive that you can't spell. Its VAIN not VEIN, and her name is Onika MARAJ. One J not two.

    And for the record, when referring to GOD as in the high and mighty, one typically uses all CAPS or capitalizes the first letter (re: God). When using lowercase letters, one can be referring to god in the pure dictionary/general sense as in god a general supernatural being, figure or image, or somebody admired.

    That is all.

  157. Allergic 2 B.S.:

    CO muthaf*cking SIGN!

  158. SequoyaAllen:

    Parents can raise a model citizen, however when that child see what every other child is mimicking then thats a whole different situation and you know it. AND for the record Nicki image is NOT of a grown ass woman..a grown ass woman is Michele Obama. Now thats a image our children need to really see, but no one wants to talk about that…. LETS GO!!!

  159. exit.stageleft:

    Nicki being filled with this figurative bullshit affects YOU how??????
    And this figurative bullshit has been proven as fact how???????
    And your 'real' argument is what precisely??????????

    Don't worry I'll wait……..


  160. Eatem:

    Wow, calm down. I am paranoid, and defensive. Wow. I really didn't know you could read me through the internet. I thought that arrow was on a different post, so let's not get crazy here. Honest mistakes happen. I just learn from them.

  161. Eatem:

    Sorry looked at it wrong. lol .

  162. exit.stageleft:


    I'm hate on kim…but when did she ever have a billboard hit…without Junior Mafia or another contributing artist?

    And please do your research before you hollaback.

    Don't worry, I'll wait……


  163. iHATEhaters:

    Whoever wrote this is obsessed with Nicki but wants to TRY & go in on her? Why do the people who hate you the most know the most about you? Bitch, you sad as hell & so is whoever allowed this bullshit to be posted. If Nicki is so bad. Where's your album? Are YOU going to "SAVE HIP-HOP"? lol I thought so. This bitch needs to be shut up with a quickness. For the record, I'm not a Barbie. Not even close but I do support Nicki. I support any woman who is doing something other than running up behind some weak ass man or waiing for her walfare check to come on the 1st so they can go get their hair done instead of taking care of your five babies. Half of you bitches who hate Nicki are those same type of chicks.

  164. kw cnch :

    I like how Miss Jia's disclaimer font gets bigger and bolder , lol

  165. KeesB:

    This “letter” goes to show you all that Minaj honestly is the baddest bitch in the game.She getting the same amount of publicity as Lady GaGa on a good day.I understand where all the kim/minaj comparisons are coming from.But really, Minaj is doing her own thing. I will admit, that at first i think minaj was going in the direction of kim, ya know the “nasty” flows, and the barbie-esque style, but now i see a big change in what minaj is bringing to the game, she’s bringing what she knows to the front,ONIKA MIRAJ, and the bitch got a mean spit game. People probably wouldnt even care if kim hadnt of said she needed to pay homage(which she has, time after time again:RESEARCH IT)kim needs to get it together and stop thinking so highly of herself………FUCK THAT BITCH!!!!!

  166. exit.stageleft:


    We don't know what Nicki does to help the Lord- a person's relationship with God is personal. Negativity is publicized more easily than positive; for all you know Nicki could be a pillar in her community/church.
    And as far as helping "our community".. our community needs to help itself. We must stop looking to the HAVE's to help the HAVENOTS. we ALL need to pitch in. and tearing down a young woman who may still be finding her way…is NOT helpful to our community @ all.

  167. exit.stageleft:

    @ jakwuan

    LMAO!!!! You dug deep for that bullshit.


    who is roman zolanski?

    I've heard of a Roman Polanski but…..

  168. Uglycleanbroke:

    @kw cnch….that's because for some reason, some readers still don't seem to understand that these letters are written by other people. Maybe they think it's Miss Jia's alter ego or something? *Shrugs* Hell, I don't know, I'm trying to help them out….

  169. exit.stageleft:

    COSIGN @ allergic 2 b.s

    It might seem like it, but I am not a Nicki Stan…I just can't stand it when people go in on an individual for no real reason. So that's why I do what I do…

    I recently got into Nicki's music after ignoring her existence for a VERY LONG TIME. But since there are No other rap bitches really doing anything relevant (Eve, Trina, Diamond, Rah Digga, Remy, Da Brat, Lil Kim, Foxy…… *CRICKETS*!!!!!!!!!) I figure why not let Minaj wear the 'crown'. All it was doing was collecting dust anyway!

    Not a Stan, just a Smartass :)

  170. Allergic 2 B.S.:

    "Why do the people who "hate" you the most, know the most about you?"


  171. Uglycleanbroke:

    @MC Lyte, I love you simply for your usage of "ad homenim." That is all.

  172. Danayaulove:

    pretty sure that whoever wrote this is saying exactly what every female that appreciates REAL rap is thinking. Nicki Minaj is GARBAGE. I don't know what she was like before she became big, but now she's shit and no amount of fake ass or ugly wigs is going to change that. Her over the top antics are only used to hide the fact that whatever talent she might have had in the past is long gone. Why does someone have to be a "hater" to dislike an "artist"? How the writer feels is how she feels and quite frankly I agree.

  173. mizjazz:

    cosign….ive seen that happen alot…sad situation.

  174. Uglycleanbroke:

    @dinasty, DEAD @ "Halleluyur!" Yes, the Internet goons have come out of hiding once again, over someone that they never have, and probably never will, meet. I just can't comprehend it. But if I could, that would probably be a bad thing. =/

  175. Miss Jia:

    FYI You CAN breastfeed with implants.

  176. Miss Jia:

    LMAO @ your remedial rhyme. Hilarious! LMAO

  177. jroc1:

    @exitstageleft… Yo ass need to exit stage left with a quickness..*sweeps the trash off the stage* it was Kim ft…. Jr mafia, ray j, whoever. Nicki aint had a hit record where she wasn’t giving up a few bars of straight coonery. Massive attack was a massive #FAIL. Anyway Kim not even the issue here shorty. Nicki is something nice to look at, with no talent. I would actually pay to see her strip before I’d buy her “album”..wait she don’t got one.. Damn

  178. Jason Voorhees:

    Umm once again check yourself . YOU stated that YOU thought Nicki was better and started going in on Kim. Whether I agree with that or not. A person cannot state they are the best runner in the world and have never won a race. A person cannot say they are the best at anything until they have achieved the level of success that goes along with that title. For musicians it's awards and sales. Then you go making stuff up again just trying to validate. Nicki has been kicking around the industry for years, just because you didn't hear of her until she signed with Wayne doesn't mean she was putting out shit as early as 4, 5 years ago.

  179. nicole<3:

    For someone with such a "low IQ", they wrote a very well thought out letter. Good diction, no grammatical errors, no "twitt speak" or "text talk"….. Yes, this is amazing for someone with a low IQ, I should know since I'm an English major!

    If your going to insult someone on the internet, make sure its about something that other people can agree on, and not a cheap shot with no merit. I personally think its silly to insult a person based on their opinion, at least you know that this is an opinion…

  180. Monica Lewinsky:

    I think what the person said was that if you are going to check someone else's grammar and English skills makes sure yours are on point. There is nothing wrong with speaking English properly. But don't try to grade someone's paper when your ass never gradulated from shit. No one can tell how smart you say you are, but we CAN read.

  181. blah blah blah:

    Did you just type "yous" instead of "use"???? *dead*

  182. Invisible Man:

    Old joke: What did the slave say to the slave master in year 250 of Slavery? "Goddamn he aint' showed up yet?" lol. Y'all keep praying he's bound to show up sooner or later.

  183. grafittix:

    co-sign, and SMDH at all these kool-aid drinking Minaj stans

  184. Allergic 2 B.S.:


  185. @ailahs7:

    THANk YOUUUUUUU@Allergic 2 B.S. i was thinking the EXACT same thing.I couldn't have said it better myself.You're one of my favorite commenters.

  186. tehBlah:

    Uum…I don't WANT to have any posts on Miss I'm fine in my nifty little soapbox. Sorry, try again.

  187. tehBlah:

    The second time you've tried to come for me. Really? Angry much?

  188. ShiMicah:

    This Letter Is The Truth.

  189. nay:

    y yall worried about nicki damn if she can't rap then she can't rap… She is not puttin a gun to ur head and sayin "pay attention to me" so if you dnt like her stop focusin on her….DAMN SILLY BITCHES THESE DAYS…..U WASTED UR TIME WIT THAT LETTER

  190. lesigh:

    i dont listen to n.minaj's music. if i dont like something i just ignore it.

    i dont think this letter is as funny as the ones adressed to slim fool, or terry mari(i refuse to look her name up).

    netherlands won!!

  191. hmmmmm:

    Actually people are tried of Beyonce and her leotard. But Bey has numerous hits so that is not a fair comparison.

  192. jess:

    u just wasted ur time writing!!!! and clearly u liked the letter ur ass read the whole thing!!!! now who the silly bitch!!!!!!!

  193. Nate:

    no wait… when you catch Bey on her regular days she is not dressing up as Sasha Fierce. Nicki in every photo is wearing this as if her momma named her Nicki Minaj. Thats the point she is making, every picture, whether Nicki is performing or just walking down the street is with this "Signature Style"

    Even Lady Gaga dresses like a normal person when she is not performing.

  194. Nate:

    noooo thats what helping the community is all about. do you expect the ghetto to start printing their own money. how can two "have not's" become a "have"… the "not's" don't cancel. you have to multiply two negatives to get a positive. however adding a "have" into the mix will get the "have not's" closer to 0.

    now with that being said she can help or not help financially if she wants to… however Nicki Minaj is definitely not helping by encouraging our young black girls to be stupid (in the literal sense of the word) and dress weird… to be barbies. the white girls that are flocking to this may be able to bounce back… but ours won't.

  195. Nate:

    uh…. yeah they call it new artist of the year award. of course we expect rookies to get on the scene and make a splash. in every business this is expected.

    on your job if you constantly loose or do mediocre work do you really think your boss is going to promote you or give you extra money.

    our shock or 'rolling-of-the-eyes'ness is because this rookie (who really has been out for like 2 or so years) is getting all these acalades and fame but is not producing… in sports she would've been considered a bust and traded by now…

    oh yeah thats right aint she moving to bad boy

  196. ree:

    lmao lady gaga does NOT dress "normal" when she is not performing.

  197. Nate:

    but see… this is why opinions or 'hating' may even be necessary. of the female rappers you named, Remy, Da Brat, Rah Digga and maybe Foxy all have genuine rap skills but because they refuse to do the silly wacked out stunts that Nicki does they AREN'T on the scene.

    its these types of blogs and comments that hopefully give us a voice and a vote to the record companies or whoever is in charge to say to them we don't want plastic we want the real.

  198. JULIAN :



  199. JULIAN :


  200. Nate:

    lol…. oh

  201. Nate:

    i hear what you're saying but Nicki doesn't have 'sales' cause she hasn't made a record or an album yet… her mixtapes are free…

    she is making money off of hype… folks putting her on magazines… sales for appearances… she's like a mainstream reality TV star right now…

  202. Nate:

    to me if you can't freestyle you can't rap. male or female. a lot of these male and female rappers have ghost writers but when they get put on the spot to free style they sound soooo different from the studio stuff.

    neither nicki or kim is a rapper…. but because kim has been around more true rappers longer she might be able to put a few syllables together in a freestyle. nicki can't even do that… and she's been hanging with wayne… one of the best rappers ever… but still can't even do that…

  203. Nate:

    i am so glad you sad that

    "this is OUR entertainment"

    exactly… if we can talk ish about politicians we can talk ish about musicians and atheletes… WE make the world go round not them.

    we're the ones with real jobs… we're the ones that have to get up and think everyday… we're the ones who have to REALLY take care of our kids… we CHOOSE to let these people be on our screens, on our radios and YES clown them or defend them on blogsites…

    why? cause its OUR entertainment… damn… that statement gave me chills… lol

  204. Nate:

    lol… inquiring minds have been wondering… i wonder if it tastes the same or has like a similac flavor

  205. jess:

    I won't stoop to your low ghetto level and insult you.
    You aren't worth it LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  206. vivi:

    I never said it was ok for males to recite sexual or violent lyrics. Furthermore, I also never said rappers need to sing "We are the World," but come serious. Think about it. The record labels putting out this music for young black children are typically white. Wonder why these predominately white rich men promote artists who continuously encourage black on black crime and misogyny of black women? Why not promote artists like Common, Talib Kweli, and Mos Def who are more conscientious and promote positivety in their songs? Hmmmm…We as a people need to stop promoting and purchasing music that presents our young black kings and queens like thugs and whores. Years ago when rap first originated, it was all about having a good time. Doug E Fresh, Slick Rick said la Dee da dee, we like to party. Now its, I was getting some head, bend over let me see it….let her put her hands in your pants…disgusting

  207. ashley:

    right it was hella forced, guess her acting skills aint no good either…

  208. WellDamn24:


  209. WellDamn24:

    I can't hate on Nicki 'cause she's just the new version of the same sad B.S. that was pimped well before a Lil' Kim, Anita Howard, and e'ry other round the way chick who got a deal off props rather than talent.

    I'm so old. It used to be that a person "came up" but now they are just "made up". She's like Teyana Taylor, and God knows how many background chicks who are just waiting to be given a song to sing and a mic in which to talk isht. At least Drake was on Degrassi Jr. High!

    Sometimes, I don't think its that they hate Nicki. It's that they are rebelling against all this d@mn fake isht that we're being fed. I mean, can you have a #1 hit before you talk isht?

  210. kristibaby!:

    @ stageleft- Oh please get off it! She hasn’t! Step your p*ussy up is benefiting His kingdom? We are to be salt and light! So stop it please.

  211. Kristibaby:

    It's sad that all people can say is "she's making money" while degrading herself! Please. And whose in a welfare line? Everyone who doesn't have an interest in a certain celebrity is not poor. So sad…Yeah I agree the word hater is overratted

  212. Kristibaby:

    What do you consider art? Dressing like a barbie and saying "huey duey luey" while let me soak that great art in and mediatate on it…

  213. Allergic 2 B.S.:

    You're welcome:-)

  214. exit.stageleft:

    Wanting the 'real' got Da Brat, Foxy, Lil Kim, and Remy all locked up. I'll take a Barbie over a ghetto ass Cabbage Patch any day.

    Not to mention- record companies will respond to constructive critiicism. Not 'oh i don't like her weave, or her leggings are getting on my nerves'… Majority of these people commenting are casual listeners. How can you say Nicki doesn't have anything to offer as an MC if you haven't listened to a blk of her music?

    And furthermore- NONE of those chicks I mentioned in the previous post were popping before Nicki. She's not blocking anyones' shine-the sun been set on those bitches. Before Nicki the lane was wide open. As soon as she get in it- YIELD-HATER ALERT.

    Its ridiculous. Her 'stunts' get attention. Her flow/lyrics holds it there.

  215. exit.stageleft:

    Kim's been around since 96 and had BIGGIE writing her shit and backing her. Give Nicki some time to develop her artistry and find her own DAMN. She hasn't been around as long as Kim so how do you expect her to sell like Kim?
    If Nicki had Biggie pimping her and writing her shit, she'd be platinum too.

    We have no idea what her IQ is so to insult Nicki's intelligence is dumb. And who are YOU to jusge what talent and or skill is?

    The originators of hip hop rapped like they were on the short yellow bus too (Sugar Hill Gang anyone?) but we kiss their ass and call them Classic MC's. Nicki does it and suddenly she has tourets or is untalented?

    Get real!

  216. SoDamnFetch!:

    Wow. Your standards are really low if you think this was the best one yet.

  217. hmmmmm:

    This is pure b.s. A person doesn't have to have an album to have an opinion about music. And just because a person doesn't like her, doesn't mean they aren't doing anything with their lives. But it appears that this writer struck a chord. Ever heard the saying "the truth hurts".

  218. SoDamnFetch!:

    go to and download Nicki's early stuff.

    The remedial shit grabs folks attention-once she has their attention she goes in.

    Like a sale at the mall- But one get one free. Buy 10 get 3 free. Oooh look at how they hustled you.

    The gimmick is the banner at the mall.

    Talent is relative too btw.

    Not a stan-just not a hater.

  219. hmmmmm:

    Co sign. Now this is the truth!!!!

  220. SoDamnfetch!:

    And according to your math- 110% more relevant than anything you have to say.

  221. exit.stageleft:

    Major artists have been carrying artists (including Kim) for years. Its called COLLABORATION and TEAMWORK. Remember that when you're out 'saving lives'; ALL BY YOURSELF I'm sure.

    And just because you are
    'a soon to be College Graduate, with several internships, and employed by a wonderful company'

    ..doesn't mean that you are not ignorant, judgemental, rude and mean. Thanks to affirmative action there are many just like you at universities and colleges.

    And if and when Nicki does live up to the title that was just SITTING THERE COLLECTING DUST, please feel free to take some time from away from one of your several internships to write an updated apology letter while munching on your words.

    Thanks and good luck saving lives with that positive attitude you have!

  222. Toi:

    @Exitstage left.. As an educated black woman.. assuming you are a woman.. I respect your opinion because that”s your right as a human being. OH but However … the fact that you would validate your argument by attacking my personal character by trying to discredit my education, and employment is sad. Especially since this letter shouldn’t have been to be taken to heart by you. Unfortunately people who cannot respond to a little “constructive criticism” shouldnt even be in the limelight, it comes with the territory. This letter wont make or break Nicki Minaj. People like you are exactly what keeps people from voicing opinions, mature people possess the skill to have a disagreement without getting personal.. I took.. hmm 5 minutes to write my opinion of Nicki’s behavior, and you took 2 days of your life to try and come at it.. I commend that you are so passionate about Nicki, it shows you have someone to look up to in life.. we all need role models. Im pretty sure since you are the new expert on my personal life you can predict that I WILL NEVER APOLOGIZE for how i feel. I have taken the time to listen to Nicki, contrary to what you believe i did my homework, and this letter was the outcome. FYI if you feel that affirmative action got me this far in my education, you need to sit down and realize your replys are in your words “ignorant, judgemental, rude, and mean.” You can continue to reply, ill even entertain you for a while…In all honesty i do respect your opinion, even if we disagree..

  223. Showgurls:

    Some people take this stuff too serious. Its a blog. I gave my opinion and thats that. But to take a personal attack on me, someone who is not in the public eye nor someone you know is childish. The real wow is I wasted time responding. Movie on

  224. chloe:

    bitch shutup!!! u write an apology letter for sitting down and really saying somebody needs to write a letter to her weak ass!!!!! you really need to realize that his is her opinion!!!!!

  225. @dinastyinc:

    The fact that you said "you can predict that I WILL NEVER APOLOGIZE" to be followed up by some rudeness about affirmative action. I just…..I love you! LOL

  226. omfg_wtf_itsMo:

    Simple fucking typo

  227. omfg_wtf_itsMo:

    Nope not at all…anything someone puts 2gether music paintings pictures objects….anything is consider'd art 2 me….she has put out 2 mixtapes thats art..,…if she only put out a half of song thats art!!

  228. omfg_wtf_itsMo:

    Im glad i can do that for you

  229. Robert Leon Dixon:

    This WHOLE letter had me #WEAK….

    I am not hating on Nicki Minaj..cause I like her as a feature artist….on the songs such as 5 star chick, Little Freak, My Chick Bad, and Shakin it for Daddy…but by herself…I really don't understand all the hype…I'd rather listen to Eve and Missy Elliot…..BOTH of them would sh*t bricks on Minaj any day of the week

  230. bohemiabk:

    *clutching chest*……..OUCH!!!!…I feel bad for Ms.Nicki Monistat…eeerrr….ahem… umm…Minaj now *C'mon Son look on my face*
    *dead playing dominoes with MJ @ "YABBA DABBA DOOING"*

  231. bohemiabk:

    ( FOR REAL NOW)..Not a fan either but hopefully she got her money right because she is just a fad…think about it…When I was just out of high school,I used to love MC Brains "Oochie Coochie La La La". That lasted about a month because I realized it's catchy but it's garbage.She caters to sheep (mainly impressionable kids and some mentally shiftless adults) who jump on every/any trend that's in the moment.Do you really think she will really be taken seriously in 3 years?She may be at a Community Center near you in 5…so let the little sister make her money while she's still her own cash cow.Hopefully she can develop more into an artist (O_o) or pimp this this into an enterprise that can transform her into a mogul-type.and the plot thickens……..

  232. C. Huxtable:

    Arrrgggh, I was going to leave this topic alone and just enjoy reading the comments……. But, that statement, "Thanks to affirmative action there are many just like you at universities and colleges." got me so hot. Man, you know what I have alot of respect for MissJia and her website or else I would be tearing you a new one right now with every nasty statement and curse word I could think up and probably some new ones. I can't speak for anyone else on here but my family has shed blood and fought for decades just so we (Black people as a whole) could have access. When people make statements like that I have to honestly ask do you think they are going to let some foo pass Med school just because they're Black, without having to pass the test regardless of how they got there?

  233. C. Huxtable:

    Then if you noticed the original writer of the letter never made one statement about Lil Kim but every other Nicki Stan seems to bring Kim up. Just like some little ass kid who got caught with their hand in the cookie jar and starts bringing up Charles Manson. What da fucc does that have to do with your weak ass argument? Oh, that's right because Nicki doesn't have the skill, hits, talent or success to back up your Pro-Nicki argument you want to bring up other people and their issues or lack of skills to make your girl look better. I remember once I was at the mall around 2002 and B2K was appearing there. Legions of screaming, crying teenage girls who swore their allegiance to them forever. 8 years later those guys couldn't get picked up at the bus stop. Calm down and put these 'artist' in perspective. If you can't validate your opinion based on the person in question, maybe you need to fall back and rethink.

  234. C. Huxtable:

    I would love it if someone as fine as I think Nicki is would become a Great musical artist and bless us with her musical talent for decades like a Sade, Mary J. Blige, Badu or a Jill Scott. I remember where I was and who I was with the first time I heard 'Reminisce', 'Paradise', 'Long Walk' and 'Certainly'. What I'm saying is simple. Everything I've seen from Nicki so far says she is going be standing at that bus stop with B2k waiting to get picked up a couple of years from now. Maybe I'm wrong. I'm a Big Boy and humble enough to give it up when I'm wrong, I can apologize and I can shut the eff up. I hope Nicki makes it and I am wrong. Right now though I just don't see it.

  235. plumkin9:

    I agree hating is mis used many times, no hate nikki is a hot mess and she needs to disappear…… I am 40 years old … I can't press the button on the radio quick enough ooh she sucks. Not a hater …. at all lmao

  236. hmmmm:

    So anything is art!?! I would have to disagree. Art invokes emotion in people. Have a song is not art. Its just have a song. That is like saying the music that William Hung put out was art.

  237. hmmmm:

    …she has a flow. I can't tell from all the strange facial expressions.Not to mention I don't know what she is saying half the time.

  238. hmmmm:

    Yeah, its called the New Artist of the Year award. New artists when awards all the time.

  239. SoDamnFetch!:

    there are no strange expressions on a mixtape. download one and listen for yourself. nothing worse than casual radio listeners trying to throw shade like they know a person's catalogue…..

  240. exit.stageleft:

    You need to calm down. With my affirmative action comment sweetie, I was not implying that one gets into a college/university simply because they are black. I was not implying that said black person would be allowed to pass tests or classes based on the color of their skin alone. What I was saying that you completely didn't understand, was that colleges and universities are full of black students (and other races for that matter) that are ignorant and rude-irregardless of the fact that they may have good grades or numerous internships. But for the record my dear Watson- you need to do some research because there are PLENTY of black students that got into colleges and universities SIMPLY because they were black and the college/university needed to fill a status quo to get government funding. You can pretend that every black student is a buckled down scholar if you like- I will live in reality in the meantime.

    Fall Back with the rowdiness when you fail to comprehend.

  241. exit.stageleft:

    PS: What original letter were you reading? The author of the letter mentions Lil Kim in the second line. But I guess you couldn't let FACTS get in the way of your little tangent huh?

  242. exit.stageleft:

    First let me say thank you to you for appreciating MY OPINION so much you had to comment on it and come out of nowhere and call me a bitch. Although for future reference I prefer the B in bitch to be capitalized when you're addressing me.Thanks sweetie.
    Secondly- My comment was my opinion to Toi's opinion. SO why don't you write an apology letter to the both of us for commenting so ignorantly and unnecessarily.


  243. Huhhhh:

    There were some much needed commas in there. I'm just saying…

    I would give it a B+.

  244. Huhhhh:

    Ummmm…'re an idiot.

    1.) She does not have money to start a foundation, but she has money to rent a Lambo? Then again… maybe you're right (seeing as how she defaulted).

    2.) Second thought…. I don't have the time, care, nor energy to further breakdown your illogical rant.

  245. Huhhhh:

    Although that was extremely extra and uncalled for.

    F.*.C.K.T.A.R.D.E.D is hella funny. I will be incorporating…

  246. Eatem:

    Well that award has not been given, due to the fact that the BET awards are not for a few more days. So calm that down .

  247. Redfoxxx:

    Drake: What you, Nikki and all of these young copy cats don't realize is that you are only relevant bcause of Kim,BIG, Junior Mafia, Wu-Tang clan. They started the super groups b4 you ever knew what hip hop was. The fact that they existed b4 u and paved da way to be where u are now is why u should pay homage to the originators. I am sick to my stomach with all of the fake copycat wannabes with no talent, NO creativity and NO originality. U are all recycling music, beats, styles, swag, lyrics everything than has already been done and trying to take credit for it without respecti the culture and the history of the hip hop culture that existed before u were even born. Respect the culture!! I feel Kim demanding her respect. Nikki stole her style as well as Old Dirty Bastard (RIP). Get a life and your own fuckin style. That is why I will always love Jay-Z 4 forcing these punks to respect the culture. His DNA is in all of these punks music, like he's thei daddy. Keep punkin these bitches HOV!! Queen Bee take ur shit back!! Brooklyn stand up!! I will never support gay ass bitch ass Drake until he learns humility and respect. And I will send this opnion to every blog and magazine to show that we are all not robots and programmed to listen to garbage. Bitches!!

  248. hmmmm:

    But that is what most of us are..casual radio listeners. That is how you attract new fans. The image that that she puts out if off putting to a lot of people. And just because I have an opinion doesn't mean I am throwing shade. I could truly care less. She won't be around in a couple of years anyway.

  249. RUserious?:

    Unfuckin believable. so you mean to tell me, that a bitch can't write tracks and make money? Bottom line… The sorry ass bitch who wrote this long ass letter definetly dedicated a shit load of time to ride on Niki Minaj. The time this bitch sat down and carefully worded this letter, Nicki Minaj wouldn't give this chick the time of day cus the bitch wakes up and bathes in money you hatin ass mutha Get over it. Bottom line, if she was a nobody, why in the fuck are all yall bitches and cunts cryin' about her success and her gatdamn lace fronts?? Are you serious? Nicki pretty much got you where she wants you cus you fuckin mad as hell.. lol. As an artist, it's betta to be talked about then not to be acknowledged at all. AND THATS…. WHY YALL SOME BUM ASS BITCHES.. !! LMAOOO

  250. DerekNY:

    *cosign Red.. truth!



  252. RUserious?:

    Unfuckin believable. so you mean to tell me, that a bitch can't write tracks and make money? Bottom line… The sorry ass bitch who wrote this long ass letter definetly dedicated a shit load of time to ride on Niki Minaj. The time this bitch sat down and carefully worded this letter, Nicki Minaj wouldn't give this chick the time of day cus the bitch wakes up and bathes in money you hatin ass mutha Get over it. Bottom line, if she was a nobody, why in the fuck are all yall bitches and cunts cryin' about her success and her gatdamn lace fronts?? Are you serious? Nicki pretty much got you where she wants you cus you fuckin mad as hell.. lol. As an artist, it's betta to be talked about then not to be acknowledged at all. AND THATS…. WHY YALL SOME BUM ASS BITCHES.. !! LMAOOO

  253. omfg_wtf_itsMo:

    That is art…..thats his art….art does not have 2 be beautiful for it to be art i done seen so many ugly ass sculptings that had no meaning or even a name…..but it was ART!!!

  254. omfg_wtf_itsMo:

    At the end of the fucking day its ART
    Now stfu
    You ppl urk my damn nerves

  255. @SitchoAzzDown:

    I've been waiting for a letter like this to sum up how I truly feel about Nicki Minaj. The writer is great at writing, detailing Nicki's fukkups, and overall stating the truth. Fukk the Barbie shit, b!tch grow up already. The only reason she's famous is because of 1 gimmick.

  256. CB N3W GIRL:


  257. @4everAnnie:

    great letter, I agree..

  258. And U R? Who Cares!:

    This is ridiculous, I HATE how blk ppl always want to point fingers and blame other ppl for shit that isn't their fault. Im not defending Nicki but how can you ppl say she is influencing young girls to be bisexual and to wear scantly clad clothing? If your daughter/son is gay, then that's THEIR decision. Nicki didnt put a gun to their head and say "real bitches eat p*ssy". Second of all, Nicki is not the only woman in the world who wears revealing clothes.. I mean I see it everyday. At the mall, school, walmart etc. So if your daughter dresses a certain way then you need to start keeping track of whom she's hanging with. 99.9% of the time parents/ppl think that celebs are influencing their kids but in reality it's the ppl at their school/job/neighborhood, so quit blamin celebs! And if you have a child that's dumb enough to follow Nicki's every move then you (THE PARENT/SISTER/AUNT/UNCLE/TEACHER/COACH/BRO/SIS ETC) need to have a personal talk with your child because only a weak minded individual would be so easily persuaded by Nicki's MO. Another thing, if she want to wear a fake ass, tits, teeth, and talk like she has a learning disorder etc. then that her business! If you dont like it then simply DONT LISTEN TO IT! No one is making you listen to it. I dont necessarily like Country Folklore music, so instead of complaining about it, I SIMPLY DONT LISTEN TO IT! The person who wrote this put all this effort and energy into someone they disapprove of (as if Nicki herself is gonna read it) and wasted their time. I dont like the food at KFC but im not gonna go on a unnecessary rant about it. How is that gonna benefit me? It's not. In conclusion, it's not her job to make sure girls are passing the "5th grade" that's the parents/teachers/child's job, nicki is an entertainer not a freakin activist. Ppl go in on Nicki about all this shit but dont say anything about all this other negative shit for example: Porn, Adam Lambert tonguing some guy on LIVE T.V., Kat Stacks, Rick Ross. Oh and I said Rick Ross because if you say Nicki is influencing young girls to be stupid then you might as well say that Rick Ross/Sean Kingston is encouraging/influencing obesity. Sound's RIDICULOUS right? Same way I feel when I read crap like this. Ugh this topic is soo 5 mins ago anyway… why yall trippin off of her? If you don't like her music then change the radio station, dont watch her videos, quit posting about her and dont listen to her music. Just pretend it's Death Metal music (cause im pretty sure none of yall listen to that) and don't listen to it. Oh and the stuff about Lil Kim I could care less, and yeah I do listen to Nicki but im not a drone, I attend a well-known private University and I have a great job at Citi. With that being said, all of nicki's listeners are NOT stupid "Barbies". Its just that some ppl dont know how to separate the music from the entire persona. I listen to the music and when the song goes off, it ends there. I know this is long but im tired of this topic and stupid ppl blaming shit on celebs. I don't expect a celeb to pay my way thru college, that's my job. So quit it. Oh and the person who wrote this knows ALOT about Nicki so you must be a undercover fan (It's okay to say you like her, no one's gonna make fun of, I pinky promise) I mean you know stuff about her that I didnt even know! #BuildABridgeAnd…..

  259. And U R? Who Cares!!:

    This is ridiculous, I HATE how blk ppl always want to point fingers and blame other ppl for shit that isn't their fault. Im not defending Nicki but how can you ppl say she is influencing young girls to be bisexual and to wear scantly clad clothing? If your daughter/son is gay, then that's THEIR decision. Nicki didnt put a gun to their head and say "real bitches eat p*ssy". Second of all, Nicki is not the only woman in the world who wears revealing clothes.. I mean I see it everyday. At the mall, school, walmart etc. So if your daughter dresses a certain way then you need to start keeping track of whom she's hanging with. 99.9% of the time parents/ppl think that celebs are influencing their kids but in reality it's the ppl at their school/job/neighborhood, so quit blamin celebs! And if you have a child that's dumb enough to follow Nicki's every move then you (THE PARENT/SISTER/AUNT/UNCLE/TEACHER/COACH/BRO/SIS ETC) need to have a personal talk with your child because only a weak minded individual would be so easily persuaded by Nicki's MO. Another thing, if she want to wear a fake ass, tits, teeth, and talk like she has a learning disorder etc. then that her business! If you dont like it then simply DONT LISTEN TO IT! No one is making you listen to it. I dont necessarily like Country Folklore music, so instead of complaining about it, I SIMPLY DONT LISTEN TO IT! The person who wrote this put all this effort and energy into someone they disapprove of (as if Nicki herself is gonna read it) and wasted their time. I dont like the food at KFC but im not gonna go on a unnecessary rant about it. How is that gonna benefit me? It's not. In conclusion, it's not her job to make sure girls are passing the "5th grade" that's the parents/teachers/child's job, nicki is an entertainer not a freakin activist. Ppl go in on Nicki about all this shit but dont say anything about all this other negative shit for example: Porn, Adam Lambert tonguing some guy on LIVE T.V., Kat Stacks, Rick Ross. Oh and I said Rick Ross because if you say Nicki is influencing young girls to be stupid then you might as well say that Rick Ross/Sean Kingston is encouraging/influencing obesity. Sound's RIDICULOUS right? Same way I feel when I read crap like this. Ugh this topic is soo 5 mins ago anyway… why yall trippin off of her? If you don't like her music then change the radio station, dont watch her videos, quit posting about her and dont listen to her music. Just pretend it's Death Metal music (cause im pretty sure none of yall listen to that) and don't listen to it. Oh and the stuff about Lil Kim I could care less, and yeah I do listen to Nicki but im not a drone, I attend a well-known private University and I have a great job at Citi. With that being said, all of nicki's listeners are NOT stupid "Barbies". Its just that some ppl dont know how to separate the music from the entire persona. I listen to the music and when the song goes off, it ends there. I know this is long but im tired of this topic and stupid ppl blaming shit on celebs. I don't expect a celeb to pay my way thru college, that's my job. So quit it. Oh and the person who wrote this knows ALOT about Nicki so you must be a undercover fan (It's okay to say you like her, no one's gonna make fun of, I pinky promise) I mean you know stuff about her that I didnt even know! #thatisall

  260. STFU!:

    Hey quit leaving the same comments in every thread # Basic Bitch!! And stop riding Nicki's clit. You can't even spell her name right so you must be one of the stans who never finished school that the letter refers too. #DEAD!

  261. tina:

    Why are people bitching about this letter? Hello you can write about whoever you want to in the Dear Celebrity section DUH!! AS for these ignorant Nicki Fans y'all are the reason normal people pursue education. Who would want to act like y'all. Seriously? Throwing insults just b/c someone doesn't like Nicki. I mean does she pay your bills or something? I'll wait. Anyway, this letter isn't as harsh as that Keri Hilson one so chill out. Some of the "fans" must have missed the BET awards where home girl was lip syncing to fucking rap?! #wheretheydothatat? Find a better role model Puh- Leez!!

  262. sexydestiny20:


  263. jaemon:

    nice booty

  264. smh:


  265. smh:

    You stated Rappers owe us good music. Sooo… I'm still waiting on the good music from Onika? #thatisall

  266. smh:


  267. smh:


  268. makedakaluwa:

    Good one!!! That lil bitch looks like Pac above. She STOLE Kim's image, and Trina self coined label, amongst other things. Punk ass weak minded bitch!

  269. ping-pong:

    Methinks some people have not caught on to the purpose of these Dear Celebrity letters… How can you complain about the complaining when that's what the letters are about? Not everybody has to like your favorites. js

  270. cleo:

    i like way she rapping!shes good no matter what they say!

  271. love:


  272. Sequoia:

    She once said on Sister2Sister that she wasn't really bisexual….

  273. Dj:

    You kno what who ever wrote what they did is what Nicki and all her other fans call a (Ben A Fan) its funny how you kno what she has said in alot of her raps and what she calls her self but you clame that you dont like her please…… and you proper grammar made you sound even more stupid then what you already are. It mast have took you forever to write that cause it must have been hard holding that dictionary and lookin for allthem bigg words get a life the only reason ur dissin on Nicki Minaj is because you dont have a life to go back to wow thats were you got all that time from anyway for all the Barbs out there she is how we say Da Dun Dun, WHO EVER WROTE THAT NEEDS TO STEP DOWN THERE BASEMENT GET A LIFE GET A JOB AND GET SOME BETTER SKILLS YOU WISH YOU COULD MAKE MONEY LIKE SHE DO WELL WISHES FOR PEOPLE LIKE YOU DONT COME TRUE #SIT………

  274. nenebaby:

    dear author
    ahhh another hating ass bitch you have nothing better to. listen if you dont llike her why are you such a fan your keeping track of what the bitch(nikki) wears and your even researching her alter ego listen if your life is that boring then just kill your self because your a nobody and just another fan like me admit it bitch. love you nikki from nene and author of this bullshit article.

  275. nenebaby:

    rite and your the same bitch that buys her albums it amazes me that anonymous bitches like you have something to say but want to remain anonymous do me a favor go find the nearest bridge an dumb the fuck off u dumb bitch! yours truly nene bitch

  276. nenebaby:

    u sound dumb

  277. Lisha Spreng:

    The following time I learn a blog, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me as much as this one. I mean, I know it was my option to learn, but I truly thought youd have one thing fascinating to say. All I hear is a bunch of whining about something that you could repair in the event you werent too busy on the lookout for attention.

  278. perimenopause:

    I had no idea I would learn about this when I woke up this morning.

  279. SMH @Ignorance:

    Yes this chick REALLY is Hatin and I mean HATIN Hard LLS what did Ms. Nicki do to you? lls *evelyn basketball wives voice* Get a Life Boo Boo.

    leave Nicki alone she a beast righ now, doin her thing and making her paper so why dont you go do the same. shit yo ass might need a lacefront and some leggins im quite sure this Ms. Toi is a bum bitch onthe come-up CTFU!!!!!!

  280. SMH @ Ignornace:


  281. Shai:

    All attention isn't good attention. The person that wrote this isn't necessarily a hater. Why can't she just be pointing out the obvious? Something you fans can't seem to grasp.
    She's whack. Period (.) point ——-> blank.

  282. shai:

    You know a tree by the fruit it bears… what fruit does Nicki bear?
    Oh, does she just live for God in her personal life? That's a problem, not so much for me, but for God. He doesn't secretly bless us, He doesn't secretly love us, so why should any of us bless Him in secret. Think before you type next time, please.

  283. DDonDiva:

    WOW!!! Nicki fans are I love Nicki Minaj but as a fan I think you have the right to call someone out on their ish. As a fan am I suppose to agree with everything an artist does, wear, and sings? HELL NO! Nicki is my girl but I do agree with some of the things the writer said. Like for real, who didn't think Nicki was out of line for that insane outfit on the red carpet lookin like she was about to have a church service. For all the people saying "If she doesnt like her she sure did dedicate a whole letter to her" Whelp, when you don't like something/someone you tend to notice EVERYTHING about them..kinda like the song that comes on that you absolutely hate but you seem to know all the words..yup it was kinda like that. As a fan I can say Nicki does need to chill out a bit. Idk where this mainstream thing is taking her but I sure do miss the old Nicki. "Dear old Nicki please come back"

  284. anonHeaux:

    um…you mean besides superbass, starships, your love, or fly?


  285. Nia:

    I'm not saying that I'm Nicki's biggest fan but…the irony of reading this post 2 years later…

    *amidst all of her success thus far*

  286. Reasons:

    we do still have that first ammendmant correct?…with that being said you should respect Nikki's first amendment rights and that is to express herself in whatever way she chooses. Here's a word of advice…If you want someone to respect your speech, your freedom of expression…never diss anyone's art. Its a rule of thumb especially in the world of the arts.
    I feel is valid in the sense that if Nicki wants to call herself the "Baddest B**tch" in the industry she should put out WORK.. (Not cross country boob signing tours) actual albums, grammys, singles without major artists carrying her.

    One of the reason why I like Nikki is because of her work ethic…what Nikki has done with her brand in a very short period of time would take a lifetime for other artist…even Lil Kim. Sorry boo boo…Lil Kim lost time in prison… because she didnt realize that it was time for her to live a different life…instead she was stuck on that dated thug life…hanging out with outlaws instead of winners.

  287. RealShit:

    If the woman wants to be fake, let her be fake. She's making money regardless. If someone decided to put her on a track and she blew up from there, then so be it. There is nothing any of us can do to change it so why talk about it? And for the people who disrespect celebrities on these letters, you should be fucking ashamed of yourselves. You are quick to jump on someone's case who disrespects you, so why you doing it? They are choosing to live their life the way THEY want to. You weren't put in that position and it's probably for a damn good reason.. Grow up and have a life. Talking about America has no hope. If you choose to follow them then YOU, my friend, have no hope either. And don't say you have a life, because sending these letters means YOU HAVE NO FUCKING LIFE!

  288. RealShit:

    And she's not? Do your fucking homework on a celebrity before you decide to disrespect them. And as far as you saving lives, who isn't these days? Try RISKING your life for others them maybe we can talk..

  289. BarbieSlayer:

    You mad?


  290. Vincent:

    I think it's safe to say the writer of this article now looks like a complete idiot. Instead of giving Nicki a year or so to establish herself, you have went all out to get her. She has achieved quite a lot, wouldn't you say? 2 studio albums, a world tour. This girl is clearly smart and is making a hell of a lot of money. Do you have anything to say about your very inaccurate 'article' now??

  291. CallingYouOut:

    You mad.

  292. DollyNZero:

    Actually she does…

  293. door:

    The letter isn't inaccurate. It was written in 2009 and everything she said applied to 2009.

    Congrats to Nicki for going from YABBA DABBA DOO to TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR though.

  294. door:

    Excuse me, 2010.

  295. Anon:

    I do not appreciate the fact that someone put Nicki and Kim's faces over Namie Amuro Past<Future album cover, whomever did that sucks.

  296. Nic Buzzworthy:

    What about her age?

  297. 21149315:

    It seems people can't separate Nicki the entertainer, from Nicki the person. The same thing happens with actors, people believe the character they play is how that person really is. There is barely enough female rappers as it is, why go after one constantly? And many black female entertainers rarely get to act kooky and wild, as people still view that as a white-thing ie Lady Gaga (currently).You don't have to like a singers music, that I can understand. And I will see your view on their stage persona. But I can't agree with tearing them down from behind a computer screen.

  298. L-Boogie:

    Nikki is dirt, she didn't have very far throw….

  299. Alicia:

    Wow. . .Its crazy because this letter and these comments talks about her fuckups but if you listen to some of her other music. . .the music where she's not doing all that extra stuff, you'll see that she's actually a great artist. She have music that have real meanings behind them. . .such as Dear Old Nicki, Autobiography, Can Anybody Hear Me, Fly, Still I Rise, & more. No im not a die hard Nicki fan but i do enjoy and can relate to some of her songs. . .I mean she's just doing what she got to do to make it to the top. . .& right now she's at where he always wanted to be. . so who are yall to knock her down and belittle her and that goes to all celebrities

  300. Domo chandler:

    It never pays to hate on anybody else, and i doubt she paying a car note on the Lamborghini and she bought all her best friends range rovers that only is like half a million for all five ranges. be real. fall back bitch and if you feeling froggy leap. I hate fucker haters, I am not even a big fan of her but I support the kid because we fro the same hood, so watch you raggedy ass mouth you bird ass spectator

  301. domo chandler:

    girl, her lyrics are not repeated or duplicated. That shit came from her mind her experience.

  302. FoureverJasmine:

    I was listen to Nicki when she was still with dirty money, she was still doing the come-up videos, she was a really good rapper. She was gritty and real her autobiography was the she now she write bull-shit. I don't listen to her because as a fan I fell disrespected that she left music that made her for pop….. but she GET YA MONEY BOO-BOO

  303. plaqueattackfordogs:


  304. freebabydiapers:

    well put!

  305. christian louboutin:

    fake ass nicki minaj

  306. xoSoleil:

    PREACH!!!! I am glad I am not the only one… Originally being from Queens, New York, I prefer her Jamaica, Queens days over ANYTHING she has put out after that. "Sneak dissing legends, and upcoming free style rappers won’t get you anywhere but modeling akademiks clothing in XXL.." <— best statement I have heard in regards to Nicki. This letter, hilarious truth.

  307. She_Jaszie:


  308. layne:

    Some people need to mature in themselves and stop all the hate. If you don't like her move on and listen to whomever you do. She has fans, so let her live.

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