WHOA! An Atlanta Baller Is Gay & Did WHAT?!?

Wow!! I KNEW when I opened up the Ask Miss Jia section of the website, the flood gates would go apesh*t but I didn’t know that ANY of it would involve actual celebrities! Please read this guy’s JUICY story! You’re not going to believe it (and YES, I know WHO this person is and WILL reveal it here on MissJia.com). Although it’s a long read, I’m telling you…you guys have GOT to take a moment and read it! Please post your thoughts on the letter I received in my inbox after the break!

This relationship goes back to late 2001. He was a junior football

> player in college in _____. It did not begin as a sexual relationship,

> we actually started as very good friends. He always told me about

> his girlfriends, and would often seek relationship advice. Advice

> came in the form of IM/email and telephone conversations to sending

> money to pay for his dates (i.e. flowers, dinner, hotel rooms,

> etc). In addition I would send him money because, according to him,

> his parents didn’t support him financially, or emotionally as I

> later found out in our relationship. Things didn’t become serious or

> sexual until February 2002. He called 3 days after Valentine’s Day

> to tell me his girlfriend broke up with him. He was devastated and

> heartbroken, and requested I meet him at our mutual location in

> ____________ since it was an equal travel distance for both of us.


> We met in ___________ and things were normal as usual; we hung out,

> grabbed drinks, and talked about his ex-girflriend situation. When I

> got back to my hotel room, we just chilled, drank, and talked about

> his ex-girlfriend some more. This time, it was different. He asked

> me to give him a massage, I didn’t ask to do it, and was actually a

> little uncomfortable that he asked because I made it a point to not

> make him feel uncomfortable by being around me. I was and have

> always been a private person, even though we weren’t together like

> that at the time. I knew he was a football player, and being

> platonic friends with a gay man at that time, hell, even now, can

> ruin careers for whatever reason. I didn’t want people to make any

> assumptions of him based on his friendship with me. Up until this

> point, we were NOT lovers. However, this night, a massage, led to

> him taking his shirt off (not at my request), then to more intimate

> affection. It was this night that we first became sexually involved.

> It was very sexual, not just oral. The next day, I woke up on one

> bed and he on the other. I pretended to not know what happened, and

> he replied “you know what happened” as if it wasn’t a big deal. I

> was his first male experience, and that’s where our sexual

> relationship started.


> Even after this encounter, our relationship was never strictly

> sexual. We had a quintessential relationship. He told me he loved

> me (something HE started), and we spoke and saw each other

> regularly. We both recognized that our relationship could not be

> known b/c of the obvious stigma, and he was in college, a young

> black male, etc. I am an openly gay man, and never denied my

> sexuality around him, in public or private. By nature I am a private

> and nurturing person, and my concern was protecting him. He often

> vented his frustrations about the situation, but more than anything,

> he felt it wasn’t anybody’s business who he was with.


> During our relationship, he had no ambition of becoming a

> professional athlete because he didn’t think he was good enough.

> Like most college students, he was also constantly broke. Only

> unlike most college students, his parents rarely sent him anything.

> I sent him money ALL the time. I sent him money more than anyone,

> accumulating thousands of dollars over a 2-year period. It wasn’t

> until he was named fullback of the year that his status as a

> potential NFL candidate was elevated. He obtained an agent, and

> began attending combines. After confirming that a multi-million

> dollar deal was in the works, he pretty much told me we would have

> to distance ourselves from each other, but that he would take care

> of me as an appreciation for all I had done for him, financially and

> emotionally. It hurt, naturally, but I understood. Even after

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