Slim Thug Goes IN On Black Women

Le sigh I am so sick of everybody in the world trying to psychoanalyze Black women and why we’re single. Slim Thug is the latest to perform a song and dance on the issue in basically saying that, in laymens terms, Black women ain’t sh-t. Yet, you were the one who got caught with your pants down? Boy, please…Instead of trying to psychoanalyze why Black women aren’t involved, try psychoanalyzing a relevant career that extends beyond Twitter.


Most single Black women feel like they don’t want to settle for less. Their standards are too high right now. They have to understand that successful Black men are kind of extinct. We’re important. It’s hard to find us so Black women have to bow down and let it be known that they gotta start working hard; they gotta start cooking and being down for they man more. They can’t just be running around with their head up in the air and passing all of us.

I have a brother that dates a White woman and he always be fucking with me about it saying, “Y’all gotta go through all that shit [but] my White woman is fine. She don’t give me no problems, she do whatever I say and y’all gotta do all that arguing and fighting and worry about all this other shit.”

My girl is Black and White. I guess the half White in her is where she still cooks and do all the shit that I say, so we make it. She just takes care of me and I like that. She don’t be begging and I don’t gotta buy her all this crazy ass shit. And she’s a smart girl too. She graduated from Columbia [University] and I like that about her so it’s cool. I’ve dated girls that will buy a $3,000 bag and don’t know how to pay it off on their credit cards. They walk around in these Louis Vuittons and red bottoms but they’re riding around in raggedy cars, so it’s just getting your priorities right.

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  1. @dinastyinc:

    So the problem with us Black women is that we aren't submissive enough (like White women), and we can actually think for ourselves and would like to have an input in the decision-making where it concerns THE BOTH OF US?

    If Black men want a woman that just does whatever they say, then they can just keep on walking by this one. I have absolutely no problem being submissive, and letting the man be the head (as long as he's making rational, logical decisions), but I'll be damned if I'm about to be a doormat.

    Barefoot and pregnant; clean your house, take care of your kids, cook your food, and lay on my back and open my legs when YOU want it. . . . .Is that what mean REALLY want?

  2. Quest:

    well his girl is dumb if she reads this and stays with him

  3. CCC83:

    These men are absolutely delusional if they think all white women are submissive and will do whatever they are told. As a white woman I can say this is one MYTH that needs to stop right now. Stupid stupid STUPID.

  4. @Lauriette:

    Wow…when you have a guy like this talking like THIS….you know times are hard. The audacity of him to even open up his mouth is baffling to me.

  5. pretty:

    well ain't this about a….. So he's saying that BLACK women cant be smart too. he wants a slave.

  6. Quest:

    right he sayin the only reason his girl is worth a damn is cuz she half white

  7. @ShantaFabulous:

    Fuck him and his brother. There's nothing inherently good about a (half) white women. And there's nothing inherently bad about black women. That's his slave mind talking. Good relationships don't happen by accident. You choose who you want to be with and what you'll put up with. This dude doesn't want a partner he wants a damn doormat. He wants her to do all the shit he say.

    I'll never understand people who are in interracial relationships and shit on people of their own race. If everything is so sweet with your partner then you shouldn't need negativity to build it up. And if you're in a interracial relationship and you're buying into your partner's criticism of a WHOLE group of people, fuck you too.

  8. truthhurts:

    I agree not 100% just maybe 30% I think certain women standards are to high especially if you not even 20% of what you claiming you want in a person yourself. I come across that a lot girls claiming to want this & that in a man but not even 20% of what they imaging they want & I agree on the "having Louis Vuittons and red bottoms but they’re riding around in raggedy cars" Also I know several black girls who never in a day thought about me or liked me but time I said I would date outside my race they bash me & said I would be wrong it's like. Your ass don't or didn't want me so stfu up & continue living.

  9. ella:

    this is why blacks will always be on the bottom. still kissing whitey's ass while getting their asses kicked.

  10. ella:

    also kissing the asses of latinos, asians, indians, native americans, and EVERY OTHER DAMN RACE smgdh

  11. Kale:

    I usually don't use this word but, fuck this nigga.
    like seriously.

    I fucking swear…the bullshit us black women have to go through is just….ugh

    Let me use Slim's logic and say Black women need to go get a Chinese man because black men are too busy going to jail or fighting with their babies mothers or selling drugs on the street corner,
    *kisses teeth*

    I thank GOD everyday I have black men in my life who don't think this nonsense. From my father to my fiance to my friends, I do not know a single black man that does not want an equal or a woman that will challenge him in a way that makes him constantly strive to do better for himself, his SO, and his kids.

    Slim Thug you and your like are PATHETIC and a disgrace to black men EVERYWHERE

  12. Really?:

    Great job at generalizing based on your experience with every black woman in the world….

    And the thing with black men is they are QUICK to point out the flaws of black women
    But what about the flawed black men not working, not finishing school, not taking care of their sometime multiple children, etc?
    I guess their a blessing to the world with all the ignorance that they contribute to society
    Those are the main ones that put black women down when they have no real value themselves
    Not all black men are like that but the majority are just like not all black women are like the women you countered but some are

  13. @ailahs7:

    Him and his stupid ass gf(she has to be stupid to put up with his self hating ignit never-was ass)should build a HALF WHITE(because i doubt he would let his precious feet touch a fully black one) bridge to hell.

  14. tracy:

    People say this kind of shit out of insecurity, anger, low self-esteem, stupidity, and self hatred. Most interracial daters are racist against their own and have a sick twisted mentality. Then they give birth to fucked up mixed children who don't know who the fuck they are.

    To Slim Thug: I highly doubt black women are hoping, begging, and pleading to be with your ghetto low class ass. You're no Blair Underwood. You're no Boris Kodjoe. Being black and having a penis doesn't make you hot shit. Get the fuck over yourself.

  15. but....why?:

    what's the point of being in a relationship if you can't argue sometimes? umm…BORING!
    if i was a white woman, i would be fuckin offended right now, for being known as docile, and submissive.
    & Slim Thug where the fuck is your PhD? analyzing shit like your somebody's fucking Harvard grad.
    in the words of my girl Robin from Waiting to Exhale, "a white woman can have your sorry ass!"
    our standards are too high, but you want a slave, that never talks back, cooks, cleans, wipes your ass? oh, ok. yea that makes sense. *rolls eyes*

  16. @ailahs7:

    Black People aren't on the bottom.NiggERS like this are.

  17. @dinastyinc:

    LOL Truly, because Lawd knows Black women don't cook or do any other shit to make their man feel special.

  18. truthhurts:

    I never once said all black women was anything.I said several that dose not define all

  19. Tramaine Taya Kerns:

    Alright let me just say Slim why would you even open your mouth to say what you say? Someone needs a wake up check for real! And I think it is you. Wait wait wait….. I think I am about to do a dear celebrity up in this mug…. ugh He bout to get it.
    And why oh why was this interview published? Lord Vibe is giving me serious vibes and they aren't good.

  20. Kanika أميرة:

    Exactly. You don't have to dis your own race in order to appreciate other races.

  21. AkaSista:

    Watch as he says that he was misquoted. What a category 5 moron. People need to leave black women alone and worry about their damn nonexistent, non-twitter related career

  22. Kale:

    I feel like self hating niggas like this fool should be castrated.
    The last thing we need is you having self hating BLACK kids to go out in the world hating themselves and anyone that looks like them.

  23. Glendabeauty:

    I have a long ass comment to add to this but you know what im DONE!!!!!!!!!!

  24. SayWha:

    Grips the cross around my neck and holds it tightly as I walk up out of this post. I know he didn't ………..

  25. sickwitit:

    the reason why slim thug and dudes like slim thug think this way is because they were raised by SINGLE mothers who probably babied their asses and never saw a real man growing up…so they want somebody to replace mama

  26. vivi:

    This is what is wrong with our people now.way.too much self hate. You never hear spanish men dissing spanish women–hell latinos LOVE latinas. You always see Asian men with Asian women. But black people…we get a LITTLE fame and now everything non-black is exotic and we too good for the very sistas who we ran after when we were broke. How much Slim thug wants to bet that same half white Columbia grad wouldn't give him the time of day if he was just an ordinary thug on the street. Her standards would NOT include him!

  27. @matthewmilam:

    Some of the things Slim Thug says have a certain truth, but that's all women. It's not just black women. It's also a matter of what he wants in a woman.

    Why the hell are we still talking about this?

  28. Nunya:

    That's the damn problem these "men" nowadays want to be taken care of, yet they feel like they've earned it without doing anything. They expect you to wait on them hand and foot. For all I know, the way he speaks about black women goes to show he lacks respect for a woman with an opinion and her own mind. It's not our fault that he chose to settle because he wasn't man nor strong enough to handle a strong woman. Every woman argues, and yes, some may put it up with the BS men throw at them more than others. I was raised by both my mother and father, and my father always taught me not to settle for nor allow a man to control you or make you submit to him at all costs. If you do what you're supposed then you can reap the benefits of having someone cook you a meal. You only get what you give.

    Slim Thug is pathetic for his racial comments which goes to show no woman in their right mind would think he's that great of a catch. #nextplease He needs to learn how to speak when his career is remotely relevant…which is never.

  29. Mina:

    Smh…he wants a 2nd mom.

    What grown ass man needs to be taken care of?


    “I guess the half White in her is where she still cooks and do all the shit that I say, so we make it. She just takes care of me and I like that.”

    ^^^That’s the most ignorant fuckery I’ve heard all year.

  30. brooklynfly:

    THANKS! I completely agree. Please… what Columbia grad, half-white or not would be with his ignorant ass if he didn't have *some* money…I am NOT impressed. I know one thing none of the sistas I went to Columbia with would have anything to do with this sort of fuckery. My question is, if this chick isn't "begging" for anything and you aren't "buying her shit" then why the hell is she with you? Surely not for your pookie-level intelligence.

  31. KeePin IT REal:

    We've just been SET BACK 40 Acres AND A MULE! AGAIN!!!

    KeePin IT REal!

  32. Boy, Bye!:

    She's dumb for messing with him in the first place. Why are you messing with a man who calls himself ""Slim Thug" when you have a degree from Columbia???

  33. Monk:

    If everyone thinks what he says is ignorant, why even pay attention to the foolishness? If he wanna talk all that garbage, why feed into it and be an audience for him? Ignore him, don't support him, and make him eat those words…getting upset because someone says some ignorant shit is kind of pointless.

  34. mpromp2:

    Bish needs to run and find his hairline.

  35. @lifealanubian:

    im not going to make this long other than to say his music isn't about shit so why would he be? *shrugs*


    Excuse the FUQ out of me Slim Thug. I didn't know your irrelevant tail was the CREAM OF THE CROP! Let me start by saying I'm a successful black woman, graduated with a CHEMISTRY Degree from the University of Alabama, working in my field and I own my own business. Not every black woman is unintelligent, uneducated, and financially unstable. I don't think a woman would mind letting a MAN lead if he had the capability. I would not want an UNSUCCESSFUL BLACK JAIL BIRD THUG to lead me either. WTF CAN YOU TELL ME OR TAKE ME that would enhance what I already have going on?! You sound like a fool. Normally INSECURE boys feel threaten by such a great woman. But I understand the inability to converse in a proper manner would probably intimidate me too. There's a different in sharing your life with a mate and respecting them. SO DO YOU WANT ANOTHER CHILD to CONTROL OR ANOTHER MOTHER to love you. Because clearly you can't handle what SMART, INTELLIGENT BLACK WOMEN HAVE TO OFFER. Maybe you choose those types of women to make yourself feel better about being…NOT THE CREAM OF THE CROP but THE BLACK SHIT WE SCRAP OFF THE BOTTOM.

  37. Lazyblackman:

    Ok yes

  38. intricate rebel:

    A LOT(not all) of black men out there haven't graduated high school, sell drugs, don't take care of their kids, and happen to be unemployed. SOME black females will settle for that, just because I won't that means my standards are too high. OH…ok. Did I say your standards were too high when you chose not to be with _____ because shes sitting in the dark but got on those new Jimmy Cs? No! Did I say your standards were too high when you found out ____is comfortable living off of child support, wic vochers, EBT cards, and cash benefits? NO! The fact is I want to be with someone who has goals in life and has accomplishments to match mine. If simply having a job and/or trying to further education means my standards are too high….Then what standards do a lot of black men actually meet? Yeah…I'll wait

  39. @dst_diva09:

    When Slim Thug comes out with a hit album or being relevant besides one song, then he can TRY to talk. Until then, #hohaveaseat His girlfriend just as dumb as the black women he is referencing (ignorantly at that). You have a degree from one of the most prestigious universities, yet she is with some lame rap, wannabe thug who hasn't made a hit album or been featured on an album since '99? #HESALAME

  40. whit:

    He needs to STFU! #thats all. I'm not wasting anymore time talkn about this idiot.

  41. Kukojin:

    As ignorant as this douchebag is, as much as we are all pretty much echoing the simple fact that this dude is being stupid for bashing his own, how many other Black people who are high profile are STILL being looked up to? This is another simple reminder to us as a people that the problems, hindurances, and setbacks lie within ourselves. We need to support our own-and we need to make ourselves worthy of such support as well.

  42. HA HA:

    "My girl is Black and White. I guess the half White in her is where she still cooks and do all the shit that I say, so we make it."-WIMPthug

    wow,so basically he likes the WHITE SIDE of his girl becuz she "DOES ALL HE SAYS"

    meaning shes like a SLAVE and doesnt DEFEND HERSELF?

  43. Besos:

    I had written a book cause this trending topic is killing me . . . however it was too long. So I erased it all to simply say . . .

    The follow up question interview should have been , how do you feel about your mother, daughter, adn sister in regards to your comment.

    I would also, inquire do you love yourself? Do you really believe white women have a gene that makes them submissive. . . ok I'm going on the rant again.

    So I'll leave it here. . . . I'm pissed.

    We are the best, To all my beautiful black sisters (colored, domincans, panamanians, africans, ethiopians, jamaicans, etc) love yourself and trust that you are the best regardless of what society thinks without us the shit wouldnt exist. Too funny cause these crazy thought were only created to divide us more.

    I bet Mary wasn't being submissive when her ass was in the house watching you pick cotton.

  44. CheezFries:

    he can go ahead and kiss both my ass cheeks after that one. your issues with black women doesn't mean that all black women aren't worth dating.. my standards may be high but that doesn't make me wrong. that means i know and understand my worth. we have to settle but you get to be picky? gtfoh.

  45. larrytimbojoe:

    Whoo Woo Whoo he went in but the sad thing about it although some woman are like that not all of them I know plenty of black women that are out here doing the damn thing and I feel no one should settle for bullshit point blank how dare he categorize all black women off his experience with a few basic females he has the right to his opinion but that don't mean I have to agree with it

  46. Phynist:

    So, tell me Slim Thug, why is your girl REALLY with you? Cuz if she ain't about bags and shoes, she mixed with a Columbia degree, she cooking, cleaning, sexing you and doing wifey shit, she's probably not with YOU because YOU are intellectually stimulating and well-spoken…she's IN IT FOR SOMETHING ELSE, i.e., MONEY, FAME *side-eye*…or better yet, she's just waiting for the day to send you that "I'm Late" text…and then she's good for life.

    Dumb ass nigga.

  47. Germaine:

    Wow 1st black men ain't ish now black women. Once one falls toe other is not too far behind, but who fell first is the real question. Everybody know in male dominated society there can be one dominant male so brothas r attack and sistas r forced into an independent state. Bringin up his girl being part white as to why part of her is actin right, as far as his perspective kills any cool points. Nuff said

  48. Krystie:

    I wrote an essay, but I won't even do all that today. Slim Thug isn't looking for a partner, he's looking to his mother. I am a college graduate that is making a nice chunk of change; what in the world will someone with Slim Thug's mentality teach me? His name is Slim Thug. Excuse the fuck outta me for not wanting anything to do with a person who holds that name.

  49. mialove:

    who is slim thug again?

  50. Example:

    Perfect example exactly what Slim is talking bout.Women who go off & not even try to understand what was even said just looking for a argument.Nobody have time for unnecessary fussing.

  51. Southerngyrl*:

    Thank you! Same goes for Asian women. Dudes (white men included in on this one) checking like all Asian chicks will do this that and the other. Ummm, not the ones I know.

  52. Down4MyBlackSisters :

    LOL!! thank you for writing this comment… i wholeheartedly AGREE!!!

  53. Kale:


    RT @prettylondonpr just bc u dont agree with @slimthugga does not mean that his points were not right.

    RT @TeresaRaquel @slimthugga Most lower class females like myself were raised #Fartherless so no one was there 2 teach us how 2 treat a man. #ThatsWhatsWrong

  54. ARIE:

    I know thats right! I'm trying to figure out when all these black men started coming out of the woodworks dogging out all the black women b/c my roomate just got done telling me about how one of our star players at my school(kstate) was outside of a club talking about thats why he don't deal with black chicks and this and that like are you that insecure that you have to be in a relationship with someone who can't even open their mouths and voice their opinion! It's like we take 2 steps forward only to take 4 steps back…compliments of our black brothas of course.

  55. Allergic 2 B.S.:


    & if I was a White Woman, I would be HIGHLY offended, on SO many levels!


  56. Allergic 2 B.S.:


    Both of y'all, Quest's too….COSIGN!!!!!!!

  57. Allergic 2 B.S.:


    & is it just me, or does he & his (dumba$$) brother sound like immature 16 yr. olds?

  58. Ms. J:

    Isn't this the Ni**** who got his COUSIN pregant? Ugh! Need I say MORE?

  59. @dinastyinc:

    THANK YOU! Especially since Vibe's editor is a Black woman (Danyel Smith). At least I know she used to be, not sure if she's still there.

  60. @lovely_els:

    LOL!! thank you

  61. @dinastyinc:

    YOU KNOW WHAT, there could be some truth to that. Because my ex was raised by his grandmother, and I'll give you 3 guesses as to who he primarily dates.
    (P.S. I could never be what he needed, looks or otherwise. I'm the friend that can tell him when his shit stinks and he appreciates my advice about dating other women. . . . .)

  62. Allergic 2 B.S.:


    That's what I've been TRYING 2 say 4 the longest!
    Black Women could care less who da f*ck a ni99a chooses
    2 date. WE DON'T GIVE A F*CK, It's your choice, do you nigga!!!!
    All we're saying is, (as Kanika put it) "You don't have 2 dis your own
    race, in order 2 appreciate other races, THAT'S ALL, D*MN!!!!!!!


    (what grown a$$ man walks around w/ the name slim thug anyway, ugh)

  63. @dinastyinc:

    If he didn't have money, she wouldn't give him the time of day, or her daddy would be begging her not to date that "n-word."

    So no matter how much he thinks the grass is greener on the other side, in some way he will never be good enough to please the very ppl he puts on a pedestal.

  64. Allergic 2 B.S.:

    @ella & aliahs7,

    I SO cosign both statements!

  65. @dinastyinc:

    Whoo yes!! "We have to settle, but you get to be picky?" That sums up how I feel every time this topic comes up!!

  66. ladiinikki:

    Amen sista!

  67. @dinastyinc:

    . . . . . . . . .Are you serious?

  68. ladiinikki:

    Eww, that's gross…

  69. @VaunTV:

    UMMM Your not looking for a women Slim..You looking for a mom or no a slave? someone that takes care of you without arguing? Someone who does as you say? Someone who cooks & cleans at your wishes? Someone you dont have to spend nothing on?

    How about you take yo non career having ass back to where u came from.. You just made your brothers and Yourself look Ignorant as shit.

  70. Allergic 2 B.S.:

    CO muthaf*ckin SIGN!!!!!!!

  71. Allergic 2 B.S.:

    UNFORTUNATELY, this black negro did, & I feel you!

  72. DWagz:

    "They have to understand that successful Black men are kind of extinct. "


    A successful black man (one of MANY!)

  73. Allergic 2 B.S.:


  74. ladiinikki:

    Ole groupies trying to get this idiot to respond…

  75. @lovely_els:

    since a lot of people have already expressed my feelings about this post, ill just make a point about his use of grammar…

    the way he talks is so ignorant :"She don’t be begging and I don’t gotta buy her all this crazy ass shit."

    " she don't be begging?" WTF

    also, i'm quite sure one of the perks of going out with a "rapper" is to get some nice shit. ol cheap ass, hatin ass nigga

  76. Samyzee:

    "It’s hard to trust a Black woman [sometimes] because a lot of Black women’s mind frame is that the man gotta do everything for her⎯ he gotta pay for this, he gotta pay for that, and if it ain’t about money then a lot of them ain’t fucking with him."

    I thought it was that black women were too independent? Now we're too lazy? People are confusing the hell out of me! I mean, what is it?

    And successful black men are extinct? Really? I find that hard to believe since 'successful' is a relative term. I actually think I'm a little offended by that. He doesn't seem to think much about black men… Why would he think highly of black women? This guy reeks of insecurity.

    And in order for a black woman to keep a successful black man she has to "bow down?" Sounds to me like Slim Thug doesn't want an equal, he wants someone who is content with being his dog.

  77. Chrystan:

    He basically just said that in the first few words that the majority of Black men are uneducated and broke. Thank u. I read nothing beyond that article.

  78. Samyzee:

    When I told my brother what Slim Thug said about white women basically being better he said (And this is coming from someone who doesn't discriminate when it comes to dating), "That nigga is fucking delusional! ALL women, I don't care what color they are, have the same issues! There are good and bad women everywhere! I can find a dozen black women who will allow me to run over them just as I can find a dozen white women who will allow me to run over them; it may be harder, but it can be done. If anyone thinks skin color is an indicator of someone's character, then they've got more living to do."

  79. Allergic 2 B.S.:

    Because DUMBSH*T like his (& Ocho Nacho Doritos) recent comments keeps
    popping the f*ck up! And every f*cking time it pops up, we gon KEEP talking about
    that ish, like we should've been doing a long f*cking time ago!

    Which is 1 of many reasons why nothing is getting solved & nothing is being done
    about it, BECAUSE we keep sweeping it under the rug!

    Slim Thug's latest comments is proof that this issue ain't going away anytime soon,
    So (like it or not) we HAVE 2 talk about it!

    If We Don't Talk About It, How Can We Heal & Move On!?

  80. LETS B REAL:


  81. ladiinikki:

    What GREAT black woman would want to date someone named "Slim Thug" in the first place? A great black woman would not want a "thug." But I guess black women's standards are too high…

  82. Allergic 2 B.S.:

    You & me both!

    That part had me raising my left brow & shaking my mf head too.

  83. @dinastyinc:

    UPDATE: I really can't with this nigga. I went and read the whole article on Vibe's site, and I watched a video on another site where he made his (half-white) gf pay for half of her plane ticket to come and see him. <_< Most of the article shows him bitching about black women pressuring men to pay for everything and buy her stuff. So in essence, he's really just a cheap bastard. That's all this is about.

    As I leave you with a quote:
    A Black man who gets a little bread will go make it rain in the club and be broke the next day or instead of him going to invest in a business he gonna go buy new jewelry or a new car and still live in the hood. Black peoples’ mentality is real fucked up in general [and] it’s affecting everything.
    ^ Meanwhile you said in your interview that one night you and your homies were out club hoppin and poppin bottles everywhere you went. . . . .dressed in your iced out chain and sportin that gold plated grill. . . . .

    But us Black women are the problem though.

  84. Allergic 2 B.S.:

    (Sort of) COSIGN!

  85. @dinastyinc:

    And the TeresaRaquel chick is white……….O_O
    Wait. What.

  86. Allergic 2 B.S.:

    CO muthaf*ckin SIGN!

  87. vivi:

    Also, Slim Thug said black women need to lower their standards…No other race is required to lower their standards, so why should we? Does he really those beautiful Brazilian, Puerto Rican and other ethnic women will lower their standards? Kim Kardashian wouldn't date a black man if he delivered the mail! lol

  88. @dinastyinc:

    That is so true. Communication is key. No wonder this shit keeps getting passed down from generation to generation, because people like matt are insistent on sweeping it under the rug like the ugly truth never existed, rather than talking about it.

    Take Mo'Nique's fucked up family situation for example.

  89. Allergic 2 B.S.:


  90. tooty:

    this is crazy and frankly i am tired of being ridiculed for having standards. Firstly, all of us black women aren't single. Secondly, he failed to mention how he taking care of his mixed bitch. She is not there for no reason. Thirdly, if black men would step up and take care of us, then we could be in the position to be submissive, these days, black men want something for nothing. How about Black women don't want black men because they don't work , are broke and uneducated and stay in and out of jail. Is that fair to say? Is it fair to say that if his ghetto ass didn't rap, he would be a nothing ass nigga like the rest?…Somebody needs to tell him to get off that before Abe Shit.

  91. Allergic 2 B.S.:

    Uncle Ruckus's love-child.

  92. Allergic 2 B.S.:


  93. Allergic 2 B.S.:

    Waaaaaaait a min. ARE YOU SERIOUS???????

  94. Allergic 2 B.S.:


  95. massah8me:

    Arrrrrrgh y'all are fucking killing me with the lame ass same ol' bullshit attacks black women do this, black men do that wah wahhh waahhh?!!!!! First fuck Slim Thug, his music sucks and I know this is a celebrity blog site mostly and not a political socail debate site but seriously what kind of feeble minded foo listens to any celebrity and what they have to say about anything? They are all some fucking organ grinder monkeys, male and female who tap dance, sing and crack jokes for anyone who throws money into the hat. Intelligence and knowledge of self does not go along with that picture. Were some of you born as big as you are now, born with a college education? born with a house, clothes etc.? No, huh. So your past contributed to who you grew up as a person to be. If you can accept that concept about yourself why can't you understand the same thing about the plight of Black people all across the globe. Instead of listening to some goddamn cavebeast propaganda on tell lie vision or getting mad at some foo tossing a football for a living why can't some of you bishes get mad at the culprit of all this drama?

  96. Allergic 2 B.S.:

    I noticed that too, I just haven't gotten 2 that yet, but now, thanks 2 you (because you've
    said it 4 me, cosign), I don't have 2.

  97. Allergic 2 B.S.:

    Cosign & Big ups 2 you & your beautifully spirited brother!

  98. tracy:

    "successful black men are extinct"………………………………….. #blankstare
    that was all I needed to read to know this dumb ass self-hating niggER needs help. heaven help us all.

  99. BossLady:

    Wow Slim… you just lost a fan…and to think…you were my favorite Houston rapper….FUCK YOU NIGGA!

  100. massah8me:

    Fact: 90% of the people on this planet are either Black, Brown or Asian. Fact: There about 18 million brothers in the US, only about 1 1/2 million in the prison system. Ladies what's up with the othe 16 and half milli, huh? Kidnapping, rape, murder, genocide, forced abortions, pedophillia, arson, drug smuggling, hmmm lets see who does that? 60 milli, Native Americans, 100 milli Africans during the slave trade, Aborigines? Veitnam? Dominican Republic? Cuba? Persia? South America? What happened and still is in alot of those places to all those indigenous people? Did they get on a fucking spaceship? Was the Black man the great evil Super Villian some of are claiming that did all this shit and still doing it? Most of this shit only became illegal 40 years ago. Yet some of y'all loves dese muufuckas, more than yourself. This beast has basically won if they have convinced you the only good Black people you know are either related to you or trying to fuck you. I'm out.

  101. TRP:

    MAN, i could make a rational argument as to why everybody thats offended is ignorant, and this forum reeks of sexism, and this whole website is predicated on talking shit about other peoples lives, yet ya'll get mad when someone talks shit about YOURS? GTFOH.

    bottom line if he ain't talkin about you then you shouldn't be offended, if you ARE offended, NIGGA HE TALKIN ABOUT YOU.


  102. Southerngyrl*:

    You a psychiatrist? This is a really good theory. Some shit is really starting to make sense.

    got me thinking over here…

  103. GetemGirl:

    I don't see why you saying black women don't cook & we always want to argue! The reason is because we always have to defend our selves to a black man telling us a white women is better as far as doing what ever they want and some bs about cooking! All you date is white women how the hell you know about what a black women does? I cook I do what my man wants. I guess cause I'm half pr that means my pr side cook lol I was raised as a black women cause my pr father wasn't their ! How bout this- the Black man runs out on his comunity and dates white women and they treat their white women like submissive whores anyway! Black women don't around begging for shit we work hard for what we have. My daughter is 21 she got Lv & Red bottoms but, she works for it no man is giving it to her and she not beggin for it either! The reason why black women are unwed
    mothers is because of the black man not being their for their family & always taking the easy way out with a white women smh! How bout a white man treats his white women better than black men treats his black women.

  104. Allergic 2 B.S.:

    Why don't you just go & take your Self-Hating, ignorant a$$ & jump in the f*cking lake,
    right along w/ your biological brothers Slim Bug, Yung Turd, Fleeyo, Ocho Nacho
    Doritos, Taiwan Woods & Mistah Flab, cause Black Queens don't need your tired
    a$$ neither….

    B*TCH, BOO BYE!!!!!!!


  105. Southerngyrl*:


  106. Danj!:

    Well, well, well…

    I say to this issue the same thing I say when women get on their "niggas ain't shit" soapbox… MAYBE IT'S THE ONES YOU FUKK WITH.

    I ain't NEVER dealt with a chick, or two, or three, and felt like because of their character, it's how that whole race of women are. If that was the case, I wouldn't fukk with black, white, OR mixed girls… lol. ALL them muhfukkas (and Asians, and Latina, and Samoan, and whoever else) have their fair share of fukked-up women in the bunch. That doesn't mean you gotta come down on an entire race, like it's something in the gene pool that ONLY makes them one way, and the others are so much automatically better.

    SMH @ some of these niggas, man. It'd be a lot simpler if they just said what they really mean- "I wanna fuck white girls". Hell, I've felt like that at certain points myself, sometimes you just wanna see what the other white meat's about. Just go 'head and be done with it, fukk all the psychoanalyzing and mental probing of black women. You ain't gotta make excuses to justify it, bruh. It's 2010.


  107. Southerngyrl*:

    Umm, seriously he is putting himself in the same group as successful black men?

    On what planet…

  108. GetemGirl:

    Black women don't mind you date white women it's when the black man puts us down like we are the lowest and the white women is the best just think what your child is going to think of themselves especialy the black girl child you bring into this world, what are you going to say then about your comment? Is a white women going to be better than her because she is going to be half black child of yours? Call us Saturday at 11:30 blogtalkradio/ the 201 girls I'm you host GetemGirl. @Latikada we talk about how the black man always putting the black women down & why? Is the white women really better? wtf

  109. guesshoo:

    After all the intensity on this matter I needed a light moment.
    Thank you. :o)

  110. GetemGirl:

    Black women His opinion is going to hurt him either way

  111. Zilla:

    So if a woman cooks and cleans for her man she's a doormat? I think not, my grandmothers are the strongest women I know…but they let my grandfathers be the MAN in their relationships, and both had long, happy marriages.

    This is the reason divorce rates are so high, and marriage has become a joke. Some black women focus TOO MUCH on assuming a male role…kind of like penis envy. Any woman can talk shit to a man, it takes a REAL…STRONG woman to let her man be a man.

    Thugga had a point…get your priorities straight and stop trying to live a fake hollywood celebrity life. Take you fucking nose out the air…wearing all that fake hair, fake nails and shit. So many women say they can't find a real man….but where are the real women? Hair, Nails, and material items don't make a woman. Neither does emasculating men….Real women are few and far in between. Too caught up in that Basketball wives bullshit…Fake Hollywood shit/

  112. guesshoo:


  113. @amillz:

    After I read this snippet I no longer wat ti read the rest because Im sure hes sayin what most of the black men are sayin…which is a bunch of bull but we are all entitled to our own opinions. When blk women are with a man who is in between jobs and really has nothing to offer but sex..they say our standards are to low.So when we set them higher you tell us to lower them smh.

    Blk men dont settle for less sumtimes so why shld we.I dont agree with any1 that puts all blk women in a category they dont belong in especially when I kno we are all not the same. If you look for women in the right places with a good head on their shoulders you wont find the gold diggin,insecure,stuck up lane fast life!! I say to any BLK MAN dat doesnt want to date a BLACK WOMEN bcuz she isnt submissive enough go head ..its a difference between bein submissive & taken care of your man.

  114. @amillz:

    Black men say Black Women standards r too high and were to picky are sure you wont date sum1 who wears a natural fro compaed to sum1 who wears indian remy hair , you want the make up women instead of the natural look

    MEN like their women a certain way & feel that they deserve it soo why shldnt BLACK WOMEN get wat they deserve & then some.NOT every blk women has a long list like Chili.. I find it sad that given any opportunity that a black man will downplay or diss black women.

  115. vivi:

    I agree Tooty. I remember when Maia Campbell said she didn't date black men…OOOHHHH did the black men crucify her for that comment.

  116. Demonica:

    i think slim made sum valid points…aside from the "do what I say"…but I totally understand! I am a black woman and NOT ALL…but sum black women have become so "so-called" independent that they believe that if a man can't BUY her things or support her financially then he isn't worth it…THIS IS NOT TRUE!!! …when in reality she can't support herselft…relationships are give and take…u should make your man happy! take him out to dinner sometimes buy him something…have your own identity and quit looking for a man to supplement you…instead find one who complements you! stop being selfish…

  117. Allergic 2 B.S.:

    My thoughts EXACTLY!

  118. Vanessa:

    (clearing throat), Somebody please tell this NHN (nappy headed nigga), that WE as successful black women dont need red bottoms, nor LV to define who we are. It is those ghetto ass women that he has run across that only want him for his money. HOWEVER, excuse me to all of the white women who wouldnt give our athletes the time of day if their ass was broke, on the bus stop sucking their thumb. SO, in saying that, will someone please let that slave/WHITE/black woman that he has cooking cleaning and bowing down to him, out the back door. Let her know we are now FREE!!!

  119. brooklynfly:

    WHAT is he bringing to a relationship? He's talking about things being 50/50..but he's talking about the woman cooking, the woman bowing down, being there for their man.

    But where in the fuckery that he calls writing does he EVER say what he brings to a relationship. What exactly is a woman reciprocating here….he doesn't seem to what a partner he wants a maid/fuck buddy/mother. Why can't he just be honest about that instead of acting like he's making some profound point about black relationships. Please, this is the same recycled shit, I've heard basically all my life and I thought it was ignorant 15 years again and I think it was ignorant now. How can you seriously through so many flags out there about how black women aren't this and aren't that and then try to claim you weren't generalizing….then you proceed to talk about the "white side" of your biracial girl doing something. If passing on his idiocy is having high standards then YES , mine are the very highest! How the hell would I look bringing that ignorance around my friends or home to my parents…they would clown me to no end.

    Finally, I could not understand for the life of me what the hell he is even saying in the last paragraph, it was like reading an elementary school report on what he did last summer.

  120. brooklynfly:

    please forgive me for my anger-induced bad spelling and grammar.

  121. CCC83:

    Wow thats EXACTLY right. I know a lot of white men who have a thing for Asian girls and a lot of it is because of the stereotype that they are subservient. What is it with men PERIOD?? lol

  122. brooklynfly:

    That was quite possibly the most stupid comment on here. Sorry. The whole well "he ain't talking about me….so who cares"

    Excuse my language, but fuck that.

    The most offensive thing about his post are the blatant, recycle, old-school generalizations he's thrown out there, in badly written prose, that he is trying to masquerade as some profound statement about black relationships AND black women. OH excuse me, MOST single black women…(like that's still not making a massive generalization). So no, he's not talking about me specifically, but he's talking about a group that I belong to. And what's worst is that he's doing it in the most dumbass, unthoughtful, uneducated manner possible.

    So yes I'm offended as well as embarrassed for him, his girlfriend, his family, his mother and any woman of any race that he ever dated, that he even broadcast this fuckery to the world, because all it exposed is that not only is he completely wrong but he's also completely stupid as well.

  123. StrongBLKWoman:

    I admit after reading that article I was very disturbed even ashamed that I listen to his music….because any man who can disrespect a woman like This has no respect for his mother (who I’m sure struggled to raise his ass cause his dad probably wasn’t there)..Granted there are a number of woman that allow themselves to be treated like the “women” that slim thugg talks about. But not all women especially black women are like that. As a blk women I have someone who is my equal. We both cook…we both clean we love each other and I let him be the man in our household and as his woman I stand behind him but he knows I have my own mind and I know how to speak up. I am 25 with my master’s and no kids and neither does my man. I honestly feel like slim thugg needs to grow the fuck up. He never mentioned how he shows appreciation to the white side of his gf for basically wiping his dirty ass. That’s why majority of women are single because men don’t appreciate a good women not because they black!!

  124. WellDamn24:

    If Slim Thug is an example of a successful Black man, with his grammatically-challenged @ss, then I'd better start dating a stuttering Indian dude with a heavy accent or a Mexican with 3 under-minimum wage jobs.

    Can a Black woman get some d@mn love without us having to always hold a man up to the sky like baby Kunte Kinte? He is proof that excessive funds alone do not make the man. To the best of my knowledge, his job is to portray the worst caricature of society’s version of oppressed Black manhood. I do not know why Black men such as him further embarrass themselves by demonizing Black women in order to justify f*cking White chix?

    I congratulate you, Slim Thug, on your relationship with a White, supposedly well educated woman whose standards are so low that you’re the best that she can do.

  125. @MassChaos:

    Seriously though….. He just sounds bitter and angry because somebody didnt want him. And he watched that epsiode of 20/20 when they were talking to steve harvey and those black women. then he tried to put two and two together but it didnt add up to four. ____Ill entertain that argument from somebody who is a successful black man. But not from this negro… your name is slim thug dude. So wtf would somebody go backwards. you lucky you got the gf now. you basically just called her a freakin doormat :-/.

  126. WellDamn24:

    One of my best friends is Asian and she will run a Black man through the ringer! She found true love with a brutha, but neither one of them had it easy. She did not bow down in the least.

    What it comes down to is that SOME Black men want to feel special and like they have arrived, so getting with a non-Black chick gives them that fix. They don't have winning personalities, so being with a chick of another race makes them feel like they have a golden ticket.

    Best believe, any Black men dating a woman for who she is and not her skin doesn't feel the need to justify dating outside the race by dogging Black women. My brother dates the rainbow but he has never let that kind of trifflingness come out of his mouth.

  127. BtSquared2:

    To anyone reading this that picks their mate based solely on race rather than compatibility…clockout of life. The world would be a better place without you. I love black men with everything in me, but African American men are probably the only ones that will bash their own and still maintain the highest of expectations. If you love white women, love white women because they're awesome and can drink you under the table; not because they AREN'T black.

    In more obvious news…Slim Thug is an idiot. I refuse to validate the comments of a man that compared Stevie Wonder to Tupac…and went so far as to say that Tupac…was BETTER. I rest my case.

  128. DeeVa:

    ++++++Excuse me while I interrupt this regular scheduled broadcast **********Slim "thug" can KISS MY BLACK JUICY ASS!!! What race is his mother? What race is all of his "baby mamas"? How dare he demean an entire race of women because his "low self-esteem, wanna be gansta, pathetic excuse for a man" ass is too insecure in your manhood to be with your own kind. Attention slim thug, go ahead & come on out the closet, I'll hold the door open, you fucking duspect!!!! ************ Now back to our show.

  129. WellDamn24:

    Slim Thug, I guess if you were a successful Black man out to uplift the race instead of demoizing women and perpetuating every negative stereotype of Black manhood I would think that you were important.

    But you aren't that man, and you aren't that important.

    Peace out sambo!

  130. DeeVa:


  131. @dinastyinc:

    I can only speak for myself, but when I find that man that can stand strongly as the head of household and be THAT man, I have no problem playing the submissive wife.

    I didn't have a problem with the "cooking and cleaning" comment. What I DID find to be offensive was "do what I tell her to do." I doubt your grandmother, or mine (may she RIP), barked and rolled over any time their husbands called their names. I'm positive they are [were] loving wives to loving husbands.

    But I feel the definition of what man is supposed to be and represents has become so misconstrued. . . .and I'll leave it at that. Cause this is not the venue to write a dissertation.

  132. 2SWEET{ FONTANA}:


  133. @dinastyinc:

    I loved your response. :)

  134. @dinastyinc:

    Wait what? Compared Stevie to Pac, and Pac won? Wait what?

    Drake, come get your long lost brother cause…..

  135. @dinastyinc:

    Your relationship sounds like something out of fairytale lol. I mean to say, I didn't think relationships like that existed anymore. It's just so hard out here nowadays to find something good to hold onto.

    But congratulations on your happiness!

  136. nae:

    This dude is a fucking idiot, he should really actually talk to a black woman first before he starts making dumbass comments. I really hope no woman who attended Columbia University has anything to do with this ignorant and uninformed man.

    And I know plenty of white woman and I don't know what type of woman he's seeing but not one of them is submissive to their men. In fact I don't know a woman, black white or inbetween that is submissive. A real woman understands that a relationship is a partnership not a dictatorship. I really hope this man ends up alone and avoids trying to reproduce. His offspring are not needed

  137. lee:

    another reason I refuse to date black men. WHACK!

  138. the floacist:

    All these type of Black men complain that Black women aren't submissive enough, and that White women are. Yet I've heard plenty of White men, especially ones who date Asian women, complain that White women aren't submissive enough.

    So who's lying?

  139. cdizzy:

    He is wack. But I can say that the interview with Anglea Lee further showed that he is just an idiot. We have to learn to ignore stupidity. He is definitely stupid.

  140. eANDjAYY:

    -___- #thatisall

  141. eANDjAYY:

    Since everybody has basically what I was thinking…
    *flips "Slim(where the hell on your body?) Wanna Hug" the bird* I'm gonna keep it movin'.

  142. PsychicLeo:

    Okay, I'm a reader of this blog. But I have to make a comment. (makes glittery entrance) This Man if you can call him that is a damn, fool and the chick that is with him seriously needs her head looked at and her ass kicked. The kinds of people that he is speaking of are just plain ghetto ass folk and those come in every color and gender of the rainbow! I know, I speak with side-lines male and female on the daily. (I'm a psychic) Everyone has some fucked up shit about them! What person do you know, who is smart, successful in their own right would go after a person like this? The D*ck must be slamming, someone should school old girl it ain't worth it. I know from experience, when I was stupid as shit, I would settle for men just like him . Now, umm…no If you cannot bring something to the table that allow us to grow as a unit then you need to keep walking. I hear it all the time from GBM (Gay Black Men) just like him that want thugs so that 'they can be a wifey' bitch please. Now, a person who is educated, loving they pass on. It's okay though, you'll get yours and not in the way you think.

  143. Dorcas Marie Chavis:


  144. showgurls:

    I saw this Negro in Lennox Mall a couple of years back. Smiled at him to be polite but since I am not a groupie I kept it moving. However, when he saw my biracial cousin in my arms, he then wanted to be friendly. Negro please! I don't want or need anything from you. I have a college degree. I own my own sports car and I buy my own handbags. I will not settle because I worked hard to get where I am. Now with that being said, I will date a brother if he is working at McDs as long as he has goals and he is going to school. I am not going to date a wanna be rapper or a has been rapper. So with that being said, your biracial chick can have you. You are not my type.

  145. bknyc:

    Thumbs up sis

  146. Uglycleanbroke:

    Dead @ "he tried to put two and two together but it didnt add up to four"

  147. jax:

    i can't.

  148. KayMs420:

    Damn, it is sad when Black women can't even get support from the Black man. But Slim Thug, boo, please believe me when I say a real educated woman (Black, White, Yellow, or Brown) is not checkin for your ignorant ass. I believe some (not all) Black men date outside their race because they still have that "slave mentality"………………..

  149. Uglycleanbroke:

    *Clears throat in preparation to address the fuckery*

    Slime…..I mean, Slim Thug, since when did YOU become the expert on black women and their "inability" to find a good black man? Nowhere in this poorly worded article did I see any mention of YOUR degree from Columbia, nor did you list any other qualities you possess that give you the right to call yourself a "successful" black men, so why are you saying "we're kind of extinct" when you mention successful black men? I don't EVER remember a time when I heard a black woman say she was trying hard to find a man like Slim Thug. If the group of black men that you represent in REALITY were extinct, that would make the world a much better place.

    You claim your "Black and White" chick is smart….is this the same one that allowed you to play on your iPhone and post Twitter pics while you two got it in in the bathroom? Is that what you mean when you say she "does all the shit you say"? In other words, you want a woman that allows you to blatantly disrespect her, correct? I suppose as a black woman, I am just expecting too damn much by wanting a man that has more respect for me than to do something like that.

    Just because you came across a few bad apples that put high fashion items before their bills doesn't mean that's what all black women do. Oh, and by the way, since you're so adamant about women playing the traditional role of cooking and keeping their mouths shut, you should be playing the traditional role of taking care of your woman; that way she won't HAVE to come out of pocket for anything she wants.

    Bottom line: Enroll in a couple English/critical thinking courses before you try to speak on a current issue again.

  150. guest:

    After reading this article all I could say was damn he need some grammar lessons or something! jeez!!

  151. @dinastyinc:

    And for the record, there are some White men love themselves some sistas.

    I'm gonna put myself out there and say yes peruse the Craigslist personal ads. And 9 times out of 10, it's: WM wants a BW, while BM want WW or HW.

    What gives?

  152. omfg_wtf_itsMo:


  153. @lovely_els:

    yes! congrats JIA! WE LOVE YAAAA


    How disrespectful to the womb that bore him to suggest that black women are too trifling, demanding to keep & please a man. When was the last time, Shrek had a hit? Never mind his black female ancestors who nourished an entire nation & this man actually has a Columbia graduate who tolerates his behind after he disrespects her & diminishes her importance. This fool who was photographed on the side of the road with that idiot female from Ray J's show, with his weak penis in her mouth and he has the unmitigated gall to criticize sistas. Chile, Becky can have his trifling behind and can take those like him with her. She'd only be taking out the garbage and removing the stench. This child is not worthy of a sista. He's weak, insecure, wants a servant with no expectations. Any woman worth her salt wouldn't give him the time of day. There is a difference between a " female" and a woman. If he would man up & stop playing little boy games he would see the myriad of black women who are worthy of his attention, but who because of their respect for self, wouldn't even spit in his direction. Next!

  155. Samyzee:

    Well, go ahead and enlighten us… I'll be back to check it out.
    Tell us why we're all ignorant.

    I'd love to hear your side because I am willing to bet EVERYTHING I own (Down to my socks!), that YOUR argument is flawed and IGNORANT… I'll even tell you why.

  156. Southerngyrl*:



  157. Southerngyrl*:

    I hope to hell you lying about that Stevie Wonder thing.

    Yeah i love Pac, but ummm…. no

  158. dee:

    why cant you understand people who are interracial relationships???? that was a ignorrant ass comment not all people in interracial relationships are like this just because retarded ass slim thug and his brother or who the fuck ever is in a n interracial relationship for an ignorant ass reason shouldnt label everybody in an interracial that shit

  159. chica:

    lol actually Asian women are just like black men, more than 50% date outside their race!!!!

  160. Christopher Colombus:

    Soooo I guess you and the 3 people that gave you a thumbs up are dumb bishes on the flip side of Slim Thug who don't own a history book? What's it like being the only non white person at Klan meetings? Do they make you tap dance, crack jokes, shake your booty or just wet nurse their kids and sing knee-grow spirituals?

  161. artofkawaii:

    If I may offer a translation: I have grown too weak to be with black women. They require a man to function at his best possible potential. I like my white woman. She has a brain but wont use it. She allows me to sleep-walk through life and does not require me to be conscious and righteous, like a black woman.

    and If I may offer my profuse thanks to those lovely white women, for removing the lames from among our ranks. Ethnic cleansing without the mass murder. Self excommunication is best!

  162. ur a traitor:

    *goes to twitter to unfollow and vow to never support his ass EVER! as a happily married black woman im offended! did i mention with a degree! enough is enough the white man dog us now our own men are dogging us! most of these black celebs are brain washed i'm beginning to think verrry low of celebrities in general!
    let the white man support ur career slim and see how far u get!

  163. Tiffany:

    this is the most pathetic thing i have read from a black man; im not read but more upset that a black man thinks this way about black women; even if its not all but some; this is truely shameful how black men have turned their backs on us; wow

  164. Uglycleanbroke:

    I'm sure this article/interview has inspired several "Dear Slim Thug" letters.

  165. misha:

    Who the fuck is this raggedy ass nigga to be tryin to analyze black women?? Just because your simple azz was fuckin with some lame azz black chicks, don’t group us all into that belief that we’re just some money hungry hoes that would wear some red bottoms before we get a new ride. Bitch please. What you need to be addressing are the rumours that you had a kid with your cousin.

  166. kayman:

    Ladies, ignore that moron, Slim Thug. He is an idiot that cheated on a good and beautiful woman like LeToya Luckett, so you know his elevator doesn't go all the way to the top. I would advise all of you to listen to Lyfe Jennings new single, "Statistics", and you will know what to find in a good man.


  167. kema:

    He ain't got no job. Probably trying to live like he is a star … boo you ain't a celebrity anymore.

  168. kema:

    Does he still rap? The only song I know is "selfish" … seems like it has to do with him.

  169. kaz:

    Hey hey don't talk about Shrek, he was discriminated against because he looked different.
    Plus, Shrek is a good …. whatever he is and takes care of his family.

  170. nidra:

    RIGHT? gtfoh Slim Pickins

  171. Toy:

    What? I will say that they were and are talented…in their respective genres of music, but him saying that Pac won? Stupid is stupid does all day long!

  172. Allergic 2 B.S.:

    Uh, I believe she did….Did you not read the W.H.O.L.E comment?

  173. bknyc:

    Black women CAN get support from the Black man. Don't let these foolish folks get the story twisted and corrupted. These celebrities are NOT the spokesmen for our community. Don't fall into the generalizations trap that he fell into. There are plenty of brothas who support and encourage the sistas. Slim Thug is just a rapper spouting some trash out of his anal cavity.

  174. bknyc:

    Again…don't let Mario, or Slim thug or Reggie Bush get it twisted, the celebrities you see with white wives be the reflection of the state of our relationships. Sure there are high profile brothas who date outside of their race but you have to look at each situation separately. Not all are blinded by the white.And even for the ones that are, they should have NO bearing on what the rest of us in the Black community think of one another. Slim Thug is just a dude spitting out his garbage views. The only thing different is that he has a slightly higher profile than the normal person. He is one man, voicing his one ill begotten viewpoint. He should not be the reflection of all black celebs nor all black men.

  175. bknyc:

    WORD Kayman. My homegirl put me onto that track. As a male(straight and off the market) I want to say that Lyfe has it on point in that song. Black women and Black men need not worry what any celebrity says about our community. We have to do the dirty work and uplift and brighten the lives of those around us. Fuck this dude and his views on our beautiful sistas. Statistics is a great song, I'd love to work with Lyfe on making a good video for it. Women definitelt need to listen to it and then use a better aproach when selecting men. Because the "there ain't no good men out there line" is definitely a farce. Don't let these walking ass cracks mess up your perception of brothas.

  176. poyesha:

    lawd have mercy on his soul

  177. Erika:

    I'm not going to even say anything negative about Slim Thug because that's the response that men like him want from us so that he can say…"See, I told you black women got bad attitudes"! You gotta play the Jedi mind trick with men like him.

  178. Erika:

    And we all know how successful OJ Simpson, Gary Coleman, and Tiger Woods relationships were. Great Role Models for the future of black male interracial dating.

  179. datruth:

    While Slim Thug might be a clown for his latest diatribe, I can't help but chuckle a bit at the responses. You see, the problem here isn't Slim Thug, it's way bigger than him. How many ladies here reprimanding Slim Thug will no doubt carry on and listen to the next Lil' Wayne, Plies or your typical misogynist hiphop song and shake their asses off to it? Do you not see the irony? You are upset when a rapper vocalizes his misogyny & race issues in an article, yet you all support an industry that literally is built on misogyny and the subjugation of black women. We now have burgeoning careers now because of this. Any ol' redbone(dark women need not apply because the rappers you love hate them!) with curves aspires to be a centerfold in King or if she really makes it, a video ho in the next rap hit.

    Better yet, won't some of y'all be listening to Nicki Minaj, the self described "barbie"? Barbie, the direct anthithesis of a black woman. This is the premiere female rapper now! These are the all-stars of the rap world today and these are the people selling records because many black women support them. But hey, a has been named Slim Thug wrote a blogpost degrading black women. Like you, I was shocked when a man named "Slim Thug" wasn't as eloquent as his name implies. I thought he was a rhodes scholar!!

    Anyway, continue with the roast of Slim Thugga. After this, you can all watch, partake and support things like The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Tiny & Toya, Nicki Minaj, Lil' Wayne, Plies, Trick Daddy, Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka etc. These are people that represent, uplift and revere black women to the fullest. Now lemme go listen to 5 star chick…it's so classy!!

  180. mark:

    Also I know several black girls <—— this part right here is where he didnt generalizing, so that a fail right there

  181. J-T:

    I understand what he is saying though . It's just HE doesn't need to comment.

    1. Even though women of every race are like what he describes, it seems that it is stereotyped more with black women. Yes, it is stereotyped.
    2. Of course I don't like a submissive woman with low self-esteem, but there are some in the world who are the first to ride in a 2019 Mercedes instead of just a simple car (Remember I said "Some", so please don't take offense to it). I mean, there are men who are the most passionate in the world, and even trying to get jobs to survive, yet they get neglected over pro athletes, and millionaires.
    3. I'm going to give an example, and to those who have watched these shows, you will know what I'm saying. Alright, here it is: "What Chilli Wants", and "Joe Millionaire".

  182. Nina:

    I am half black and half white, but I still have my "independent" mentality. Just because I am independent, does not mean that I "be begging and I don’t gotta buy her all this crazy ass shit." There are woman of all races who have that mindset he described…not just African American women. Moron. With that being said, drinks in the air *sips* This ones for you, Slim Thug.

  183. Juicy:

    Wether you have a good woman or not has nothing to do with race. Tiger Wood's wife is white and she tried to kill him just because he cheated on her. That's that crazy shit regardless because you have latina and black women that would do the same just like you have latina and black women that will cook and clean and take care of home.

    He is ignorant that's why good women passes him by and I would bet my rent that his mixed "girl" he is talking about is just that.. a girl and not a women. Especially for her to be with someone who is even capable of being so , for lack of a better word, stupid. And publicly stupid at that.

    And while he's including himself in the extinct category of successful black men.. wasn't there pictures of him waiting for the bus circulating around?! Boi BYE!

  184. acatdan:

    I don't know who slim-thug is (i've never listened to his music), but i digress. It amazes me that the same men who have negative things to say about Black women are the same men who used the black woman as a crutch to get this so called fame and fortune. Our strength and desire to aspire was good when we were using it to build you (the Black Man) up, but when we want it for ourselves, you consider it as wanting too much???? That does not make sense. Slim thug, your comments make you sound like a mental midget. You say that you and your woman work because she listens to what you say…what happened to listening to each other and building each other up?? Also, how much do you contribute in these relationships that you've had with Black women. Did you cook for them? Clean? Grow up! Stop being so ignorant and setting us back 50 yrs. PS: Dumb ass, the fact that your woman cooks and listens to you has nothing to do with her ethnicity. You are an embarassment.

  185. mz.j.nicole:

    is it jus me or in reading this article i felt like the writer was in the in the 5th grader (in big boi voice) BOY STOPP!!!! I want you to get your grammar in check and learn how to write an essay.

  186. Dee:

    I LOVE how you started this off, because that is what I was thinking the same thing!!! Who want someone calling themselves "Slim Thug" anyway.

    Love the post!!!

  187. Ms Ree:

    Slim Thug….*sighs* For real?
    So you want a women to basically cook, clean for you, take care of you and give it up whenever you want and keep her mouth shut? Boy is you f** king crazy? Seriously?
    I am so sorry it bothers you that I actually want a real man, and that I want what is best for me. I should lower my standards?Bow down? Why? So stupid, insecure men like you can sneak up on me and screw me then leave me when I'm not enough or when I voice my opinion? *sighs again*
    As other people here have said, you do not want a woman you want a doormat/slave. Just because you had some bad experiences with SOME Black women now you talking about ALL Black women. Stop it! Stop assuming that all Black women are chickenheads who only care about the money or women who have way too much pride and act like they don't need anybody. Not all of us are like this. In fact not all women in general are like this. Judge a woman on their character not the color of their skin.
    You want Black women to be down with their men, stand by their man more. We will….as long as you give us reasons to stand by you. Show me that it is worth it. I'm not gonna just baby you and be your f**k-hole and your bank while you out their with several other women. BOTH sides have to give and compromise. If you respect me, appreciate me, show me that you love me in spite of my faults because I'm not perfect, then baby, you will be the King of my castle. You want to be my man, my King then be responsible and do right by me and you will.
    And saying that successful Black men are extinct? SMH You, Slim, are an all round idiot. Get your head out your ass and look around you once in a while.
    *In the words of Lauryn Hill* " What a bum bum…"

  188. nokia:

    slim thug is that you?

  189. vincent thompson:

    look i dont know y black women get so touchy about this subject and im a lack man but everytime i here my grandmother who is a black professor she alwayts say that whatever slim thug said he tellin the truth she told me in this day in age she dont have to much to say about black women positive now this is coming from a black woman not only but of 72 years old now i think she has seen the time change over the uears form when she was coming up until now. but the world changing and not for the better i dont know if u a woman of god but the world is getting worse so u cant say oh that was back then and time have change but for the better i think not

  190. jayla:

    Stop cosigning 4 ignorance and trust me black men will look at a sista wrong if they see her with a white man. Hmm why is that??

  191. leah:

    lol amen to that!

  192. leah:

    Yeah man u tell him. lol slim thug was even dissing the hard working brothas with that idiotic quote smh! But what would he know about a successful black man he sure as hell isn't one.

  193. leah:

    If u agreed with slim thug then i feel sorry 4 u brah . I guess ignorance is truly a bliss smh.

  194. jay:

    aw u mad? For the record you sound like a dumb "bish" too.

  195. leah:

    Hey don't get it twisted not everyone here listens to those artists and supports them..well at least I sure as hell don't. But good points. We need to start uplifting the good aspects of the black community and not this ish.

  196. leah:

    I feel you on that for sure..I can only speak 4 myself but I'd rather have a simply man who treats me good then be with a millionaire who treats me bad. A lot of amazing guys do get overlooked though so u are right on that.

  197. Sarah:

    I think it's all personality. Black, white, red or yellow. Why separate with skin? Not all white women are submissive. I'm definitely not – I'm rather the opposite. And, I know exactly what you mean by your last two paragraphs.

    However, if I man treats me like crap – GOODBYE! Like the last one.

  198. RaZaKKaZaR:

    he says "successful Black men" and then follows it up with "us"

    does anyone consider Slim Thug to be successful? anybody hear anything noteworthy from him since he featured on Beyonce's song? smh

    My beautiful, strong, black women. Please do not listen to a word this "brutha" speaks.

    Successful black men appreciate the support, comfort, and challenge that you bring to a relationship. We don't expect you to bow down to us. Only by being a partner, NOT a slave, with us can we become stronger.

  199. patricia douglas:

    I thought that boy had more sense than that…he is an idiot !! Just because u rap doesn't mean you have any sense lol he just dissed every woman in his life black and white…a real man which he apparently is not can handle his business like a man and therefore be honored by a real woman with all her devotion because she knows her man is dependable and wise, but since he is just a half ass rapper with a lil jewelry and some cars we can leave him for the dumb bunnies he deals with…yeah i said it…i am so tired of our young black males taking the supposedly easyroad through life i mean damn work on being a better individual !

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  201. Kasey:

    I agree wholeheartedly! There are too many racist ass people in IR relationships,and the spouses /lifepartners who do not check that shit, and don't even find it the least bit unattractive. If I dated a man of a different race and saw him or heard him dogging out women of his own race, I would tell him off, but you see, some people are kind of racist and already believe a lot of racial stereotypes,so they don't check them. Hey,it's not like THEY are Black. I wouldn't even want to be with a White man who dogs on White women while trying to uplift me. It shows a sign of self-loathing, and I don't need to be around someone who hates themselves. He'd only be with me as a means to escape the ugliness he* sees in his own race.

  202. Brett Shepler:

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  203. Tomoko Arnet:

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  204. Kelvin Hoshaw:

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  205. Jessica678:

    wowowowow you just missed the whole point she SAID that if you're in an interracial relationship then she doesn't understand why you have to disrespect your own race also. You choose who you wanna date and marry and if you lvoe then then there's no need to get defensive and try to explain the reasons why you're with them.

  206. Angie:

    now let change it up a lil…i dont date black men , wealthy or not, they dont want to work with a real woman, they bring a lot of drama into realtionships, they expect me to do everything at home and take care of their business and the kids and then get ready to get them some. and then when something goes wrong it id my fault and now they are ready to leave. . white mean are caring and they understand women and what we need, they are so helpful and they are there emotionally for black women ……so i have wrote off black men…how about them apples…BOOM

  207. Angie:


  208. Angie:

    .OK YALL HE DID SAY THIS TOO (NO GIVING HIM A PASS CAUSE HE MESSED THAT UP)…White women treat they man like a king and Black women feel like they ain’t gotta do that shit. Black women need to stand by their man more. Don’t always put the pressure of if I’m fucking with you, you gotta buy me this and that. Black men are the ones that motherfuckers need [but] I think a lot of them need to step it up too. A Black man who gets a little bread will go make it rain in the club and be broke the next day or instead of him going to invest in a business he gonna go buy new jewelry or a new car and still live in the hood. Black peoples’ mentality is real fucked up in general [and] it’s affecting everything.

    Black women need to be more genuine and be more 50/50 [but] It should be a fair exchange in a relationship period or eventually somebody is gonna feel like they’re getting fucked over whether it’s the woman or the man. I think that will help Black relationships out a lot.

  209. Angie:


  210. @prkchoppdnscrwd:


  211. Dri:

    that's mainly what it is the "the Jody aka Baby Boy syndrome" or if want to get text book analytical Oedipus complex. They want their mother to be their wives, nigga (not real men) want shit handed to them. That it's great for a woman to be independent just as long as she caters to her man. That she is submissive with no sense of integrity, self respect, pride or self worth. Slim Thug is that nigga (and I don't mean that in the cool sense when someone is "the shit", he is just shitty. ) I dramatic eye rolled when he said "Black Men who are successful are kind of extinct" How much self hatred can there be? This is a Nigga Please moment and clearly Slim Thug is pressed and oppressed, with the extinction of his career.

  212. Cat:

    Slim really negated his entire argument from the beginning by saying that successful black men are extinct. He suggests instead to fighting to make successful black men commonplace, successful black women have to fall back and hope for the best. Oh. But if you (read: successful black men) are extinct, why does it matter if my standards are high? I'm not checking for you because you don't exist. Right, Slim? How would you know my standards are to high? So this whole "black women need to do X to have a man…" Blah. My time will come. I'm CHILLING. Now that I think about it, that's what Slim wants in a woman, other men do too. Preference. Folks need to learn that preference is what the individual likes, not what the majority has to conform to. This bash each other epidemic is nauseating.

  213. @bundorihin:

    The truth hurts don't it? I wouldn't have said it like that but the numbers don't lie. If you can't recognize that their are cultural differences in how women act then the downward spiral black people are on will continue. Look at the high rates of out of wedlock birth, HIV, and Jail population rise amongst black women. Wake up!

  214. @bundorihin:

    So how long you been single?

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